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8 Apr
Isn't that interesting

Starting from 2011, Jamestown Foundation where @adrianzenz works, talks about the spread of Wahabbism in Xinjiang and how Uyghur militants were using Turkey to go fight for isis!

(Aka confirming China's version as true)
His own employers say the story is false!
Ayman Al Zawahari issued a call for Jihad in 2016.
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8 Apr
In the interest of fairness, let us do a thread on Ilhan Omar:

This is strange.
.@DefendGlendale is a non-profit advocacy group for public housing. They obtained emails from the MPHA authority to get then Minnesota representative to lobby for privatization of public housing.

Read their article

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7 Apr
There is only one Korea created by the consent of the people and it is not the US-occupied region!
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7 Apr
.@latimes has a film critic who has a hard time believing that the holocaust was horrific. He could fact-check instead of assuming.
If anything, these films censored the horror because reality would be too disgusting.
Here are officers having fun right outside the chambers.
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6 Apr
Can we refrain from using the holocaust as a historical analogy when it is not applicable?
X is just like Y is a pretty bad analysis form because you don't get reasoning and logic. No one identifies the key features that make it similar.

Better approach a more targeted analysis.
Step 1: Do you understand why a social taboo and/or law exists?

In post-war Europe, holocaust denial laws had a very practical purpose:

With millions of Nazi collaborators, what is the best way to spot the Nazi?

Banning Mein Kampf and see who cries about it!
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6 Apr
Not entirely their fault. The educational system is purposefully vague because they don't want students to do too much introspection to their reality.
Telling the truth about fascism can be frightening for some education systems.

In the UK..it is like...
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27 Mar
For everyone who is melting down on this thread, I will explain the "immortal technique" [mostly a tongue-in-cheek joke to refer to dialectical materialism] of dialectics.
Argument 1: "She supports #MedicareForAll and #Medicare4all is not pro-business"

#MedicareForAll in comparison to #Gofundmecare is not pro-business.

#MedicareForAll in comparison to full nationalization is pro-business.
Being publicly in support of Abolishing Ice is not imperialist if we compare it to "child cages"

But, it is imperialist if we compare it to ending US-supported death squads, wars and the IMF.
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27 Mar
Well, to be fair she attacks all critiques to her left on that.

But the time seems ripe for my thread on the real @aoc vs the myth.

She graduated from Boston U in 2011.

She was a very *pro business* person. She worked at a start-up incubators.
This is @aoc with Kristen Gillibrand in 2012.
In 2010, while she was in BU, she studied abroad in Niamey. There was some kind of color revolution there around that time (make what you will)

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27 Mar
That is a non-dialectical way of looking at hate groups.

We can look at different hate groups throughout history to see why they were formed [thread].
In 1872, the house and senate investigated the presence of the KKK in post-civil war south.
In this hearing, they found out two things: the KKK was funded by former slaveowners (people with tons of money and hegemony) and it have a very effective way of combating solidarity through massive terror, murder and kicking out people.
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27 Mar
When trying to ascertain the truth, too many people don't understand what is being printed and what is not being printed.
News does not print articles because it is an important event.

An event becomes important because the new prints it!
The very first thing to ask before you read any article is "Why am I reading it?" and "how am I reading it?"
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27 Feb
TLDR: In re the occupied part of Korea... since the US occupied it, it more or less has the same problems as the US.

Income inequality, proleterization, debt, high cost of housing, unemployment etc.
The other half also has problems, but their problems stem from US sanctions.

They are not food sovereign and can never be.

By the way, the army is 1 million strong. They are marxists. If they didn't like their leader, they could easily overthrow him.
This is a country that fought Japanese (mostly self-liberated like Yugoslavia). Then they fought the US without having an air force.

They can take on a leader if he were not what they wanted.
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26 Feb
For the simple reason that you have not gotten as sick and outraged about Babi Yar as you have about the USSR's oppression.

You have made 0 efforts to educate people about the Ost campaign that killed millions of Ukrainians.
And the fact that you think there is absolutely no difference between the people who murdered 45,000 Jews and Babi Yar and the people who fought them.

Bandera Fans was known as the OUN
Stalin "supporters" were the red army.
Me on the other hand, have precisely done the opposite
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26 Feb
I am not entirely 100% sure if your family were not er.... "victims of communism"
They were literate and had family archives in Tsarist Russia.
Her grandmother who was literate met with the Tsar.
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22 Feb
*TEKNIKULLY he is not Ben Shapiro, but he has been trained to argue just like him. He can't fathom he is so wrong that he cannot actually do a gotcha on a technicality. No. No. No.

These are two different dynamics. You can look up the Brest-Listvok treaty and "nazi laws"
It is not about what I think. It is about "what happened" between 1900-1945.

While, yes, TEKNIKULLY, it is possible that some people could have been maybe forced to join the Wehrmacht, but research a) rules of the wehrmacht, the economy, the state of things and THE PAY SCALE
Nazi Germany did not have to force anyone to join the army because all they did was enact austerity, increase unemployment, decrease wages and make small businesses shut down. Then, they were like "look at how much the army pays."

Why did Nazi Germany have so many resources?
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22 Feb
This is How New York Times framed Action T4.

When you cite New York Times to prove something the Nazis did, you are just saying "I have not read your thread on US Media and the Nazis"
Can someone look up the House Unamerican Activities Commission from 1935 and tell me how much money did William Randolph Hearst receive from Hitler for public relations?

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22 Feb
This is what happens when someone does not understand the difference between a third world country and an imperial super power.

A third-world country is a country who has been looted by imperial super-powers.

Quiz: Which language does the word "loot" come from?
Why Did China have a famine after Mao came into power?

Does it have to do with the fact that imperialism converted China into a non-food sovereign opium den?

historicly.substack.com/p/the-ghosts-o…. .
Why is the hindi word "looting" a word in English?

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19 Feb
Counterpoint: To list the name of every single Nazi that the CIA collaborated with, it takes 2813 pages!

This is just their names. ImageImage
It all adds upto 1.2 million pages and this is what a) they did not destroy b) were forced to publicly admit after years of litigation.

Use your imagination to understand what you don't know! Image
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16 Feb
Tsar Nikolai apparently had the worst & most scumbaggy advisors because of some crazy relationship with his father.
The tsar had two illegitimate sons? I hope the Bolsheviks took care of them.
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15 Feb
But here is my theory: Ford, Shell oil etc signed on the five-year plan because they thought they'd do 5 years + Pinochet-like coup.

However, that could not happen because basically they were watched like a hawk for every single second they spent +
But, I do think Soviet Security did use the industrialists as bait to help them identify the weakest and the members who would justify selling out. So, basically, when the tanks rolled in on Berlin and on top of the Reichstag, it was Stalin cucking all the industrialists
But I can never figure out if this theory is right because it would require me to stay awake while reading pretenious Trotsky.
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1 Jan
I'm making a video essay/documentary/whatever you want to call it!

So, I will be low on tweets.

But please help us sustain ourselves

We have venmo.
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31 Dec 20
US cold war propaganda was so insane.
I strategically cut this propaganda film to make it pro-communism 🤣🤣
"Your world is dying in the dry rot of capitalism, imperialism and colonialism"
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