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Physician Executive 👨🏾‍💻 focused on making healthcare just, equitable & accessible for all. 👨🏾‍⚕️ Peds Rehab Medicine. #BlackLivesMatter @cspfellows
Jun 14, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
1/ Talking to White Allies is exhausting me. I've spent my life understanding, managing, & processing whiteness & systemic bias. To succeed with my blackness, I had to do that. But, many Whites have just started thinking about these concepts in depth a few weeks ago. 2/ These conversations with the newly “woke” white folks feel like translating a PhD level dissertation to a kindergarten lesson plan. Necessary to meet folks (that want to learn) where they are, but, a mismatch just the same.
May 7, 2020 8 tweets 9 min read
A Tweetstorm!

Black people are so tired. 😓. I am soooo tired.

We can’t go jogging (#AmaudArbery).

We can’t relax in the comfort of our own homes (#BothemJean and #AtatianaJefferson).

We can't ask for help after being in a car crash (#JonathanFerrell and #RenishaMcBride). 2/ We can't have a cellphone (#StephonClark).

We can't leave a party to get to safety (#JordanEdwards).

We can't play loud music (#JordanDavis).

We can’t sell CD's (#AltonSterling).

We can’t sleep (#AiyanaJones)

We can’t walk from the corner store (#MikeBrown).