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8 Sep
55 days until the election!

55 days to end this nightmare!

55 days to give it everything we can!

55 days to convince everyone to vote!

@inspiredjen and the team of volunteers from @AoCChecklist have issued a #GetOutTheVote Challenge:
🗳Action 1: Ask a senior citizen if they want help checking registration.

Chances are good that you know someone who’s not very computer savvy. Make their day with a surprise phone call and ask if they want you to check that their voter registration...
... is active and 100% accurate so they can vote in November.
Check registration here: nass.org/can-I-vote/vot…
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30 Aug
We have 65 days until what could easily be the most important vote of our lifetime!

So I am going to talk about the proverbial elephant in the living room.

Yup I am going to talk about abuse and addiction so this could be triggering for some. Please stop here if so!!
Many of us have spent the last 4 years trying to understand how and why MAGAs stay loyal to Trump in the face of so many lies, the obvious cognitive struggles, and the demonstrated incompetence again and again!

I suspect the answer lies in the reality that we live in a society..
... where 1 in 4 females and 1 in 5 males will be molested in their lifetime.

... where 1 in 4 children experience alcoholism or addiction in their families.

What does this have to do with politics?

Growing up in an abusive or addictive family conditions the child...
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12 Mar
In Washington state there was a flu study conducted late last year before the outbreak in Wuhan or testing in the US.

After weeks of trying to get permission to test those samples for COVID-19 they decided to just do so anyway. They found positive samples from the flu study.
“I think it’s unequivocal that there is widespread community transmission in Seattle and they have to take decisive action now,” said Scarpino, who uses mathematical and computational models of infectious diseases transmission. (statnews.com/2020/03/03/was…)
What does this mean for you and I??

1) It means we should act like it is already in your community and so take all the same precautions you would take to avoid getting a cold or the flu!

Learn more about this COVID-19 and ways to protecting you and your family:
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6 Mar
What is disinformation and why does it matter?

The #CoronavirusOutbreak (aka #COVID19) certainly has everyone’s attention at this moment!

Sadly it is the perfect to slip some disinfo onto the narrative and manipulate public opinion one way or another..
Let’s look at this meme: It links the COVID-19 to an immigration issue!

But they are NOT related.

This virus came into the US via travelers (mostly caucasians) who had been exposed.

🌈Viruses are blind to a persons skin color.

🌈Viruses are not stopped by a border wall.
Disinformation can also come from a fellow resister who failed to verify the source!

The tweet below echoes headlines from an Australian article. But if you read that article you realize it is reporting on info that showed up in a communist source...

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5 Mar
What is a virus?

So viruses are pieces of RNA (COVID-19) or DNA and typically a protein housing that helps it invade your cells.

Because they do not have cells they are not alive. So when folks say ot will “kill” a virus they are usually talking about damaging that protein.
..So anyone who has tried to get blood or food out of clothing knows that soap or shampoo work best.This is because the soap denatures (causes the protein to unfold) and thus loose its functionality.

For a virus to “infect” you it first has to land on you and attach to you.
Even if it lands on you COVID-19 will not be able to do anything until it can invade one of your cells!

Since viruses do not have cells they need to use your cells to replicate enough to make you sick.

How can you stop it from invading your cells??
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