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1 Jun
We cannot be silent. We cannot say we support Black women while remaining silent about the threat of death and violence that Black women, men, and children carry with them daily. /THREAD
We cannot support Black women at the ballot box and ignore the lived experiences that Black people face.
We cannot support Black women at the ballot box and remain silent when they are protesting in the streets. We are committed to creating a world where Black people can go for a run, drive a car, and raise their children in peace — without fear of violence or discrimination.
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3 Jan
THREAD: 207 members of Congress signed on to a brief asking the Supreme Court to “revisit” — and potentially overturn — Roe v. Wade.

Here are some of the "On Notice" anti-choice politicians who signed on — and the pro-choice champions who can replace them 👇
Senator Joni Ernst (IA) wants to overturn Roe v. Wade. Her opponent @GreenfieldIowa wants to protect women’s reproductive freedom. Donate to her campaign here: emilyslist.org/donate/candida…
@GreenfieldIowa Rep. Rodney Davis (IL-13) is out of touch with the more than 70% of Americans who support a woman's right to choose. His opponent, @BetsyforIL, came within a percentage point of victory in 2018. Help her go the distance in 2020: emilyslist.org/donate/candida…
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6 Jun 19
It's hard to fully comprehend the burden against women seeking an abortion in under-insured states.

Follow the steps women in North Carolina have to face: 1/4
"If you're thinking about the fact that a typical abortion costs $500, most people are paying out of pocket. If you have to travel [from the center of North Carolina] you have a 72-hour waiting period. You're talking about travel arrangements." 2/4
"You're talking about taking time off of work that probably isn't paid. And you're talking about arranging for childcare, because you know 60 percent of people who are seeking an abortion already have a child." 3/4
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4 Jun 19
On June 4, 1919 the amendment was passed by Congress and it was ratified on August 18, 1920.
** BUT not all women were given the right to vote. **
Even with the amendment, suffrage was hardly universal.
#19thamendment #votingrights #electwomen
+ Millions remained legally or effectively disenfranchised, including Asian-Americans many of whom continued to be denied voting rights until the 1950s.
+ Nearly all Blacks in the South were disenfranchised until the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965.
+ Native Americans were not even citizens of the United States until the passage of the 1924 Indian Citizenship Act. Some states denied Native Americans suffrage right until 1948.
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4 Apr 19
Clean up your internet presence! Untag yourself from bad or old photos (or ask your friends to take them down entirely). Lock down your privacy settings. Delete accounts on websites you no longer use.
Consider your security plan. Heck, even if you don't run for office, do you have the same password for everything? Do you use 2-factor authentication? Check out tools like password managers or Yubi keys.
Write your personal story — the one only YOU can tell.

Here's a formula:
1. Situation (describe a defining moment)
2. Reaction (how you reacted)
3. Resolve (how this inspired you to take action)
4. Ask & Connect (ask audience to take action with you)

Now, it's your turn.
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