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PhD in Classics at Boston U. Augustan lit, gender & sexuality, sci-fi/fantasy reception She/her. Also @LOTRinLatin @Hestia_BU @CripAntiquity @IodulaDicit
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9 Nov 19
The final event of the day is the keynote address "Rediscovering our Humanity: Reading the Classics Behind Bars" by @RUClassics Dr. Emily Allen-Hornblower and Mr. Marquis McCray.
Mr. McCray starts with the anecdote that this is the first time he has been in an academic setting since his release from prison a year ago. In his adolescence, he emulated what he knew--drugs, sex, etc. He did not know this at the time. #AncientAgency
He didn't know his psyche was being shaped by a narrative that wanted him to be a thug. He later learned that we are 3 dimensional and there is a journey inside all of us. That is what the classics is to him--his Dante's inferno descent and re-ascent #AncientAgency
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31 Jul 19
For the past week or so, I have been searching through the History of Middle Earth for more information about Balrogs. Specifically, I want to know what they look like. The description in the Lord of the Rings is pretty vague #Tolkien #ClassicsTwitter (1/x)
In The Fellowship of the Ring, the Balrog is described as “a dark form, of man-shape maybe, yet greater” (321). And yet this creature has some animalistic traits, including a “streaming mane” (321), pretty vague. #Tolkien #ClassicsTwitter (2/x)
I am especially curious as to whether a Balrog could resemble a bull in any way--the depiction in the movies with the tail and the horns definitely suggests it (see pic below) and Balrog kind of sounds like bull... #Tolkien #ClassicsTwitter (3/x)
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6 Jan 19
An attempted live tweet of @wmarybeard ‘s “What is Classics.” I apologize in advance for any typos #AIASCS #whatisclassics
MB says she is honored to be asked to come despite the fact she may not always behave well. She starts by going back a century and a half for the first meetings of the APA #AIASCS
The meetings were in July and in college towns of the east coast. They were small with delegates numbering in the 10s, not the hundreds as now. #AIASCS
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