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2. FBI opens a "Q" case because of "BOOM" posts. Q seems to indicate that FBI knows there is no Austin TX connection but could/would use Austin to try to end Q's comms with us. The 4AM intercepts continue and Q is aware of the new strategy.

"They will fail; we know the details"


Understanding of "Wednesday" is developing. Watch news and follow those who post Q messages/threads...or check into the 8CH yourself.
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➡️➡️ Serious charges could follow the release of the Inspector General’s report.

(Yep there’s a thread)

1) Based on recommendation of officials in FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility, AG Jeff Sessions fired McCabe late Friday for good cause. Dismissal occurred less than 2 days before McCabe was planning to retire & become eligible to receive lucrative pension benefits.
2) "After an extensive and fair investigation and according to DOJ procedure, the Department's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) provided its report on allegations of misconduct by Andrew McCabe to the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR)," Sessions said.
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Today, @Facebook banned @CamAnalytica and @TheSCLGroup from their platform for abuse, worldwide. On a related note, I'd like to introduce you to @m_schweickert, CA's Vice President of Global Media. Rules of engagement: my only commentary will via soundtrack. #Resistance #Resist
Facebook-banned @CamAnalytica's VP @m_schweickert: "We started working with the Trump campaign in about June of 2016, when it became obvious that a sophisticated data apparatus would be needed". I can't comment. I just do the soundtrack. Rules are rules. #Resistance #Resist
Facebook banned @CamAnalytica for stealing data. CA'a @m_schweickert: "The predictive models scored every voter in these battleground states... at any given point, we could select a universe of individuals, depending on what type of contract strategy we needed to have with them"
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#TrumpRussia got you down? We get it. How can anyone keep up with ALL that mess?

(cue bad music)

INTRODUCING #TRAITOR CARDS! Now you can traitor with your friends! At home, on the go, never again will you forget what’s his face who betrayed your country.

Collect them all! 🇷🇺
1) Multiple ties to the mob & Russia. 4+ intelligence agencies confirmed election meddling. Congress passed sanctions. Government has the power to stop cyber attacks. Poison, hacking attempts, & still, Trump does nothing.

#Traitor #TrumpColluded
2) Trump Jr is best known for being an idiot. He once noted at a real estate summit that his family sees a lot of money from Russia. He also set up the infamous meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. He then tweeted out the evidence.

#Traitor #TrumpCrimeFamily
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1) @EthanBearman
Nothing like #Soyboy Liberals that pretend to know about Guns & thinks they can tell Law-Abiding Citizens with protected constitutional rights to own and carry a gun! How many bullets and what type of gun we can carry. #GunFreeZonesKill
WAKE UP -> It’sNotTheGuns
2) Lost kids with bad parenting, no parenting and Horrible teachers pushing liberal poisonous ideology against “the man”!

From the time I was six years old my father took me out on the ranch and we practiced shooting guns over & over he taught me to respect guns & so much more!
3) When I grew up I didn’t have violent video games I didn’t have computers at the age of one we actually had friends to play flag football at the park, play guitar& sing, went to Church on Sundays, Vacation Bible School in the summer, went to concerts, rollerskated, went bowling
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🚨 If Mueller is fired be ready! 🚨


🚨 If actions are triggered BEFORE 2 p.m. local time events will begin @ 5 p.m. local time.

If actions are triggered AFTER 2 p.m. local time events will begin @ noon local time the following day. 🚨
You may want to have a bag already packed. We recommend an extra charger/battery for your phone, umbrella/raincoat, sunscreen, backpack, sunglasses, baseball cap, comfy shoes, light jacket, any medications, snack bars, water.
Keep in mind that in large crowds cell service will be spotty. Phone calls most likely will not work as well as text messages. Have a plan if you are with a group. Know where to meet up and when if your phones do not work. Be prepared!
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1/ When? At what point is it enough? Where is the line? How long do we wait? Are those currently in positions of leadership deaf, dumb & blind? What about those that were, but no longer are? Is everyone waiting for someone else to make the determination? #Resist #TheResistance
2/ If not everything that’s occurred since and including the entire 2016 election, up and down ballot, nation wide isn’t a crisis, what is? Is the American Govt involved with the very practices our Government was put in place to prevent? #Vote #FlipItBlue #BlueWave2018 #VoteBlue
3/ Did the President not take an Oath? If the President doesn’t honor his Oath do we not have a Congress to check him? If Congress does not check him but is corrupted and derelict of duty as well, who protects America? The American people can keep them in check with their vote.
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Yale history prof @TimothyDSnyder outlined 20 lessons from the 20th Century on preventing tyranny from overcoming democracy. His book is a must-read for #TheResistance:… (Thread)
1/ Do not obey in advance. Do not acquiesce or conform to the new regime, offering to comply before compliance is required by law. Hitler's party consolidated power b/c too many citizens offered anticipatory obedience.
2/ Defend Institutions. Trump has aggressively sought to undermine all independent institution that opposes his admin, including the free press, the judiciary, DOJ, FBI, & #Mueller. Choose an institution you cherish and take its side.
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In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth #RWU will be profiling accomplished women throughout the month!

Our first profile is the wonderful Winona LaDuke (profile written by @HelCarter2525)

Winona, meaning “first daughter” in Dakota language, was born in 1959 and grew up in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Vincent LaDuke later known as Sun Bear, was an actor in western films, as well as an Indian activist. Her mother, Betty Bernstein, was a Jewish art professor.
Winona is a member of the Ojibwe Tribe and she received her degree from Harvard in 1982 in native economic development. Upon graduating from Harvard, Laduke moved to White Earth Reservation in a poor, rural part of northern Minnesota. She is the mother of three children
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There is a reason that so many Americans felt that something was wrong on #BlackTuesday.

A reason for that sense that we had not, or at least could not have, made that decision.


What happened was UnAmerican.

What happened was impossible.

What happened was wrong.

There was nothing in any of the numbers that indicated it would or could happen.


In those last days Clinton's crowds were increasingly larger and more energetic.

The Obama's stood and asked a receptive, grateful America to place their faith in her.

Black folks stood up to the bullying efforts of their own State and Local governments and refused to be turned away. They endured hours when it took whites in neighboring districts minutes.

They stayed in line.

Black women sang,

"And I shall not be moved..."

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Sorry but it warrants being said.
In a civilized country it would have ended RIGHT HERE
Perhaps the most disturbing thing here? This is but one of countless times when it should have ended here.
More than a few MAGAt's have called ME the asshole today for this tweet.. SMFH that just says it all does it not?
Murica! Fuck Yeah!
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Let's talk about the #NRA, fear tactics, and the manipulation of the American people.
Some folks in #WeResist were discussing fear tactics, "well-regulated militias", and the NRA in general. We're gonna dive into these topics in this thread.
First up, the #NRA, everytime a mass shooting happens, the NRA come out strong in defense of guns. We expect them to, after all, it's what they do. They call the gunman "crazy", they say that "crazy" people shouldn't have access to guns, etc.
You don't necessarily have to be "crazy" to do a mass shooting. True enough that most of the people that have committed mass shootings are "crazy" but it's not something that is synonymous with being crazy. You just have to be evil enough to do it.
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Fashionably late #BlackHistoryMonth !
Garrett Morgan (Thread)

#TheResistance #BLM #RiseUp #Resist #ResistanceUnited #BlackLivesMatter

Today, we have a happy ending, so let's all relax a bit and read up on a forgotten hero:
One of the reasons for #BlackHistoryMonth is that blacks are so often systematically erased from history, or simply forgotten in favor of their fairer-skinned counterparts. Today, we'll learn about Garrett Morgan, one of the greatest of the early 20th century.
Born in Kentucky in 1877, he was the son of former slaves, reared in the reconstruction South. Actually, he also had European and Native American ancestry too, though, as we will see, this did not stop him from facing widespread discrimination.
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My mother was not an educated woman, but she was smart enough to know her own limits and she trusted science and medicine and respected higher learning.

She aldo had incredible instincts which she passed down to me.

My mom never saw Trump for anything other than what he was. 1/
It never occurred to her that he could win an election against a women like @HillaryClinton fairly.

In fact, she was convinced he could not. Not in a just world.

She was worried about it as early as Dec 2015.

"If Trump wins the nomination he'll draw blood to beat her."

I held back telling her about Russia as long as I was able.The media were not talking about it (at all) so I thought I had time. It was one of her home nurses who broke the news. He was an old school Democrat & he & his wife were devoted to Clinton.

My mom was so angry.

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(Thread) Lozansky, the bombing of Kosovo, and that time the Russian "turned" part of a Congressional Delegation.
2. We have been covering the Lozanskyverse for a long time - as evidence by this original deep dive. #TrumpRussia…
3. There is ONE event - an event that seemed relatively minor at the time - where I speculate that Kompromat was obtained and some congressmen were turned.
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Please #retweet and share as much as you can so we can expose the truth about #Qanon to the world.
Qanon is designed specifically to give #disinfo – this is called a #counterintel #psyop and is utilised by governments around the world to distract from the truth of what is really
More #QAnon posts decided: salute = pledge loyalty for an upcoming smear campaign or false flag. Notice the term “Collective” that means THE Collective (the cult/Illuminati/Nazis - this was added for #TeamAvocado specifically) S/W/I/F/T = Swift. This has a double meaning
as many of you know there are two coqueens in the Collective - #TaylorSwift and #IvankaTrump. TS is the one giving info to #QAnon’s followers on the dark net (sometimes it’s IT sometimes it’s TS just depends). That hint meant to follow TS’ plans. Stand United is code for
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1) See, this? This annoys me. 'Be a divider or a uniter!' Yes I know this is probably just some sock-puppet account, but look at what just happened here. Side note, yeah, brosephasaurus, you are being used as an example.
2) I just threw down a layer of history here. Go ahead, look at the history of major southern cities, see which party has held control of them. Birmingham, Atlanta, Savannah, all major locations for the Civil Rights movement. Democrats. That control extends back to the Civil War.
3) "But divider or unity!"
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More on Convention Of States (#COS) and Constitutional Convention (#ConCon) by Ali Adair @AliAdair22 & myself. We hope you'll read this, follow, allow us to follow you, contribute your thoughts and educate your neighbors.
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The Russian bots are trying to bury the #MarchForOurLives trend with #DAYTONA500

Drown them out!!!!

Keep RTing #MarchForOurLives posts


Look at all the #MAGA scumbag comments locking onto this post.

That tells you all you need to know

They don’t want #MarchForOurLives trending

This is a cyber war

Fight! #Resist

Keep #MarchForOurLives trending
*The original post
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New thread is starting.

I'll try to keep it Concise and to the point.


No More Leaks

Once FBIDir Wray was Confirmed

Hundreds of NEW Hires also came

Now, They are almost ready to emerge.

Like #Gladiators taking the field

L & R Paradigm 👉unglued👈
We must look past what is directly in front of us

There is a Storm Coming

It will level the playing field

They are within reach

Soon, The #Gladiators will take the Field

No👏More👏 #Warnings 👏

#Resist & #NeverTrump > Finished



Getting Ready for the #Gladiators to take the field

Players are taking their positions on the starting line...

>On You Marks
>Get Set


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✨ New to #TheResistance on Twitter? ✨


📌 Here's a list of handy tips to get you started 🎈

#Resisters #ResistTrump #ResistanceUnited #Resist
✨First of all, welcome! ✨

Now that it's 2018, more and more people are forming online networks to share information, promote candidates and keep up to date with news 📰

In order to make the most of Twitter, there are many tips and tricks that can help.
Tip #1: Handle/username 🙋🏻‍♀️

When you open your account, Twitter may suggest usernames that have numbers in them (eg: @DaveP887776). Don't pick them (they look like bots).

Spend the time to pick something creative that represents you and is catchy (eg: @TrumpFighterDave).
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#WhyWeResist (THREAD) Renowned spiritual leader John Neuhas once said:
"Genuine #tolerance does not mean ignoring differences as if differences made no difference. Genuine tolerance means engaging differences w/in a bond of #civility & #respect." #CampaignforCivility 1/
Neuhas was not completely right. #Fascists, #WhiteSupremacists, Nazis, bigots, etc. lambast progressives for not tolerating their views. But hateful extremists use #tolerance merely as a tool to gain acceptance & obtain power. #CampaignforCivility #WhyWeResist 2/
Once fascists & bigots are in power, they vilify all who are different, all who dare to disagree. They only care about one thing: consolidating their power. #CampaignforCivility #WhyWeResist 3/
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The Rise of Fascism (Thread)

Today, I'd like to take some time to talk about how Fascist -and otherwise authoritarian- governments form, examine some parallels, and also some differences, between history's worst regimes and the current state of America.
#Resistance #Resist #RiseUp #ResistanceUnited #ResistTogether #RefusePolarization #WeResist
Usually, the rise of a fascist state can be broken down into four steps:
In the most general terms, there is a discernible, consistent process in the formation of fascist governments, and in all authoritarian governments. In fact, as we see many of these steps repeated in Stalin's rise, and the rise of Pol Pot in Cambodia, too.
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I'm going to re-work a thread from June that speaks to what Trump is doing with this Nunes memo, and why GOP is letting him get away with it. (Thread)
Once upon a time a guy friend of ours was fighting with his girlfriend because he did something horrible. The details escape me but in the end he made up an elaborate story and somehow convinced her to give him another chance.
We were pretty skeptical she would believe such a ridiculous lie. But here's what he said:

"Sally, girls want to believe. Give them an explanation that isn't 'He doesn't love me' then they can let themselves forgive you. She didn't want to break up, she just needed a reason."
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