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6 May
Does everyone know someone sick with coronavirus?
Someone sick with, recovered from or died of coronavirus—just to be clear
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5 May
BREAKING: Today Trump is going to Phoenix during the height of a pandemic all so he can do some coronavirus propaganda PR stunts. What a waste of time, money and resources. He should be getting doctors the equipment they need, and setting up a robust national testing system.
At 2pm he’s having a “Roundtable Discussion on Supporting Native Americans.” Trump can start by not using “Pocahontas” to attack his political opponent. Decades ago Trump and Roger Stone depicted Native Americans as drug users with images of cocaine and needles in magazine ads.
Then at 3:15 Trump tours a “Mask Production Assembly Line.” Medical professionals don’t have enough masks. Trump should spend all day getting them the equipment they need. Not touring a facility for this PR stunt. We wouldn’t have had to start @masksnoworg if they had masks.
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21 Apr
BREAKING: CNN did not air Trump’s part of the propaganda press conference. They skipped Trump’s intro, then cut in for Mnuchin to explain the new small biz funding bill. The second Trump came to the podium, they cut away and stopped airing it.
Then CNN blew it by covering his question and answer. And one of the first things he did, was attack CNN.
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18 Apr
I’ve never seen anyone as desperate and pathetic as Trump. Over 37,000 Americans have died and he doesn’t care. Hundreds of thousands are sick and he doesn’t care. Medical professionals don’t have the equipment they need and he doesn’t care. Because sociopaths can’t care.
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17 Apr
BREAKING: Every state without stay-at-home order had increase in coronavirus cases over the past week. Up 205% in SD, 82% in IA, 74% in NE, 60% in AR and 53% in OK. Due to lack of testing these counts are low. The pandemic is just beginning. Trump is a liar who belongs in prison.
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21 Mar
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20 Mar
I’m watching @realDonaldTrump’s rambling press conference shortly so you don’t have to suffer through it.
Let’s begin. Trump looks more orange than he ever has. And his tanning bed goggle tan lines look bad. He looks more tired than he ever has. This is not a joke or attack, but Trump sounds like he has a cold or is losing his voice.

Piece of great news—Dr. Fauci is in the presser!
Trump sounds bored already. Looks like a third grader giving a speech. Sounds monotone like a robot. Trump again presents wrong statistics saying coronavirus is in 141 countries—it’s in 183. No idea why he doesn’t have facts. Now Pompeo speaking. Brace yourselves for boredom.
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19 Mar
I’m watching @realDonaldTrump’s FEMA press conference right now so you don’t have to.
Trump is sitting like a toddler in timeout, with his arms crossed, and he just winked at someone in the room. Now Governors across the country are talking to Trump on a video feed, all they are doing is applauding Trump. This is grotesque and a complete waste of their time.
Now Trump is naming pharma companies that are trying to develop a vaccine. Trump says “it could be an absolute total game changer.” Trump’s own people said earlier that people shouldn’t be provided with false hope like this. He keeps acting like a vaccine will be out soon. Gross.
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19 Mar
I’m watching @realDonaldTrump’s coronavirus press conference right now so you don’t have to.
Trump starts by saying that it’s “nicer” to have less press in the briefing room due to coronavirus physical distancing. You have to be sick and twisted to think like that. Then he calls the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus” again. Because he’s racist. Trump himself is a virus.
Trump just admitted he’s had a lot of time lately to watch television. Tries to brag about what someone on tv said about him. He claims this imaginary person said he had the best response to the coronavirus. Spoiler Alert: Trump’s had the worst response to the coronavirus.
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18 Mar
I’m watching Trump’s press conference in a few minutes so you don’t have to.
Trump starts press conference by calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus,” because he’s a racist. Absolutely disgusting. Trump’s tanning bed goggle eyes are worse than I’ve ever seen them. Now he’s reading notes like he’s a ten year old giving a speech. This is already awful.
Trump says they are suspending all foreclosures and evictions until the end of April. Let’s see if this actually happens. Sounds like another massive Trump lie. Trump says he’s gonna defeat the “invisible enemy” the coronavirus very quickly. Now Pence is up talking. Nap time!😴
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16 Mar
I’m watching Trump’s press conference now so you don’t have to. (string)
Trump starts by reading from paper like a robot. Trump now says people should stop eating at restaurants and bars, stop having gatherings of 10 people or more and school from home. Now Trump talks about vaccine as if it will be released soon. That is a lie. It will be 1-1.5 years
Now Dr Birx comes to podium, says if one person in home is ill with coronavirus everyone in the home should self quarantine. Seniors and people with illness should STAY HOME. Something they should’ve been saying since the beginning. Not lying and downplaying the coronavirus.
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13 Mar
I’m watching Trump’s press conference right now, so you don’t have to.
Press conference was supposed to start at 3pm. Trump’s late. Again. He’s holding it in the Rose Garden. Which is the most ridiculous place Trump could announce a national emergency. Dow is up 850 points. Let’s see if it drops after this. Trump still a no show. This is ridiculous.
Trump finally shows up 29 minutes late. Hey Donald, thanks for joining us. Trump looks more orange than usual. Very obvious tanning bed giggle lines. He already mispronounced the word virus. He’s now self congratulating his coronavirus success. This is going badly quickly.
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11 Mar
I’m gonna watch Trump’s coronavirus Oval Office statement tonight at 9pm so you don’t have to.
Stephen Miller and Jared Kushner were key advisors for tonight’s blab fest, so expect nothing good. Here we go...

It’s 9:01pm. Trump is late. Again. Being on time is a good way to show how seriously you actually take this. We are a country without a president. Ridiculous.
He’s on. First ten seconds he sat there staring at the camera. He has looks really orange tonight. Oranger than ever. Sounds like a robot. You can see someone moving in reflection of window behind Trump. Now he attacked the European Union, blaming them for spreading coronavirus.
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6 Mar
I’m watching Trump’s coronavirus press conf so you don’t have to. (string)

Here we go: Trump starts by asking about his ratings from his Hannity interview last night. He keeps on blabbing about flu and trying to compare it to the coronavirus. Then he called CNN fake news. Gross.
Trump now talking statistics. So it’s as ridiculous as you think it could be. He’s basically making up numbers and trying to compare job growth to the coronavirus. Trump is wearing a campaign hat at the CDC. Now Trump saying old people are dying from it. Shrugs it off. Gross.
Trump says he’s taking no precautions to protect himself from the coronavirus. Says he’ll shake hands with everyone he wants to. Says he’ll continue to have campaign rallies. Trying to brag about filling small arenas. Says it doesn’t bother him at all rallies could spread illness
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4 Mar
The US hit the Taliban with an air strike only hours after the call between Trump and the Taliban. I don’t think this is how peace deals work, Donald.
Don’t get me wrong, the US was defending Afghan forces after dozens of attacks by the Taliban. But this is why you don’t run around telling the world you’ve fixed all problems with a call. And this is why you don’t have wholly unqualified people acting as diplomats or presidents.
“We’ve agreed there’s no violence. We don’t want violence,” Mr. Trump said after the call. “We’ll see what happens.”

The Taliban carried out at least 76 attacks across 24 Afghan provinces since Saturday, when they finalized an agreement for a troop withdrawal by the US. Ugh.
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29 Feb
Trump is having another press conference on coronavirus right now. I’ll watch it so you don’t have to.

Let’s get started on this string: Trump has an orange tinted face. And the tanning goggle eyes. He starts by talking about Afghanistan for the first few minutes. Now rambling.
Trump just lied again about the number of people that are infected with coronavirus in the US. He admits that the first death from coronavirus has occurred in the US. But still won’t give the real number of infected because he’s a pathological liar.
On coronavirus screening Trump says: “Healthy people if you’re healthy, you’ll probably go through a process and you’ll be fine.” Wtf? Not reassuring at all.
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28 Feb
Stock market is already down over 800 points today. Trump is to blame. No one can trust him. Because he’s a liar. #TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus
Now down over 900 points today. Trump is to blame for this. He’s a liar. #TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus
Dow now down over 1,000 points today. This was already the worst weeks since 2008 financial crisis. This is what happened when you leave a criminal who’s a pathological liar in charge. #TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus
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26 Feb
I’m watching Trump lie about the coronavirus so you don’t have to.

Live tweeting it on this string. Let’s get started. It’s 6:31, Trump is late. Not a good start. He could at least be on time.
It’s 6:35 and some Trump Admin folk are standing in the briefing room near the mic. Everyone is waiting on Donald. He can’t even show up on time. The world is watching. This is another embarrassing and terrible situation building. Trump’s making it worse. This is ridiculous.
Trump just walked in 6 minutes late. There was a shooting in Milwaukee, he started talking about that. 5 people dead, more to come. Him and Mitch still haven’t passed the bipartisan bill on gun reform. They’ve done nothing.
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25 Feb
Lots of people left during Trump’s speech in India. Top picture is during his speech, bottom is right after. Sad.
With 7 minutes left in his speech look at all the empty seats
During Trump’s speech from another angle. Empty seats galore.
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6 Feb
Romney should primary Trump.
I know it’s prob too late and they canceled some primaries to prove their devotion to Trump—wait, what? Does any Republican realize what Trump is actually doing? You are being controlled by a dictator. Why in the world would you let one lunatic control your entire party?
And Republicans want to complain about Speaker Pelosi ripping up a copy of that garbage speech? They’re just pissed cuz they never expected it. She bested them again. Just like with her clap. Trump has said/done some of the most grotesque things ever. Spare me the fake outrage.
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16 Jan
Barbara is 85 years old and she was protesting today in the Hart Senate building for the Remove Trump campaign. She uses a device to sit because she can barely stand, Capitol Police singled her out and threatened her arrest. Let’s make this viral.
When Barbara was told by Capitol Police she couldn’t have her portable chair that allows her to participate in the protest, dozens of protesters circled around her in solidarity. Quite a moment. Let’s make it viral. @Remove_TrumpNow
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