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#otd 263 years ago (May 8, 1758) - 'The Battle of Peshawar' took place, between the Marathas and the Durrani Empire.

The Marathas, led by Raghunathrao and Malharrao Holkar were victorious in the battle, and Peshawar was captured.

(route map via @LiveHIndia) ImageImageImage
Ten days earlier, the Marathas had won 'The Battle of Attock' and planted their flag on the Fort of Attock, located besides the Indus river.

The Maratha empire was at its peak, stretching from 'Attock to Cuttack' - covering large part of India. Image
Historically the Attock Fort, guarding the passage across the Indus river, and Peshawar, were considered to be the northwest frontiers for many empires in India over the past many centuries. Image
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A tiny story about how tragedy ripples thru culture and history. /1
#OTD: May 4, 1970. Ohio National Guard fires on unarmed Kent State student protestors, killing four.  Among the crowd: art student Jerry Casale. He knew two of the students who got killed. /2
Over the next few months, the campus is locked down. Casale and fellow student protester Bob Lewis channel their anguish into a weird new style of art. The central idea: everything is going to hell. People and society seem to be getting worse, to be devolving. /3
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Oh, Chancellorsville. No CW battle is as frustrating. Hooker planted some good seeds, but everything #OTD in 1863 that could go wrong DID go wrong (except for, um, the aim of the 18th N. Carolina) cuz Stonewall’s flank march took the Union by surprise. Or so the story goes … Image
But even as a young Civil War "buff," my Trapper Keeper festooned with corps badges, I thought: “Oh, sure, Lee as Superhero again. How do 33,000 stinky dudes, knapsacks & guns a-clankin’, horses neighing, sneak up on an army without raising dust & alarm?”

Turns out, they didn’t. Image
At Chancellorsville, the Army of the Potomac experienced an almost unbelievable concurrence of Tough Luck, Brain Farts, Bad Weather, Buck Passing, Wrong Place/Wrong Timeism, and Not All The McClellan Washed Out Quite Yet. It’s almost as if Joe Hooker had Bad Karma or something. Image
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Heute vor 76 Jahren wurde das Kriegsgefangenenlager #Sandbostel befreit. Die größte Opfergruppe waren Sowjetische Kriegsgefangene. Auch heute noch ist diese zweitgrößte Opfergruppe des NS in der deutschen Erinnerungskultur kaum sichtbar.
#otd (Thread) Image
Im Zuge des #Vernichtungskrieges wurden von 1941 bis 1945 zwischen 4,5 und 5,7 Millionen Rotarmist*innen interniert. Von ihnen kam die schwer vorstellbare Zahl von bis zu 3,5 Millionen Menschen in deutschem Gewahrsam ums Leben.
„Dort im Lager starben die Soldaten hungrig & unter freiem Himmel. Sie wurden bei noch lebendigem Leibe auf Schubkarren angekarrt & in die Gräben geworfen. Da haben die Leute verstanden, wer die Deutschen sind (...) Da zeigten sie wirklich ihre Wesensart.“
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The naturalist and ornithologist John James Audubon was born #OTD in 1785. Go outside and look at some birds.
Portrait: John Syme
If you can’t go outside, or if you go outside but don’t see any birds, you can also look through @BioDivLibrary's online copy of Audubon's beautiful "Birds of America.” It is scanned from the @smithsonian's copy:… A plate from Audubon’s “Birds of America.”
Audubon's "Birds of America" was published 180 years ago yet this timeless classic can still surprise and delight the modern reader.
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Lexington and Concord WED 4/19/1775

1/ 700 British regulars, marching all night from Boston, arrive shortly after dawn at Lexington Commons in Lexington, Massachusetts to seize Colonial arms, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, etc. #OTD #History
2/ 77 Colonial patriots under Capt. John Parker face 400 British Redcoats led by Major John Pitcairn. Colonials are mixed irregulars w/ a mix of ages and training. The British are highly trained well-equipped light infantry. Pitcairn orders dispersal. But one of his men fires.
3/ Firing on both sides. Black powder smoke, sparks and flashes fill the air. Colonials fire from behind a wall, but with a massive advantage in firepower, the British wound ten and kill eight Americans. The rest melt away. British wounded are one man and Pitcairn’s horse.
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Paul Revere:

1/ TUE 4/18/1775: Gen. Gage orders 700 Redcoats to assemble at Boston Common to march on Lexington and Concord to seize John Hancock, Sam Adams and Colonial stores of weapons, ammo, tents, etc.

Paul Revere AND Samuel Dawes leave Boston at night to sound the alarm.
#OTD 2/ TUE 4/18/1775: Hancock and Adams are staying in Lexington at Hancock's grandfather's home that's been passed down to his female cousin. Paul Revere boats north from Boston then borrows a horse to ride NW (~13 miles). Samuel Dawes rides south then turns NNW (~19 miles).
3/ Insurrection background... In Sept. 1768, 4,000 British Redcoats arrived in Boston after the French Indian War (1756-1763) and never left. They converted the Boston Common into their base. #history #AmericanRevolution #Lexington and #Concord
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Thread👇#OTD 160 years ago Colonel Robert E. Lee *chose* to resign his commission in the United States army--a decision that led to a military command in the Confederate States of America and treason. It's a decision that Douglas Freeman believed Lee was "born to make." Was it?
Historian Wayne Wei-Siang Hsieh breaks down the behavior of West Point graduates during the secession winter. There was nothing inevitable about Lee's decision to resign his commission and join the Confederacy. In fact, for Upper South graduates the numbers are roughly even. Image
If we focus on the period in which Lee attended and graduated from West Point the numbers lean even more heavily in favor of Lee remaining loyal to the United States. There was nothing inevitable or tragic about Lee's decision to resign and cast his lot with the Confederacy.
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#OTD in 1913, William Manning, William Kitchen and Frank Smith were charged with playing Pitch and Toss with six halfpennies on the tow-path near Boveney church, Buckinghamshire.

The men were bored, the fish weren’t biting, and they wanted to pass the time...

In this game, players take turns throwing a coin against a wall with the aim of landing closest to the wall. Known by many other names around Britain, incl. Pigeon Toss, Penny Up, and Nippy, it was a favourite children's game, and was even played by children in Ancient Greece.
Pitch and Toss was a popular gambling game among adults too. But the three men at Boveney, who had been caught throwing their coins in a public place on a Sunday afternoon, insisted that they were simply playing to pass the time because they hadn't caught any fish.

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80 years ago #OTD on the night of 16-17 April 1941, one of the worst of the #London #Blitz, a landmine fell on Alfred Place, east of Tottenham Court Rd, destroying the West Central #Jewish Girls Club (which housed the West Central Liberal Synagogue). Its 27 occupants were killed
One of them, writing to her parents on 12 Dec1940 had described a 'very bad land last night, the whole of London seemed on fire & the city was a heartbreaking sight, I had to wade through rubble & rivers of water . . if one could only see an end to all this futile destruction'
Her name was Donya, a telephone operator, born in UK in 1905 to #Russian immigrant parents fleeing #pogroms, here with her beloved violin, she spoke English well, corrected her little brother's cockney slang, & took him to his first opera, Samson & Delilah
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William James Eastty, the 5th child of immigrants, was born in Boston, MA on #OTD in 1918 while the city was in the midst of a horrendous pandemic. A year later, he was adopted by a small town family in Swanzey, NH and his destiny was set. A #WWII #Veterans thread.
He was baptized in 1919 and given a name that would eventually be entered onto #WWII military monuments in New England and the Philippines: 𝘎𝘢𝘭𝘦 𝘗𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘱 𝘕𝘦𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘭. By all accounts, he was a wonderful boy who smiled a wide grin every time a camera appeared.
In 1931, Gale attended @YMCA @camptakodah. For 3 summers, he enjoyed a wide range of activities such as swimming, archery, and sailing along with taking classes in rustic old buildings like Hobby Nook, a former dance hall, mess hall, and bunkhouse that is still in use today.
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#OTD 10. April 1945: #Befreiung von #Bochum

Während Bochums OB Hesseldick und hohe Nazifunktionäre in Richtung Süden flohen, um sich dem Freikorps Sauerland anzuschließen, verschanzten sich in einigen Stadtteilen Gruppen von Elitesoldaten, Angehörige der SS u des Volkssturms 1/7
und wollten den Vormarsch der US-Soldaten auf die „Gauhauptstadt Bochum“ stoppen.

Am 5. April ermordeten Erschießungskommandos in Wattenscheid u Riemke 28 Zwangsarbeiterinnen und Zwangsarbeiter. Auch die Auflösung der (überfüllten) Gefängnisse war mit Erschießungen und Toten 2/7
auf den Märschen in Richtung Westen verbunden. Im Keller der Gestapowache erschossen Gestapobeamte in den Tagen vom 5. bis zum 8. April 20 politische Häftlinge und Zwangsarbeiter und verscharrten diese im nahen Stadtpark. Unter den Ermordeten waren der 3/7
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#OTD in 1917, the Canadian Corps advanced into battle together for the first time and captured #VimyRidge. This decisive victory changed the course of the war and transformed Canada from colony to nation.
WAIT. WHAT???!!!
A thread on the myths and reality of Vimy Ridge:
Days after the battle, the Toronto Daily Star proclaimed, “Canadians Score Again” [what’s a Canadian victory without a hockey analogy!] while a Paris newspaper called it "Canada's Easter Gift to France." With victories like this, the end of the war must be close, right?!
The battle is important in Canadian history, but not for the reasons above. The symmetry of the four Divisions of the Corps, with Canadians from coast to coast, capturing a German position that defeated previous attacks is poetic & romantic, but there is more to the story.
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7th April, 1962. Port of Spain, Trinidad. Day 4 of the 4th test between West Indies & India. It has been a forgettable tour. India have lost all 3 tests so far. And their captain, Nari Contractor, had his skull cracked by Charlie Griffith in a tour game.
He spent weeks in hospital & never played test cricket again. But the bandwagon has rolled on. Once again, the hosts have dominated. India have been made to follow-on, and very few expected the hosts to bat again. But sometimes, when he has fallen deep, man
finds unexpected courage. So it happened. Vijay Mehra, the opener, makes a gritty half century. Salim Durrani, never one to baulk at a challenge, walks out at 3 and ends day 3 on 91*, nine short of a maiden test 100. India are 186/2, still 61 short. And so
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Começando a listagem de tweets recuperados para a arroba peresfilho. Sumiram desde a nossa última checagem 6 tweets.
O tweet com id 1207691520201121792 de 2019-12-19 15:57:50 que falava sobre:
RT @Barney065: 78 years ago tonight, my Grandmother’s cousin, Wireman Wilfred Gailes and 756 of his shipmates were killed in the sinking of…...
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#OTD in 1988, Imran Khan's Pakistan did what no team had been able to do for a decade, defeating West Indies at home. WI were missing king Viv and Marshall. Greenidge was capt. They handed a debut to a very tall young fast bowler named Curtley Ambrose. The
Pakistan skipper led from the front, taking 11/121 in the match including 7/80 in the 1st inns. A real star turn came from Javed Miandad Khan who made 114 in a 6 hours 45 mins marathon. Pakistan won comfortably by 9 wickets. Richards & Marshall returned for
the next match but WI had to wait till the 3rd to eke out a narrow 2-wicket win to share the series 1-1, thanks a 61-run 9th wicket stand between Dujon and Win Benjamin. Incidentally, Imran had retired before this tour but changed his mind after immense
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(1/12) #OTD in 2017, an air strike hit the town of #KhanShaykhun in #Syria, releasing large amounts of the nerve agent #sarin. It killed dozens of people, including children, and injured hundreds. Today, we remember the victims of this #warcrime.
(2/12) The OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism concluded with confidence that the sarin identified in samples taken from Khan Shaykhun had most likely been made with a precursor from the original Syrian stockpile. 👉…
(3/12) On April 8 2020, the #OPCW Investigation & Identification Team released its report into 3 #chemicalweapons attacks in #Ltamenah on March 24, 25 & 30, 2017. It concluded with confidence that individuals from the Syrian Air Force perpetrated them. 👉…
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Let's celebrate the wonderful Maya Angelou, born #OTD in 1928.

Time for a mini thread. I can't think of a better way to start the day. Can you?

* * * * *

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud."

Maya Angelou
Letter to My Daughter

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

"When you learn, teach, when you get, give."

Maya Angelou
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#OTD in 1918, Lieutenants Alan McLeod and Arthur Hammond, while flying over Albert, France, shot down a German Fokker Triplane before being bounced by eight more enemy aircraft. They shot down three more before crashing. A THREAD 1/10
McLeod and Hammond served in No. 2 Squadron, RAF flying the Armstrong Whitworth F.K 8, a two-seater. It was an effective and dependable aircraft that was used for reconnaissance, artillery spotting, ground attack, contact patrols, and bombing. 2/10
McLeod & Hammond were wounded by MG fire which also set their petrol tank on fire. McLeod side-slipped his craft to keep the flames away but it was still too hot in the cockpit, so he lept onto the wing and crouched low with the joystick pulled hard over in his right hand. 3/10
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“Kill three million of them,” said President Yahya Khan in February 1971, “and the rest will eat out of our hands.” (Robert Payne[1972])

#OTD in 1971 his Army launched Operation Searchlight to destroy Bengali intelligensia. By the time it ended 2-3 million Bengalis had perished.
The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger, and a Forgotten Genocide…
The Rape of Bangladesh by Anthony Mascarenhas…
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165 years ago #OnThisDay, William Ferguson Massey (1856 - 1925), the 13th prime minister of #NewZealand was born in #Ireland to a small farming Protestant family

2) In 1862, Massey’s parents emigrated to #NewZealand leaving their 6 year old child behind to complete his education He was raised by his grandmother and uncle and at age 14 followed his parents in 1870 to #Auckland
3) By 1876 Massey settled in Mangere on the outskirts of #Auckland where he leased a 100 acre farm and bought a threshing machine to provide supplemental income.
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106 years ago, one of #Ireland's giants of #Astronomy, Margaret Lindsay Murray Huggins (1848 - 1915), passed #OnThisDay

#HERstory #STEM #GLobalIrishNation #OTD Margaret Lindsay Huggins
2) Margaret Lindsay Murray was born in #Dublin in 1848 and lost her mother her mother, Helen Lindsay, while still a child. In the absence of her mother, she seems to have developed a shared interest in Astronomy with her paternal #Scottish banker grandfather Robert Murray
3) Margaret seems to have been self educated, delving into #astronomy and developing photographic skills which became important for her future research in astronomical spectrography which involves the examination of light spectrums emitted by planets, stars and nebulae
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Multiple #Oscars winner and #Hollywood studio executive , Cedric Gibbons (1890 - 1960) was born 121 years ago #OnThisDay.

There is some dispute as to whether he was born in #Ireland or in #Brooklyn

#GlobalIrishNation #IrishDiaspora #OTD #BOTD Image
2) Gibbons started out his career in the #movies in the art department of the #NYC based Edison Studios where his architect father Austin was employed. After serving in the @USNavy in #WWI. Gibbons, followed the migration of the film business to #Hollywood Image
3) Gibbons had a career of more than 30 years at @mgmstudios. He would become a founding member of @TheAcademy and design the famous #artdeco #Oscars statuette Image
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#Irish artist, Sarah Purser (1848 - 1943) was born #OnThisDay 173 years ago. Her family was prosperous with a background in brewing. Shortly after her birth, her father Benjamin decided to move the family from #Dublin south to Dungarvan in #Waterford

#OTD #BOTD #HERstory Image
2) Sarah would go to finishing school in #Switzerland where she learned to speak French and began painting. On her return to #Ireland she enrolled in the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art and would go on to attend the Académie Julian in #Paris Image
3) In the early 1870s Benjamin’s businesses collapsed and Sarah now had to rely on her ability to generate income from art commissions. While she did some landscape and genre painting, portraiture appeared to be her metier

#MaudGonne #WBYeats ImageImage
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