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1 Sep
'Legal documents reveal Scottish ministers and the Lord Advocate, the country's top law officer, said it would be inappropriate for Martin Keatings to purse the challenge because he's not an MSP.'

Sooooo much to unpack here...
First, let's appreciate the absurdity of Scotgov fighting against legal clarity on a non-Sec30 indyref.

And then the added absurdity of excusing this by pointing out the claimant isn't an MSP while none of their MSPs brought forth a constructive legal challenge.
Contrast the HR2021 campaign talk ("Independence is closer than ever!") against what is being said in a legal context ("Independence isn't imminent.").

What IS imminent, though, is the No Deal Brexit @scotgov claimed it wouldn't allow Scotland to be 'dragged out of' the EU by.
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20 Jan
@jlbps @the3million Indyref will likely *not* come in time, even if it was this year and successful. That means #Scotland has to look at mitigating the damage inflicted upon EU citizens and not least of all the Scottish economy.

Currently, we aren't using the powers we have to do so.
@jlbps @the3million There is need for a discrimination reporting mechanism and a public anti-discrimination campaign. There should be a Holyrood working group looking at all means of creating equality between all residents of Scotland regardless of nationality, using existing powers.
@jlbps @the3million There is need for an emergency fund for those families and individuals affected, especially those dealing with disabilities and ill health, women (who a disproportionately affected by both Brexit and the Hostile Environment) and those on small to no income, OOW and UC.
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31 Dec 19
In her Hogmanay speech @NicolaSturgeon stated: "We will provide support and reassurance for the #EUcitizens who have done us the honour of choosing to make #Scotland their home."

Here is how we can begin to constructively fulfill that promise: docs.google.com/document/d/1rG…
1. EU citizens will face discrimination by Brexit/HostileEnv design. Those who have Settled Status need a physical token not offered by the Home Office but any individuals status can be checked online - including by @scotgov who should issue a #ScottishResidencyCard open to all.
2. All residents of #Scotland are equally affected by Scots Law, yet not all are protected by it. For 2020 I hope to see an all-party, multi-disciplinary Equality workgroup at the Scottish parliament finding & using Scots law & powers to enhance equality and protect all Scots.
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13 Dec 19
Sajid Javid says the Tory government will oppose another indyref completely. "There already was an independence referendum, there will not be another."

Can we have that in writing, please? Asking for #Scotland's lawyers. 😁✊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
No, REALLY, guys. A flat out No from Number 10 is great news and can totally be challenged in court. If @theSNP get a move on UK might even miss another Brexit deadline and we might just be able to still challenge at ECJ level.

How might such a court case look? How about...
Imagine the Scottish government's sec 30 request has been barred by WM and British courts. Scotland can now seek clarification from the ECJ:

Which democratic means will the EU accept as legally valid expression of the will of the Scottish people to become an independent nation?
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28 Nov 19
As the 1st stage debate on #Scotland's #ElectoralFranchiseBill kicks off I'll be live tweeting.
To pass the bill will require a 66% supermajority & proposes voting rights for prisoners (sentences <12mo), refugees, asylum seekers & 3rd country nationals/EU citizens (post-Brexit).
Worth bearing in mind: circa 200k EU citizens, 5k refugees asylum seekers and <1k eligible prisoners + ?k of 3rd country nationals.

This bill addresses the current non-compliance with EU Charter of Human rights.
The @Feorlean kicks off the debate with an opening statement.@ProfTomkins asks what value citizenship has if voting franchise is connected to residency rather than nationality. Mike Russel replies "The franchise always needs to move on.". 👏
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12 Nov 19
I shall be live tweeting this debate - hoping to see some constructive policy suggestions from @scotgov here. #NewScots #Scotland #UnitedInDiversity #SettledStatus
@scotgov Shockingly few attending the debate. @BenMacpherson points out that @scotgov is working with @the3million and other to provide support in applying for (pre)SS.
@scotgov @BenMacpherson @the3million Thompkin reprimands @BenMacpherson for using the phrase "hostile environment", stating that UKgov is welcoming skilled labour and that this is not 'hostile'. MacPherson responds that going by migrant's experiences the Hostile Environment has spread fear.
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10 Oct 19
The Home Office yesterday said that 2million of the (HO guesstimate) 3.3million #EUcitizens in the UK have now applied for Settled Status. Digging into those statistics in regards to #Scotland - bearing in mind there are no reliable UK immigration stats - reveals the following:
Going by 2017 NRS data there were 239,000 🇪🇺 #NewScots in Scotland. Subtracting the 21,000 Irish-born EU nationals (whose residency rights aren't depending on EU citizenship = No need for SS applications) that leaves us with 218,000 #NewScots required to apply for Settled Status.
Previous to @patel4witham "FoM will end on October 31st" misleading dogwhistling exercise only ONE in five 🇪🇺#NewScots had applied for Settled Status (despite ~ £5 @scotgov spend per head on access to SS info). Contrast this with 1 in 3 for rUK (with only ~£3 pp UKgov spend).
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1 Dec 18
Here is what Scotland can do: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️🇪🇺
EU nationals won't need much persuading this time and we already have all the tools to do it. Please ask them how Brexit impacts them and their lives, listen and empathise. Then sign them up to register to vote...
@euforindyscot has teamed up w/ @ScotIndepFound & @mail_aye and produced these Polish (circa 50% of nEU Scots are Polish!) & English language (20% of overall electorate dropped off register since 2014) flyers for the BIG Indy Kit (also includes 50 Voter Registration forms!)
Re: Polish flyers - The idea is that while you keep some Polish forms handy for campaigning on the ground, you identify and deposit some at key locations like delicatessens, churches and cultural groups. These are guides how to register to vote, which can be done online, too!
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