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Print magazine edited by Susanne Kries & Nicky Gardner. Intelligent travel writing on offbeat areas of Europe. Issue 62 was published on 11 November 2020
26 Mar 20
We can't travel, but we can explore Europe via the pages of our magazine. Each morning we focus in one of our back issues – all of which are available via our website (and all orders will help us immensely at this difficult time). Today our issue in focus is hidden europe 37.
In this issue we meet meet Anton Maller, a master violin maker, in his home town of #Mittenwald in the #Alpshiddeneurope.co.uk/second-fiddle-…

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We visit the capital of San Marino, clustered around the summit of Monte Titano to catch the flavour of another Europe, a long-forgotten Europe composed of a myriad of small city-states: hiddeneurope.co.uk/la-serenissima…

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