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The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reported the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office will refer potential violations of Gov. Brian Kemp’s abortion ban to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

Kemp can direct the GBI to open investigations.…
Kemp can direct the GBI to open investigations, meaning that when local law enforcement agencies refer potential violations of the abortion ban (as at least one has said they will), Kemp could direct the GBI to take action and investigate.
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation's (GBI) organizational chart shows that the governor is the chair of the Board of Public Safety, which oversees the GBI.…
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When I was employed with the Georgia Alliance for Progress, led by Christine White. We consulted with @cornellbelcher Jan 21 regarding the 2022 midterms—he told us black men were the most important demographic to target.

What did we do with this information? Nothing. #GaPol
Fast forward…now, 50 days out we are scrambling to figure out why support is fleeting. You even have some setting the narrative to blame BM for GA’s performance this November. However, this y’all fault…your worldview is preventing you from properly engaging and turning out BM.
Georgia progressives intentionally made BM an afterthought knowing full well they would be the deciding factor in this election. They would rather persuade lost white dems then engage the 2nd most loyal group in the party.
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#Gapol ⚖ 1\

"The lawsuit that includes the fight over Latham's personal electronic devices was originally filed several years before the 2020 election by individual voters and the Coalition for Good Governance, an election security advocacy group."…
#Gapol ⚖ 2\
Thank you 👏👏🏼👏🏽 @katebrumback

"It alleges that Georgia's touchscreen voting machines are not secure and seeks to have them replaced by hand-marked paper ballots."
#Gapol ⚖ 3\

"Latham also was one of 16 Georgia Republicans who signed a certificate in December 2020 falsely stating that Trump had won the state and declaring that they were the state’s “duly elected and qualified” electors."
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>@BeeForGeorgia’s applause line in Forsyth County: “There’s some confusion. There are some people who believe my opponent is a hero … But should the bar for the state of Georgia be that low? In the words of Stacey Abrams: Not committing treason doesn’t make you a hero.” #gapol
LG nominee Charlie Bailey draws a big ovation with this swipe at his opponent Burt Jones, who was a fake elector. “If you participate in a coup to overthrow the United States government, you are not qualified, you are not fit to hold any office.” #gapol
.@StaceyAbrams: “We have the opportunity to change the future of a generation – starting now … We can serve everyone in the state of Georgia. It’s not about taking away from anyone. It’s about expanding our imagination so we can serve everyone.” #gapol
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The Jolt: What’s at stake in the Warnock-Walker debate #gapol #gasen…
More jolt: @NARAL just released an analysis by @TargetSmart of mail ballot request forms in Georgia that could give Democrats a new reason to be optimistic about November. Among the findings: #gapol
More jolt: For the first time, Sen. Warnock aired a TV ad featuring footage of his opponent Herschel Walker’s ex-wife speaking in detail about how he held a gun to her head and threatened to shoot her, which was also detailed in police report. #gasen…
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It’s on: Walker and Warnock to debate in Savannah on Oct. 14 #gapol #gasen…
There was no immediate word whether Walker would take part in a second debate, as Warnock had demanded. #gapol #gasen…
Says Herschel Walker: “I’m looking forward to October 14th so the voters can see the contrast between us.” #gapol #gasen
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I want to share some thoughts from my experiences over the past couple of days.

I attended 3 political events over the past 36 hours.
@TeamHerschel/ Nikki Haley rally
Frontline Policy gala/keynote speaker- Mike Pompeo
@cobbgop breakfast this morning.
I would not vote for Haley or Pompeo in a primary.
But, I appreciate the fact that they are team players.
Nikki is going across the country to speak to different audiences to try and coalesce voters around our candidates. Even the ones she did not support in the Primaries.
She speaks to the GOPe.
Pompeo is going around and stumping for candidates. Even the ones he didn't support in the Primaries.
Why are they doing this?
Because they know how bad our opponents are.
This morning at our breakfast, we had several of the candidates speak.
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The Jolt: Democrats blame GOP for Wellstar hospital closure. The healthcare system says expanding Medicaid “would not have changed this outcome” given mounting financial troubles for the Atlanta Medical Center #gapol…
More jolt: “It’s a choice to cost Atlanta 460 hospital beds in an overstretched, underfunded system,” said Abrams. “It’s a choice to reject money that we’ve all paid for with our federal taxes … It’s a choice to pretend there’s nothing to be done.” #gapol…
More jolt: If Georgia had fully expanded Medicaid, would this hospital have survived? “No,” was the answer we got from Wellstar. #gapol
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>@SenatorWarnock and @staceyabrams reunite in Cobb County for their most significant joint campaign event yet #gapol #gasen
Abrams on Warnock: “When there is evil afoot and when there is wrong being done, Raphael Warnock is there to make it right.” #gapol #gasen Image
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Seismic news for Atlanta’s fragile healthcare system.
Wellstar Health System is in talks about potentially closing Atlanta Medical Center, a 460-bed hospital in downtown Atlanta and a century-old anchor of the city’s health care. #gapol…
Earlier this year it shuttered the emergency room and regular hospital beds at Atlanta Medical Center South in East Point. That was the only ER in Fulton County south of I-20. #gapol…
>@staceyabrams responds: “Half measures are not going to cut it. Time to change Governors and fully expand Medicaid.” #gapol
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The Jolt: Abrams and Warnock will team up for a campaign rally today after questions of ticket unity #gapol #gasen…
More jolt: Questions over when and how they might campaign together were sent into overdrive Monday after a Warnock campaign event in Newnan, where the senator did not directly answer a query about whether he would campaign with Abrams. #gapol #gasen…
More jolt: Former U.S. Sen. David Perdue still has more than $4.2M left over in his Senate campaign account. Among the places he can transfer his cash is to Gov. Kemp’s leadership committee … #gapol…
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If you believe the liberal media, Big Tech, Merrick Garland @DOJPH @FBI will do anything to keep TRUMP from being re elected, retweet this. We know they’ve done it before. @finkd @nytimes @washingtonpost @CNN @MSNBC @Twitter @facebook @ajc #gapol…
And let’s not forget you know who as he puts it, f’ing former disgraced #FBI agent @petestrzok who threaten and put in harms way #KASHPatel’s life. Image
This man was the face of the top brass of the @FBI! Every case he handled should be thrown out. He lied, covered up and sought to prevent a free, fair and transparent election. This one man did more to hurt the #FBI than J. Edgar Hoover himself. @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson Image
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@RepSwalwell @RepMTG 🚨These are leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), which believes in faith healing & exorcism & that they have a mandate from God to rule the world “as kings” (dominionism). MTG attended this event, where these same men prayed over her on stage. #gapol 1/
@RepSwalwell @RepMTG 2/ From my recent piece on the NAR.
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🚨These are leaders in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), which believes in faith healing & exorcism & that they have a mandate from God to rule the world “as kings” (dominionism). MTG attended this event, where these same men prayed over her on stage. #gapol 1/
From my recent article re: the NAR. 2/
Link to my recent article re: the NAR. 3/…
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Fulton County DA Fani Willis isn’t messing around. Her letter to Kemp’s lawyer, embedded in the today’s court filing over a pending subpoena of the governor:
“The email you have sent is offensive and beneath an officer of the court. You are both wrong and confused.” #gapol
“There is an old adage that people take kindness for weakness. You have taken my kindness for weakness and you have continually treated this investigation with disdain. Despite your disdain this investigation continues and will not be derailed by anyone’s antics …” #gapol
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Let's talk about how bad this claim is by Gov. Kemp's team that sovereign immunity is a defense. "The King can do no wrong" is not a legal rule proper for a democratic society and is especially inappropriate for an investigation into a conspiracy to overthrow an election. #gapol ImageImage
This is just an argument in favor of isolating constitutional officers from criminal inquiries.
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#BREAKING: @GovKemp files a motion today to quash the subpoena issued to him by the Fulton County Special Purpose Grand Jury, saying the DA's office has "engineered" it to happen "in the middle of an election cycle." @FOX5Atlanta #gapol
@GovKemp @FOX5Atlanta The motion outlines three reasons to quash:
1. sovereign immunity
2. executive and attorney-client privileges
3. "it is being pursued at this time for improper political purposes."
According to the court filing, @GovKemp was scheduled for an interview with the DA's Office on July 25th, but when his counsel asked questions about the "scope of that interview," the DA canceled and issued a subpoena instead. @FOX5Atlanta
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The Democratic duo is back on the campaign trail in Georgia #gapol #gasen
“Of course I'm always glad to be with my brother, Senator Jon @ossoff. Thank you for your partnership,” says Warnock about hitting the road with his fellow Democrat again. #gapol #gasen
This next stop should be interesting … “just a drizzle,” quips one optimistic Warnock aide amid the blinding rain. #gapol #gasen
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Happening now in Atlanta … (📸 @brythomas) #gapol
And yes, that is former Senate/gov/House candidate Vernon Jones alongside Giuliani as he enters the Fulton County courthouse … #gapol
Asked how he arrived in Atlanta, Giuliani quips, “I didn’t walk…” #gapol
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The MAGA voting system breach in Georgia didn’t just come to light on its own. @MarilynRMarks1 & her @CoalitionGoodGv (+ lawyers) had to drag it into view bc @GaSecofState wanted it buried. It was only bc of her prior suit that GA dumped its old old paperless system. #gapol 1/
You can donate to her nonprofit here. She’s the real deal. #ProtectOurVotes 2/
3/ From June. Marilyn is cited in the WaPo piece.
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The Jolt: Stacey Abrams: ‘If Black men vote for me, I’ll win Georgia.’ #gapol #gasen…
More jolt: “We know that this is about democracy,” says Abrams. “If we do not have a governor in 2022 elected and taking office in ‘23, our 270 electoral votes across the country are going to be in jeopardy. Georgia is going to be a pivot point.” #gapol…
More jolt: Gov. Kemp is sticking to what his aides believe is a powerful message with a new 30-second spot this morning that highlights the 107 sheriffs who back his reelection. Abrams has twice had to rebut his public safety ads with her own spots. #gapol…
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Down at Fulton Superior Court today, where the judge overseeing the Fulton DA’s investigation will determine if Rudy Giuliani has to testify before a special grand jury. Follow along here! #gapol
Judge McBurney says "the purpose of today's hearing is to determine when (Giuliani) will be here and in what format," says Giuliani's lawyers are not contesting that he will eventually testify but say he may not travel to Georgia. #gapol
Judge McBurney: "I need clarity. If it turns out that Mr. Giuliani is willfully disregarding the now formal invitation to be here, that's problematic. If that's not the situation then we need to establish when he'll be here and there's lots of ways to make that happen." #gapol
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In Macon, a few hundred business executives, community leaders and elected officials are gathering for an annual @GAChamber luncheon that’s designed to focus on bipartisanship in a polarizing time. #gapol
Happening now: Republican Rep. Buddy Carter is touting the benefits of a federal bipartisan infrastructure measure that he voted against. (At the time, he said more funding should be devoted to boosting ports, broadband and not a “disguise” for liberal policies.) #gapol
Republican pollster @FrankLuntz starts his speech by entering the crowd, singling out Democratic Rep. Sanford Bishop — and praising him as one of the most remarkable members of the congressional delegation. #gapol
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A federal judge ruled Friday that statewide elections for the Georgia Public Service Commission discriminate against Black voters, blocking state officials from holding a November election for two seats that were set to be on the ballot. #gapol…
“While delaying elections for Districts 2 and 3 until a later date will regrettably cause disruption to the candidates currently running for those offices, the court does not find that such disruption outweighs the important VRA interests that are implicated,” the judge wrote.
Former NAACP state President @iMajorWish, a plaintiff in the suit:
“This determination assures us that our current claims of voter suppression are legitimate and that Black voters have for generations been prevented from full access to democracy." #gapol…
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