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12 Feb
BREAKING: The 2020 census redistricting data, needed to redraw voting maps, is now expected by Sept. 30, a senior Democratic aide briefed by the Census Bureau tells NPR. The 6-month delay allows for more quality checks and could throw elections into chaos.
2. This delay, first reported by @miwine & @emilybazelon of The New York Times, is expected to be publicly announced by the Census Bureau soon.

The census schedule has been dogged by COVID-19 and the Trump administration's interference.

(Sorry for 1st tweet's typo: *data are)
@miwine @emilybazelon 3. A Senate bill that formally extends the legal deadlines for 2020 census results — to 9/30 for redistricting data and 4/30 for apportionment counts — will be introduced soon, say Sen. @brianschatz (D-Hawaii), plus Sen. @lisamurkowski and @SenDanSullivan, both Alaska Republicans WASHINGTON — U.S. Senators Brian Schatz (D-Hawai‘i), Lis
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27 Jan
BREAKING: The 2020 census results used to determine each state’s share of votes in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College for the next 10 years are now expected to be released on April 30, Census Bureau official Kathleen Styles announced during @NCSLorg webinar
@NCSLorg 2. These first results from the 2020 census, now expected on April 30, are the latest state population counts used for congressional reapportionment. Styles said the release date for the redistricting data states need to redraw voting districts remains unclear.
@NCSLorg 3. Here's the Census Bureau's current schedule for putting together the 2020 census apportionment counts (NB: redistricting data's release data is still TBD)
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27 Jan
The first results from the Census Bureau's new Household Pulse Survey questions about the COVID-19 vaccines are in
2. Fewer than 1 in 10 adults in the U.S. have received a COVID-19 vaccine so far, the Census Bureau estimates
3. ICYMI, this month the Census Bureau's Household Pulse Survey (the one the bureau's texting and emailing people about) started asking about people's plans to get a COVID-19 vaccine:
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27 Jan
You regular reminder that the 2020 census is not over yet — and the Biden administration is on track to have a permanent Cabinet-level official in place next month to oversee the release of the first set of numbers, which are expected in early March:
2. The first census results to be released are the latest state population counts used to determine each state's share of votes in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College for the next 10 years. Those numbers were legally due on Dec. 31, but the pandemic...
3. ...and the Trump admin's last-minute schedule changes disrupted the Census Bureau's plans for quality checks that make sure no person living in the U.S. is counted more than once or in the wrong place.

The delay means redistricting will also likely be delayed.

Stay tuned.
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26 Jan
After Feb. 1, the Census Bureau is likely to have a new confirmed commerce secretary who intends to depoliticize the count and listen to its experts to ensure that 2020 census results are accurate.

My write-up of Gov. @GinaRaimondo’s confirmation hearing:
@GinaRaimondo 2. If confirmed, Raimondo would oversee a Census Bureau that had been caught in a partisan firestorm during the Trump administration, when the expertise of civil servants was repeatedly overruled and undermined.

Raimondo is signaling a different approach:
@GinaRaimondo 3. Until today's hearing, Raimondo had not made a single public comment about the census since being named as President Biden's pick for commerce secretary — not at the Jan. 8 event where Biden introduced Raimondo and not in this:
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26 Jan
Here are Gov. @GinaRaimondo's first public comments on the census since becoming President Biden's commerce secretary nominee (in response to the first question about the census at Raimondo's confirmation hearing, asked more than an hour into the hearing by Sen. @brianschatz): “I believe that we need to take the politics out of the ce
@GinaRaimondo @brianschatz 2. @GinaRaimondo responds to the second question about the census at her confirmation hearing, asked by @SenatorTester (D-Mont.): “First, we have to take the politics out. And secondly, yo
@GinaRaimondo @brianschatz @SenatorTester 3. How @GinaRaimondo responded to the third question about the census at her confirmation hearing, asked by @SenatorSinema (D-Ariz.): “I commit to taking the politics out of census, relying on
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26 Jan
President Biden's pick for the next commerce secretary to oversee the Census Bureau, Rhode Island Gov. @GinaRaimondo, is set to testify before @SenateCommerce Committee starting at 10 a.m. ET

Stream: commerce.senate.gov/2021/1/nominat…

More on Raimondo & the census:
@GinaRaimondo @SenateCommerce 3. Outgoing chair of the @SenateCommerce Committee @SenatorWicker (R-Miss.) says he expects the Senate confirmation of Gov. @GinaRaimondo's as the next commerce secretary "will certainly occur."
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25 Jan
NEW: The Biden administration has appointed Meghan Maury — policy director of @TheTaskForce and a former member of the Census Bureau's National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic, and Other Populations — as a senior adviser at the bureau Meghan Maury - Senior Advisor, U.S. Census Bureau
@TheTaskForce 2. Meghan Maury is well versed in the challenges facing the Census Bureau and the 2020 census, which Maury has been tracking for years as a NAC member and census advocate:
@TheTaskForce 3. Given Maury's track record of advocating for equal rights for LGBTQ people, it's worth noting that both President Biden and Vice President Harris have supported adding sexual orientation & gender identity questions to the 2030 census & federal surveys:
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22 Jan
BREAKING: Census Bureau signals it's reevaluating the need to continue a Trump admin project that uses gov't records to produce block-level citizenship data, which could benefit Republicans during redistricting. Bureau says it'll ask DOJ if existing data meet "statistical needs" JAN. 21, 2021 — The U.S. Census Bureau is implementing the
2. Census Bureau also confirms in this statement that it's "implementing" President Biden's Jan. 20 executive order that requires all person living in U.S., regardless of immigration status, to be included in census numbers used to reapportion House seats:
3. The Census Bureau has now officially confirmed my scoop for @NPR that all work on producing a count of unauthorized immigrants, as requested by now-former President Donald Trump, was suspended on Jan. 12:
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21 Jan
One year ago today, members of the Nunakauyarmiut Tribe in Toksook Bay, Alaska became the first people counted for the 2020 census
2. Since 1960, counting for the U.S. census has started in the most remote parts of the state in January, ahead of the rest of the country. That's when the ground is still frozen, making it easier for door knockers to reach far-flung communities
3. Last year, in addition to COVID-19, warming temperatures and thawing permafrost made it harder to get an accurate count for the 2020 census in some of Alaska's most remote communities
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21 Jan
NEW: President Biden's census executive order revokes Trump's apportionment memo *and* Trump's executive order on collecting citizenship records — but it does not address Trump admin directives for the Census Bureau to produce block-level citizenship data
2. ICYMI, the Trump admin directed the Census Bureau to use gov't records to produce block-level citizenship data that GOP strategist Thomas Hofeller concluded "would be advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites" when redrawing voting districts
3. The executive order Biden signed today does not end that citizenship data project, but it does rescind Trump's July 2019 executive order that directed federal agencies to share records with the Census Bureau. It's not clear what will happen to the records the bureau's compiled
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20 Jan
NEW: One of Biden’s first executive orders will revoke the Trump administration’s policy of excluding unauthorized immigrants from a key census count that, according to the Constitution, must include the “whole number of persons in each state.” From the Biden transition team: Reverse President Trump’s Executive Order Excluding Undocu
2. After being sworn in as the 46th president of the U.S., Biden is expected to sign this executive order about the census apportionment counts at around 5:15 p.m. ET, after which the actual text of the order is set to be released.
3. “President-elect Biden will ensure that the Census Bureau has time to complete an accurate population count for each state,” the Biden transition team’s fact sheet says.

This, however, will also require Congress to pass a new law that extends legal reporting deadlines.
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19 Jan
I was surprised to see the Pew Research Center & Yale researchers mentioned in the outgoing Trump-appointed Census Bureau director's latest blog post on the noncitizen data request that got called off after whistleblower complaints, so I did some digging..
census.gov/newsroom/blogs… It is my understanding that estimates of unauthorized non-ci
2. In case you need more background, Steven Dillingham tried to pressure career civil servants at the bureau to produce a data report with state-by-state figures of noncitizens that one whistleblower said would have been "statistically indefensible":
3. Dillingham's blog post is correct that the Pew Research Center produces unauthorized immigrant estimates. That research is led by a demographer who used to work at the bureau. Here's more on Jeffrey Passel:
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19 Jan
Today is Steven Dillingham’s last full day as Census Bureau director.

Dillingham’s departure at noon ET tomorrow clears the entire slate of Trump appointees at the bureau, where Ron Jarmin, the career deputy director, will serve again as acting director.
2. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for Dillingham to answer my thread of questions about the state-by-state figures of noncitizens that he tried to rush out before Census Bureau whistleblowers complained to the @CommerceOIG:
@CommerceOIG 3. It's not clear exactly when they're out, but I've confirmed all 3 of the newest, controversial Trump appointees at the Census Bureau will have resigned by tomorrow too. My earlier reporting on Nathaniel Cogley, Earl "Trey" Mayfield & Benjamin Overholt:
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18 Jan
BREAKING: Trump's Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham is stepping down on Jan. 20, months before the end of his term, after whistleblowers complained he was pushing for "statistically indefensible" data.

My report (confirming @Tierney_Megan scoop):
@Tierney_Megan 2. The Census Bureau's has posted Dillingham's email announcing his Jan. 20 departure here:
census.gov/newsroom/blogs… To the Outstanding Women and Men of the U.S. Census Bureau: I have been a career civil servant stretching over several d
@Tierney_Megan 3. Dillingham says in a blog post on Census Bureau's website that an unnamed Biden transition official asked him to continue serving as director "during & after the transition." Request's timing is not clear. I've reached out to the Biden team for comment.
census.gov/newsroom/blogs… My retirement plans have progressed over several weeks. My p
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17 Jan
NEW: The chair of @TheBlackCaucus, @RepBeatty (D-Ohio), is joining @RepDavids (D-Kan.) and the chairs of the @CAPAC and @HispanicCaucus in calling for Trump's Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham to resign for trying to rush out an inaccurate data report about noncitizens “I call for Director Dillingham's immediate resignation. I
@TheBlackCaucus @RepBeatty @RepDavids @CAPAC @HispanicCaucus 2. “In using the Census Bureau to carry out a political agenda, Dr. Steven Dillingham has made it clear that he cannot be trusted to lead the agency in producing accurate, fair, and quality data needed to inform the 2020 Census," Rep. @sharicedavids (D-Kan.) says “In using the Census Bureau to carry out a political agend
@TheBlackCaucus @RepBeatty @RepDavids @CAPAC @HispanicCaucus @sharicedavids 3. "We cannot risk having a Census Bureau Director in the coming months who is willing to undermine the accuracy and integrity of the Census for political purposes," @RepJudyChu (D-Calif.) of @CAPAC says.
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16 Jan
NEW: Census Bureau instructs staff to comply with the court order in Nat'l Urban League-led lawsuit that bans, before Biden is sworn in, the release of census data that would allow Trump to alter counts that determine representation in Congress & Electoral College for next decade JAN. 16, 2020 — Yesterday, ...
2. Here's the link to the Census Bureau's full statement about the National Urban League-led lawsuit being put on hold until Feb. 5:
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15 Jan
BREAKING: Trump administration attorneys confirm to a federal judge that Census Bureau and the Commerce Department will not release the data needed for Trump to try to alter census apportionment counts before the end of his term, as first reported by @NPR
beta.documentcloud.org/documents/2045… Image
@NPR 2. Justice Department attorneys & plaintiffs in the National Urban League-led lawsuit are asking U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh to put this suit over the Trump admin's census schedule changes on hold for 3 weeks to allow the incoming Biden admin to "assess" the case. Pursuant to Civil Local Rul...
@NPR 3. Justice Department attorneys acknowledge that the Trump administration remains under "obligations to respond to information requests from Congress or the Office of the
Inspector General" Image
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15 Jan
NEW: Calls for the resignation of the Census Bureau's Trump-appointed director — Steven Dillingham, whose term ends on Dec. 31 — are now coming from Democrats in Congress. including @RepJudyChu, Rep. @GerryConnolly (L) and @SenatorShaheen (R) (H/T @ZachMontellaro & @lbarronlopez) “Even in the waning days of this administration, Mr. Dilli“The Trump administration waged a damaging campaign agains
@RepJudyChu @GerryConnolly @SenatorShaheen @ZachMontellaro @lbarronlopez 2. Some civil rights group leaders also called for the bureau director's resignation this week after @CommerceOIG revealed Dillingham tried to rush out a data report on noncitizens that a career official said would be "statistically indefensible"
@RepJudyChu @GerryConnolly @SenatorShaheen @ZachMontellaro @lbarronlopez @CommerceOIG 3. "Officials like Steven Dillingham who cannot put the needs of the nation over the demands of a twice impeached President should resign," says @RepJudyChu (D-Calif.), chair of @CAPAC "The Trump Administration's attacks on the Census have
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13 Jan
NEW: Trump's Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham tells @CommerceOIG that he has directed career employees to "stand down" and stop trying to produce a technical data report about noncitizens after whistleblowers raised concerns about data inaccuracy
census.gov/content/dam/Ce… ImageImageImage
@CommerceOIG 2. Dillingham's memo replying to Commerce Dept Inspector General Peggy Gustafson provides the Census Bureau director's account of why he said the technical data report on noncitizens should be a "number one priority." My earlier reporting for background:
@CommerceOIG 3. Before Trump put out the July 2020 memo calling for unauthorized immigrants to be omitted from apportionment counts, he put out this July 2019 executive order about using government records to produce data after losing the citizenship-question battle
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13 Jan
NEW: Leading census advocates are calling for Census Bureau Dir. Steven Dillingham, a Trump appointee, to immediately resign for prioritizing "unconstitutional & premature production" of a data report on noncitizens. From @ArturoNALEO, @johncyangdc & @Wade4Justice @civilrightsorg “In light of the letter fro...
@ArturoNALEO @johncyangdc @Wade4Justice @civilrightsorg 2. "Dillingham’s order to divert precious staff time away from producing the apportionment count & into producing data on citizens & noncitizens for political, partisan purposes is a betrayal of the mission of the Bureau," they say.

More on that report:
@ArturoNALEO @johncyangdc @Wade4Justice @civilrightsorg 3. By the way, I'm still waiting for the @uscensusbureau to respond to my questions about why Director Steven Dillingham has pressured career civil servants to make this data report on noncitizens a top priority.
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