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May 5, 2021 21 tweets 23 min read
SNEAK PREVIEW: Complete Path Enumeration (CPE) for CRM #dosefinding designs

Featuring a vignette for #Rstats package #precautionary update v0.2-3, currently under review by CRAN. 1/

precisionmethods.guru/DTAT/CPE/MCSE-… This demonstrates the feasibility of a programme I’ve set forth, for the ‘exact’ simulation of ANY dose-escalation design.

Influenced by @MarkusTriska‘s exacting perspective on ’exactness’, however, I now use the more precise term ‘MCSE-free’. 2/
Dec 16, 2020 39 tweets 24 min read
NEW #DTAT paper: What Were They Thinking? Pharmacologic priors implicit in a choice of 3+3 dose-escalation design arxiv.org/abs/2012.05301

“The unexamined trial is not worth conducting.”

— Socrates 1/

This latest #DTAT paper @arxiv sets out to reverse-engineer the unstated (∴ unexamined!) pharmacologic intuitions that underlie the #trialsafety claim implicit in the decision to conduct a dose-escalation trial. 2/ Image