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Postdoc at LKC School of Medicine, Singapore Things I like: hydrates of carbon, plants, whales, birds, genetics, #rstats Things I dislike: the other things
25 May
Did you know you can build a complete 2D human neuroanatomical atlas from scratch entirely in #RStats, using @AllenInstitute data + some handy computational geometry, and plot structures using #ggplot? It's a fast-ish process too! Here my tutorial:…
Among the things you can do: plotting structures of interest on the 3 axes, choosing different slices for each axis. Each structure is drawn independently and automatically. 2/n a plot of brain structures in the 3 anatomical axes, with ea
If you can match structures across datasets, you can plot other types of data such as RNA-seq gene expression from GTEx, BrainSpan or any other bulk transcriptomics dataset: 3/n a plot of GTEx normalized gene expression data visualized as
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