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5 Jul 20
Lord, I just ventured down this rabbit hole and what in the Bootylicious fck
I guess we should thank him for figuring out who Patty Labelle was really talking to in the song "Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is)"🙃
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30 Apr 20
Call me a hypocrite. I already voted for the Democratic nominee once and all the stern lectures from self righteous journalists will not stop me from voting for him again.
The majority of white people elected Donald Trump. Even so-called liberal white people continue to parachute into my mentions four years later to DENY majorities of white men and white women voted for Trump. You can't even admit the truth. Don't try to lecture me about shit.
Living for likes and site hits is what got us into this mess. We're faced with the chance to oust a man who folds his arms as we die from his botched pandemic response and you suddenly fall in love with a bogus story "broken" by lying leftists with a history of dishonest writing.
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4 Mar 20
We keep telling y'all Talcum X is a fraud but y'all won't listen.
Bernie Sanders needs to explain why he surrounds himself with shameless liars, serial harassers and people who organize doxing campaigns to silence critics of Bernie and his toxic campaign.
I mean, look at this fuckshit. He invents a lie and uses Rachel as his alleged source.

Rachel rejects his claim.

He calls Rachel a liar.
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21 Jun 19
In his first 10 months, Trump killed more civilians in drone strikes than Obama did in his entire 8 year presidency. Trump also set off a so-called MOAB in Afghanistan. Only a fool would believe Trump called off a strike on Iran because he was worried about casualties.
The Trump Doctrine: invent a crisis so he can take credit for solving the very crisis he invented. And like the proverbial suckers they are, the media falls for it every time.
Another aspect of the Trump Doctrine: a story line that immediately begins to unravel upon further scrutiny.
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6 Jun 19
Cornel West still skinnin' and grinnin' for Brother Bernie. 🙄
I don't think its a good idea for a Sanders surrogate to be lobbing crack pipe jokes at Biden when Bernie is the guy who had a fit when Democrats tried to lower sentences for crack cocaine one year after passing the 1994 crime bill.
Cornell West can hop back on his Wells Fargo wagon and ride the fuck out of here.
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27 May 19
No idea what prompted this current obsession with reasoning with some rose adorned account from Australia (???) spouting absolute bullshit about chattel slavery, but I guess people have to spend their holiday somehow.
In fact, let me black that fool because I don't even want to see that fuckshit in my timeline.
Block, not black.
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29 Apr 19
Want to help The Bernie Sanders Cult build a database that makes it easier to stalk your friends, family, coworkers and random people you might meet on the street? Well, now there's an app for that.
Bernie brags about the number of people attending rallies and organizing house parties - if true, that would give him more than enough people to do grassroots organizing. But that requires people with good interpersonal skills, something The Sanders cult is not known for.
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26 Apr 19
Wow. Rod Rosenstein is complicit trash.
Rod Rosenstein believes Donald Trump respects the rule of law. Are you fucking kidding me? wapo.st/2ZzEu9u
Again. Rod Rosenstein believes this guy respects the rule of law.
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25 Apr 19
This is pretty hypocritical coming from a Sanders supporter.
Typical of Sanders worshipers to gloss over how unprepared he was at SheThePeople while attacking the audience because attendees didn't feel blessed to be in the presence of a man who tried to bullshit his way through his appearance at their forum.
If you don't know why a room full of Black women would be unimpressed by Bernie's references to Jesse Jackson and MLK, then you should probably ask them instead of lecturing them about their manners.
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15 Apr 19
A zombie horde on the way to kill everybody and Sansa pissed because she don't have the right title.
Uh oh, Samwell has arrived. If Sansa was pissed about titles before....
Danaerys ain't gonna give up that crown tho
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14 Apr 19
Not a fan of Kaitlin Bennett or Jack Posobiec but what is going on here
I don't see any credentials on the guy asking her to leave but they could be out of camera view. Where was this event? Was it advertised as a public event or private?
I see a lot of people are replying with "its cool because I don't like that person" or "she was probably there to cause trouble" - which is not the answer I'm looking for.
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11 Apr 19
The Patron Saint Of Self Righteousness says anyone who enjoys dunking on Julian Assange is beneath contempt.
Man who took a victory lap after release of Attorney General Bill Barr's four page summary of Mueller Report pulls hamstring while reacting to the news Barr's DoJ just had Julian Assange arrested
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8 Apr 19
Imagine writing something this stupid while cheerleading for an independent senator who will soon be 80 years old.
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2 Apr 19
My fever dream for the 2020 primaries has been some scenario where Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden destroy each other. So let em go nuts.
This me when hostilities flare up between the Biden and Sanders camps
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22 Mar 19
Every couple on Temptation Island is like
The host just hit them with the news the people they were making out with behind their mate's backs are leaving.
Wow these dudes have gone from telling the women the met on the show "I feel so connected to you" to "Seeya! have a nice life!"
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27 Feb 19
So many GOP shilling for Trump's border policy.
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27 Feb 19
Really hate when crooked ass GOP Reps start quoting scripture in government hearings.
Pretty sure Rep. Higgins wants the boxes seized from Cohen's office by the FBI so he can help Trump spoil Mueller's case. And again with the film and book deals.
And fuck your instincts, Deputy Dawg.
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26 Feb 19
CNN already trying to hand Bernie the nomination with their morning panel gushing over his first town hall. Meanwhile, Beto is too ambivalent.
The CNN panel is laser focused on the mythical white working class. *yawn*
"Maybe the white guys in the race should put a Black woman on the ticket" ~ summarizing CNN's entire approach right now
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26 Feb 19
Has this guy ever heard of supposed progressive hero Woodrow Wilson, who segregated the federal government, or George W Bush, who called for an amendment to ban same sex marriage?
Sanders does a lot of arm waving while calling Trump decisive and racist but he still believe Trump voters chose him due to economic anxiety when in reality they fell in with Trump because they embraced his racist message.
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26 Feb 19
Lil Kiki was impressed with Bernie's town hall. Yeah, I'm surprised too. 😏
Tomorrow she'll be writing a long Intercept piece telling white people its OK to blow off reparations while shaming Blacks for having the nerve to ask.
Called it.
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21 Feb 19
The leader of Bernie Sanders' dark money PAC is also the national co-chair of his 2020 reelection campaign. She's also the woman who tried to hire a Xenophobe to be her chief of staff and fired a DACA activist for organizing on her own vacation time. But Bernie cares about PoC.
Politico documented Nina Turner's piss poor management of Our Revolution back in May 2018. Despite all of this, Bernie Sanders still made her national co-chair of his 2020 reelection bid. Same sh*t, different primary race. politico.com/story/2018/05/…
Here's Bernie's national co-chair attacking the Democratic Party in 2017.
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