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Fighting for those who can't fight for themselves. Fighting alongside those who want better for our Nation and our Veterans.
Nov 10, 2019 13 tweets 67 min read
1. Screening + Drug Treatment = Increase in #Veteran #Suicides. Report co-published @Mad_In_America w/Robert Whitaker. Model of care causing suicide epidemic #vha… @TaskandPurpose @MilitaryTimes @NBCNews @HouseVetAffairs @VetAffairsDems @VAChair @SVACDems @Mad_In_America @TaskandPurpose @MilitaryTimes @NBCNews @HouseVetAffairs @VetAffairsDems @VAChair @SVACDems 2. Suicide rates for 18-34 year-old #veterans using #VHA for care have INCREASED BY 144% over 12 year period. #veteransuicides #veteransday @VFWHQ @AmericanLegion @AmericanMD @NBCNightlyNews @VickyNguyenTV @studentvets @iava @MinorityVets @AMVETSHQ @zachiscol @PaulSzoldra Image