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Exposing corporate & political conflicts of interest in the “South River Forest and Public Safety Training Center Community Task Force”

— PART 4: “History & Civil Rights NGO’s”

How corporate money shapes the ways we connect our history to the present.

#StopCopCity Image
#1 Jill Savitt, the National Center for Civil & Human Rights (@Ctr4CHR)

Jill Savitt seems to be a good person who genuinely cares abt working towards justice, but is caught up in a web of media, liberalism & big money that is actively attempting to neutralize her better angels. Photo and Bio of Jill Savitt
But regardless of her intent, as the face of a national center for Civil & Human Rights— someone with deep knowledge of conditions leading up to genocide, authoritarian regimes & other human rights atrocities— Savitt’s silence around the #StopCopCity movement has been noticeable. We, the People, pledge to a...
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look guys. if I'm an aspiring-domestic terrorist and I saw Sid Powell's operatives casually waltz inside Coffee County GA to STEAL ELECTION DATA?

I'd feel fine giving it a go in 2024.…
@dufort_jeanne @DavidManOnFire @MelissaJPeltier @carrybeyond @25Ribbits @jennycohn1 @MarilynRMarks1 @SaysDana @UROCKlive1 @MrTAchilles @AngieAsadourian @McDutchoven @rhonda_harbison @FixMediaNow @AnnaBower @barbetta1 @MsArielKnox @Ms_MMMJ @RichardBarronII @AhmedBaba_ @RachelBitecofer @gtconway3dg @amys_here @scafaria @Packy48 @ddreyer @DouglasNowCom @richardsdoug @CoalitionGoodGv @AP @philomath50 @Thom_Hartmann @11AliveNews @vaxxedandproud @ZcohenCNN @kelly2277 @the_peetape @LongCovidSP @markniesse @TrueTheVote @trcfwtt @hugolowell @FPWellman @justjessicaok @Ren_ManATL @GaSecofState @BrianKempGA @sprzyslp @washingtonpost writer's note: my thread is broken in multiple places because Elmo's sh**site is garbage and keeps stripping out replies

also FU Elmo for rat-effing WordPress connections so posts don't automatically post here

and furthermore EFF ELMO.

ahh. I feel better now.
@dufort_jeanne @DavidManOnFire @MelissaJPeltier @carrybeyond @25Ribbits @jennycohn1 @MarilynRMarks1 @SaysDana @UROCKlive1 @MrTAchilles @AngieAsadourian @McDutchoven @rhonda_harbison @FixMediaNow @AnnaBower @barbetta1 @MsArielKnox @Ms_MMMJ @RichardBarronII @AhmedBaba_ @RachelBitecofer @gtconway3dg @amys_here @scafaria @Packy48 @ddreyer @DouglasNowCom @richardsdoug @CoalitionGoodGv @AP @philomath50 @Thom_Hartmann @11AliveNews @vaxxedandproud @ZcohenCNN @kelly2277 @the_peetape @LongCovidSP @markniesse @TrueTheVote @trcfwtt @hugolowell @FPWellman @justjessicaok @Ren_ManATL @GaSecofState @BrianKempGA @sprzyslp @washingtonpost Scott Hall: indicted by Willis as many of us predicted

my dude was featured speaker at 🄴🄻🄴🄲🅃🄸🄾🄽 🄸🄽🅃🄴🄶🅁🄸🅃🅈 summit for MAGAs *not even few months after* flying hooligans to breach Coffee County machines

so bold.…
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Texas GOP voters.

Welcome to the world of other 'Red' States with an entrenched establishment.

When you realize what is happening it galvanizes a lot of people to action.

In GA, we experienced the same thing in 2021.

LOTS of anger. So many new people got involved.
We had fiery meetings in the aftermath of 2020.
Lots of censure resolutions.

Lots of fights on those.
The line we constantly heard was 'we dont need to fight each other, we need to fight Dems'

It fractured a lot of us.
Leadership battles, former leaders running to the press
To bad mouth the current leaders.

It was ugly.

Yes, Kemp won. Why? Because Stacy was a nightmare. But let me tell you the little secret they will not tell you about his 'win'..

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Good morning from Southern’s annual shareholders meeting, which is also Tom Fanning’s last as CEO

“I’m going to be your CEO for the next 15 minutes,” he said Image
Fanning: we’re at 90 percent power today at #Vogtle

The first reactor will reach 100 percent next week, he said.

100 percent. Next week. Been a long damn time coming

#Gapol #gapsc
Southern’s board unanimously chose Chris Womack to be the company’s CEO, Fanning said

Fanning told me - in 2019 - that he had given the board names of people who he thought would be good to succeed him and then said the final decision would be up to the board
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Exposing corporate & political conflicts of interest in the “South River Forest and Public Safety Training Center Community Task Force”

— PART 3: “Parks & Environmental NGO’s”

In this edition, we examine the NPIC’s role in manufacturing consent.

#1 Greta G. deMayo, @PATHFoundation

As Executive Director of the Path Foundation & regular collaborator w/ metro Atlanta city planning bodies, deMayo’s role on this taskforce is two-fold: provide professional capacity for “park/trail” planning for Cop City & lend legitimacy. Path partners with  city go...Photo of atlanta belt line ...
Now this thread is less about deMayo and more about the true power players— the @CityofAtlanta & the @PATHFoundation Board of Directors/ major donors. Ultimately an NGO ED serves at the behest of the Board & they have the power to fire deMayo, meaning their influence is HUGE.
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A far-right faction that has gained clout in the Georgia GOP wants to give the state party new powers to block candidates from qualifying to run as Republicans if they’re deemed to be insufficiently conservative or a “traitor” to the party. #gapol…
“If the candidate has shown himself to be a traitor to the principles of the party, then the party can vote to exclude him from qualifying at the next election.” A proposed Georgia GOP rule change would have big implications. #gapol…
“We can’t laugh it off.” The GRA used to be a fringe group, but with its growing clout within a diminished Georgia GOP, proposals like a rule change to snuff out Republican “traitors” can’t be readily dismissed anymore. A former GOP legislator suggests a countermeasure: #gapol
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NEW: SoS Brad Raffensperger has set Georgia's presidential preference primary for March 12, 2024, dealing a blow to Democrats' hopes for an earlier (if symbolic) contest and giving Republicans a chance to select delegates for multiple candidates. #gapol…
Georgia's presidential primary will come one week after "Super Tuesday" of states like Texas, California and North Carolina and a week before other key states like Arizona, Florida and Ohio.…
Georgia Republicans will get fewer RNC delegates this year (since they didn’t win Senate races or last WH contest in GA) but it’s early enough it could make a difference in the fight to unseat Trump’s frontrunner status.
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NEW: Judge gives Fulton County DA Fani Willis an extra two weeks to respond to Donald Trump's motion to essentially shut down any prosecution of post-2020 election interference after a fake elector joined the motion last week.

Combined response now due by May 15. #gapol Image
Last month, Trump's Georgia attorneys filed a sweeping motion seeking to:

-quash the semi-public special purpose grand jury final report
-prevent *any* prosecutors from using *any* evidence gathered by SPGJ
-disqualify Fulton DA from prosecution

That motion was joined last week by Cathy Latham, who was both a fake elector and involved with a scheme that led to unauthorized access to voting equipment in Coffee County.

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The tape of Scott Hall bragging about the voting system breach was played during the deposition of Gabe Sterling (GA SOS’s operating officer) in Feb 2022. But the SOS took no investigative action until Aug 2022 when he finally alerted the Bureau of Investigations. WTF? #gapol 1/
People want to believe that our institutions are holding. But the truth is that they often are not. In this instance, our institutions would neither have discovered the Coffee County breach, nor taken investigative action but 4 the eternal vigilance of @MarilynRMarks1. #gapol 2/
We need a nationwide investigation to determine where else these MAGA operators might have breached voting systems. As discovered by @SEGreenhalgh, however, @TheJusticeDept seems to have done NOTHING to investigate. We must help her hold their feet to the fire. #vigilance 3/ Image
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BREAKING: Fulton County DA Willis say she will announce this summer whether former President Donald Trump and his allies will be charged with crimes related to alleged interference in Georgia’s 2020 election… #gapol
Expect indictment announcement between July 11 and Sept. 1, DA Willis announced in a letter to local law enforcement, which urged them to be ready for “heightened security and preparedness.”… #gapol
The letters amount to one of the strongest signals yet that Willis is on the verge of trying to obtain an indictment against Trump and his supporters
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Cop city isn’t complicated. I’ve given plenty of opportunity for folks to reach out and no one has provided adequate answers for our questions. The simple reality is the community around the forest want the area cleaned up and developed *as they were promised in 2017.* 1/ #GAPol
They’re now being told the only way for that to happen is through cop city. It’s why I’ve found the most recent pr campaign offensive because it forces people to decide between a clean or disrupted community. This is an egregious bait and switch. People aren’t stupid. 2/
And, with the recent news about ruling Tortuguita’s death a homicide, I’ve lost all ability to grant any grace or benefit of the doubt on this issue. Cop city cannot be built because we’ve been shown time and again that communities are being lied to. 3/
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STORY: Fulton DA Fani Willis is seeking to remove a lawyer from representing 10 Georgia Republicans who served as fake 2020 electors for Donald Trump after several of them allegedly accused a fellow elector of breaking state law last week. #gapol…
The filing also allege the attorney also failed to notify her clients of potential immunity deals that prosecutors offered last summer + comes as charging decisions are expected soon in the sweeping investigation into Trump-led effort to overturn 2020.…
The DA's filing reveals that as recently as last week, her office interviewed some of the fake electors + some said that another elector represented by the same lawyer "committed acts that are violations of Georgia law" and they weren't a part of that.…
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NEW filing in Georgia election interference probe - DA Fani Willis seeking to DQ an attorney for 10 of the GOP fake electors, citing interviews *last week* where some electors pointed fingers at another for violating law among other things. #gapol…
Also, the DA's office says that some of the 10 fake electors that Kimberly Debrow represents said they were never offered potential immunity, despite co-counsel telling the court none of them were interested.

Important to note, this attorney does *not* represent GAGOP chair David Shafer, who's a likely target of future indictments, or Lt. Gov. Burt Jones, who isn't under investigation after DA was disqualified.…
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Sidney Powell reportedly “recruited the firm that employs the data forensics experts, SullivanStrickler, to copy software & data from Dominion… machines that [Coffee County, GA] used.” They had NO AUTHORITY. Where is ⁦@TheJusticeDept⁩?! 9/6/22 1/…
The 1/7/21 breach of Coffee County, GA was confirmed. Sidney Powell reportedly recruited the people who did it. Why have Powell and her associates not been indicted? What am I missing? @TheJusticeDept 2/… Image
WaPo has done many reports about the Coffee County, GA breach. It’s confirmed. Why have
there been no indictments for this seemingly clear cut crime???? 3/ @FaniforDA @TheJusticeDept…
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Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene just spoke at a protest in Manhattan, said Trump was innocent (of charges that nobody has seen), in a crowded area that was overwhelmingly media + that was only heard on cameras because she was drowned out IRL by some counterprotestors. #gapol
Rep. Greene said nothing she hasn't said before, there really wasn't a need for most of those cameras/people to turn it into a pushing/shoving media circus, we still don't know what the charges are and everyone's blowing smoke but hey, it's content!
I will be doing one (1) ~45 second audio newscast story about Georgia politicians' reactions pre- and post-arraignment because who is speaking out/what they say is worth covering, just not like the chaos others are manifesting!
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Our Georgia AAUP webpage has great @BORUSG university system salary data. Let’s see how many “teaching” positions we lose if the $66 million cut soon to passed by state lawmakers directly hits faculty 1/x #gapol
This table shows 2019 data of faculty titles, how many per title, and total salary. $66 million ends non-tenure jobs of last 4 categories: instructors, limited term, adjuncts, etc. That is roughly 15% of teaching staff 2/x
Or doing it another way, cutting 2/3 of non-tenured lecturers and senior lecturers. 1200ish positions to cut $66 million. Either option would decimate many humanities depts. 3/x
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So many different Right-$ groups inflating evidence for #schoolvouchers it’s impossible to ✋🛑 all of them. #txlege #gapol #neleg #INed #ksleg

But here’s the general pattern, using this EdChoice table as an example (there are many more):
1/ 🧵
First is the absence of abysmal negative OH, and IN results by teams led by Figlio and Berends, respectively.

Those studies use panel data and methods and find terrible statewide at-scale voucher effects—hugely relevant to legislation today.
But #schoolvouchers advocates drop them from tables like the 👆 because they’re not lottery-based studies. It’s true that lotteries are gold standard evaluation tool—but have well-known limitations re: scale and generalizability—key issues today.

Any case, you don’t drop them
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In exclusive interviews, five of the 23 special grand jurors recounted to @TamarHallerman & @ajccourts what it was like to be a pivotal — but anonymous — part of an investigation that could lead to criminal charges against Trump and his allies. #gapol…
They divulged that they had heard a recording of a phone call Trump placed to late House Speaker David Ralston in which the president asked the fellow Republican to convene a special session of the legislature to overturn Biden’s narrow victory. #gapol…
Former Sen. David Perdue was asked by the grand jurors about a meeting at Truist Park in December 2020, during which he told Gov. Brian Kemp he wanted the legislature to convene a special session to challenge Biden’s victory. #gapol…
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EXCLUSIVE: @ajccourts and I sat down with five of the Fulton County special grand jurors, who gave us a detailed, behind the scenes look at their eight months of service… #gapol
@ajccourts Among the new details they shared: 1. They heard a third Trump tape, a call with the late Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, 2. former U.S. Sen. David Perdue testified, 3. law enforcement was concerned about who might turn up on Mike Flynn's day that they brought in a bomb dog
@ajccourts We had previously known that Ralston and Trump had spoken in Dec. 2020, but the existence of a tape wasn't public knowledge. Audio of Trump's calls to Brad Raffensperger and elections investigator Frances Watson were almost immediately leaked to the press #gapol
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HAPPENING NOW: #SB233 is on the floor in the Georgia State Senate.
Follow along for updates!
#SB233 would give $6000 in public dollars for any student to attend private or homeschool, purchase curriculum, hire a tutor or pay tuition at a community college, among other "qualified education expenses."
Up to half the money provided for a K-12 education could be rolled over each year and at graduation used to go to a Georgia college or university. K-12 funding should not become anybody's college savings account.
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Problems with Senate Bill 233: A 🧵

First, let's talk dollars. The voucher provides $6,000 per student while Georgia general education public high school students only get $4,365. This voucher acts to prioritize discriminatory private schools over Georgia public schools. #GaPol
Next, we know that vouchers take money away that's desperately needed to maintain and improve public schools. Georgia does not provide any funding to educate students in poverty, no money for wifi or security either. Districts just have to ✨find✨ that money somewhere.
So what's the true cost of this bill? We don't know--the author didn't get a fiscal note. How will schools deal with the rising health care costs for bus drivers/parapros/etc (that the state does not pay) while millions are diverted to private schools?
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🚨 ALERT: Senate Republicans introduced shocking anti-voting #SB221, legislating intimidation, conspiracy & election subversion:
-makes mass voter challenges easier
-requires dangerous surveillance of voters
-targets election workers w/new felonies & misdemeanors
& more. Thread: Image
#SB221 is conspiracy as policy. Last year, GA conspiracy theorists challenged 92K voters. SB221 would lower the amount of proof required of challengers, force counties to consider challenges based on unreliable data, and undermine the NVRA.…
#SB221 risks mass voter intimidation, suborned by groups attacking mail voters. It includes wide latitude for staff to confront voters they believe are "improperly" dropping off ballots — based on disproven allegations that led to threats against voters and dismissed cases.
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#HB147 - the Governor’s Safe Schools Act passed out of the GA house today. This bill will absolutely lead to the racial profiling of Brown & Black kids and expose all kids to unnecessary harm at school in the form of armed intruder drills.

#GAPol 🧵/24
Some things to know:
1. Teachers have expressed valid concerns about school safety and have expressed interest in training. This is agreed upon by the many orgs who backed this bill. Including @GAEvoices @PAGE_EdNews @gsbacomm
That’s not really what #HB147 offers.
2. #HB147 creates a new, voluntary endorsement for educators through @Ga_PSC. An endorsement is like a merit badge for teacher training. This endorsement would train educators on multidisciplinary best practices for school safety and “identifying and deterring youth gangs” #GaPol
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THREAD: TODAY, 4 anti-voter bills are being considered in the Senate Ethics Committee at 5pm. Georgia, we need YOU to call and email committee members demanding they oppose these bills:

Max Burns: (404) 463-1376
Rick Williams: (404) 656-0082
Jason Anavitarte: (404) 656-0085 Image
Steve Gooch: (404) 656-9221
Marty Harbin: (404) 656-0078
Bo Hatchett: (404) 651-7745
John Kennedy: 404) 656-6578
Randy Robertson: (404) 656-0045
Brian Strickland: (404) 463-6598
Here’s what they’re considering:

SB 122: Would allow a flood of fake “audits” by conspiracy theorists, enabling bad actors to access ballots and placing new burdens on county workers who would have to contend with these requests while performing other duties.
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