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@arendtiana @JohnnyVedmore @DenisS0rn @_whitneywebb Some 'jerk off' @CNN reporter finds & interviews #OsamabinLaden & his lesdership, and then @cnnbrk

"Bin Laden will attack
USA & #Israel"

#911Truth RIP #BillCooper
@arendtiana @JohnnyVedmore @DenisS0rn @_whitneywebb @CNN @cnnbrk #911Truth👆
#Bush #SkullAndBones

In Johnny's article, #KlausSchwab is having breakfast in NYC on the morning of 9/11 at a synagoge with a Rabi, ex- World Jewish Congress, or so, watching the scheduled
9/11 show

Carte blanche for #GreatReset & #NewNormal
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Worldwide ppl demand #JulianAssange is freed on the 2yr anniversary of his kidnapping

11 APRIL 2021
LA 12h
DC 12h
LONDON 10-16h 🚌
LONDON 11.30-16h 📢

& more tbc

10-11 APRIL 2021
Sunset/Gower 12h
@CBS bldg⏯️ Hollywood Blvd⏯️
@CNN bldg.

@action_4assange @SlowNewsDayShow @drgloryjjjjj958

11 APRIL 2021
UK Consulate 11am

(2nd/47th Streets)

Rally and press conference for the international day of action for #JulianAssange

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Today in wildlife mismanagement

Why is Yellowstone National Park forced by law to slaughter a portion of its Bison herd, annually?
Cattle ranchers, who often were the driving force behind incorporating western states back in the mid to late 1800s, installed ranching friendly governments. installed ranching friendly judges and legislatures, owned the western states

This is what's called a corporate oligarchy
The oligarchies rigged votes, killed competitors, even engaged in open combat in what's today known as the range wars.

Eventually they developed a system of kickbacks between the governments they controlled and the businesses they ran.

We call them subsidies.
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➡️ Just remember, 'vaccine passport' is their SHOE IN! 👎😟
Very good videos! ✅

Very good videos! ✅

#RESIST #endlockdown #COVID19
Very good videos! ✅

#RESIST #endlockdown #COVID19
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Im a regular person, a wife and a mother. I believe that I’m a good person.

I’ve never believed in conspiracy theories, I usually laughed at people who do

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but due to the pandemic I’m now a conspiracy researcher

Please take a minute to read
The way the government has handled this pandemic does not add up to me. It seems that very little common sense has been used from the start! This made me start to question everything that we were being told.
There is no particular order to this thread but I ask you to take time out to look into each point for yourself, judge for yourself!
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Mr. President Joe Biden 🤦
#covid #illegitimatePresident
🚨 Joe Biden: “I don't know what I'm signing!” 😱

#BeijingJoe 🇨🇳 #ChinaBiden
#illegitimateRegime #Resist
“So I learned about roaches…”

Did you know “ROACH” is an old-school racist term used to describe black people?

Joe Biden's “classic” campaign speech goes on:

“I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun. The kids…”
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I’m going to make a power thread and I want @TuckerCarlson to bring elected officials on his show to discuss/defend these items.

In no particular order, the use of LE methods against US citizens suspected of being domestic terrorists for their support of a US president.
The use of the press and family members (!) to gather evidence of military members who #resist election results or feel that ____ is not their president. Was this a thing under Trump Administration or just this new one? And WHY?
The use of LE methods used to investigate criminal activity being used against people proximal to an incident, regardless of participation/intent, due to political beliefs contrary to the current administration. It’s not just banks, phone companies do this too.
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Four years ago, after listing to Conway say the Trump administration had “alternative facts,” I was appalled. But then I saw these Twitter handles emerge of federal employees who would not be silenced or forced to tell lies. And I thought, I’d like to speak out as well.
And so, four years ago, I made this account to give a voice to the Armed Forces members who could not speak out publicly but wanted to.

And shortly after that, I was contacted by one of those other accounts. They wanted to create a family, a community, a resistance.
And so, four years ago, I joined the #altgov family and the #resistance. I confirmed my status as an active duty military member to @brooklynmarie of @snopes. Together, the #altgov family amplified the message that the truth will not be replaced with alternative facts (lies.)
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When Trump won in 2016, lots of Americans knew who he was. They listened to what he said and understood the stakes. So they peacefully protested, marched and organized. @GOPLeader didn't.

That is a judgement on him, not us.
@GOPLeader is descended from a long strain in American history who excuses violence from the privileged as the result of non-violent protest from the less fortunate. Equating an attack on the Capitol to Women's Marchers with #resist signs is only the latest incarnation.
Take this, for example. Do you read this as a righteous call for good trouble, or as cancel culture? @GOPLeader argues the latter.
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There is something ironic about Biden and the Capitol being protected by 7-foot unscalable walls after the Left pissed and moaned about walls and fences being “immoral” for four-plus years. “America United!” 😏 #AmericaUnited #Resist
The radio personality said 7-foot walls! 12-foot walls?! That is almost twice as immoral! 🤭…
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I never knew I cared about politics
Until a madman was elected
I never knew I was an activist
Until a black man was murdered
I never knew I was a Patriot
Until traitors attacked the Capitol
I never thought about immigration
Until I saw children in cages
I never thought about war
Until I heard of bounties on our troops
I never spoke about protests
Until I saw mothers gassed
I never knew about voter suppression
Until my rights were threatened
I never knew about government policies
Until they started destroying them
I never knew what the flag stood for
Until one man knelt before it
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I think one can safely say that Fox News is as guilty as Donald Trump and causing the unrest in the nation! Switched over to it tonight and as they’re showing the Capital insurrection in the background, they’re talking about how Democrats are going to 1/
2/...become draconian state powers (whatever that means), and how Twitter cut Trump off because he was going after big tech companies. WHAT???

Do they not know what Happened two days ago when the Capital was attacked, do they not see the tweet that Donald Trump sends out?
3/. It’s no wonder people who watch Fox News live in a different reality. They aren’t even reporting on what happened at the capital! No wonder people are confused. It can’t be that five other networks are wrong and one Fox News is right. The way I see it, Fox News is just as
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A Word by @KLo202
Not illegal immigration
Not cyber attacks by Russia
Not the opioid crisis
Not crimes committed by the economically disadvantaged
Not foreign adversaries.....

WHITE SUPREMACY is the biggest threat to America and its future. 1/
If “silence is violence” was a day, it would be yesterday. And today I’m holding “decent” white people accountable. Decent white folks need to look at themselves in the mirror this morning and have a honest “come to Jesus” moment about their silent complicity in allowing this. 2/
mania to swell and flourish. For years now, we have pleaded with you to join us as active allies in quelling this poisonous ebb of hate, racism and injustice. This madness could not have risen to the level that we all witnessed yesterday without your silence. If so called decent
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#Resisters #Resist #FBR
#GA is voting RIGHT NOW ON who their next SENATORS are going to be, and it’s going to be decided by constituent turn out!

this election is so important for the Democrats. It will decide if they take the lead in the Senate 1/..
2/.. over Mitch McConnel! We need to be tweeting about it night and day, filling up Twitter so everyone knows the name of
Jon Ossoff and Rafael Warnock over Loefller & Perdue!


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#Resisters #Resist. #FBR

Right now this country needs every single #Resister in this country to RETWEET TO YOUR FOLLOWERS Over and over to contact their representatives, especially Republican Senate, to get Mitch McConnell off his butt
and get a #STIMULUS bill 1/
2/...passed for all Americans NOW. They don’t get to leave Congress for the holidays until they have one passed, or THEY do not get paid! The money is there! People all over are going to be on the streets. MILLIONS already can’t afford the necessities to live! ...
3/... and in the middle of this, 109 Senate Republicans are teaming with Trump to overthrow the election.



Those Senate Republicans work for you and me. Get on the phone and call them, get your friends to call, and tell them...
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@ossoff @ReverendWarnock #FBR #FBRParty #Resist #Resisters @sargy1703 @S3333Angel
1. "I adamantly oppose the Black Lives Matter political movement, which has advocated for the defunding of police. They also advocate violence and destruction across the country.”--Kelly Loeffler
2. Let's have a closer look. First, neither Joe Biden or Kamala Harris has ever advocated to defund the police. That would be sheer idiocy. This trope was picked up as a calculated talking point in order for #Trunt to stir up his base into a frenzy, and to continue the hatred.
3. Her abject hatred for #BLM speaks volumes on its own. We need to look at her statements regarding #BLM caused violence and compare this statement against a sitting president openly calling for his pets, the ProudBoys to LIBERATE MICHIGAN and OHIO. And what happened.
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Good morning, white women. Pull up a chair. We need to have a chat.

Let's just say that hypothetically you consider yourself to be left-leaning. Maybe you've got #resist in your profile. Maybe you think you're on the right side of things.

Listen up.
If, hypothetically, you're in some groups right now where there are conversations happening about how to connect with and absolve Trump supporters, I'm gonna tell you what not to do.

(I mean, first of all, I don't know why you're doing that, but stick with me)
DO NOT, under any circumstances, reach out to Black women out of nowhere and explain to them why you feel you need to forgive white racists.

DO NOT center on yourself and how much you enjoy having conversations about absolution without justice.
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Here's an ever-growing list of the tyrants who wield their power over us while doing whatever the hell they want. This is who you voted for, and it's up to you change it.

March 16: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio defends hitting a public gym just hours before ordering them all to close, saying, "I live in the regular world," unlike the Twitter world we apparently live in.…
April 5: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot defends getting a haircut during her stay-at-home order, calling herself "the public face of this city." 

"We’re talking about people dying here," she pivoted.…
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For those who do not take it serious, it tells me you have not lost someone from this virus!

if everyone starts TODAY Wearing masks, distancing, staying home, perhaps the Christmas surge won’t be quite as bad!


Give your family the present of staying home this Christmas or they may not be here next Christmas!

DO WHAT WE KNOW WORKS! And we could start to improve now, not next spring or summer!

#Resisters. #Resist
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Some non-Georgians on this bird app seem to be addicted to this idea that they (1) understand the dynamics on the ground here and (2) think that Democrats win by always pretending we’re behind.

Personally, I’m ready to blow up both ideas.
(1) If you’re not in Georgia, you’re wrong about Georgia.

I can almost guarantee that.

Y’all read a few articles and think you know this state, but you don’t.

Maybe you know what it was like 5, 10, 20 years ago.

But not today.
Yes, historically the GOP is heavily favored in runoff elections.

No, we have no data in recent enough memory to assume that’s still true. In fact, I think it’s very much not true.

Democrats are in a much better position right now relative to the GOP by all available measures.
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The shameful capitulation of authorities throughout the UK to the new compulsory ideology.
#Resist #StopTheNeoMcCarthyism…
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I’ll add this: protein wisdom and its eclectic and (to my mind) whip smart commentariat, for years anticipated this trajectory. In fact, I described it as “inexorable and inevitable” without a conservative / classical liberal revolution to root out the sophistry...
...underpinning the governing philosophies of progressivism. My first and most frequent target was a weak, compliant, compromised GOPe, which seemed content playing loyal opposition to a de facto corporatist uniparty.

Trump’s populist conservatism ultimately became the tip...
...of the spear in that battle. But that battle was always going to be sabotaged by the GOPe power elite, including its communications and punditry arm.

“Outlawry,” written near a decade ago, was a war cry:

As longtime pw readers know, I was soon...
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