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💥14 herramientas secretas impulsadas por #RStats para ahorrar tiempo y esfuerzo en tus proyectos de datos (¡No te lo pierdas!):👀
1️⃣ ¡Edita tus datos de forma interactiva (y guarda el código)! 👀
📦 'editData' es un complemento de RStudio para editar un data.frame o un tibble de forma interactiva

#DataScience #DataVisualization #dataviz #stats #analytics #RStats #Analytics
2️⃣ ¡Crea gráficos #ggplot de forma interactiva!🚀
📦esquisse es otro de mis addins favoritos de #rstudio
✅ exporta el gráfico o recupera el código para reproducir el gráfico
#DataScience #DataVisualization #dataviz #stats #analytics #RStats #Analytics
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What can you do with #Python?

- Create websites with @djangoproject #Flask, @fastapi, and more
- Computer vision (learn more from @PyImageSearch )
- Make a mobile app with @PyBeeWare or @kivyframework

See more below 👇
You can create awesome PDF reports with @reportlab or #WeasyPrint

I wrote a book on this topic:
Cross-platform GUIs with #wxPython, #PyQt, @PySimpleGUI, and more

I wrote about this here:
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Did you know you can build a complete 2D human neuroanatomical atlas from scratch entirely in #RStats, using @AllenInstitute data + some handy computational geometry, and plot structures using #ggplot? It's a fast-ish process too! Here my tutorial:…
Among the things you can do: plotting structures of interest on the 3 axes, choosing different slices for each axis. Each structure is drawn independently and automatically. 2/n a plot of brain structures in the 3 anatomical axes, with ea
If you can match structures across datasets, you can plot other types of data such as RNA-seq gene expression from GTEx, BrainSpan or any other bulk transcriptomics dataset: 3/n a plot of GTEx normalized gene expression data visualized as
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After an amazing response last week, I’m super excited to LAUNCH TODAY my FREE #SciComm #YouTube tutorial series for #Scientists & #researchers across disciplines on how to create your own #animated #videos for #Science #Communication. Pls SUBSCRIBE & RT! 5 videos to start! 1/7 Image
Video 1 - SciComm: #Animation training for Scientists - A brief introduction to this #tutorial series 2/7

Video 2 - SciComm: Animation basics in #aftereffects – Part 1 - setting up, basic shapes, strokes and colours 3/7

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Hey #rstats! I'm excited to announce that my first package, the #ggplot extension ggh4x is now available on #CRAN 📢!…. Thanks to everyone putting package development tutorials out there and the ggplot2 team for the extension mechanisms! 🧵
The package is mostly a collection of convenience functions I've accumulated over time, so it might be a bit chaotic. Hopefully it can be convenient to you too! Examples below:
Get rid of duplicated strip labels in multi-layered facets with `facet_nested()`:
Change the absolute or relative sizes of panels to your liking
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My first steps into #generativeart with #Python and #rstats.

Here are some #Mondrian style paintings made with #ggplot and #gganimate!
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1/ 🔥New study on lying🔥


Can deception be studied and measured as a personality trait? How do we vary in regards to our tendency to lie? What is the relationship between lying and other traits and demographic variables?

A short summary 👇
2/ Being arguably a common and universal phenomenon with possibly important consequences, and despite its intriguing neurocognitive grounding, deception appears in fact as under-studied outside of specific fields (such as #forensicpsych and #criminology) 🤔
3/ Often investigated as a behaviour (or a process), we decided to adopt a dispositional approach and explore deception as a "trait". Curiously, we found that a lack of validated questionnaire to measure the "tendency to lie" 🤥
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While we’re at it, here are three blocks of #rstats code to:
1) Scrape data on number of Coronavirus cases by day
2) Do the same for cases by day for SARS in 2003
3) Plot them both and export the image…
#covid19 #coronavirus #ggplot Image
1) Scrape a table of cumulative Coronavirus cases by day Image
2) Scrape 99 horribly formatted and inconsistent pages of SARS cases from the World Health Organisation 🤓🤕🤮 Image
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A bit of #rstats #ggplot mapping today:

How Sinn Féin surged to win the popular vote in the Irish general election…
Here’s the whole thing in four blocks of #rstats code:

1) Scrape the results by looping through constituency pages, finding the results tables for 2020 and extracting the first preference vote numbers
2) Unzip and read in a constituency boundaries shapefile, join that to the results data
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Pleased to announce that #tidybayes v2.0 (SLABS FOR DAYS edition) hit CRAN today. #rstats

Lots of new stuff in this version: A THREAD
The biggest thing is the new slab+interval meta-geom, generalizing old #tidybayes geoms and enabling a bunch of new ones. This is a flexible FAMILY of #ggplot geoms for visualizing probability distributions and uncertainty using slabs (densities, cdfs, etc), points, and intervals
The slab+interval meta-geom now drives old standards like eyes and half-eyes...
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At #SDSS2019, I am chairing a session on workflows with @TiffanyTimbers @mikelove @stephaniehicks at 3:45 in Regency C - it is tucked away a bit in the corridor between AB and D
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So I heard about a really bad take today, that things that are available free online aren't good enough to be worth money.

To counteract that rubbish call, here I tender a list of free, online #rstats books that I recommend above paid ones #OER
This list (of course) begins with @djnavarro's Learning statistics with R. Want a brilliant, approachable entry to both statistics and #rstats when you have no prior background, I can recommend nothing else.
Got less of a psych focus and coming from a #DataScience angle, well you must read @hadleywickham & @StatGarrett's #R4DS. It has it's own supportive community (@R4DScommunity) that you should check out also. #rstats
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