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Jul 9, 2022 7 tweets 3 min read
Does #Vikram have the finest last 6 minutes ever of a Tamil big star movie ? Looking at how @Dir_Lokesh packed 6 brilliant moments in these 6 minutes.

#Thread ( Spoilers ahead) Anirudh continues with what is easily the finest background score in recent memory as its time to see the villains from Kaithi back to what we call today the "Lokiverse". Even with all the big names around him, have to commend Arjun Das's small but effective performance here.
Mar 31, 2022 25 tweets 10 min read
As #Beast is coming in 2 weeks and two of Vijay's dance numbers are chartbusters, a look back at Vijay's career and his hit dance numbers through years.

There is a hit dance number almost every year in his 25+ years career !

#Thread #BeastFromApril13 At age of 24- "Bharathikku kannamma" (Priyamudan)

This is few years after his debut. But this one was a smashing hit and aged well too. I wonder if Vijay and viewers would have thought he would keep giving hit dance numbers for another nearly 25 years

Oct 12, 2021 16 tweets 6 min read
. #NedumudiVenu was an immensely versatile actor. To know his ability to play any role in a script, you just have to take Mohanlal movies as base. Its interesting how he has played just about any character revolving around Mohanlal as a hero. #Thread In Bharatham - He is the jealous elder brother, an alcoholic who first couldn't digest the fact that his younger brother starts getting more fame and praise than his younger brother. He finally comes terms with it and gives his blessings before being met with an accident Image
Sep 6, 2021 12 tweets 5 min read
Mammootty turns 70.. Looking at the real special "Mammootty skills" that make him such a fantastic actor and listing my favorite performance in each category.... These are the reasons why I have kept adoring the actor more as years passed.

#HappyBirthdayMammookka Skill - To nail any dialect

Favorite - Pranchiyettan and the Saint

Not only does Mammootty brings in such difference to this portrayal than the 400+ movies he has done, he just becomes every inch of the Thrissur based business man speaking the dialect to astounding perfection.
Jul 16, 2021 17 tweets 5 min read
Story through pics #Malik #MalikOnPrime Normal viewer who didn't like Malik trying to explain others about the issues in the movie Image
Oct 16, 2020 17 tweets 7 min read
Prithviraj's biggest asset is that you can't predict what he's upto next. He could switch between genres or surprise you handling any field of Cinema. He could be hero, villain or second fiddle

A look back through years of a fine career @PrithviOfficial

#HappyBirthdayPrithviraj At age of 20, in his debut year, he may be raw and little unpolished. But nevertheless he shows range straight away, acting in a romance like Nandanam and action movie like Stop Violence
Apr 12, 2020 28 tweets 10 min read
I have to admit I have become a bigger fan of @mammukka recently than I used to be before. What amazes me is his consistency as a performer across these 35-40 years and an undying passion to keep improvising

How Mammootty found ways to remain consistent over years-A long #Thread At age of 30, Mammooty had won state award for second best actor in Ahimsa
Apr 3, 2020 18 tweets 6 min read
"#Trance" alas "Not everyone's cup of Tea" alas "Fahadh's eyes can act"

#StoryThruPics #Thread Fahadh Faasil -"So Guys, Trance is this exciting story and journey of how Viju Prasad becomes Pastor Joshua"
Jan 31, 2020 16 tweets 5 min read
What happened behind the scenes of #Mamangam:

#Thread "Mom, Aunt - I have decided to go and meet Mammookka to learn more about acting before Mamangam shooting begins. I also heard he has the skill to jump 1 km up in sky while doing stunts beating all laws of gravity. I want to learn that too" Image
Nov 18, 2019 15 tweets 5 min read
I thought the likes of Rajnikanth and Vijay portray the most perfect larger than life heroes on screen in South India. Until I saw Pattabhiraman.

Read through the pics on why Pattabhiraman is one of the most well written mass characters of this decade.

#Thread Pattabhiraman is a caterer by profession. It gives him the opportunity to showcase his dancing prowess during marriages ( though the bride and groom feel like killing him)
Nov 10, 2019 13 tweets 5 min read
One of the amazing casting stories in Malayalam Cinema in 2019

#Ambili #KumbalangiNights

#Thread "Hello Fahadh, why did you want to meet me ?"
Nov 3, 2019 13 tweets 3 min read
At first, #LokeshKanagaraj had only written the story idea of #Kaithi and he had approached several other directors across Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam to direct the movie for him. Below were their responses !

#Thread #Atlee-"This hero who is coming out of prison, his dad, his brother, his son-all would be played by Vijay. When Vijay faces one set of villains, he can bet with them over a 1x11 football match. We will discuss the rest tomorrow. I am actually renting and watching few CDs tonight"
Oct 28, 2019 7 tweets 3 min read
One of the finest interval blocks in the history of Tamil Cinema - #Kaappaan explained in pictures below.

** Spoilers ahead - But you can read them and thank me later. #Thread Mohanlal - " Man, what crap script is this , why did I place my head on this. This guy behind me is so serious as if this is once in a lifetime script. How do I escape from this ?
Oct 26, 2019 7 tweets 3 min read
I never thought I will tell this for a #Vijay-#Atlee movie, but I ended up liking #Bigil. One of the main reasons is the characterization of Rayappan ( older Vijay) and how Vijay approaches this role. (1) In the best scene in #Bigil, Rayappan tries to convince Sharma(Jackie Shroff) to pick his son for the football team and explains how a son doesn't have to suffer for his father's doing. Atlee has a tendency to go overboard at time. But there was a subtlness and restraint here.(2)