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The Athens-Clarke County Commission is set to vote tomorrow to revive a mask mandate as UGA students near a return to classrooms. It would become the third major city in Georgia to reimpose face covering requirements after Atlanta & Savannah announced mask rules last week. #gapol
Athens-Clarke Mayor Kelly Girtz says he’ll also simultaneously recommend a partnership with the state public health department for a cash incentive program to encourage more younger people to get vaccinated as they return to town. #gapol
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The findings of @GASecofState’s secret study of Georgia’s controversial new touchscreen voting machines (BMDs) are similar to a 2004 study of DRE’s with so-called Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails (VVPATs), which are now widely disfavored due 2 concerns about verifiability. 1/
Screenshot re the 2004 VVPAT study. 2/…
.@GaSecofState’s study didn’t even reach the question of what percent of voters will be able to notice and report inaccuracies caused by the BMDs in marking their “paper ballots” for them. But other studies of VVPATS and BMDs suggest the percent is unacceptably low. 3/
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.@GaSecofState study showed that less than 1/2 of voters reviewed machine marked “paper ballots” to confirm the touchscreen voting machines (BMDs) didn’t cheat or err. This is similar to the results of the 2006 study re: DREs & Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails. 1/
Here is a link to my article about DREs and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails (VVPATs). It links to the 2006 VVPAT study. 2/
Here is a link to the 2006 VVPAT study in which only 40 percent of voters reviewed the VVPAT to confirm the voting machines didn’t cheat or err. 3/…
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After approval by Brian Kemp, the Board of Elections in Morgan County, Georgia, including voting rights champion Helen Butler, was replaced last month. Board Members will all now be selected by the partisan County Commission. by @TheBradBlog #gapol 1/
Butler and the other board members were removed pursuant to local legislation. I previously posted (incorrectly) that they were removed under SB202, another dangerous Georgia bill that includes county takeover provisions. 2/
3/ “Georgia Republicans Purged Black Board Of Elections Members [in Morgan County, Georgia], Witness [Helen Butler] Testifies At Senate Field Hearing”…
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Voting rights champion Helen Butler removed from Board of Elections in Morgan County, Georgia pursuant to local legislation. By @TheBradBlog #gapol 1/
They were removed pursuant to local legislation. I previously posted (incorrectly) that they were removed under SB202, another dangerous Georgia bill that includes county takeover provisions. 2/
.@dufort_jeanne & @GabrielSterling both corrected me. Nice to know Sterling reads my posts. 3/
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Good evening from Lake Lanier, where GOP Gubernatorial candidate @RepVernonJones is about to arrive on a boat parade before a @Travistritt concert. #gapol
I am *not* on the boat or going near the water but his team sends me this pic of Travis Tritt and Vernon meeting up on a house boat before they head back here to this bar shortly.
The boat they’re coming in on is called “Life Sentence” and it’s … very big.
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🗣️ Trump issued yet another statement about Georgia's election, the risk-limiting audit and Fulton County.

It's harmful at worst and woefully misinformed at best.

Here's what you need to know about how the state's votes that were counted *three different times.* #gapol
After the polls closed November 3, all the votes were counted.

Paper ballots from voting machines used on Election Day and early voting, plus hand-marked absentee paper ballots were scanned.

Some with stray marks/issues/rips were adjudicated or reproduced+provisionals cured.
Even with a rule change allowing earlier absentee process times, it still took the largest counties longer to make sure everything was accounted for and all the ballots counted - in part due to record absentee turnout during a pandemic.…
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NEW for @NPR @MorningEdition: After record turnout in 2020, youth activists are setting their sights on a new target - redistricting.

"We're changing the political landscape and I think we deserve to be heard," a Georgia student said. #gapol…
At recent redistricting town halls, high school and college students - who were in elementary and middle school the last time voting district lines were drawn - took turns explaining how the mapmaking process will affect future generations. #gapol…
Alex Ames, a student at Georgia Tech, said complicated shapes of districts end up disenfranchising young voters.

"...our schools are divided so that even though our state had the largest youth turnout in America last year, our votes are worth less."…
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NEW with @markniesse @SarahKallis @IsaiahPoritz:

About 1 in 4 *total* absentee ballots in the 2020 election were returned using drop boxes in Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb and Gwinnett counties.

Heavily-Dem areas used them way more than rural GOP. #gapol

The state’s new voting law, passed by the Republican majority of legislature, limits the availability of the boxes in future elections, especially in Democratic areas where voters relied on drop boxes, according to an @AJC/@gpbnews analysis.…
How'd we get this story? We spent over NINETY HOURS manually entering data from thousands of handwritten forms into a spreadsheet.

The forms showed how many ballots were collected daily from each drop box leading up to the Nov. 3 election. #gapol…
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NEW w/@ribunchreports: Attacked by some Republicans for not supporting the former president enough+vilified by Democrats for being too much like Trump, Gov. Brian Kemp formally launched his reelection bid Sat. fighting back against his detractors. #gapol…
The Athens Republican ticked through his accomplishments to supporters at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, from an historic teacher pay raise to cracking down on street gangs to managing Georgia’s growing economy, especially outside metro ATL.…
“I've also held my commitment to fight for rural Georgia, to strengthen rural Georgia,” he said. “We have created a promise of a rural strike team; we have been laser-focused on rural broadband.”…
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Good morning from the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, where Gov. @BrianKempGA is launching his re-election campaign.

@ribunchreports and I will have you covered today with the details. #gapol Image
These ladies from the Republican Women of Spalding County are here to support the incumbent Governor because he’s the “best of the best” and they said he’s the one that can defeat Democrats.

Betty Grant, left, said the “tables have turned” for GOP after the 2020 election. #gapol Image
State Sen. Larry Walker (R-Perry) introduces the program:

“Stacey Abrams and Fair Fight may have hundreds of millions of dollars from Hollywood, elites in New York and the liberal crowd, but we've got Brian Kemp and Marty Kemp and their daughters.” Image
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NEW: A federal judge has denied a motion for preliminary injunction in one of the 8 lawsuits challenging Georgia's voting law. #gapol

"... an injunction would not merely preserve the status quo; rather, it would change the law in the ninth inning."…
Thinly-veiled All-Star Game reference notwithstanding, judge J.P. Boulee's order in this case doesn't necessarily signal much about the other cases (though most of them seem long shot) because of the unique timing/arguments made by THESE plaintiffs.

This case was seeking to block parts of SB 202 for ongoing state legislative runoffs, and Boulee said the timing of the request was concerning "because it would change the election administration rules for elections that are already underway."
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Good evening from Athens, the fifth of 11 Redistricting Town Hall meetings across Georgia. It’s a packed hall - and they’re allowing people four minutes each to speak. #gapol

Watch:… Image
Athens-Clarke County as a whole is a blue bubble in a sea of red. It has about ~127,000 people. That's split into three state House districts (represented by one D, two R) and two Senate districts (both R) ImageImageImage
This hearing so far has been pretty one-sided of people speaking out against the way Athens-Clarke County has been split up at the state and federal level (it's also divvied between GA-09 and GA-10 in the U.S. House). Image
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NEW for @npr: What sustains Trump’s lies that he won the 2020 election? A growing network of pro-Trump media sites mimicking the look+feel of local news.

Here’s a look at how The Georgia Star News went from obscurity to a sit down with Trump. #gapol…
The Georgia Star is part of the Star News Network - an expanding network that currently operates eight state-focused sites, including battlegrounds like Michigan, Arizona, Ohio and Florida.

2020 has boosted the reach of the network’s stories.…
Over the last four years, the larger pro-Trump mediasphere — websites, TV, radio and social — have created an alternate reality for some Republican voters and politicians.

A look at one particular Georgia site and how one story had spread shows how.…
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The Jolt: Rudy Giuliani’s back in Georgia to try and knock out Brian Kemp #gapol…
More jolt: Democratic state Sen. @elenaparent is considering a run for lieutenant governor. Two other state legislators - both from the House - are already in the race. #gapol…
More jolt: The curious case of the little known down-ticket candidate who reported raising $318k in contributions — and said virtually all of it was raised by small dollar contributions he doesn’t have to itemize. #gapol…
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This evening at a hearing in Forsyth County, I spoke about my lack of faith that redistricting in GA would be fair or transparent & how racial gerrymandering has historically deprived voters of their agency. Here's what the room looked like -- MAGAs as far as the eye can see. 1/3
Many of us who do this work have anxiety & trauma. We aren't brave. We do scary things because we feel we don't have a choice. "I can't do what you do," is not only *not* helpful, it's ableist, and erases how much some of us endure just to stand up in a crowd like this. 2/3
Here I am in a sea of MAGAs, shaking like a leaf, barely able to get my words out. But I'm here, and I showed up. This is all we can ever ask of anyone.

Grateful for the wonderful, progressive souls working so hard for justice in GA today and always. Love to you all. #gapol 3/3
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With @TheJusticeDept's lawsuit, there are now EIGHT cases fighting to preserve voters' rights in Georgia after the passage of voter suppression bill #SB202.

Learn who's involved and read through the original complaints below #gapol⤵️🍑🧵
The first #SB202 case was filed by @NewGAProject, @BlackVotersMtr and @RiseFreeOrg.

"[T]he grab bag of voting restrictions that populate SB 202 make clear that the Bill was animated by an impermissible goal of restricting voting."…
A second #SB202 case was filed by @Georgia_NAACP, @LWVGA, @gcpagenda, @GALEOorg, @CommonCauseGA and the Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe.

"SB 202’s sweeping changes are aimed at suppressing the vote of Black voters and other voters of color."…
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And she won’t say a damn thing about Georgia’s risky use of Ballot Marking Devices for all in person voters (with no in person option 4 #handmarkedpaperballots) & how Georgia plans to audit only ONE RACE every TWO YEARS chosen by the Secretary of State. #gapol
On the risks of BMDs. 1/…
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The DOJ’s voting rights suit against Georgia does not address the parts of GA’s new law allowing a GOP takeover of bipartisan county election boards. Thankfully, a suit filed by @MarilynRMarks1’s nonprofit @CoalitionGoodGv does address them. #gapol 1/
If you support @CoalitionGoodGv, it will help them fight the provisions of Georgia’s new law allowing a GOP takeover of bipartisan county election boards. I’m not affiliated w/ CGC; I’m just grateful 4 their unique & important work. TY! #SB202 #gapol 2/
You can watch the full interview here. @MarilynRMarks1 describes how the takeover provisions can be abused and the bases for her nonprofit’s legal challenge. 3/
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The DOJ’s voting rights suit against Georgia does not address the parts of GA’s new law allowing a GOP takeover of bipartisan county election boards. The only suit that does was filed by @MarilynRMarks1’s nonprofit @CoalitionGoodGv. #gapol 1/
If Georgia’s new county election board takeover provisions concern you, pls support @CoalitionGoodGv, which is the only organization challenging them in court. Otherwise, we will likely be stuck with those provisions. Note that @ReverendWarnock is up for re-election in 2022. 2/
If you support @CoalitionGoodGv, it will help them fight the provisions of Georgia’s new law allowing a GOP takeover of bipartisan county election boards. I’m not affiliated w/ CGC; I’m just grateful 4 their unique & important work. TY! #SB202 #gapol 3/
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There are now 8 lawsuits challenging Georgia's voter suppression bill (SB202), including the new DOJ lawsuit.
"We are the only one addressing what we think is the most dangerous provision of SB202, the [election board] takeover provisions." - @MarilynRMarks1 #SB202 #gapol 1/
2/ You can listen to my full interview of @MarilynRMarks1 of @CoalitionGoodGv
here. We discuss her lawsuit challenging the takeover provisions and other aspects of SB202. Again, hers is the only suit challenging those provisions. The DOJ lawsuit does not.
3/ You can support Marilyn Marks's nonprofit, the Coalition for Good Governance (CGC), here. They are doing truly remarkable work. It was the CGC that obtained the landmark ruling that Georgia's old paperless voting machines were unconstitutional.
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🚨🚨🚨 NEW: A judge has dealt a heavy blow against the chances for an "audit"/absentee ballot inspection in Fulton County.

Dismisses county, elections board and clerk as defendants under sovereign immunity + adds five BRE members. #gapol

One key to the ruling is interpretation of case law about the question of "can I sue the government?" under new changes.

Judge: "Petitioners contend that a recent amendment to the Georgia Constitution permits their claims where Lathrop prohibits them. The Court disagrees."
What does this mean for ballot inspection?

One lawyer for the BRE says if the 5 BRE members are dismissed, too, then there's nothing to justify allowing any aspect of the case to go forward.

Since inspection was part of *discovery* for a case that might not exist.
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Rudy Giuliani's law license in New York is suspended, thanks in part to repeated false claims about Georgia's elections and a committee's belief that his "misconduct directly inflamed tensions that bubbled over into the events of January 6, 2021." #gapol…
Remember, this started here in Georgia with Giuliani's false presentation to lawmakers alleging (incorrectly, and quickly debunked) that suitcases full of ballots were stuffed into Fulton County's vote totals.…
Statement from @GaSecofState on Giuliani suspension, who says it backs up his own statements about election:

“The judges recognized that the baseless conspiracy theories Giuliani repeated were not true and punished him for spreading lies, particularly about Georgia’s election.”
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NEW: Look at all of Fulton County's absentee drop box forms and what they tell us. #gapol

-Biggest totals were on Election Day, then first week of early vote
-Most used in dense areas like Ponce, Buckhead, Sandy Springs
-Fulton's record-keeping is messy…
After sifting through ~1,550 forms+Fulton's internal spreadsheet:

-8 drop box entries have no records whatsoever
-at least 21 entries have different numbers than forms
-for ~46 entries, county has internal records of ballots collected but no form.…
If you want to see all the Fulton County forms for yourself (and/or are media outlets running articles+videos about me), I've put them in a Google Drive.

It took 48+ hours in total entering+analyzing forms, including ~30 hours from last Monday-Thursday.…
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