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🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺🇩🇪🇬🇧🇪🇺🇭🇺🇪🇺 I regularly come across EU citizens living here who tell me they aren't bothering to apply for Settled status/citizenship because they don't believe the UK will leave the EU/they have been here for X years/are married, living with a Brit, so they will be OK.
🇪🇺🇭🇺They are wrong! And I am tweeting this to ask YOU to be proactive in enging EU citizens in conversations: None of their preconception are relevant. After 31/12/2020 they will be in the country ILLEGALLY and could be deported. No EU citizen resident in the UK is OK.
🇩🇪🇬🇧🇭🇺🇪🇺ALL EU citizens living/working here MUST apply for #settledstatus ...yes I KNOW it is vile, but they MUST do so. The Govt will ASK employers/landlords to CHECK the status of their employees ... and they could be sacked/made homeless.
Refer them to Forum for EU Citizens FB
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#SettledStatus applicants have to agree for their data to be shared with third parties. If they do not do this, they will not get Settled Status.
Think about that for a minute. The data in the application is very sensitive and could be sold to corporations. 1/
#SettledStatus is not secured in Primary Legislation which means the terms of Settled Status could be changed without Parliamentary debate or approval.

Not very settled is it?

Here is a testimony from Patricia Hopwood , posted with her permission and my sincere thanks. 2/2
.@CosiDoerfel can you confirm people can't get their status's only the Settled Status application and rules could change via 2ry legislation which would affect future applications?
(Sorry if I got it wrong in above tweet).
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Thank you @CarolineLucas for speaking up for #FreedomOfMovement.

As EU citizens & UK citizens who have benefited from this beautiful right, we were pleased to hear several politicians speak out in defence of it.

We don't want to lose it.

#Immigration is indeed a brilliant thing.

Thank you @joswinson for injecting much needed positivity into the debate around #immigrants. We should indeed be celebrating immigration and #FreedomOfMovement!


'Imagine if British citizens living in other countries were talked about and treated in the way that immigrants here are sometimes talked about. It's shameful, it's wrong and we need to change it.'

Thank you @NicolaSturgeon for speaking up for us!

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I shall be live tweeting this debate - hoping to see some constructive policy suggestions from @scotgov here. #NewScots #Scotland #UnitedInDiversity #SettledStatus
@scotgov Shockingly few attending the debate. @BenMacpherson points out that @scotgov is working with @the3million and other to provide support in applying for (pre)SS.
@scotgov @BenMacpherson @the3million Thompkin reprimands @BenMacpherson for using the phrase "hostile environment", stating that UKgov is welcoming skilled labour and that this is not 'hostile'. MacPherson responds that going by migrant's experiences the Hostile Environment has spread fear.
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The fact is that EU citizens do not apply for Settled or Pre-Settled Status but for a status.
During the process applicants are confronted with the outcome of the automatic system check which often wrongly concludes lesser Pre-Settled Status.

This is highly problematic...

Only after the automatic system check are EU citizens asked if they feel that they should be entitled to the full Settled Status.

At which point they are given "the option" to accept Pre-Settled status or provide more evidence.

It is right for @BBCr4today to raise concerns over EU citizens unwittingly ending up with the wrong status. At no point during EU settlement scheme application process does the Home Office ask when applicants moved to the UK permanently. There is zero quality control.

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@the3million Something that I have not seen mentioned anywhere & that I think is *extremely* important on *why* people should NOT SETTLE for #PreSettledStatus, if they believe they're entitled to #SettledStatus instead, is that, apart from the principle of it, NO ONE knows whether or how /1
@the3million the requirements/criteria to "convert" it to #SettledStatus in the future, might change. Again, apart from the fact that people will have to *apply* AGAIN, there's NO GUARANTEE *anywhere* that in a few years or even a few months, the process won't become more strict/demanding! /2
@the3million When it comes to the #Tories & @ukhomeoffice in general, rules/laws change *all the time* &, esp because of the secondary legislation's ease to amend them without Parliamentary scrutiny, chances are that, as the new general #immigration policy is developed & re-structured, /3
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"Whatever our background", @theresa_may said in her #MayResigns speech, "we stand together".
Standing together.
Sounds good.
🛑 This was you on 3 July 2016, @theresa_may, choosing to make 3.6 million EU citizens at home in the UK bargaining chips in Brexit negotiations. 1/
🛑 This was you on 5 October 2016, @theresa_may, choosing to cast EU citizens (and many more people) as "citizens of nowhere", implying that we do not contribute, are not real citizens, here in the UK. 2/
🛑 This was you on 26 June 2017, @theresa_may, choosing to introduce #SettledStatus as the new status for EU citizens already at home in the UK. This status is *not* actually just granted, but can only be acquired by *applying*, and strips EU citizens of rights in the process. 3/
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Since 24 June 2016, so for now 1038 days, EU citizens have lived in limbo. But since then, since the first press conference after the EUref, we’ve had one formidable #EUcitizensChampion in @NicolaSturgeon, who again made clear today that we are part of communities here. 1/ #SNP19
The same cannot be said for the UK government. They dispense nice-sounding words on paper too, but as @BrandonLewis made clear only last week in connection with #EP2019, they simply cannot see that our home (in this case = our EU home member state) is here in the UK. 2/
1038 days and still perceived by some as people who do not belong. A message that has become policy through #SettledStatus, which forces us to apply to stay. A message we now see on display every day on posters, watch on TV, and hear on the radio and in Spotify ads. 3/
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The UK has to make “stark choices”. Says @theresa_may who spent 1000 days making the worst of choices, getting us here.
Here she *chose*, on 3 July 2016, to drag EU citizens and Britons in the EU into the Brexit negotiations as part of her pitch to become Tory leader. 1/
Here @theresa_may *chose*, on 5 October 2016, to call EU citizens (and everyone who voted remain) “citizens of nowhere”. 2/
Here @theresa_may *chose*, on 26 June 2017, to introduce #SettledStatus. This is *not* simply granted, but the system forcing 3.6 million EU citizens to *apply* if we want to stay in what already is our home. 3/
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Vamos explicar un poco el registro del 'Settlement Scheme' y aclarar algunos términos y plazos #DentroHilo
Es obligatorio registrarse en el 'Settlement Scheme'. Para ello las autoridades británicas han sacado una app llamada: 'EU Exit: ID Document Check'.

Será necesario realizarlo con un dispositivo Android 6.0 o superior y que disponga de NFC (lo que permite paga con contactless)
La aplicación solicitará pruebas de identidad, de residencia (normalmente con el NIN es suficiente) y habrá que responder un par de preguntas sobre antecedentes penales. Además solicitará el escaneo del pasaporte, del chip, del rostro y la realización de una foto.
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In relation to the #SettledStatus stories I tweeted about, let me say again: please stop feeling ashamed! Shame won’t get us anywhere. What we need is your help! Please consider becoming an #EUcitizensChampion - it makes a real difference!…
All funds raised go, in full and directly, to @the3million so they can continue their vital work to ensure that no EU citizen is left behind. Most critically, this includes outreach work as many EU citizens do not even know that they have to apply. 2/
At the moment the fundraiser is also the sole source of funding for SETTLED, a new charity to help the most vulnerable EU citizens to get documented and remain lawfully in the UK for the rest of their lives. Please keep supporting this with your donations. Thank you. 3/3
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Just as well it’s April Fools' Day @sajidjavid! Because nothing says “we want you to stay” quite like forcing all of us 3.6 million EU citizens to *apply* to stay in our home. 1/
And to sell #SettledStatus to us as “the certainty [we] want” is shameful beyond measure: you are stripping us of rights with the scheme and are creating eternal limbo with it given how it is meant to be implemented. It’s time to stop the spin! 2/
Make no mistake: settled status in its current planned form and implementation will never work and it will create the next Windrush generation in EU citizens. 3/3
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Excellent stuff from the @ukhomeoffice. My dad just tried to apply for #SettledStatus and this was the result. Scheme open from today.
@ukhomeoffice Tried to apply through the app. Needed some help on some stages (good luck to older people on their own).
@ukhomeoffice Then taken through to HO website. First it said it was in a 'beta' and 'trial' stage. Then said there was a problem and to call the helpline
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Earlier today @IanBlackfordMP stood in Parliament asking exactly what I would like to ask @theresa_may, also making a passionate case for us EU citizens at home in the UK. Thank you Ian! The Prime Minister's answer, on the other hand, takes the biscuit. Here's why: [THREAD]
First of all @theresa_may: "and they can stay"? Really? Have you just changed policy? That would be fab. But let's be clear: as it stands #SettledStatus is an application system that does *not* give a guarantee to stay. If you want to do that, make it a declaratory system! 2/
Regardless of that, your *actual* record @theresa_may is nothing like the nice words you used in your response to @IanBlackfordMP. Your *actual* record on the matter, actual facts, tell a very different story. Let's have a look. 3/
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Yesterday, @theresa_may wrote to all @Conservatives MPs telling them: "History will judge us all for the parts we have played in this process". It will indeed. So let's have a look what history can already tell us about that. [THREAD]
This was you on 3 July 2016, @theresa_may, choosing to make the lives of 3.6m EU citizens - neighbours, colleagues, friends, lovers and family - bargaining chips in negotiations in your pitch to become leader of @Conservatives ("their" = EU citizens; "that" = our rights here). 2/
This was you on 5 October 2016, @theresa_may, choosing to cast EU citizens (amongst others) as "citizens of nowhere", implying we don't contribute, are not real citizens. 3/
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Latest spin on #SettledStatus via email from the Home Office. Like the previous one they’ve done away with any form of address — at least in the past they pretended we mattered individually. 1/
Like in the documentation on the government portal, the email tries to spin a nice positive story, noting that no application was refused. Yes, 27,211 decisions were made, but what happened to the applicants who still haven’t heard? There were 29,987 applications in total. 2/
And what about the 8,106 applicants (30%) who were granted pre-settled status only? We can’t really be sure that all will be well for them until we know they all got settled status without problems eventually. 3/
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Meet @UKinGermany & the British ambassador @SebWoodFCO. Here he is announcing on live German TV that UK govt have given EU citizens in the UK the guarantee that we can stay in the event of no-deal. Not true! I am sick to the back teeth of this constant distortion of the truth. 1/
What the govt have done is to set out that they will maintain #SettledStatus also in the event of no-deal. That is *not* a guarantee of our right to stay here at all. All it does is set out that under no-deal too we'd be "eligible to *apply*" to stay.… 2/
Plus they've actually changed some things so the no-deal arrangements are worse for us than what is set out in the Withdrawal Agreement. And there would be a shorter period to apply in, so likely to see many more problems. 3/
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Thread: The U.K. Govt. confirmed what was suspected (and what the @ukhomeoffice have hinted at in private talks) that, in the event of a no-deal #Brexit, free movement will end on 29/03/2019. For #EUcitizens arriving after this date, they face a new temporary system.
The Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill, once enacted, will repeal the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016, which currently implement free movement in UK law.
This system will be a temporary transitional system running from 30/03/2019 and until 31/12/2020, to give the U.K. Govt. time to implement the new immigration system on 01/01/2021.
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10 years ago on this day I, a German, arrived in the UK keen to commit my life to this country and make it my forever home. Not only am I now forced to apply to stay, I also have to listen to a British MP, Mark Francois, and his reprehensible Germanophobia on live TV. 1/
Have to see that it is not challenged. So instead of celebrating a decade in the UK, I am looking at that development today. And then I think of all the problems with #SettledStatus and the fact that I will have to apply to stay; apply to lose rights; apply to get a special 2/
ID number; apply to be put on a special register only for 'foreigners' like me. I listen to the hate that is constantly stirred against EU citizens even now, 945 days after the EU referendum. And I listen to the hate directed at my country of birth and Germans more generally. 3/
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I'm a bit late with my #10YearChallenge, but there's a reason. It comes now because I arrived in the UK 10 years ago today. I felt that I had finally arrived home. What a difference 10 years make. They were quite a ride, but nothing can top the ride of the last 945 days ... 1/
Before I tell you a bit more about that ride here's the thing: please consider becoming an #EUcitizensChampion today. Help me to support @the3million so no EU citizen is left behind. Today, more than any other day, it would mean the world to me.… 2/
But now for that ride 🎢 ... It really first started in the early 1990s when I first visited the UK together with my grandmother. I told a little bit of that story in more detail at a @FinalSayForAll Beehive in London in 2018. 3/
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iPhone % UK: 43%
Android % UK: 38%
UK Govt: #SettledStatus app only works on newer Android
iPhone or older Android user? Here are the 13 centres you can go to for the ID check and be charged for it. 13. In all of the UK. #SettledStatusIsNothingLikeThis…
Sending by post may also be an option. But just imagine what it would mean if millions of EU citizens were to end up having to send their passports to the Home Office - they already have a very negative track-record on passport checking (duration until return; loss etc).
To those who tell me people just need to update their operating systems on older Androids: that’s not the problem. The issue is down to a chip and that won’t just update with an OS update. Many EU citizens have been sharing lists with devices that work/don’t work for this reason.
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As more and more problems with #SettledStatus emerge, it is time to hold those to account who failed the 3.6m EU citizens and put them in this situation. First up are Vote Leave who made a commitment to EU citizens during the EU referendum but #SettledStatusIsNothingLikeThis! 1/
Vote Leave also often referred to the Vienna Convention to lure EU citizens into a false sense of security. Here is @GiselaStuart telling a German EU citizen about it. Stuart talked about it often even though the statement was always a lie. And #SettledStatusIsNothingLikeThis 2/
What is interesting about @GiselaStuart is that although she kept saying the right things all the - she even chaired an inquire that recommended protections, her actions tell a different story. #SettledStatusIsNothingLikeThis as it does not respect the rights of EU citizens. 3/
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Thread on the removal of the fee for #SettledStatus @InLimboBrexit

That's a start indeed (it should have never been paying!) but we're still being punished as 1- we have to APPLY not register (thus subject to refusal or HO blunder - 10%!) 1/
2- we're losing rights we've built our lives on in good faith 3- our details will be used by the govt as they please 4- our situation will remain very insecure as decided by secondary legislation (no involvement of Parliament) 2/
5- many EU citizens here in vulnerable situations like the elderly will in many cases be left behind (think Windrush) 6- already EU27 citizens are being discriminated against by employers and landlords who fear illegality 3/
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I welcome that @theresa_may today announced the scrapping of the fee for #SettledStatus. I welcome this because I know it will help EU citizens secure their status. However, this changes nothing about the underlying problem: the fact that we have to APPLY to stay in our home. 1/
Mrs May made reference to eliminating the financial hurdle. That is positive, yes. But all other hurdles remain in place. Even during the small-scale trials significant numbers of EU citizens could not immediately be granted settled status because something went wrong. 2/
From records not being found to the ID check not working. Those are the real, and much more serious, issues. In addition, the UK govt is doing little to help EU citizens, and outreach is limited. We also urgently need #citizensrights to be ring-fenced for the event of no deal. 3/
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