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#TrumpRussia #MoneyLaundering #Resist This is just the beginning of the story of Ed Lozansky and how he has.....infiltrated our political system.…
2: How did he know that Dana Rohrabacher and Michael Flynn would be advisors to #Trump before they actually were? #TrumpRussia #Resist…
3. Rohrabacher met with Paul Manafort and Jack Abramoff recently #TrumpRussia…
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The problem with “#SHITHOLE”.
I do not give a shit about “anyone” including our #SHITHOLEPresident using the word SHITHOLE! That is just a stupid vulgar word. Our #SHITHOLEPresident should never have used it, But…

#Resistance #Resist #VetsResistSquadron

There are many problems surrounding our #SHITHOLEPresident and his #SHITHOLE comments, but my issues are twofold, (ONE). the full contextual meaning of what he said, and

#Resistance #Resist #VetsResistSquadron #VetsResist

(TWO). the level of his ignorance and negative impact it is having on the global community.

1. When viewed in full context, the use of the word #SHITHOLE by our #SHITHOLEPresident is total undeniable #xenophobic.

#Resistance #Resist #VetsResistSquadron
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(Thread) Dennis Kucinich, the far left, and Russian Active Measures: A story I did not want to have to tell. #OHGov
2. Kucinich has always been "friendly" to the Communist Party in the US - which was obviously funded by Russian (and other Communist Parties)…
3. BUT, my theory about when he was compromised by #TrumpRussia type active measures - goes back to 1999.
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Today we celebrate #MartinLutherKingJr. This thread is to honor him and his accomplishments.
#CivilRights #MLKDay

Thread 👇
Martin Luther King Jr, born Michael King Jr in Atlanta to Martin Luther King Sr, a Reverend and Alberta Williams King. King was the middle child, Willie Christine King his older sister and Alfred Daniel Williams King, a younger brother.
Kings father was a stern man, a staunch advocate against segregation, would regularly whip King until he was around 15 years old. Seeing his fathers actions against the inequality likely created the philosophy that we all know of today.
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Hey members of the @GOP: we know you're as nauseous as we are. You're in the culty thrall of a man with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You're dancing on eggshells trying to avoid the next outburst of narcissistic rage. Here's the turning point: YOU HAVE THE POWER TO END THIS.
.@SpeakerRyan @SenateMajLdr wouldn't it be nice to have some peace? To not have to dance around the latest insane tweet? To not have to scramble when he damns a policy only to flip two hours later? To not have to negotiate with your conservative principles to justify the crazy?
You may not recognize that you are in the usual response to someone with NPD. You dance, you justify, you defend, you try SO HARD to mollify him, control him, avoid his outbursts, do nothing to offend, walk the fine line, try try try to keep him on the straight and narrow.
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The White Rose: Leaflet #1
As apt today as in WW2.
#WhiteRose #Resistance
The White Rose:
Second leaflet
#WhiteRose #Resist #Resistance
the White Rose: Everyone can contribute
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(1) Yesterday, the cast of @RoseanneOnABC met the press.…
(2) I read most of the articles. One of the first questions that @therealroseanne was asked is how she and her character can support a "racist xenophobe" like @realDonaldTrump.
(3) This has to stop.

The country isn't five years old.

It's an ugly tantrum that has been going on since November 8, 2016.
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THREAD ON FUSION GPS. I spent the afternoon reading the transcript that Senator Feinstein released today. Here are the salient points, with citations. I am a lawyer and CEO. I was a securities fraud and human rights litigator in DC/NY for over 15 years. Read on for takeaways.
1/ First, thanks today for the bravery of @SenFeinstein. You're a heroine of the #Resistance.
2/ As I process the Fusion GPS transcript, I'll post significant points here in individual tweets. For starters: NO, Fusion GPS doesn't do hatchet jobs to try to get government agencies to start investigations against people. (Tr. 25)
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1. It's 2018 and time to get #backtowork doing everything we can to elect #Democrats to Congress. Nothing is more important in the battle against the authoritarian slide we've witnessed this past year. Our vote is our voice and our power.
2. We formed Democrats Work For America to fill the gaps in the Dem party infrastructure by engaging, registering, protecting and mobilizing voters and by supporting winnable candidates in winnable districts. We are a super pac for grassroots activists by grassroots activists.
3. With grassroots volunteers all over the country we have fostered collaboration between grassroots organizations and ground-level action to increase voter education and turnout. We have won nearly all our featured elections so far.
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As requested, I'm putting the instructions for this #ProtectMueller #Resistance project into a text format. This covers 1) why bother doing this, 2) how to find the donors' addresses on the FEC website, and 3) how to send a postcard to your list of donors.
1/ We’re getting close to a constitutional crisis here, so we really need to try something new to stop this. Of course, keep calling Congress directly–but it’s become painfully obvious that the GOP–the people with the power to stop this–only respond to their base & their donors.
2/ So we’re going to speak to their masters and send a BLIZZARD of postcards to their big donors ($1,000+) to remind them what is at stake before we reach a point of no return, before Trump crosses the Rubicon (look it up).
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Those who have followed me for a long time can vouch for the fact that I remained neutral to positive about Bernie long after many others had taken on more negative views.

And I maintained strong relationships w/ persons most would now call 'Bros' well into the Fall of 2015. 1/
I'd sent small donations to the crank from VT several times over the years. Like many, I found him endearing, especially since so few seemed to take his far-left tilted rhetoric overly seriously.

He was that embarrassing uncle whose heart always seemed in the right place. 2/
And though his criticisms of the Democratic Party were often pointed, it felt as the years went on, like part of his schtick that he didn't know how to let go of. His own Linus's blanket.

I wasn't even put off by his inclusion in the Dem primary at first, for a few reasons. 3/
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Attention. Priority:
#TheResistance Counter-Intelligence briefing.

This briefing is long, in-depth, and has two parts: 1) Counter-Intel History. 2) Adaptations to Social Media.
#Resistance #Resist #ResistanceUnited
I rarely snap my fingers and demand attention, but this is very important, and I would kindly ask that you share this thread if you feel that I have earned it. #ImpeachTrump #TrumpRussia #RefusePolarization #ResistTogether #UniteBlue
Clearly the US is under a counter-intel (CI) attack. But what is CI and how does it function? Let's look at the overall picture, and some specific case-studies. #RussianPropaganda on social media is a form of offensive CI, which #TheResistance intends to counter.
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