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Georgia has a democracy crisis. The public and leaders in all sectors must demand reform so that our elections system is truly free and fair for all citizens. Today in GA there are TWO active election contest suits that question the validity and seek a redo on 2018 elections:
1. GOP State Rep Gasaway in N GA, who would get a 2nd do-over given abnormalities and 2. the race for Lt Gov where there is a freakishly abnormal “drop off”-- 100,000 missing votes in that race. Once unusual, both contest suits see cracks in the foundation of our system.
One is an R who is fighting on his own & one is brought by progressives, they both show our 16 year old paperless, insecure voting machines & our elections system overall is so flawed that it cannot be trusted to be delivering the will of the people. This is a bipartisan outrage.
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Georgia House speaker Ralston doesn’t want hand marked paper ballots even though every single independent IT expert recommends them & advises against touchscreens (except for ADA use). Pls politely let his spokesperson, @KalebMcMichen, know what u think about that. TY. #gapol 1/
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“An analysis of votes cast in the Georgia lieutenant governor’s race this past Nov suggests the results certifying Republican Geoff Duncan as the winner ‘are in substantial doubt,’ according to a professor of statistics at UC Berkeley [@philipbstark].”…
@philipbstark, “dean of UCB’s Division of Mathematical & Physical Sciences & an expert in election statistics...discerned a noticeable disparity in Duncan’s contest w/...Amico btwn undervote rates of paper ballots & those cast on the state’s obsolete electronic voting machines.”
“Stark said his analysis...’strongly suggests that malfunction, misconfiguration, bugs, hacking, or other error or malfeasance caused some [direct-recording electronic] voting machines not to record votes in the [Georgia] lieutenant governor’s contest.’” #gapol
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Proponents of touchscreen ballot marking devices sometimes claim w/o basis that voters make more mistakes when hand marking than when using a touchscreen. There are NO studies showing this, new scanners already detect under & over votes (no need for a touchscreen), and... 1/
...the many, many problems involving touchscreen voting systems over the years are almost always attributed to human error! Here is a recent example from the 2018 midterms in Texas.… 2/
Similarly, Nevada election officials blamed a “combination of human error and tech problems” for the “double voting” that occurred there in the midterms. 3/…
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One of my 2018 New Year's resolution was to learn Tableau. Waited until Dec., but I did it!

I decided to map DeKalb County, GA's performance for the 2018 governor's race.

Note that precincts moved and there have been county level inaccuracies. Receipt:…
Turnout in DeKalb surpassed the 2014 turnout of 53%, reaching 63% in 2018. 2016 turnout was 76%. The precincts with the highest turnout fall in the Decatur/Avondale and Northlake area. Convington Hwy had the lowest turnout at 26%. #gapol #electiontwitter…
No precinct in DeKalb reached 2016 turnout. If so, Stacey Abrams would be governor. Precincts in red are those with the lowest performance compared to 2016. Note that precinct boundaries changed. Stonecrest didn't exist in 2016. #gapol #electiontwitter…
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This is an election integrity GAME CHANGER! @VerifiedVoting, a highly respected national election integrity group, tells Georgia SAFE Commission 2 choose HAND marked paper ballots (touchscreens only for those who are unable 2 hand mark), not touchscreen barcode ballot markers! 1/
Here is an excerpt from @VerifiedVoting’s letter to the SAFE Commission. Thank you @VerifiedVoting! 2/
Here’s my latest piece on the dangers of touchscreen barcode ballot markers (like ES&S’s ExpressVote), which @VerifiedVoting now cautions against as well. Kemp and GA’s new Secretary of State have been keen for the state to buy them. @whowhatwhy 3/…
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This tenacious trio—Cathy Cox (Georgia), Kathy Rogers (GA, then Diebold, then ES&S), & Linda Lamone (MD)—has consistently defended touchscreen voting machines, disregarding the grave concerns raised again & again by independent IT experts. #gapol…
1. Cathy Cox was Georgia’s Secretary of State AND a Diebold cover girl at the same time.
2/ LaMone similarly allowed Diebold to use her name in its promotional materials.…
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During today’s SAFE Commission meeting in Georgia, the proponents of ES&S’s touchscreen barcode balloting system relied on a presentation by former GA Secretary of State Cathy Cox, a literal Diebold cover girl, who chose GA’s current terrible touchscreen system in 2002! #gapol 1/
2/ Cox’s election director at the time, Kathy Cox, recommended & then implemented the terrible touchscreen system for Cox. Rogers, who is now an ES&S Sr. VP, has been pushing GA to buy this new terrible touchscreen system from ES&S, which acquired Diebold in 2009.
3/ The more you dig, the worse it gets. #swampy
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1/ GA SOS Elex Dir. Chris Harvey minimizes the long lines during Nov election. Justifying the long line----they are failing to mention that it takes far longer and far more space than hand marked paper ballots. "Voting lines indication of GOOD things," he says. #gapol #SAFEcomm
2/ Blames equipment shortage on court sequestration of DREs.We told them that if they needed them to let us know and we'd help go to court. They said NOTHING.
3/ "Vote flipping" not really a problem because they were isolated and not concentrated and not "systemic," according to C. Harvey. Good grief!! Says may be voter error.
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Members of #BryanKemp's voting system commission, SAFE meet Wednesday, December 12 to decide on HACKABLE VOTING MACHINES for #Georgia.
Only permitting public comment AFTER decision.
Ask your state reps to attend.
10 to 4 at 237 Coliseum Dr, Macon GA
#PaperBallots #GApol
Find your #GA State Rep here:…
Let Georgia's SAFE Commission know that paper ballots WITHOUT BARCODES are the only reasonable choice for elections.
Emails below.
#PaperBallots #GApol
Call to Action thread from @IndivisibleGAco
Commission will meet to choose how to spend as much as $100 MILLION on new equipment for Georgia elections. That equipment may be no better than what they are replacing!
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From the bottom of my heart: Thank you.

I am so proud of the movement we built. Together, we redefined the politics of possible in the Deep South – but our fight is far from over. #gapol
When we kicked off our campaign in Albany almost a year and a half ago, we were told we would never win the Democratic primary. When we did, the pundits and pollsters said that a candidate like me in a state like Georgia would never poll above 30%. We did.
And when they said this race would be a walk for Republicans, they shifted Georgia from “Safe Republican” to “Lean Republican” to “Toss Up” in the same breath.

Beyond the pundits, beyond the polls, and beyond party labels, we fought because we believe in Georgia.
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Some reasons why absentee mail-in ballots were rejected in Georgia, per data from the Georgia Secretary of State's office:

CHANGED MIND (one voter in Stewart County) 1/ #gapol
VOTER IS DECEASED (42 ballots with variants of this one -- actually most of fhese were marked cancelled and not rejected). One man in South Georgia is marked as VOTER IS DECEASED AS OF THIS MORNING. #gapol
LOST THE BALLOT (79 ballots with variants -- most of these were also marked cancelled) #gapol
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A federal judge just issued a 43-page ruling with a split decision involving rejected ballots in the Georgia governor race. #gapol
The judge denied @staceyabrams request to count provisional ballots that were cast outside their county of residence, and accepted her request to require all counties to accept absentee ballots with errors or omissions in voters’ birthdates. #gapol
It’s not immediately clear how many ballots the ruling will effect. Gwinnett County was already ordered to accept absentee ballots with birthdate errors, and county officials said more than 300 could be affected. Kemp’s campaign pegged the number at around 400. #gapol
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The state just released details of its unsuccessful bid to land Amazon’s second headquarters that were previously shielded by state law from being disclosed to the public. #gapol
The state’s incentive package would have topped $2B for the project, including a $100M state investment in the site the company chose. #gapol
The biggest incentive would come from a boosted “mega project tax credit” that would have been valued at $1.3B+ for HQ2. #gapol
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A federal judge just issued a 56 page order that could affect thousands of provisional ballots in Georgia's race for governor. #gapol
The order by Judge Amy Totenberg blocks the Secretary of State from certifying the election until Friday and directs state and local officials to conduct a review of many of the provisional ballots. #gapol
The state also has to provide new, rolling updates of why provisional ballots were rejected and to set up a hotline for voters so they can determine whether their provisional ballots were counted. #gapol
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THREAD: The race for #GAGov is not over, and our fight will not end until every last ballot is counted, until every voice is heard, and until every vote is valued. #CountEveryVote #gapol

So, for today, here’s how you can help @staceyabrams and #TeamAbrams:
SUPPORTERS: We are using Hustle to contact voters and hear their stories of the challenges they faced while voting. Sign up for a few hours TODAY to Hustle (send texts) for us:… #CountEveryVote #gapol
LAWYERS: We need varied types of legal assistance at different times. Can you sign up to offer your services, and we’ll contact you if we can use your assistance? Add your name and experience here:… #CountEveryVote #gapol
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I want to make something very clear: This fight isn't about me. This fight is about making sure our democracy works for & represents everyone who has ever put their faith in it. It’s about fighting for every Georgian who cast a ballot with the promise that their vote would count.
It does not matter if you voted for me or my opponent. Every voter – regardless of party affiliation, race, or region – deserves to have a say in our Georgia. #GAGov #gapol
Right now, our campaign is pouring all of our resources into ensuring every ballot cast is a ballot counted. We are not taking our eyes off of this process, even for a moment. #CountEveryVote #gapol
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This thread discusses the role of white nationalist John C Hall Jr. (Dublin, Georgia) informally helping Brian Kemp's campaign for governor.

Specifically, it discusses Hall's role in circulating and amplifying the Stacey Abrams "flag burning" story of late October.

In an earlier thread, we discussed John C Hall Jr's harassment of a Stacey Abrams Oct 14 campaign stop in Dublin, Georgia.

We linked Hall to the white nationalist/southern secessionist League of the South, as well as to other white power organizers.

In late October, a 1992 photograph of Abrams burning the state flag surfaced on social media. This became a story in GA & national media.…

State flag which Abrams burned in protest incorporated the Confederate battle flag & was a symbol of white supremacy.
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THREAD: Today, @GeorgiaDemocrat released a list of some of the outstanding questions that remain as Kemp coronates himself this morning.

Why is @BrianKempGA rushing to declare himself the winner even as additional votes come in that could change the outcome? #GAGov #gapol
Why is @BrianKempGA rushing to declare himself the winner after pledging to count remaining votes on yesterday morning?

How regularly will Kemp continue to update the results page of his website as additional votes come in, even if those results are not positive for him? #gapol
Why has @BrianKempGA not made the county breakdown of provisional ballots available to the media, as he is required to do?

What additional information is Candidate Brian Kemp receiving from Secretary of State Brian Kemp's office that is not being shared with the media? #gapol
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Thank you everyone who is coming to the Nov. 13 meeting to support me and other disabled voters who’ve been dismissed about inaccessibility. I had a disabled woman tell me she experienced discrimination in Fulton. I’ve heard from others. This is a huge issue. #CripTheVote #GApol
This is a list I wrote for an abled voter and shared with a Georgia councilman who wants to do better by disabled voters. Please use to see if a place is really accessible. If it’s not, file complaints because disabled people are ignored, dismissed and abused when we do complain.
This causes some to not vote, others to not complain. We’re focused on our safety in the moment, voting and leaving. I’ve explained to well-meaning poll workers that just because they don’t perceive/aren’t told of inaccessibility or discrimination doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.
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Georgia Voters: Know your rights before you cast your ballot.

As long as you are in line by 7 PM, you must be allowed to vote. Stay in line until your ballot is cast. #gapol
If you have any trouble using touch-screen voting machines, please ask for assistance. Poll workers are there to help. #gapol
For all Georgia voters with unique needs: Your right to vote is yours, and no one can take it away from you. Polling precincts are required to have adequate accommodations for you to cast your ballot. #gapol
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Who's ready for some Georgia Maptober Madness? #gapol #atlpol
In an ideal world...I'd have a website started months ago, with NYT or Politico-level interactivity. But I don't have that capability. Instead, you'll have to deal with my awesome (sarcasm) ArcMap skills.

Here we go:
First, here's a much prettier map from the Census Buraeu (the only one I'll be sharing I didn't make myself) showing Georgia's population in 2010.
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As a former enforcement attorney for the Federal Reserve, I keep thinking about how @BrianKempGA hasn’t paid back $800K in “loans” he received from a bank, where he sat on the board. #gapol /1…
The Fed’s "Regulation O” provides that any loan a bank gives to an “insider,” like a member of its board of directors, must be on the same terms than it would give to any other customer. /2
Fox 5 reports that @BrianKempGA borrowed $1.3 million from his bank in 2007 on a one year term, and eleven years later, he still owes $675K. /3
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We have been calling out the discrepancy between in coverage in this race for over a year. Serving as a mouthpiece for opposition to Abrams w/out any push back is not journalism. Everyone contact @ajceditor
Kevin Riley, 404–526–2161,… #gapol
There has been a constant issue with false equivalency and problematic coverage that seeks to give certain factions wide latitude while creating controversy where non exists to stick it to Abrams. This happened during Netroots with the inaccurate reporting through now
@ajc debt shamed Abrams in the primary…
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