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CEO, Fair Fight Action,; Former Campaign Manager, Stacey Abrams for Governor
24 Mar
The norms that allow our democracy to function are at serious risk.

"Republican lawmakers in at least eight states controlled by the party are angling to pry power over elections from secretaries of state, governors and nonpartisan election boards.…
As Mr. Trump carried out his pressure campaign to try to overturn the election results in swing states, he found many sympathetic lawmakers willing to go along with him — but he was rebuffed by numerous election officials, as well as state and federal courts.
The new legislation would systematically remove the checks that stood in Trump’s way, injecting new political influence over electors, county election boards and the certification process.
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21 Mar
Read for yourself 👇 or here's the summary:

SB 202 is an attack on Georgians’ freedom to vote that will dramatically reduce access to voting, hyper-criminalize voting and civic engagement activities and risk mass disenfranchisement of Black, Brown, and AAPI voters in Georgia.
1. Restricting Access to Voting: SB 202 restricts a voter’s right to cast a provisional ballot, significantly limits the use and availability of secure drop boxes, and creates new and unnecessary ID requirements.
2. Criminalization: SB 202 criminalizes handing out water or snacks to voters standing in lines, creates new sanctions for groups & individuals that encourage voting by mail & would allow children 13+ to be charged with a felony for witnessing a voter (parent) cast their ballot.
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23 Feb
Georgia is displaying that the state GOP has racist discriminatory intent with these new voting bills- they are clearly trying to make it harder for people of color to vote. Georgia should have to preclear voting changes with the Department of Justice. How can we get this done?
1) Support & volunteer w/@fairfightaction- our historic suit in front of the federal court. Big, complicated & important litigation is a long, windy path, but we just cleared the hurdle to go to trial. We're asking the court to put the state back under DOJ oversight (& more).
2) Get involved with advocating for the passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act- contact your members of Congress today. The racist intent of voter suppression bills moving all over the country must be stopped by federal action.
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20 Feb
This coming week @fairfightaction and our allies are going to push back HARD on the Georgia GOP's voter suppression bonanza they launched to satisfy the dangerous conspiracy nuts in their own party, rather than doing the honest work of just learning how to run modern campaigns
(and run better candidates). Each day this week, we'll hold hearings on these bills and shine truth and light on this rushed, secretive process. We will launch media and more to engage the public on what's at stake if these suppression bills pass.
These bills are targeted with precision at Black and brown voters, but they are a broadside attack on voting that will hurt all with longer lines, mass confusion, identity theft, less options and ease of voting for rural, military and senior voters, a ban on Sunday voting
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12 Feb
Here's the thing- many experts don't think transformative change is possible until it happens. Countless folks in positions of power told us Georgia wasn't a real battleground- as recently as last fall, but consistently in 2012, 2014, 2016 and throughout the Abrams campaign.
Nearly every local & nat'l expert said GA Dems had to get 30% white support bc voters of color could never close the gap. Warnock & Ossoff got a record-breaking 27% of whites combined w/huge support and turnout levels by all voters of color. (Read the NYT piece for more on this)
I was told at one point in 2016 that "the white people are easier in North Carolina". In the early part of the decade we didn't pitch a full state flip, we focused on building local wins in the state legislature, moving the needle on registration and civic engagement basics.
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11 Feb
As you watch impeachment, remember that GOP operatives weaponized Trump's lies by building entire disinformation campaign efforts that ultimately fed the insurrection. Nov 11, 2019: “We have a President who is committed to Election Day Monitoring. This is a concern of his.
We’ve all seen the tweets about voter fraud and blah blah blah. Every time we’re in with him he asks...what are we doing about voter fraud? What are we doing about voter fraud? Which is great for guys looking for budget approval on stuff. But the point is, he’s committed to this.
He believes in it, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that it’s successful. Meaning recruiting, raising the profile of issues that come up. How many times do you have an issue in a county that is terrible--
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2 Feb
This seems to be REALLY DIFFICULT for people to understand: there was no "dip" or "problem" with GOP turnout in GA in the runoff- turnout hit historic highs for both parties!- but Black Democratic Georgians, including rural Black Georgians, voted in EXTRAODINARILY high numbers.
Turnout was extremely high on both sides of the aisle in Nov and Jan. Democrats put together a real multi-racial (that is, diverse voters who are Black, brown and white), multi-ethnic, truly statewide coalition. Dems had strong support and turnout levels across all demographics.
If you want to understand what this looks like, take a look at this map of GA and notice how Dem performance improved in all regions and types of counties- keep in mind rural does not equal white; suburban does not equal white. GA is diverse everywhere…
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6 Dec 20
It is not the time for false equivalencies or lazy analysis. That is dangerous and unhelpful as we fight to uphold democratic norms in our state and country. Let's revisit @staceyabrams' words in November 2018:
"I acknowledge that former SoS Brian Kemp will be certified as the victor in the 2018 gubernatorial election...

To watch an elected official—who claims to represent the people of this state, baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the people’s democratic right
to vote—has been truly appalling. So, to be clear, this is not a speech of concession.

Concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true or proper. As a woman of conscience and faith, I cannot concede. But my assessment is that the law allows no further viable remedy...
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2 Sep 20
It is irresponsible for a trusted news organization @wsbtv in Georgia to be using a right-wing polling firm - a firm used by multiple GA GOP candidates including the Republican secretary of state - and give credence to their biased, outlier data.
Independent pollsters without an agenda of re-electing Trump have repeatedly shown what every political observer knows: GA is a toss-up. The failure of WSB to report the bias of its pollster is unacceptable; the station should retract this outlier poll and immediately cut ties.
And some receipts showing Landmark is a partisan firm with a mission to elect and promote Republicans: Landmark has worked for a vast number of GOP campaigns in Georgia. Landmark’s biggest client is Brad Raffensperger who paid Landmark $2.5 million for his SOS campaign.
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24 Jun 20
Right now Georgia Republicans are trying to pass a law that forbids the state and counties from mailing absentee ballot applications to voters. (As the GOP SOS did in the June primary -- which got him scolded afterwards by his natl party.) This is unacceptable.
This means, for ex, that rural counties that are seeing covid surging & are bracing for a tough fall, won't be able to decide themselves if they want to send apps to voters in their county to help stop the spread & ensure their residents can safely participate in elections.
The GOP needs to realize that vote by mail is a tool that can benefit either party and that localities - as well as the state - should maintain as many possible tools in their toolbox to promote vote by mail generally and certainly in the midst of a raging, ongoing health crisis.
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9 Jun 20
The democracy tragedy we are witnessing today across GA- long lines, malfunctioning machines, inadequate resources and training for elections officials, provisional ballot issues, inadequate back up paper ballots & more- were all predictable & preventable by one entity: (1/25)
the Georgia Secretary of State. The SOS chose to move unfunded mandates and massive quantities of mail through counties, rather than ensuring uniformity across the state through the proper resourcing of elections centrally via the state. (2/25)
In GA the SOS is required to ensure that the democracy you get doesn’t depend on where you live or what you look like; yet they didn’t take the actions needed to make democracy real for all. Again. After a similar meltdown in fall of 2018 due to incompetence & malfeasance. (3/25)
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15 Mar 20
As we’re fielding concerns about the potentially troubling precedent of the GA Presidential Primary delay, some thoughts on what’s happening in GA and why @fairfightaction is supportive of the delay in this instance, but generally not supportive of delaying elections. 1/15
Our support is due to the incredibly unfortunate timing of the escalation of the pandemic plus the state’s spring election calendar. Next week is the final week of in-person early vote in the state, and many large counties were scheduled to open additional early voting sites.2/15
Next week is also the start of most large school districts in the state being closed, events are finally being canceled in the state, and tomorrow morning the Governor is convening an emergency legislative session to declare a state of emergency. 3/15
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14 Feb 20
As the Dem presidential primary moves forward while the Trump GOP is in the midst of building a historic voter suppression operation for the fall, we wanted to take a moment to thank the candidates who have supported Fair Fight's efforts. 1/8…
To be clear: @fairfightaction & @staceyabrams are not endorsing a presidential candidate; instead, we are working with the Democratic state and nat'l infrastructure to make sure the nominee has a strong voter protection program through #FairFight2020. 2/8

So first, we want to thank @amyklobuchar, @ewarren, @KamalaHarris and @SenGillibrand for taking part in our campaign to support reproductive rights and fight the abortion bans that moved in GA and around the country. 3/8

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15 Nov 19
We have been informed that David Emadi is taking the Abrams for Governor campaign to court. Who is Emadi? A Brian Kemp campaign donor, former Republican Party official, and the handpicked chief of what he has fashioned as a Kemp Revenge Commission. #gapol THREAD 1/8
Emadi is taking this action after he was given all of the Abrams’ campaign’s financial documents when he demanded them via a spate of subpoenas this spring in his first act as commissioner. Why is he taking the Abrams campaign to court a year after the election? 2/8
Because he is demanding campaign communications that are irrelevant to his bogus and politically motivated investigation. However, there is no precedent or legal justification for a political patron of a sitting governor to demand all of an opponent’s campaign communications 3/8
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10 Jun 19
ES&S FACTS: 1-@govkemp's Exec Counsel participated in a nat'l pay-for-play scheme w/ ES&S 2-Kemp’s Deputy COS was on ES&S payroll as a lobbyist in 2018 3-ES&S has engaged in egregious election security malpractice for YEARS 4-Yet Kemp may reward ES&S with a $150M contract THREAD
ES&S can’t be trusted w/ the single largest taxpayer purchase of voting machines in US history. Not when ES&S machines have been DIRECTLY TIED to significant undervotes in GA/FL/TX/AZ/PA/NC. Not when their machines are still rife w/ security problems in 2018!
ES&S has acted in bad faith:
-Refused to tell federal lawmakers wh/ states were sold critically flawed machines
-Violated Indiana law & lied to election officials in 2018 to hide software issues that led to long lines
-Sued WI to stop public disclosure of 2016 audit results
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20 Mar 19
This just in: one way @govkemp is avoiding accountability on his voter suppression is having his Trumpian friends try to distract from the onslaught of scrutiny he's facing by launching baseless attacks by filing complaints against @fairfightaction.…
We expected this kind of reaction to our unprecedented work, but it doesn't make it any less outrageous. My full quote for the @AP: “It’s no surprise that right-wing hit groups allied with @realDonaldTrump are launching bogus attacks against @fairfightaction.
They’re afraid of @staceyabrams & even more afraid that all eligible Georgians will exercise their right to vote. @govkemp & Trump will stop at nothing to suppress the voices of Georgians who are fighting for free and fair elections.
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10 Jan 19
Georgia has a democracy crisis. The public and leaders in all sectors must demand reform so that our elections system is truly free and fair for all citizens. Today in GA there are TWO active election contest suits that question the validity and seek a redo on 2018 elections:
1. GOP State Rep Gasaway in N GA, who would get a 2nd do-over given abnormalities and 2. the race for Lt Gov where there is a freakishly abnormal “drop off”-- 100,000 missing votes in that race. Once unusual, both contest suits see cracks in the foundation of our system.
One is an R who is fighting on his own & one is brought by progressives, they both show our 16 year old paperless, insecure voting machines & our elections system overall is so flawed that it cannot be trusted to be delivering the will of the people. This is a bipartisan outrage.
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