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@snarkybunny2 “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.” - The Orange Cheeto, Jan 20th 2017

#MAGA #Resist #Racism #Patriotism
@snarkybunny2 Thanks for the discussion. You seem like a lovely, intelligent, and passionate young lady and I hope you use it to heal rather than divide. ❤️

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A brief history of the next plandemic #monkeypox

A thread 👇👇

On March 2021 NTI conducted a Pandemic exercise of an outbreak of a #monkeypoxvirus that results in more than three billion cases and 270 million fatalities
The simulation was funded by Open Philanthropy, an organization created by Dustin Moskovitz co-founder of Facebook Inc.
One of the top OP advisors happens to be Avril Haines (Biden's director of national intelligence). She was also involved in EVENT 201 a Pandemic exercise...👇
.. in which an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people ends up with a novel vaccine and 65 million deaths.
Some of the participants of Event 201 also were in the NTI exercise like Dr Gao from China Center for Disease Control and...👇
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In November 2021, at UK based Policy Exchange, Bill Gates predicted the next pandemic would be the Pox. Elsewhere he said that this one “will get attention this time” ()

Hey @BillGates you pesky little shit, We Are Coming.
Oh look.
This came just in time for the World Health Organisation (WHO) global pandemic treaty to kick in:
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On Gun Legislation ( a thread):

Our Children Should Not Have to Suffer and Die to Pander to the Machismo Fantasies and Cowardly Fears of a Minority.


What I always think of is the analogy with cars.

People don't generally go around committing mass murder with autos. Sure, people get killed in auto accidents, but it is not intentional. And we all *need* autos for daily tasks, errands, and work (unlike guns) ... so if it is an "evil" it is a necessary one ... daily!

2/ #FBR
Yet, what of cars? We require registration of them, of the driver, licensing, and training. Why are guns exempt from safety concerns? Why? I'll tell you why ... bc of rednecks who need them to feel "manly" (i.e., machismo)...

3/ #FBR #resist #SandyHook #2ndAmendment #resistance
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We in our 40s remember before digitisation, social media & mobiles. We carried Walkmans for music & watched movies on VHS. We rode BMX & were uncontactable if out, till we returned at sunset

Globalist technocrats made their move one generation too early

Fatal mistake.
I rode a BMX 1983 Mongoose “Supergoose” 👊🏽 Image
*sadly this is not my actual one, but a photo online of the exact model
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#AbortionIsADisabilityRightsIssue 🧵: I and my spouse are both Little People and both support abortion rights for everyone, but I want to highlight why access is especially important for us dwarfs. First, there is the issue of “double dominance.”
If 2 people with achondroplasia (“Peter Dinklage” dwarfism) conceive, there is a 25% chance the embryo will receive 2 copies of the gene and be “double dominant,” which is incompatible with life. Carrying such a pregnancy to term can be deeply traumatic and should be a CHOICE.
Further, carrying any pregnancy can be risky for a variety of little people. Often, a dwarf body has a narrow birth canal that makes vaginal delivery life threateningly dangerous, along with many other orthopedic issues that raise serious health risks for pregnant little people.
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The @US_OSC let a postal service letter carrier keep his federal job AND keep the political position he illegally ran for in violation of the Hatch Act, meaning a partisan elected official was in the position of collecting mail-in ballots. And the @USMSPB’s 2 new members agreed.
This is the same @US_OSC that went out of its way to defend Trump hosting the RNC at the White House like a two-bit tin-can dictator and refused to seek fines against Kellyanne Conway. Imagine growing up, going into public service, and having this corruption be your contribution!
OSC should be renamed the Office of Arbitrary Capriciousness (OAC) because OSC’s decision must’ve been made by flipping a coin. And did I mention that one of the @USMSPB members used to work for the head of @US_OSC AND was second in charge at @US_OSC while this case was pending?
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The truth about #Grenfell is slowly being revealed.

Imho, it's now crystal clear that all the key decisions flowed from free-market fundamentalists' desire to always push for more #deregulation, regardless of the consequences, in order to maximise profit. Image
#Regulation - or "red tape" - exists to keep society safe & civilised, for example by conserving biodiversity, preventing quack remedies, & ensuring air, food, water, products & working & living conditions are safe, thus protecting consumers, workers, the environment & children. Image
The Tories, the libertarian Right & free-market think tanks talk a lot about removing 'red tape', & deregulation 'removing barriers to trade'.

What this means in reality is letting corporations & unethical individuals get away with exploitation, pollution, & sometimes, murder. ImageImageImageImage
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#FollowFriday tweet for the #FBR community for 10th March 2022.

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Incidentally this is related to why the most brain-poisoned #resist people are dreadfully boring writers. If you say anything remotely clever, you're normalizing fascism by not titling your book "The Orange Drumpf Rethuglican Menace"
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It’s not hypocrisy. It’s hierarchy.
More power projection by elite Democrats who aren’t afraid of anything, but want to keep you terrified & your kids compliant.
- immunocompromised HIV patient with LA Mayor
- Oregon Governor, whose state has a permanent mask mandate
- Texas Democrats flying maskless
And let’s not forget California’s own Eric Swalwell, pictured in the lobby of a South Beach hotel with his unvaccinated baby and no masks anywhere in sight (indicating he didn’t just take it off to drink). Lockdown Libs LOVE the Free State of Florida 😁👏
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This is a #FollowFriday tweet for the #FBR community for 3rd February 2022.

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#Resist #Resister #Resisters #Resistence #TheResistence #FF #FollowBackFriday #FBFriday #FBF #StrongerTogether Image
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I can confirm that this man is *explicitly* objecting, pleading and is petrified.
But apparently, *we* are the dAnGeRoUs ones.
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#Breaking: More than 80 @calstate faculty send blistering letter to Cal State Chancellor @josephlcastro and Board of Trustees strongly opposing policy change that will discriminate against and target ONLY Indian & other South Asian faculty.…
The faculty letter, signed by faculty of all ethnicities and faiths, opposes @calstate’s announcing its intention to add “caste” to the system’s anti-discrimination policy as part of a collective bargaining agreement with CSU faculty.

Full faculty letter:…
“Since adding caste as a specific and separate protected category would apply only to faculty of Indian and South Asian descent, the faculty letter stated that the new policy would unfairly target a minority community for policing and disparate treatment.”
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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
News you can use.

Try not to laugh...
#ErikPrince and James O'Keefe are the ratf*ck extroardinaires #RogerStone Steve #Bannon needed. Sprinkle a little #Flynn in there, and you've got a military grade political hack squad ready to fill their own pockets no matter how bad it is for the U.S.

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They always push to the extremes, then let the judiciary moderate the policy, even strike parts down, to satisfy the malcontents, but they’ve still moved the window 5 points to the left, they’ve successfully imposed on 10 million but you’re happy that it’s not 100 million.
Am I glad OSHA rule went down? Yeah, it’s not a surprise though. Was farcical on its face, written to be struck down. But CMS mandate remains, and it has opened new ground for bureaucratic power, as well as being a terrible assault on 10 million Americans.
They have relieve the pressure valve, now people will accept something worse than the status quo ex ante because it’s not as shocking as the original proposal. Nothing but loyal regime soldiers in your local hospital. You have been processed.
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Facebook (Meta) owned Instagram doing what it does best …my account has already been deleted without explanation on there once, and suspended twice 😂

Was it something I said?
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Yes, I have a January 6th take.

Triggered by the superb documentary 'Four Hours at the Capitol' by @visitjamie and @danreed1000, I've shared a few thoughts on the events a year ago today.…
@visitjamie @danreed1000 Firstly, go see the documentary, either on HBO or via the free link available in the subscriber-only post.

It’s 'Jackass' meets 'West Wing'; an Insane Clown Posse concert somehow invading the set of 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington', and you can’t take your eyes off of it.
@visitjamie @danreed1000 The action oscillates between pitched hand-to-hand combat and carnivalesque scenes of total absurdity: some yahoo reclining on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk; an officer talking shaman guy off the Senate podium like a museum guard telling someone to not touch the artwork.
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Scottish newspaper asks us whether it’s okay to commit CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

Shame on you @Daily_Record & shame on Scottish First Minister @NicolaSturgeon

Please complain here… to the UK Independent Press Standards body @IpsoNews about the below appalling display by a Scottish newspaper
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17 Dec @pjhlaw files EVIDENCE for INJUNCTION on vax MANDATES against @MHRAgovuk (quoted tweet)

2 days ago @UKcitizen2021 says Met Police opened CRIMINAL complaint into vax injuries ()


Keep watching
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Last night, I was arrested for the first time in my life for going to a Brooklyn @BurgerKing with no vaxpass.

None of this would be happening without government force.

#resist #mandates #medicalfreedom #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
I can't believe we're at a point in history in which we're arrested just for being in public without covering our faces or divulging our legally private medical information.

#resist #mandates #medicalfreedom #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
Stand up for what's right, regardless of your vax status. We need more New Yorkers, Americans, and all other humans across the world to remember that we can't exist in perpetual fear. It's time to live again.

#mandates #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
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I couldn’t imagine a greater holiday gift than this letter from the @NCRMuseum I recieved this #Christmas about items from @radfordu’s Feburary 29, 2016 @Blklivesmatter protest of Donald Trump being added to their permanent collection!
The protests against Donald Trump eventually became the largest in United States history. Donald Trump, who came into political existance by falsely claiming that the first black president wasn’t legitimate or a natural-born citizen, is the first president to be impeached twice..
and is most known for his contemporary bigotry, lies and mishandling of COVID-19 pandemic, refusal to concede re-election defeat, and violent insurrection of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.
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The party of F Trump is suddenly concerned about acting Christian, family values, and vulgarity.
You don't like LGB? Then admit it's because it's "your guy". Don't hide behind "they're not living up to their values" when they start living by yours.
I do find the attempts at reclaiming LGB to be the most hilarious though.

"Brandon won!"
Brandon means..."
"Yes, Let's Go, Brandon because Biden is doing great!"

LOL You're not helping your cause.
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‘but but .. the hospitals are filling up with Omicron patients so we must lockdown again ASAP…’

Another one of their fear-mongering LIES exposed.

Every single thing they say is WRONG. This is getting too easy 🤦🏽‍♂️
#RESIST… Image
As I keep telling you. You are all on record.

And We Are Coming.
And for those that need the reminder (as it seems any excuse to fear-monger is being sought out):

“hospitals will not be overrun”
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