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"And when you look along the way we've come, there are spirals of vultures wheeling." - Bruce Chatwin
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Remembering Leonard McCombe on his birthday 🎂
📷 Jun Miki, 1955
"'What's going on?' you ask yourself. 'Where's my story?' It's like being on the outside of a shop window looking in. Somehow, you have to break through the glass." Gore Vidal by Leonard McCombe, 1960
Jun 1 6 tweets 2 min read
Happy birthday Miguel Calderón 🎂
📷 Matthew Takata, 2013
"Whether because of luck, or serendipity, or connection, or empathy, Calderón unlocks and discovers hidden worlds, strange beings, and unusual situations throughout the city."
- María Virginia Jaua Miguel Calderón
Falconer’s Code #2, 2017
Jun 1 6 tweets 3 min read
Remembering Clementina Hawarden on her birthday 🎂
📷 A possible self-portrait, c. 1861-62
"Doubly interiorized within the confined space of the first-floor studio and the pages of the family albums, Hawarden’s photographs represent seclusion, even exclusion."
- Carol Mavor Clementina Hawarden
Photographic Study, early 1860s
Hawarden called her photographs "photographic studies"; this is a portrait of her daughter Clementina Maude.
Jun 1 10 tweets 3 min read
Remembering George Hurrell on his birthday 🎂
📷 Self-portrait, 1947
"The most essential thing about my style was working with shadows to design the face instead of flooding it with light." Myrna Loy by George Hurrell, Vanity Fair, 1933
Jun 1 24 tweets 8 min read
Remembering Marilyn Monroe on her birthday 🎂
📷 Ed Feingersh, 1955
“Her fame increases, & as it does so we see how far she depended on, and excelled in, photographs - not movies. She is funnier in stills, sexier, more mysterious & protected against being. ”
- David Thomson On Marilyn Monroe's birthday, my favourite photos.
Marilyn with George Cukor on the set of her last film, Something's Got to Give
📷 Lawrence Schiller, 1962
Jun 1 6 tweets 2 min read
Richard Nickel on his birthday 🎂
📷 Self-portrait
"I charge the cultural elite of Chicago with the doom of the Chicago School buildings. They rape the city for their private fortunes in order to enjoy private art in the suburbs." Richard Nickel
First Regiment Armory, Chicago, built in the late 1880s
May 31 6 tweets 2 min read
Remembering Ellsworth Kelly on his birthday 🎂
📷 Alex Majoli, 2012
"Like Cézanne, Kelly observes nature. He simplifies and then flattens shapes until they become abstract."
- Laurence Madeline Image Ellsworth Kelly by Clarence Williams, 1996
"The negative is just as important as the positive." Image
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Celebrate the Denholm Elliott Centennial 🎂💯
📷 Michael Ward, 1989
"His talent inspired an affectionate adage in British theater: 'Never act with children, dogs or Denholm Elliott'."
- Bruce Lambert Image Denholm Elliott by Michael Ward, 1989
#DenholmElliott100 Image
May 31 5 tweets 2 min read
Remembering Fred Allen on his birthday 🎂
📷 Cornell Capa for Life magazine, 1946
"A human being is nothing but a story with skin around it." A great shot of Fred Allen by George Silk for Life, 1950.
Allen is one of my heroes. Here he's resting backstage during a TV rehearsal. The great radio comedian didn't enjoy television much; he said he didn't like furniture that talked.
May 31 4 tweets 2 min read
Happy birthday Clint Eastwood 🎂
📷 Philippe Halsman, 1971
“Has there ever been so unneurotic, so steadfast, or so steadily improving a moviemaker?”
- David Thomson Clint Eastwood with Don Siegel on the set of Dirty Harry
📷 Bill Eppridge, 1971
"Harry's the one with the badge."
May 31 5 tweets 2 min read
Remembering Walter Sickert on his birthday
📷 George Charles Beresford, 1911
"I sat by Sickert, & liked him, talking in his very workmanlike, but not at all society manner, of painting, & Whistler..."
- Virginia Woolf, January 7, 1923 Image Easter, by Walter Sickert, 1928
Ulster Museum
What a lovely painting! Image
May 31 11 tweets 5 min read
Remembering Walt Whitman on his birthday 🎂
🎨 Thomas Eakins, c.1887
"One Whitman is miracle enough, and when he comes again it will be the end of the world."
- Randall Jarrell, from "Some Lines from Whitman" Image Marilyn Monroe reads Leaves of Grass at the Beverly Carlton Hotel
📷 John Florea, c. 1952
“Walt Whitman was her favorite poet, even more than Carl Sandburg. She loved him from the moment a New York friend gave her Leaves of Grass years earlier.”
- Sam Staggs Image
May 30 17 tweets 6 min read
Remembering Agnès Varda on her birthday 🎂
📷 Ian Berry, 1963
"If Varda was among the most welcoming of directors, she was also among the most rigorous & radical. Her movies are intensely personal, which is another way of saying that they are profoundly democratic."
- @aoscott Image Agnès Varda prepares a scene on the set of Cléo de 5 à 7
📷 Alain Adler, June 28, 1961. That's the day I turned 9 years old! Image
May 30 6 tweets 2 min read
Remembering Benny Goodman on his birthday 🎂
📷 Michael Stroud, London, 1970
"Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall in 1938 takes a stand that jazz, however folk-rooted, can be high art and can make it just as a listening concern."
- Phil Schaap Image Charlie Barnet, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong & Lionel in A Song is Born
📷 George Rinhart, 1948 Image
May 30 5 tweets 3 min read
Remembering Howard Hawks on his birthday 🎂
📷 Ernst Haas, 1955
“In a very important way, this seeming American may have been against the grain of his time and place. That may help explain why the films grow in wonder.”
- David Thomson Image Howard Hawks directs Joan Crawford & Gary Cooper on the set of Today We Live, 1933. The still photographer on this production was Frank Tanner.
#stillonset Image
May 17 6 tweets 4 min read
Remembering Jesse Winchester on his birthday 🎂
📷 Chris Felver, New Orleans, 2011
"His songs were rooted in country, soul & gospel, & they strove to stay plain-spoken & succinct, whether he was singing wryly about everyday life or musing on philosophy & faith."
- Jon Pareles Image Jesse Winchester was opposed to the Vietnam War, & moved to Canada in 1967 to avoid the draft. His first album, from 1970, was produced by Robbie Robertson.
The wonderful cover portrait is by Jeremy Taylor.
"The Brand New Tennessee Waltz": Image
May 17 10 tweets 3 min read
Remembering Dennis Hopper on his birthday 🎂
📷 Aaron Rapoport, 1987
"I thought the crazier you behaved, the better artist you would be. And there was a time when I had a lot of energy to display how crazy that was." Image In 1961 Dennis Hopper received a Nikon camera from his wife Brooke Hayward for his 25th birthday. So began a lifelong camera obsession for the actor, screenwriter & director.
This tender moment between the two newlyweds begins a thread of Hopper's best photographs. Image
May 17 14 tweets 5 min read
Remembering Lisa Fonssagrives on her birthday 🎂
📷 Erwin Blumenfeld, 1939
"Weren’t you petrified when you hung off the Eiffel Tower for Blumenfeld?"
"No, I was too young and too strong. I was a dancer & a skier & very athletic." Fernand Fonssagrives' most famous photograph: Hypnose, 1950s.
The beautiful eyes are those of Lisa Fonssagrives, the beautiful model & artist who was also his wife.
May 17 17 tweets 6 min read
Remembering Martin Munkácsi on his birthday 🎂
📷 Self-Portrait Shooting Fashion in Long Island Sound, 1935
Richard Avedon wrote admiringly about his "photographs of falcons, camels & women striding parallel to the sea, unconcerned with his camera, freed by his dream of them." Martin Munkácsi
Lucile Brokaw, Harper's Bazaar, December 1933
This is a landmark shot in the history of fashion photography. Munkácsi freed the genre from the studio; he was called "the kinetic man".
May 17 6 tweets 3 min read
Remembering Gertrude Käsebier on her birthday 🎂
📷 Adolph de Meyer, c. 1900
"Her great contribution was to sweep portraits clean of fustian backdrops and potted palms and raise them to a plane that could be called art."
- Vicki Goldberg Image Gertrude Käsebier
@MuseumModernArt Image
May 17 4 tweets 2 min read
Happy birthday Bill Bruford 🎂
📷 Rob Verhorst
Amsterdam, 1984
In the musical chairs game that was progressive rock, Bill Bruford never lacked a seat. He played drums for three of the greatest groups: Yes, King Crimson & Genesis. Image On Bill Bruford's birthday, David Gahr's photo of Yes
Peter Banks, Chris Squire, Jon Anderson, Tony Kaye, Bill Bruford, July 1969
"Looking Around Me", from German TV that same year: