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26 Mar
Amazing to hear nothing remotely like a good or realistic idea from these folks.

Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana says: Dems should "do what they should’ve done in the first place and that’s not to try to fix something that wasn’t broken and go back to what is working."
Cruz says "it is the direct consequence of policy decisions by the Biden administration" including "to stop building the wall."
Best by far is Tuberville:

"We finally elected a president in Donald Trump because he got elected because he said he was going to fix it. And he was trying to fix it. And he was unelected."



I shit you not.
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8 Aug 20
Let's make this a teachable moment!

Social Security isn't just a retirement program, though it's a great one. It's a complex social program. It’s arguably the most successful government program of any government, of all time. /1
Social Security involves massive subsidies from the next generation of retirees to this one, from single workers to married couples, from two-earner couples to one-earner couples, from high-income earners to low.. /2
…from the able-bodied to the disabled, and from those who die early to those who die late. It's a massive redistribution of income to those who need it the most. /3
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9 May 20
Why do political reporters say Trump is “struggling” to do something when he’s actually not even trying? They do it all the time. See, I.e.: “The administration is struggling to expand the scale of testing to what experts say is necessary to reopen businesses safely...”
Another hilariously inapt clause: “White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also backed the administration’s response...”
This whole story reads like a first draft: sloppy writing, sloppy sourcing, no structure. But, as we editors sometimes say, there’s a lot of good stuff in there.
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11 Apr 19
Julian #Assange has been charged with conspiracy to commit journalism. The free press has not ducked a bullet here; it’s taken one to the chest. 1/7
Here are the “manners and means of the conspiracy" from the indictment. There are only four of them. 2/7
1) “It was part of the conspiracy that Assange and Manning used the ‘Jabber’ online chat service to collaborate…” THEY USED AN ENCRYPTED TEXTING APP TO COMMUNICATE 3/7
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17 Jul 18
Yesterday was a historic day, for all the wrong reasons. But don't bother saving the front page of the NYT, WaPo or WSJ. Their main headlines didn't get close to telling the real story. Several regional papers -- especially in blue states (!) -- didn't hold back. See below.
WaPo front page didn't come close to conveying the gravity of the situation
NYT front page didn't come close to conveying the gravity of the situation.
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22 Jun 18
10 paragraphs of pure stenography from the NYT on Trump’s cynical use of “angel families” to calumnize the media and demonize immigrants as criminals. Then the tiniest bit of context. This is NOT NORMAL, NYT, please stop treating it that way! nytimes.com/2018/06/22/us/…
By contrast, this excellent NYT story makes it very clear that Trump has no idea what he’s doing, which he doesn’t nytimes.com/2018/06/22/us/…
My friends at the @nytimes: Are these written and edited by different NYT species? (Or just different desks? Or just different reporters?) I don’t get it.
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3 Jun 18
The @nytimes knows full well that Trump is being deceptive and misleading in his suggestion that his lawyers' letter was leaked by Mueller.
Consider that this unsourced and yet in no way qualified paragraph is the Times clearly indicating that they were told things directly by Trump's lawyers, but only on condition that then not attribute it to anyone at all.
That's actually a strange amalgam of "off the record" which means they can't publish it at all unless they get it from someone else, and "on background" which means they can use it but only attribute it in an agreed-upon way.
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30 May 18
Dana @Milbank writes that "Trump’s not a liar. He’s a madman." wapo.st/2ITj02x?tid=ss… 1/5
Similarly, @ddale8 has noted that while Trump is a serial liar, sometimes he's just confused or ignorant. 2/5
That said, @maggieNYT's penchant for euphemisms is a disservice to readers. 3/5
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24 Jan 18
Help me improve my list of modern elite political journalism's most self-defeating conventions. Reply here or by email: By and large:
1.Letting politicians say things you know aren't true is part of the job
2.Rebutting untrue statements can be important, but is secondary to reporting them
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