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04/28: I spoke to the @cityofwinnipeg supporting the SPIRIT of the "Corporate Advertising Policy.”

A randy night at the senior's centre has more teeth than this #policy.

It took #Winnipeg months to put "We prefer #kindness" in print.

This is long. A 🧵 …
(Actually, 3 🧵’s)
Watch -

Our elected officials are tone deaf to harm corporate #Winnipeg enables. Context is key to understanding and interrupting my presentation proved that.

Including #wpg22 for candidates. Please address this in your campaign.

#wpgpoli #mbpoli 02/1🧵
@ShawnNason moved, @KevinKleinwpg seconded.


I didn't get to finish my presentation. I’ll share my notes here.

(Could have finished in ~9 mins, in full, with all relevant context 🤷🏼‍♀️)

#wpg22 #wpgpoli #mbpoli 03/1🧵
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Good evening & welcome to the Inaugural Session of the 7th edition of the #RaisinaDialogue 2022.

We are LIVE tweeting the session with @vonderleyen, President @EU_Commission, @SunjoyJ, Chairman @orfonline & @samirsaran, President @orfonline.

Follow for updates!
@MEAIndia Image
Watch the session LIVE here:
.@samirsaran: #Global institutions created in the 20th century were no longer able to protect us from the challenges of the 21st century. We need to refocus, reengage, and rewire our world.

#Raisina2022 Image
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In my year 1 at UNIMAID I met this girl on SMS chat called Afrochat we started getting along, talking long day and night even with her friends. She stays in YABA, along Oyingbo. We were both excited after the first BOKO HARAM issues in 2009.
we managed to finish the 100 level and we agreed to meet for the first time. A poor boy that want to be real to his girlfriend had refused to borrow clothes, shoes, and cars to impress but appeared real.
I have saved about 15k for the meetup and my first medical textbook #Clinically Oriented Anatomy by #Keith L. Moore. I have very good timberland, combat chinos, and a red strip Thomas Pink shirt. One of my friends is omo Jaye Jaye that knows how these babes behaves had advised me
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What is "The Absence Experience"? A 🧵

TAE is an NFT project based on Solana. Set in a dystopian time when all originality, creativity, and beauty have been seemingly drained from the collective conscience of the world, The Absence Collective is formed to fight back The Absence.
How does the project work?

TAE has been designed to reward participants of the project. Firstly, the NFT for this project is known as a "Desecrated Canvas", and ALL Desecrated Canvas are the same. There is no rarity in this collection and there are no traits. That being said...
Yes, every single NFT will be identical AT THE TIME OF MINT. Where things get interesting is what happens AFTER you mint. We are creating a portal and automation engine to allow every member of the TAC that acquires a canvas to do their part in restoring originality and beauty.
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The IPO Hype!

A Thread.

#IPO #StockMarket #investing #strategy

IPOs have been all the rage this year. We’ve seen 98 IPOs from January 2021 till date. Are they worth this hype? Let’s take a closer look.

#IPO #IPOUpdate

Also known as ‘Going Public’. An IPO is when a company invites the public to invest in its shares. This is usually followed by a lot of fanfare.

#stocks #ipoallotment #markets

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Being able to identify the signals for price trends in #market is a key component of any #trading strategy, and using Technical Analysis is a popular way to do so.

Here’s a thread on Technical Analysis and how to use it effectively.
#Market Analysis is broadly categorized into two main methods.

~Fundamental Analysis
~Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysts need to look at the financial statements, business model, management & many more things to come up with a fair estimate of a company's value.
On the contrary, technical analysis is not at all concerned with the detailed study of #Fundamental factors.

For technical analysts #Price is supreme and they see price as a manifestation of every #Fundamental reality.
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Some of You may be already familiar with @standarddefi but If You are somehow not, check what is coming from this #MultiChain #protocol for #synthetic assets. Standard Protocol is coming with lots of goodies for #Dotsama #Defi degens. Check this thread to know what to expect…
1. Standard Protocol Decentralised exchange with own AMM module launching on @ShidenNetwork with swap functions, LP provision and unique #Standard #dividends pool. Users will have a great Opportunity to generate revenue from DAY1 of #mainnet launch on #Shiden
Users will have unique #opportunities to generate #revenue on Standard DEX, with #STND and #SDN @ShidenNetwork tokens. #Defi #degens from #Dotsama ecosystem can try all those on testnet in from of mainnet Launch

You can join testnet Here:
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Ph.D. Openings (Computer Vision and Deep Learning), Fall 2022

He's looking for highly motivated students to join my research team at the Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) at the University of Central Florida, starting in Fall 2022.

The students will work on the
following Research Topics:
(1) Deep learning for computer vision (object detection/recognition, action detection/recognition, human pose estimation and tracking, semantic segmentation, etc.)
(2) Vision for drones (vision-assisted navigation, control, planning, etc.)
(3) Multi-modality learning (vision, text, speech, etc.)
(4)Self-driving cars, LIDAR tracking, SLAM, Geo-spatial localization
(5) Label-efficient deep learning (e.g., self-supervised learning, semi-supervised learning, weakly-supervised learning, zero-shot learning)
(6)Video Q&A
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1. 24 full scholarships at Maastricht University Holland-High Potential scholarship.
Degree: Master's Program only Due date: 01.02.2022

2. Masters Student in Environmental Humanities The University of British
Columbia (UBC), Canada.
Due date: 14/01/2022

3. PhD scholarship: International/Global wildlife ecology and conservation
Due date: 01 Dec 2021
Area: Faculty of Science
Salary: ($28,597.00 - $28,597.00)

#research #PhDposition #MSposition #hiring
Details & Apply:

4. Biozentrum PhD Fellowships 2021/22
Due date: 10.11 2021
We offer you chance to learn skills and techniques needed in modern biology. The fellowships give students full and independent funding for their entire PhD and grant additional
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Title: Aerostructural Wing and Fuselage Optimization for Hydrogen-based Aircraft

Background: Currently, aviation is undergoing a large shift towards more sustainable, eco-friendly, and efficient aviation to meet the International Air Transport Association (IATA) ambitious Image
targets to mitigate CO2 emissions by 50% from air transport until 2050. Hydrogen technologies have emerged as a potential energy source represent a long-term option as a fuel for aviation. Beyond the purely technological issues, a holistic assessment requires looking at the
integration of hydrogen into the aircraft design towards hydrogen-powered aircraft. The development of the necessary systems to store and distribute hydrogen fuel on the aircraft for flight is a mandatory step toward such a system. Since liquid hydrogen cannot be reasonably
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/10/2021…
Food systems offer huge opportunities to cut emissions, study finds…

#FoodSystems #opportunities #GreenhouseGasEmissions #reduction #ClimateChange
Community assembly and coexistence in communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi…

#CommunityAssembly #MycorrhizalFungi #coexistence
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Small cap/high growth seems to THE obvious way to riches - right.

But how do we actually find them?

More often than not, they're already trading at high multiples and has a lot of HYPE.

In 2021 we've had 10 interesting Danish IPO's I will list below.

All small cap




Small cap tech company supplying #solutions optimizing #water usage in many industries. One industry is big data farms (a lot located here in Denmark). BactiQuant helps #Facebook and #Apple to clean their water #cooling systems.

Current P/S: 35,8



Small cap tech company #automating #investing for people with "#robot advisors". 100% digitalized and customized based on clients needs, risk profile and time frame. Became #2 robot investing company in #Denmark quickly.

Now managing >1 billion DKK.
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New Fully Funded Opportunities #opportunities


1.) Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) MEXT Scholarships 2022 for undergraduate and research study in Japan (Fully Funded )

2.) Atlas Corps Applications are now open!

Atlas Corps is accepting applications now for the 12-18 month In-Person U.S. Fellowship with program start dates in late 2021. Priority deadline is May 16.

Apply now at
3.) Ban Ki-moon Global Citizen Scholarship Program 2021 for Young Africans. @bankimooncentre…
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Call for Applications
Energy Talent Company @etc_connect invites promising and talented young graduates for a 2-year paid program in #Nigeria. We will train promising graduates for the energy industry and provide job placements with reputable Solar companies.
@realREANigeria @BBC
Our talents will then go on to continue receiving #training and professional #development for a maximum of two years after job placement.

We are poised to transform the #African economy in the next three decades. We aim to do this by developing high-quality #Professional energy
talent that will lead the energy access transformation in #Africa.

We work passionately to ensure that all our talents build competency and expertise for the renewable #energy industry in Nigeria.

- A graduate from any of these disciplines: Mechanical engineering
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We are LIVE tweeting the discussion - Africa Rises: The Continent Means Business with @rachaelomamo, Rahul Chhabra (@MEAIndia), Gwendoline Abunaw (@ecobankcameroun), @navdeepsuri. Participate with #Raisina2021 #RaisinaDialogue
.@navdeepsuri: While the phenomenon of the rise of #Africa is well accepted, the way it might impact global growth and the citizens of the world is yet unknown. #AfricaRising #Raisina2021 #RaisinaDialogue
.@rachaelomamo: Africa is key to #GlobalEconomicGrowth. African economies have been growing consistently. Africa has established African Continent #FreeTradeZone.By 2050, Africa will have world’s largest labour force. The agricultural and energy sector is vibrant.#AfricaPotential
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For clarity: consistent to @WorldPhysio1951's
1) policies
2) EN -> "other languages" AI caption/translation initiative
the content delivered in this session can be 100% in English.

Our team developed a strategy that is consistent to #'s 1 & 2 but also #diversity & #inclusion.
Whereas #WorldPhysio2021 demands that all speakers be able to express themselves in 🇬🇧/🇺🇸, we devoted our own time & energy to maximize the #opportunities afforded by this year's online congress format.

To be specific, @anacarollucato will translate offline for @Fercockell.
As we say in Montreal, "s'pas compliqué": @Fercockell is visibly present but muted in one box while @anacarollucato is audible from another box.

If Ana is allowed to enter the Zoom meeting, #globaPT will be able to benefit from the depth of expertise that Fernanda brings.
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About to jump into conversation with @thoughtxchng & @TahiraDChase exploring how to relaunch schools and what we've learned so far #bringpeopletgoether #backtoschool #newnormal #innovation
Launching into the drill-down session from @thoughtxchng superintendent round table: learning, reflection and crowdsourcing to move us into the new normal
Communicating & planning with the community for school relaunch: @TahiraDChase shares her takeaways from opening Greenburgh Central School. #collaboration is key
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Catch our Director Dr @laveeshbhandari interact with young, budding economists and share about our initiatives on creating a sustainable and inclusive world! @UNCTAD @yahindiadelhi @aashima_arora_ @NikkhilKalia
Register: ImageImageImage
"#Economic #Growth is leading to a fall in #employment for women due to a structural shift in the #economy. Due to technological advancement - demand for agri labourers, most of whom are women working on small family farms is reduced." -@laveeshbhandari (1/11)
"I am not saying it is right. Fall in demand is for all landless labourers, who are generally unskilled and not just women." - @laveeshbhandari (2/11) Read more: @narendramodi @thegwpfcom @JoeAgneya @alindaMjan @anshuman1tiwari @capt_amarinder @smritiirani
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Unlocking new opportunities for growth in light of #COVID19

On the 1st September 2020, the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development will host the fourth Economic Growth Forum to reflect on the state of the Ugandan economy #EconGrowthUG20 [1/2] Image
Particularly in light of the recent global economic and health crises caused by #COVID19, and identify policy solutions to drive the country’s future economic growth performance #EconGrowthUG20 [2/2] Image
The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss immediate and medium-term growth challenges, learn from cutting edge research as well as policy experiences in other countries #EconGrowthUG [1/2] Image
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BUSINESS EXCELARATOR PROGRAM is a unique program for entrepreneurs to provide practical strategies to identify growth opportunities & overcome current challenges.…

Questions that will be answered in this program:
Question #1: Have you defined department-wise Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on specific goals & targets to measure whether your business objectives are achieved?

#performance #business #program #covidsolution #covid19 #msme #AtmaNirbharBharat #lockdown
Question #2: Do you get the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your company as a Business Summary Dashboard on a daily basis to monitor & measure the progress of your company?

#business #program #covidsolution #covid19 #msme #AtmaNirbharBharat #Lockdown5 #startups
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1/ Shopify yesterday announced going permanently remote, for most if not all employees. Twitter has made similar claims. Google, Apple, FB also remote for 2020. I’m still struggling to understand why remote is more efficient in long run. #remote #work #startups #opportunities
2/ I understand that remote could supplement the traditional in-office work. But why should remote be the new default? In what scenarios is remote more efficient? For what job roles has remote proven to be more efficient? What has been the key drivers for trying remote in past?
3/ I can’t imagine remote meetings being more efficient than present in person meetings for collaboration and comm. Whatever was happening digitally or over voice in-office will of course have no impact going remote. But how will remote zoom meetings be more efficient than F2F?
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1. New Thread Alert: Career Insights for Young Veterinarians. In celebration of the #WorldVeterinaryDay2020,I am sharing a thread on how young Vets can intentionally build a rewarding professional career in animal and public health #WVD2020 @NigerianVets @Bayer4Animals @dvm360
2. In this thread,I will be discussing why young vets need to first achieve CLARITY by doing a personal SWOT analysis,and why they need a Professional Development Plan focusing on long term incremental progress.#WVD2020 @NigerianVets @Zoetis @FAOAnimalHealth @OIEAnimalHealth
3.I will also touch on how young vets can find,prepare and position themselves for life-changing career opportunities by keeping abreast of the info landscape,relationship building,thought leadership,platform building,and taking ownership of animal & public health issues.#WVD2020
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