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Born on this date in 1936: Larry Cohen, the quintessential indy filmmaker and a prince of New York. Forever missed. #RIP 🖤 Image
Larry Cohen’s directorial debut was BONE (1972), starring Yaphet Kotto. Unforgettable if you’ve seen it. “Love BONE before he loves you!” Image
Larry Cohen followed that up in 1973 with BLACK CAESAR and HELL UP IN HARLEM. 🔨 ImageImage
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1. News: U.K. Released Court Documents: Christopher Steele Told FBI Hillary Clinton Knew He Was Compiling the Dirty Dossier

- Thread 7.13.20… #TickTock #SpyGate #ObamaGate
2. News: Deep State Panicking Over President Trump’s Commutation of Roger Stone -

His Appeal Will Reveal RUSSIA NEVER GAVE EMAILS TO WIKILEAKS:… #SpyGate #TickTock #ObamaGate
3. News: Schiff Nervous After Lindsey Graham Announces He Will Be Calling Mueller in to Testify About Sham Trump-Russia Investigation (VIDEO)… #SpyGate #TickTock #ObamaGate
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1. News: Young White Mother Killed By Black Lives Matter [Terrorist] Mob for Saying ‘All Lives Matter,’ MSM Fully Ignores.

Dems, Mayors, Governors, Media, are all to blame for the hate & rage. - Thread 7.12.20… #Praying4Justice #RIP
2. News: Black Lives Matter Activists Swarm & Torment Daughter of Murdered Police Officer - 100s, perhaps 1000's of #BLM activists are tormenting the teenage.

Dems, Mayors, Governors, Media, are all to blame for creating & stirring rage.… #TERRORISTS
3. News: Jessica Doty Whitaker: Over $10,000 Raised For Family of Young Mom Murdered By #BLM For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’…
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#RIP Secular #Turkey
Goodbye #Musuem #HagiaSophia, the once was a place for harmony and tolerance—-before dogma and regression prevailed!
The implications of #Erdogan’s decision to convert #HagiaSophia to a mosque are enormous.
For starter, who can stop #Israel now from using the Turkish precedent to convert Al-Aqsa mosque to a Jewish temple?
How about the endless mosques scattered around the globe that were once Churches and Temples?
Who can stop the tit-for-tat?
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1. News: 💥 DOJ Activity Indicates John Durham Preparing Indictments, John Solomon reports! FINALLY! ~ Thread 6.8.20… #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #Trump2020 #JUSTICE
2. News: British court RULES AGAINST Christopher Steele, orders damages paid to businessmen named in dossier… #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #Trump2020 #JUSTICE
3. News: The Carsyn Leigh Davis Coronavirus Story: Media hid from the public that Carsyn 🙏 battled cancer & suffered from an auto-immune disease.

We really are at a point in America, you can no longer trust the MSM even the most basic reporting.… #RIP
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1. News: Democrats’ Growing Fear – They’re Being Lied to Again Just Like 2016.

Yes! MSM Polls - Promoting False Hope AGAIN so Democrat base will believe Joe Biden is leading against President Trump ~ Thread 6.7.20… #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
2. News: White House launches hunt for 'leaker' who revealed Russian bounties for American troops scandal and claims to have 'fewer than 10' suspects… @realDonaldTrump #RussiaRussiaRussia #hoax
3. News: Trump administration is drawing up executive orders targeting China for action over Hong Kong human rights crackdown as Mike Pompeo floats BANNING TikTok… #NationalSecurity
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1) @CharlieDaniels #RIP #SoulWarrior

The devil went down to Georgia

He was lookin' for a soul to steal

Then came across young man Charlie

Sawing on a fiddle and playing it hot

Satan jumped up on a hickory stump
2) and said:

Charlie I guess you didn't know

But I'm a fiddle player too

And if you'd care to take a dare

I'll make a bet with you.
3) The devil continued:

Little Charlie you play pretty good fiddle, son but give the devil his due

I bet a fiddle of gold against your soul

Cause I think I'm better than you
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1. News: 'They want us to be ashamed of who we are': President Trump compares protesters to 'Nazis and terrorists' during fiery Fourth of July speech as he pays tribute to military and cops before huge flyover - Thread 6.5.20… #Riots @realDonaldTrump
2. News: Protesters DEFY President Trump, RISK 10 YEARS in prison, throwing Columbus statue into Baltimore harbor just hours after president called them 'Nazis & terrorists' in July Fourth address as protests break out across the US… @realDonaldTrump
3. News: Sitting this one out: Gun-toting St. Louis couple watch from balcony of their mansion as Black Lives Matter protesters return - this time they have security guards to protect them…
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Attack reported near Karachi Stock Exchange. Initial reports indicate a gun + grenade attack. At least 3 being reported injured. Developing. #Pakistan
VIDEO # 2:

#Karachi #KarachiStockExchange #Pakistan

Geo News reporting at least 4 terrorists have stormed the Karachi Stock Exchange building after lobbing a grenade, and are currently inside the building. #Pakistan

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Who is a psychologist? Why do we need one? I'm not crazy, why should I visit a psychologist? I would rather talk to a friend instead of talking to a psychologist. Approaching a psychologist puts my honour at risk, and also my family's.
Several questions of such kind always occur in our mind, when it is suggested to us to visit a psychologist. We need to understand why it is important to talk to a psychologist when in need. We need to understand the importance of being aware, and taking care of our mental health
And before that, it is important to understand what a psychologist is and how he or she can help us when in need.
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1. News: Judge rejects bid to stop Trump rally!!

Judge Rebecca Nightingale had rejected the lawsuit in Tulsa County court brought by two local black-history organizations ~ Thread 6.17.20…
#Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
2. News: EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious Case of RAZ from CHAZ: BLM Warlord Owns Multiple Guns including an Uzi, a Tesla, BMW & Jaguar XJ, Millions in Properties: Is Supported by Islamic Government in Dunai:

3. News: SEATTLE: Unhinged Protester From CHAZ Wears Orange Peel as Face Mask, Punches Person Recording Her (VIDEO) #Trump #Riots #ANTIFA #Terrorists
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1. News: Association of American Physicians & Surgeons SUES FDA for “Irrational” Interference of Access to Life-Saving Hydroxychloroquine

How many DIED b/c of the FDA? The INFECTED & DEAD, b/c of LOCK-DOWN!? - Thread 6.15.2020… @realDonaldTrump #FRAUD
2. News: Experts Say Retired Military Officers Who Denounced The President of the U.S. Trump Could Be Prosecuted: 10 US Code § 888 – Art. 88: Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President... be punished as a COURT-MARTIAL…
3. News: DISGRACEFUL! NBC Anchor Craig Melvin of the network’s “Third Hour” of the “Today Show” asks Senator Scott if HE'S A 'TOKEN' GOP BLACK… #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews #ThatsRacism!
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I remember how I contacted #SushantSinghRajput during the Kerala floods 2018 to ask him to send more cleaning supplies. I had just moved from the camp and found out that he was helping us a lot. Such a kind soul he was. 💔
I was so excited when he followed me back on Instagram. I was surprised that a celebrity would follow random fan handles.
Each time I think of him I remember how much he helped us. He continued to campaign for every disaster and sent help whenever he could.
This is truly heartbreaking for me because in a way he was there for me and my people when we needed help, and I somehow feel that we failed to do the same for others and reciprocate.
I'll never forget this man cuz unlike other celebs, with him I had a personal connection.
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1. News: Twitter REMOVES President Trump's Call For Unity Video... Because Why? Reasons... #RIP #GeorgeFloyd #Condolences
2. News: Facebook reportedly shutters moms group for transphobia after group speaks out against Drag Queen Story Hour… #SaveTheChildren #Censored
3. News: Jeff Sessions shuts down Ilhan Omar in Twitter over her call to disband the Minneapolis Police Department:

'How's your brother, by the way?'…
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1. News: Looters in Manhattan Pulled Up to Store in $300,000 Rolls Royce SUV to Clean Out Store ~ THREAD June 4, 2020
@realDonaldTrump #Riots #Terrorists #Antifa
2. News: Looters in California Use Forklift to Break Into Best Buy in Broad Daylight (VIDEO)… @realDonaldTrump #Riots #Terrorists #Antifa
3. News: FLORIDA: Mayor of Orange County Jerry Demings, the husband of potential Biden VP pick & Congresswoman Val Demings, “We Don’t Want Republican Convention”… @realDonaldTrump
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1. News: Black Americans Killed in Riots Across America:

#Condolences #Prayers #RIP
Dave Patrick Underwood, 53
David Dorn, 77
Italia Marie Kelly, 22
David McAtee, 53
Chris Beaty, 38… #Riots #Terrorism
2. News: President Donald Trump: Save New York City and Call up the National Guard… #Riots #ANTIFA #Terrorists
3. News: Rev. Franklin Graham Thanks Trump for Walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church… #Riots #ANTIFA #Terrorists #GodWins
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1. News: Good men protected a police officer who was separated from his team and was in danger.

"There are a lot MORE GOOD PEOPLE than bad so have faith"

-Thread 6-2-2020

#BlackLivesMatter #QAnon #Riots #BlueLivesMatter
2. News: The Morning Briefing: President Trump Holds Bible in Front of Church, Libs Everywhere Are Triggered…
3. News: [Video] President Trump LEADS From Front in Trip to Riot-Torched Church Near White House…
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1. (1/2) News:
Keyword: Insurgency

Thread 5-31-2020
3. The radical-left formally divorced itself from America last night. They are domestic terrorists and enemies of the United States. They should be treated as such. #Anitfa
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1. News: Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz requested additional 1,200 National Guard soldiers:

1,700 National Guardsmen expected in Minneapolis tonight; military police on alert after riots rage across US

-Thread (May 30)… #riots
2. News: Portland: Antifa Members Destroying Justice Center #riots
3. News: Fox News Channel's Leland Vittert surrounded, overtaken, and chased off of his live-shot by an angry mob shouting "f*** Fox News."

Shannon Bream tosses to him - he shakes his head as if to tell her not to. #riots
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Speaking to reporters before roundtable meeting with business executives to reopen america #POTUS expresses his sympathies and heart felt condolences to the family and friends of #GeorgeFloyd and promises to protect the rights of peaceful protesters. #RIP
.@POTUS is determined to that justice be served has made this local situation a federal situation by asking the #FBI to expedite the investigation into the murder says he spoke with family members of #GeorgeFloyd and will be reporting more as time goes by.
President Trump called the family of #GeorgeFloyd 'terrific people' and said looters should not be allowed to drown out the voices of peaceful protesters that are hurting. #GeorgeFloydProtests
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#RIP lyricist YOGESH GAUR passes away. Known for memorable songs in Anand, Mili, Chhoti Si Baat, Baton Baton Mein, Rajnigandha, Manzil. Image
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Lost Wingman

I lost sight on a wingman June 14, 2017. His name is John Schulze. John was two years behind me at @okstate’s @AFROTCDet670 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I knew of John; he was selected as the Outstanding Freshman Cadet, an honor we shared.
Unfortunately, John was assigned to another flight or squadron when I was a commander, so I didn't get to really know him well. John and I connected later as Oklahoma State University alumni, but more as military brothers.
If you haven't been in the military, you'll never experience how a friendship can continue as if the thirty years in between never happened. It's one of the invaluable benefits in the best traditions of service.
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Global News is reporting Captain Jennifer Casey, the Public Affairs Officer for @CFSnowbirds has died in the plane crash in Kamloops according to multiple sources. Her family has been notified of this tragedy. #CAF #RIP
Captain Casey was an absolutely spectacular human being and those of us in the media will very much miss working with her.
Making this tragedy even more agonizing, Captain Casey is from Nova Scotia a province that is reeling from the mass shooting there and the crash of the #CAF Cyclone helicopter "Stalker" from @HMCSFredericton
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