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Professor of Glaciology at Scripps Polar Center @Scripps_Polar @Scripps_Ocean; studies Antarctic Ice Sheet with satellites. Graduate of @UCL & @UTAS_
10 Jun
In the late 1990s, Greenland and Antarctica were thought of as enormous but slow-changing freshwater reservoirs. We knew their waxing/waning during glacial cycles had caused sea level to rise/fall by 400 ft, but this had happened over 10s of 1000s of years.

A long icy🧵. 1/24
A big wake-up call came in the early 2000s, when Antarctica’s Larsen B Ice Shelf collapsed in 2002 in a matter of weeks, and huge outlet glaciers in southeast and west Greenland, such as Jakobshavn, Helheim and Kangerlussuaq glaciers lost their floating tongues. 2/24
It was not so much the collapse of floating ice that caused alarm – it’s already floating – but the ice behind the ice shelves, that sits on land, began to flow faster into the ocean. 3/24
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7 Nov 20
This is what this means to me: as most of you know, I am British, and always will be. But, in February 2017, we became US citizens, after nearly 18 years here. For me it was bittersweet, I just could not get into it, it all felt wrong; I felt I was selling part of my soul. 1/6
When we came out after the ceremony, there was a cardboard cut-out of President Obama and Michelle Obama by the Democratic party booth, and I had my photo taken next to them as I registered to vote. 2/6 Image
For the next 3.9 years I watched this country get suffocated by a president with no interest in the common good: dividing us all; inciting hate against anyone white, straight and able; totally disregarding science. Literally he assaulted every single one of my values. 3/6
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