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Hey, #ClassicsTwitter, what do we think about these?…

The same auction house has sold several other inked inscriptions on wood from the same collection, e.g.……
Here's a publication of one of the prior sales:… (presumably the same scholar who's noted as having a forthcoming publication on the two current sales:…)
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High School and University teachers working on tragedy in any discipline. Here's a competition:

1. read some Medea;

2. Record a performance of it;

3. Submit performance;

4. Win up to $400.00.

Please circulate and check out

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More thoughts on Millar, Emperor in the Roman World (1977). THREAD Hopkins' review (rehashed in a recent essay in the TLS) wished for another book, of "new" social history. Millar's gambit was that documentality, institutions and ideology were tightly bound, and produced...
a totalizing history of the state in action, i.e. government-- through documentality (i.e. the performative nature of language), culture (the specificity of institutions, which "good" i.e. non simplificatory positivism got at), identity (constructivism) and geography...
I think the model has been influential, even when people have disagreed or critiqued the model (notably the problem of just how totalizing the picture is). In the meantime, two big developments in anc history now are 1. the return of Hopkins-style social and economic history...
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#ClassicsTwitter, check out the selection at #doveandhudson! Such good second hand academic volumes ImageImageImageImage
FYI this is in Albany ny
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As a little light summer reading for #ClassicsTwitter I am starting a series of #MarcelDetienneStories. Feel free to contribute using the tag. The last time I saw Marcel Detienne was when he came to my apartment for dinner in 2007. He had already announced his retirement from 1/
@JohnsHopkins and arrived at my place in a brand new Chrysler 300, instead of his usual green sedan, because the City of Baltimore had given him this car as a gift for service to the city when they learned he would be returning to Noisy-sur-École. We ate chicken and asparagus 2/
which I prepared with Marcel looking over my shoulder and instructing me where to cut the asparagus from the woody bits and to season the chicken only with salt. We ate and listened to Leonard Cohen's "Recent Songs." At the table I asked him if he would supervise Hopkins PhD 3/
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It’s the penultimate day of my tenure with @Tweetistorian from the island of Naxos & that means we’re turning our gaze inland!

Naxos was one of the most resource-rich islands in the Cyclades & its local sanctuaries made sure you knew it!
#greece #archaeology #classicstwitter Image
Yesterday, we looked at the cult of the quarrymen who worked one of the most productive marble deposits on the island, and today we’ll turn to one of the earliest instances of its use for something very familiar: all-marble temples aren’t just for Athens!
I’ve posted many photos of the monumental marble doorway for the never-finished Apollo temple at the port of Naxos, so let’s think about what inspired such crazy construction.

Naxos was the center of Dionysus cult & it’s at his temple where this marble business all began! Image
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So in honor of #Juneteenth how about #ClassicsTwitter drops the white morality act and actually listens to and learns from the #BlackInClassics voices already making waves in the field:
Over in ancient Africa we’ve got @BumbaughSolange and @RomanAegyptiaca - two female scholars doing wondrous work in a field usually secluded to the interests of stuffy old white men.
I first came to the words of @PriaJackson and @aimee_hinds through their work on @eidolon_journal and they are two of the main reasons that I’ve stayed interested in that journal.
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A thread: please be aware that the convo re multiculturalism, racism, proto-racism, oppression, etc. Is not a NEW thing in #classics and #latinteach ... A number of people have been and are doing this work for years and we've been ridiculed for it. 1/? #classicstwitter
Just because a white man says something women and BIPOC have been working on and saying doesn't mean it's new. We've been saying for years to (1) reconsider the canon, (2) BIPOC and women and LGBTQIA+ need to be included in the conversation. #Classics #latinteach #classicstwitter
(3) the Romans were colonisers, rapists, and violent. This isn't new. There is a lot of work to be done and there is room for everyone to do it. In the classroom, in professional orgs, in scholarship. #classics #classicstwitter #latinteach
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Apart from its beaches, the island of #Naxos is best known for its marble, which was used to produce sculpture & buildings at incredible scales from very early on!

Day 5 of @LevineRx on Naxos explores the #archaeology of *who* was doing the carving!
#greece #classicstwitter Image
Naxian marble is characterized by its transparency, large crystals, & durability. The island’s geology allows for the removal of enormous blocks for sculpture or architecture & famous examples are found throughout the Greek world, although the quarrymen weren’t always successful! ImageImageImage
But what do we know about the quarrymen themselves? These populations certainly included enslaved and free skilled craftsmen, but of course no details about who they were are recorded in our literary sources. Instead, the #archaeology of the quarries themselves offers some clues! Image
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It’s day 4 of @LevineRx tweeting from Naxos for @Tweetistorian & it’s time to put the focus on the island!

The #Archaeology of Naxos has fundamentally informed & even rewritten Cycladic history. The rest of my week will highlight key sites & studies!
#Greece #classicstwitter Image
If you missed yesterday’s #thread on the history of the Cyclades, or feel the need to review, take a look here! There’s much more to say than 10-ish tweets can handle, but I hope it inspires you to do a bit of further reading or even plan a trip! ~el 2/
Just south of Naxos town, the Stelida Peninsula is best known for its beautiful Agios Prokopios beach, always rated in the top 5 in Greece!

But today’s thread takes us back to the earliest occupants on the island & evidence for the earliest Aegean hominins! ~el 3/ Image
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How did we go from the marble figurines of prehistory to the familiar facades of Cycladic villages today?

It’s day 3 of @Tweetistorian on Naxos with @LevineRx, which means it’s time for a history of the Cyclades in 9 tweets!
#archaeology #ClassicsTwitter #greece #History ImageImage
But before we get started on the history of the #Cyclades, take a look yesterday’s thread on our fieldwork on the islands around Paros to catch up on some recent #archaeology! We’re back to work in July, so you can expect to see more SCIP very soon! ~el 2/
Let’s get started 6,000ya, it’s not the beginning (more tomorrow!) but the Neolithic marks the start of major occupation.

Inhabitants of islands like Saliagos—home to this beautiful violin figurine—profited from the obsidian, metal, marble & more found across the islands! ~el 3/ Image
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If you’ve ever visited #Amman, you’ve definitely caught a glimpse of the colossal Temple of ‘Hercules’ standing tall on ancient acropolis. The architecture is amazing, but who was the temple actually for & was it ever finished?
#Archaeology #MuseumsUnlocked #ClassicsTwitter
The Amman citadel is an amazing site & I hope this thread inspires some visits! Occupied since the Neolithic period, the citadel is marked in some way by every phase of Jordan’s history.

It’s also home to an amazing archaeological museum, featuring an even wider range of finds!
The temple sits a conventional Roman podium on the southern end of the fortified citadel, and would have measured 30x24m. The most impressive aspect of the building is its vertical scale: each of its columns rises some 10m atop the stylobate, making it incredibly imposing!
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#ClassicsTwitter anyone else struggling to find the lines of where white supremacy ends and the study of the classics begins?

Not saying they are perfectly coterminous but as the years go by it is harder and harder for me to deny our discipline's historical complicity
The "Classics" we teach and we trained on is heir to elitist and racist constructions of the past as @kataplexis shows, so attempts to decolonialize are doomed to fail

(Which makes for easy appropriation as @pharosclassics documents)
But the source texts so rarely give any voice to the oppressed and marginalized, and we have to toil to find these voices again
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Thank you #ClassicsTwitter for your replies. I did have a few reasons for putting this question out there.

1. It’s easy for classicists of every age and people who are interested in antiquity to talk to one another—you just have to start with the root questions.
2. There’s a diversity of ways people become interested: books, movies, language courses, tv shows, comics, relationships, tangents, etc. Reception tends to draw in the most people, which is why I think it’s hard for classicists to critique what got them initially interested.
It took me years to talk about Harry Potter, Fantasia, Percy Jackson and all the ways they got me invested in many of these areas of study, but the negative impact of trying to internalize a lot of the aesthetics and internalized philosophies of those pieces of media.
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After two long months, Greek archaeological sites are officially reopening! The only way to celebrate is a visit to the Acropolis of #Athens, but things aren’t quite the same. Here’s a tour of the *empty* Acropolis!
#Greece #archaeology #classicstwitter
Usually packed with endless trains of your groups, the Propylaea was as quiet as a mouse! New barriers have been installed to reduce contact, but everything else looks endlessly familiar!
Minor changes on the site come courtesy of the archaeologists & architects of the Acropolis Restoration Project. Work continues in earnest toward restoring the Parthenon’s west pediment, but this sheet metal conceals great news: the removal of the old cement crane foundations!
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If you know Plaka, you know the Lysikrates monument! Known as a wonderful example of Late Classical ingenuity, the afterlife of this monument is *far* more interesting! Here’s a thread on sculpture that’s seen a lot!
#athens #greece @ASCSAthens #ClassicsTwitter #archaeology
The Lysicrates Monument was one of many dedications along the so-called Street of the Tripods, which connected the Theater of Dionysus (here in a great 1913 photo) with the Agora. These dedications were made by choregoi, wealthy Athenians who financed theatrical & choral events
The dedicatory inscription by Lysikrates allows us to date the monument precisely to 334 BCE, for a victory in the boys’ dithyramb at the Great Dionysia. It is a small marble tholos atop a high limestone podium, all adorned with intricate moulding, a monolithic roof, & frieze
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Hey art historians moving your courses online, here's my fully online, no-textbook, global Art 101, with quiz questions and assignments. Anyone else with an online course to share? #coronavirus #AcademicTwitter
I think if you're on Blackboard I can email you a copy of the course, too, so just let me know...
More #CovidCampus class shares: here's my online, no-textbook/free resources art and myth in the ancient world class, with assignments:… #ClassicsTwitter #AcademicTwitter
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“If you were a Roman slave owner would you use strict discipline or relative kindness to manage your slaves? Why?”

Why are students asked imagine they are enslavers? Why is the behavior of individual enslavers the focus?

This is from Ecce Romani. 1/

There is plenty of research on the institution of slavery and much guidance on how to teach about it ethically and responsibly. This section from Ecce Romani is inexcusable. Slavery is an abomination independent of the enslaver's behavior. 2/
Why are we having students imagine themselves to be enslavers? The National Latin Exam does this as well, asking students to describe a character in a comprehension passage who suggests his father sell an enslaved person instead of killing him because he is valuable. 3/
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#ClassicsTwitter #4typesofLove thread

Last night, upon viewing the New York Life Commercial which actually put ANCIENT GREEK ON THE SCREEN, my wife turned to me and said, what do you think?

I sputtered, and said, "well it is not really right in some places". To which she said, "well, they must have consulted experts". At which I blinked. And sighed.

But, as .@Tophocles notes in another thread this list is merely cribbed from C. S. Lewis and it represents a typology that has become rather popular in evangelical circles
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I have heard people misgendering Baby Yoda because "Yoda" ends in "-a." Yoda is male. Google confirms this.

This is not a girly name like "Camilla" or "Cruesa" It is a very masculine name like "Agrippa" Let me, father Aeneas, explain this to you, please THREAD #ClassicsTwitter
Dido is not male (nor was she my wife, btw). She is female, even though her name ends in "-o." Also, Aeneas is not an accusative plural feminine noun. It is a very manly, pious Greek nominative, masculine name. It comes from αἰνή , which is fitting b/c I deserve praise 2/
Why does Yoda end in -a? Well, Agrippa was probably a Greek name from ἀγρός & ἵππος. Baby Yoda's name is Greek too, from the words βαβαί & Ὕδρᾳ . 3/
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It's not "my" theory. It is the most probable working hypothesis that was best formulated by Grace Harriet Macurdy.
In Book 13 of the Iliad, Zeus turns away from Troy, and looks to Thrace (Balkans), the land of the "Mysians that fight in close combat".

This is an explicit admission from Homer of Mysians both in Thrace & Troy, with an implication that their origin is Thrace.

The archaeological record of Troy shows a movement from the Balkans into Troy.
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My intermediate Greek class recently made papyrus and it worked pretty well! Here's a little thread on our process. 1/10 #ClassicsTwitter #TeachAncient
The reeds grow well in any humid climate. The @Illinois_Alma grounds staff kindly set them aside for us at the end of the season but I think I could grow them in my backyard. Shout out to @jessrwells for helping with the harvest 2/10
First we removed the husks and cut the pith into thin strips. You need sharp knives for this so I got faculty and grads to help. Less liability and good community building! 3/10
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Can someone help me understand what a "proper woman" is?

Why is the National Latin Exam framing a simple question about clothing in such a regressive way? Even Johnston's Lives of the Romans from 1903 doesn't discuss clothing like this. @NatLatinExam
@NatLatinExam This question was on the Latin III-IV exam that same year (2018).

Of all the literature available, NLE chooses this creepily decontextualized phrase from Martial? In the original, "puella" is referring to a PET DOG. The "nescio" was added by NLE.
@NatLatinExam WHY IS THIS EXAM AN OPTION FOR THE SEAL OF BILITERACY? Sorry for yelling, but this is a contest, not an exam-- which is evident through the quality of the questions. Even as a contest, it is inexcusable. #ClassicsTwitter
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Paideia's statement today was shameful. It seems the Board is corroborating the content of the @Libertinopatren letter, but has chosen to frame oppression as the hurt feelings of sensitive people. 1/
The problems at Paideia pervade the field, and it is a big red flag that the board lacks the language, concern, and/or insight to describe their failings. This is not a simple HR problem or a customer service problem. 2/
This letter absolved Paideia of responsibility for institutional failures and frames oppression and abuse of power as hurt feelings. This statement provides cover for oppression by centering the feelings of the oppressed over the cause of the oppression (the organization). 3/
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