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Value rule of Law. Jail time fixes corruption. I know my human failures well, seen the edge of death and "but for the grace of Emmanuel" go I.
1 Aug
March 18 proof; @ScottAdamsSays is correct, the media hatred of zinc-hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19 (SARS-2) caused unnecessary death. TRUTH. The National Institute of Heath new in November 2010. The media owns many of the 156,000 deaths this disease caused. Criminal
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12 May 19
For those that believe that @Comey is of the dark side, please consider the following two facts.
Fact number 1 starting at
4:43 of this video with a view of President Trump many years ago.

Fact number 2. Please see this photo and then ask yourself is this a coincidence?
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6 Jan 19
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What I do not understand is how the Democrats cannot see that government shutdown has more benefits than detriments. Its beenfits include

but are not limited to: .......
a) reduced inefficient spending of tax dollars given govt employees are part of a monopoly that by defnition breeds lazyness,

b) less bureaucrat costs and the desire of the #resist inside the govt to screw up the works

c) no government is good government......
d) less impact on normal human beings and businesses because a divided government is a government at its best – nothing gets screwed up worse......

The best of all is the Senate still can move forward with approving judges and supreme court nominees, ....
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22 Nov 18
1) A heartfelt thank you on this Thanksgiving to the corner of the twittersphere that seeks the pursuit of facts, knowledge and liberty. We all hope for the fair scales of justice to return to the US. Under the leadership of @realDonaldTrump rests..
2)...our hope of the return of “rule of law equality” as scales tipped toward the “elected power base corruption class” breeds great adversarial tension, which only jail time for perpetrators can relieve. All the folks below and more know the extreme challenge and high velocity..
3)...headwinds that are the last two years, yet they all provide uncommon and intelligent insights. For these folks, we are thankful and grateful.
Following is an incomplete list of the great folks who are true patriots and purveyors of sifting and winnowing for the truth..
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