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SHOT: GOP Senate sneaks a $170 BILLION dollar tax break for real estate developers into the #coronavirus relief bill meant to help struggling Americans.

CHASER: The Real Estate Roundtable, the group pushing the tax break, gave GOP Senators more than $70,000. #COVID19
COLLINS: @SenatorCollins’ campaign committee took $11,500 in contributions from The Real Estate Roundtable PAC. #MESen…
MCCONNELL: @senatemajldr took $17,500 from The Real Estate Roundtable over the course of his long career. #KYSen…
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On @PoliticsGPB, House Speaker David Ralston says the two most divisive topics in this year’s budget negotiations - tax cuts and teacher pay raise - will likely both be off the table when lawmakers return due to the devastating economic fallout of coronavirus. #gapol 1/
Says Ralston: “I'm not sure that the tax cut, in this type of emergency, is the wisest course to go,” he said. “And I don't think that giving a huge pay increase to one group of state employees is a wise course to go.” #gapol
More Ralston: “Those two items took up a lot of room in the state budget that we frankly may not have. I'm not trying to make news, I'm just trying to deal with reality here and kinda lay out there where we’re going to be when we’re able to go back.” #gapol
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Follow along here as I'll be live tweeting tonight's #coronavirus town hall meeting with @GovKemp #gapol
Updates and context will also appear in our running blog on @ajc from @TamarHallerman and @bluestein. #coronavirus #gapol…
Appreciate the ASL interpreter appearing in the corner of tonight's #coronavirus town hall. #gapol
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Another election scam underway in Georgia. First they assure us that changing voters’ registration status to “inactive” doesn’t necessarily mean they will be purged. Then they suppress those voters during the coronavirus pandemic w/ a verbal sleight of hand. 😡 #gapol #shameless
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Loeffler's stock trading scandal starting to spiral out of control: CBS reporting that Loeffler’s husband (CEO of parent company of NY Stock Exchange) sold $3.5M in ICE shares on Feb 26… #GASen #gapol
Ethics expert: “It's appalling… These are people in a privileged position, and it looks like they took advantage of it.” #GASen #gapol…
“Experts told CBS MoneyWatch Loefflier's Senate disclosure form, filed March 12, should have included any trades made by her spouse as well as by her. That would include Sprecher's ICE stock sales, even if he was the sole owner of the shares” #GASen #gapol…
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As former Chief Executive of a company with publicly traded securities, I oversaw investor relations & capital markets. Here’s what I believe @SenDavidPerdue hopes you won’t notice about the suspicious stock trades he made after attending Senate #coronavirus briefings: THREAD 1/8
1️⃣ Perdue bought stock in pharmaceuticals — not just any pharma company — he invested up to $245,000 in #Pfizer, which just announced its plan to create a #Coronavirus vaccine. Bear with me, it gets worse. 2/8…
2️⃣Perdue also bought shares of #DuPont — a leading manufacturer of #PPE including face masks, gloves, hazmat suits — essential healthcare supplies our hospitals and healthcare professionals are currently in desperately short supply of. 3/8
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While moving the presidential primary to May 19 is sensible given the public health emergency, @GaSecofState & @GovKemp must guarantee ballot access and reassure voters that every vote will count–particularly given the crisis of confidence in GA's elections. 1/6 #gapol
Georgia must immediately implement an all-mail ballot election for the upcoming primary on May 19. 2/6
We do not have to choose between the health and well-being of Georgia voters and poll workers and the integrity of our election process. The state legislature has the power to amend state law, allowing for ballots to be sent to every voter. 3/6
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Thread on #Georgia @GaDPH Mar 13 Interim Guidance for Clinicians Evaluating, Reporting, and Requesting Diagnostic Testing for Possible #COVID19 Cases #coronavirus #publichealth. Original document available at…. I've archived it here…
Let me preface this by saying I have no medical training or special knowledge. I urge those who can to correct anything I get wrong here.

My main concern is that it remains difficult to get #COVID19 testing. People who are reluctant to take other #publichealth measures such as
social isolation frequently say things like "There are no confirmed cases in our area." IMO, that's true because too few people have been tested. So let's examine the document.
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Athens County, Ga had voted to use #HandMarkedPaperBallots at polling places. The State Election Board just ordered them to instead use new touchscreen voting machines from Dominion whose lobbyist is a former chief of staff to Gov. Brian Kemp (when he was Sec of State). #gapol 1/
3/ The issue was ballot secrecy (the touchscreens are gigantic), but another concern with these machines is security. Most election-security experts advise against universal use ballot marking devices as I discuss here.…
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Students protested Georgia’s new touchscreen voting machines (BMDs) and held signs, which read, ‘Electronic voter-suppression, hand-marked paper ballots.’” #HandMarkedPaperBallots #gapol 1/…
Students Libby Seger & John Peterson believe Georgia shld revert to hand-marked paper ballots.
“‘They are verifiable, they are non-hackable, and it gives the voter opportunity to look at their vote & circle in who they are voting for and have confidence in it,’ Seger said.” 2/
“‘[These machines] give us no way to verify that what you clicked on the machine, and the words on the bottom of the page are actually what’s in the QR code.’” 3/
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Much like the failure of LA county’s Knowink e-pollbooks last week. Georgia’s Knowink e-pollbooks failed during a pilot election last year. Georgia plans to use them statewide in March. 😳#gapol #LAVotes 1/
3/ Per @ericgeller, Knowink’s e-pollbooks are used in 25 states & DC, and the default password for these e-pollbooks was/is 1234.
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The Georgia State Election Board is holding an emergency hearing next week to determine whether Athens-Clarke County is violating state laws by not conducting elections on the state’s new $104 million BMDs, using #handmarkedpaperballots instead. #gapol…
According to a notice sent to the county board of elections, Athens-Clarke officials should be prepared to present evidence explaining why it voted 3-2 to determine that it would be “impossible and impracticable” to use BMDs.…
The investigation is looking into potential violations of at least six different state laws and rules regarding elections, including:

-§ 21-2-300
-§ 21-2-265
-§ 21-2-266
-§ 21-2-267
-and State Election Board Rules 183-1-12-.01 and 183-1-14-.02…
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Praise for @POTUS @realDonaldTrump's Coronavirus Response. Here are the TOP TWEETS: Name of person, then their tweet follows.
Rep. Matt Gaetz
The country can take great comfort in the fact that @realDonaldTrump has built teams to solve problems his entire life. America is armed with some of the best scientists in the world and in a better position to address coronavirus under @POTUS's leadership.
Governor Larry Hogan
On behalf of all my colleagues, I want to thank @POTUS for putting @VP in charge of the federal response. It’s good to have a former governor running this coordinated response as state and local officials lead our preparedness efforts on the front lines.
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THREAD: Georgia's anti-voting rights bill of 2020 is here.
#SB463 #gapol
1. Because the Sec of State and State Election Board (SEB) failed to do its job in preparation for the 3/24 primary, they are now forcing #SB463 onto GA’s legislature and passing blame for their failures onto GA’s counties. Here’s one example out of many:…
2. #SB463 would remove responsibility from the SEB to ensure counties are complying with federal laws; it could allow counties to reject absentee ballots that do not include copies of photo ID;
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This is a five alarm fire. It shows that Georgia election officials never intended to have verifiable elections. No one in this day and age with good intentions conducts electronic (as opposed to manual) recounts. GA’s new voting machines might as well be paperless. #gapol
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At the Georgia State Election Board meeting today, students silently protest the state’s new voting machines, which print a summary card w/ a QR code. The QR code, which voters can’t read, will be the only part counted as their vote—even in a recount. #BanQRCodeVoting #gapol 1/
Photograph via @dufort_jeanne. #BanQRCodeVoting 2/
The QR code is proprietary to the vendor. Voters can’t decode it. They wld just see numbers. 3/
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Good morning, #GaPol and Georgia voters! It's time for another @GaSecofState State Election Board meeting! Reviewing the new regulations that may or may not apply to elections that start on Monday. In 3 days.
First up is a blind voter whose interaction with the election system have demonstrated that with the present setup, blind voters are unable to use them without assistance. Would love to hear from @RebeccaCokley and other disability advocates to evaluate this system thoroughly.
GSU student and campus @GACollegeDems who is unhappy with the way the SEB is running things
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I had the pleasure of meeting @JoeProfit_6 this morning at the @cobbgop precinct caucus.

I invite you to check him out. He is running in the GA 06 primary to defeat @lucymcbath
His personal story and plan for Congress impressed me.
Joe is not your typical insider politician. He has passion and presence, and I hope others will take notice.
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I took the next step on my political journey today. I attended my local @cobbgop precinct caucus, which is the 1st step in electing delegates to the state convention here in GA
Since I am new to the whole process, I had no idea what to expect, but I left feeling energized and excited. It wa interesting to talk to other people in my district, and hear the stories from their long years of experience. They were happy to meet a 'young' passionate rookie.
Many of the local politicians were there to make their stump speeches.
They reminded us that the Democrats are already pouring $ into GA local races because they want to retake the State houses across the country.
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This is such a dangerous setup. Where else will activation of new voting machines require that voters insert a coded card or ballot prepared on new internet or blue tooth connected e-pollbooks?! L.A. county for one. Where else?! No one knows. No one is looking. #gapol 😳
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#WI #GA #State #ElectionIntegrity
1/Why did 70% of America move away from electronic voting machines to #HandMarkedPaperBallots?
@GovKemp @GaSecofState @krayburn PLS set us straight on why you chose #QRbarcodeVoting for GA?
@Georgia_NAACP @DPGChair…
@GovKemp @GaSecofState @krayburn @Georgia_NAACP @DPGChair Science tells us that many VOTERS don't even look at the paper. Don't read it. Don't verify it. Human Nature. @GaSecofState @GovKemp @krayburn blame the VOTERs. Voters get abused by machine marked #QRbarcodeVoting and Ga's #GoodOlBoys blame the victims.…
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The president of @Georgia_NAACP slams @GaSecofState for its attempt 2 mislead the black community re: GA’s new voting machines (ballot marking devices). @GaSecofState calls these “paper ballot” systems, but the only part counted as ur vote is a QR code. #disgrace #gapol ⬇️ 1/
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Georgia rejected #HandMarkedPaperBallots in favor of machine-marked paper crap w/ QR codes (supposedly encapsulating ur votes) under the pretext that the paper also includes human readable text. Turns out they plan to count only the QR codes, even in a recount. 😡#scam #gapol 1/
3/ Georgia voters should tell their county election officials to reject these QR code voting systems (universal use ballot marking devices) and use #HandMarkedPaperBallots at the polls instead. This is called #PlanB. The grass roots push for it needs help.
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In light of Romney's decision and the debacle we witnessed in the house, ask yourself this.
What are you going to do about it?
The margin in the Senate must be enlarged. The House needs to be retaken.
What will you do to make that happen?
The tide is turning. People are seeing the truth of the Democrats with their own eyes. They are disgusted.
They are persuadable.
What are you going to do to persuade them to vote for our side instead of sitting out?
I know what I am going to do. Get off the sidelines and become highly involved. I began last night by attending a SOTU watch party at my local GOP office. I introduced myself, said I am here to help, and what can I do?
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