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#OTD in 1993, the Motor Voter Act became law. This legislation allowed Americans to register to vote when they apply for or renew a driver's license.

In its first year, this law helped 30 million Americans register to vote. (1/4)
A year ago, I introduced the Filer Voter Act. Based on the Motor Voter Act, my bill would allow Americans to register to vote when they file their taxes. (2/4)
Potential voters should have as many opportunities as possible to register to vote so they can make their voices heard.

By making voter registration more convenient, my Filer Voter Act would strengthen our democracy during a time when democracy itself is under attack. (3/4)
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#OTD 600 years ago one of the strangest events in medieval European history occurred: a Lithuanian prince from a recently pagan family, Žygimantas Kaributaitis, entered Prague to govern Bohemia, the first "heretical" kingdom to successfully split off from Catholic Christendom. 1/ Image
The image of Žygimantas entering Prague in the tweet above is from Eberhard Windeck's chronicle of the reign of Emperor Sigismund, ruler of Hungary and the Holy Roman Empire, who spent the 1420s failing to conquer Bohemia from the Hussites, despite several crusades. 2/ Image
In short, the Hussites grew out of 14th/early 15th-century reform traditions in Bohemia, partly inspired by Jan Hus (executed for heresy in 1415). The Hussite movement embraced moderates and radicals but was united around a popular piety focused on preaching and the Eucharist. 3/ Image
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#OTD in 1862 Newton Knight reenlisted in the Confederate Army after being on furlough. He originally enlisted in July of 1861. He deserted in October of 1862 and headed home after he received word the Confederate Army had taken his family's horses for the war effort.
There is much debate and mystery surrounding Knight, his actions during and after the war, and what motivated him. However, Knight's life provides insight into conflicting ideas of race, class, and politics in Mississippi and the South writ large during the Civil War.
Knight was a yeoman farmer in Jones County, Mississippi when the war broke out. According to historian @vikki_bynum, only 12% of the county's population was Black and most whites were subsistence farmers like Knight.
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The Battle of Palmito Ranch was fought in Texas #OTD in 1865. The Confederate victory is widely considered the last battle of the Civil War. The battle occurred over one month after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox and two days after Jefferson Davis was captured. Image
Both sides knew the war was virtually over, but a small contingent of Confederate forces refused to surrender near Brownsville, Texas. Many of the men serving under the Union Army there were members of the United States Colored Troops.
A fragile cease fire had been agreed to between the two sides on May 11. However, Confederate Lt. Gen. Edmund Smith of the Trans-Mississippi Department refused to accept the inevitable end of the war.
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#OTD 1994. Death of John Smith

"The most important message of all is that no society, no country can ever survive without a profound sense of social justice – and unless we bring social justice back to this country, this country cannot be healthy and cannot be successful”
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#OTD in 1916 a grand jury indicted Jesse Washington for the murder of Lucy Fryer near Waco, Texas. Fryer was brutally murdered in her home on May 8. The following thread recounts Washington's trial and lynching and contains disturbing details that might be triggering for some.
Washington was quickly arrested and charged with Fryer's death. He was 17 years old, illiterate, and mentally disabled. Furthermore, he was questioned without a lawyer or his parents present, despite the fact he was a minor. Washington initially claimed he was innocent.
Washington had been working for Fryer's family for only five months when she was murdered. He was found by authorities sitting on his family's front porch. His shirt was bloody, which he claimed was because of a nose bleed. Locals quickly labeled him as the perpetrator.
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John Brown was born #OTD in 1800 in Torrington, Conn. Brown was a militant abolitionist and rose to national prominence during Bleeding Kansas in the 1850s. He led a raid at Harper's Ferry, Virginia in 1859 in hopes of inciting a slave revolt that would destroy slavery itself.
As a boy his family moved to Ohio. His father started a successful tannery business. One of Brown's father's employees was U.S. Grant's father, Jessie Grant. John Brown was raised in an abolitionist family who offered aid to fugitive enslaved people on the Underground Railroad.
Brown later founded his own tannery business in Pennsylvania and also aided fugitive enslaved people in their quest for freedom. His abolitionist views became militant I during the early 1850s when he lived in Springfield, Massachusetts.
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Thread- Remember #sophiescholl
Born #OTD in 1921.
An heroic anti nazi, executed by the nazis aged just 21. She was a leader of the incredible White Rose (WR) resistance movement.
At Munich University she & her brother Hans, organised opposition to Hitler. Her words speak to the
Soul. WR wrote & distributed leaflets encouraging citizens to fight the 3rd Reich. Hans & friends arrest in 1937, for being part of outlawed, German youth movement, reinforced her growing anti nazism.
By 1942 she & friends focused defiance to the nazis. They adopted tactics based
On Americans fighting 'race laws'. WR materials were widely distributed. 6 different types were managed to be disseminated. In Jan 43, over 10 000 leaflets were put out. Several German cities saw WR activities. People were encouraged to "join the resistance". "WR foresaw Nazi
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#OTD in 2018, President Trump announced that his administration was withdrawing the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal.

It was a massive gamble. It was a failed gamble. But should be an instructive gamble. 🧵👇
2/ Trump had criticized the agreement on the campaign trail, but held off for over a year from pulling the plug, in part because senior members of his team believed the deal continued to serve U.S. non-proliferation interests.
3/ In Autumn 2017, Trump refused to certify the agreement - though still holding off withdrawal.

"We will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more chaos, the very real threat of Iran’s nuclear breakout", he said.

More on that shortly.
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Alan Shepard became the first American in space #OTD in 1961, a flight that lasted 15 minutes and took him 101 miles above the Earth. His Freedom 7 capsule was carried atop the Redstone Launch Vehicle, along a trajectory calculated by mathematician Katherine Johnson.
Image: NASA A black and white photo of ...Takeoff of the Mercury-Reds...A black and white photo of ...
Here's a video of the launch:
And this video, from @NASA, includes in-capsule footage of Shepard during the launch.
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#OTD in 1864 the House passed the Wade-Davis Reconstruction bill. The House version of the bill was written by Rep. Henry Davis of Maryland. By this time Congress attempted to preemptively take control of post-war policy, creating a rift with President Lincoln.
Lincoln issued the "Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction" on December 8, 1863. It required only 10 percent of a seceding state's population to take an oath of loyalty before a new state government could be formed. These states would also be required to abolish slavery.
Radical Republicans in Congress felt Lincoln's plan was too lenient and began crafting legislation of their own to address the issue. They asserted that Confederate states were not states, but conquered territory. Lincoln maintained that those states never legally seceded.
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#OTD in 1865 President Andrew Johnson put out a reward of $100,000 dollars (Approximately $2 million in today's money) for the capture of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Davis and a small group of close advisors had fled Richmond in early April. Image
They initially fled to Danville, Virginia but had to quickly leave because the Union Army was hot on their tail. They arrived in the town of Washington, Georgia in Wilkes County of May 3rd. He held his last meeting the next day. Image
Davis reunited with his family on May 7th and they arrived in Abbeville on May 8th. During this time, it was believed by the United States Government that Davis played a role in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Image
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#OTD 1997. Election. Landslide. Labour win 418 seats giving Tony Blair a majority of 179.

In their worst election defeat since 1906, the Conservatives retain just 165 MPs, with their smallest share of the vote since 1832.

Thread on the end of the Conservative Era 👇
Labour lost the 1992 election despite the pollsters and the bookmakers calculating that they would win…
But the Conservative victory turned out to be a pyrrhic one.

Within weeks the David Mellor scandal derailed trust in the Major Government.
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#OTD in 1900, St Beuno's in Penmorfa reopened after a major restoration funded by Richard Greaves and his wife Constance — who contributed her own woodcarvings.

In some ways, the renovation celebrated all that was new and modern, but re-use was also a guiding principle ...
The floor of the church, which had been flags in the centre and deal (pinewood) at the side, was removed (briefly revealing a brick-lined grave) and replaced with tiles and petrifite — a new wonder material that, it was claimed, 'does everything'.
Old painted pews, also made of deal, were replaced with more contemporary chair seats and chairs of oak.
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15 years ago #OTD, Estonia was targeted by the first known cyberattacks against a whole nation.

It was a wake-up call for many on how malicious actors can misuse cyberspace.

Today, Estonia is a #cybersecurity heavyweight. 3rd globally and 1st in Europe.

🧵Some highlights: 1/6
Estonia created the world's first whole-of-government cybersecurity strategy in 2008. We're now in its fourth iteration.

We can be proud of @CERT_EE, @e_riik, @EconMinEstonia, @MoD_Estonia, @MFAestonia and many others for keeping Estonia's cyberspace open, free and secure. 2/6
Estonia hosts @ccdcoe which celebrates its 14th anniversary on 14 May.

Its flagships CyCon, live-fire exercises like Locked Shields, and Tallinn Manuals on international law have increased the know-how of allies and partners & lead the discussions on cyber defence globally. 3/6
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Paul McCartney's masterpiece Tug of War released #OTD 4/26/1982 (40 years ago)! Produced by #Beatles producer George Martin, the album featured Stevie Wonder, Ringo Starr and Carl Perkins. The smash #1 hit Ebony and Ivory sought perfect harmony. This...
2/ #PaulMcCartney #TugOfWar … was his first post-Beatles album produced by George Martin. The production is impressive, the songs varied. It's in the wake of Lennon's death, the Wings breaking up, etc.
3/ #BLM #EbonyAndIvory was a beautiful song AND a video marvel. McCartney and Wonder were shown “side by side on my piano” though actually across the Atlantic Ocean from each other. Then again, McCartney helped invent the music video, so maybe no surprise?
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Every Sunday night is Soviet Sunday Cinema Club, and we have just finished watching the HBO 5-part miniseries ‘CHERNOBYL’, which chronicles the nuclear disaster that began at the Vladimir Lenin Nuclear Power Plant in Ukrainian SSR, #OTD in 1986. (1/15)

A 🧵👇
We agreed to watch the series with a view to examining anti-communist and anti-Soviet propaganda embedded in American cinematic productions, and we had plenty to discuss!

Here are a few observations👇 (2/15)
In part II, Legasov looks for three volunteers to perform a dangerous task, bribing them with a 400 ruble stipend and promotions.

This meeting didn’t happen. The mission was assigned to three shift workers. All three survived, and two are still alive today.👇 (3/15)
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"When those in front fell down wounded by the shots, those behind came forward with their chests bared and exposed themselves to the fire, so much so that some people got as many as twenty-one bullet wounds in their bodies..." (1/7)
The above is excerpt from American political scientist Gene Sharpe's description of the brutalities that had unfolded at Peshawar's Qissa Khwani Bazaar, #OTD in 1930 (2/7)
Thousands of followers of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan were out on the streets peacefully protesting the arrest of their leaders. Khan, popularly known as Frontier Gandhi, had been arrested after a speech urging resistance to colonial rule (3/7)
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#SAHistory #OTD
Bram Fischer, Afrikaner, lawyer and anti-apartheid activist, was born OTD in 1908. After defending Nelson Mandela at the Rivonia trial in 1963 and 64, he was put on trial himself by the apartheid government and sentenced to life imprisonment. 1./
His wife, Molly a niece of Jan Smuts, was an anti-apartheid activist in her own right. She was one of over 1500 South Africans detained without trial during the state of emergency imposed after the Sharpeville Massacre.
Photo credit - National Museum Publications Archive.
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Richard Nixon 🇺🇸 died #OTD 1994 in New York City
He is buried next to his birthplace in Yorba Linda, California

Presidents attending the funeral
- Gerald Ford
- Jimmy Carter
- Ronald Reagan*
- George HW Bush
- President Bill Clinton

*Reagan's last public appearance
Richard Nixon 🇺🇸 is one of four Presidents who died in New York City:
- James Monroe
- Chester Arthur
- Herbert Hoover
- Richard Nixon
Interestingly enough, per Richard Nixon's 🇺🇸 wishes, none of the elements of the state ceremonies for his funeral occurred in Washington DC.
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Today on his death anniversary, we look back at the man who helped spread Rajasthani folk music across the whole world, Komal Kothari. 1/9 Image
To speak of Komal Kothari is to delve into the vast and wonderful world of Rajasthani Folk traditions. He placed Rajasthani folk culture in a distinctive ecological and geographical context based on factors like soil, climate, and crops. 2/9 Image
The aim was to humanize the approach of studying the folk traditions rather than seeing them as objects of the exotic. 3/9
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#ThisDayInHistory Post 661:

19 April 1770 (252 years ago): Captain James Cook sighted the eastern coast of what is now Australia.

CC: @Australia


#History #OnThisDay #OTD #CaptainJamesCook #Australia
19 April 1971 (51 years ago): Launch of Salyut 1, the first space station.


#ThisDayInHistory #History #OnThisDay #OTD #Salyut1 #SovietUnion
19 April 1975 (47 years ago): India's first satellite Aryabhata launched in orbit from Kapustin Yar, Russia.

CC: @isro


#ThisDayInHistory #History #OnThisDay #OTD #Aryabhata #India #Satellite #ISRO
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What connects a bicycle trip made by a lesser-known chemist, PCR, CIA, Merry Pranksters, Vietnam war and Richard Nixon? – A thread (1/n)
Albert Hoffman, a chemist at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland, was working on a bunch of alkaloids from fungus infested wheat as a treatment for pain (2/n)
#OTD in 1939, while running some assays and weighing it out, he accidentally spilt the compound on his desk and unknowingly ingested it as he touched his face and mouth. As he started to feel uneasy after a while, he took his bicycle to head back home (3/n)
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#OTD in 1912, The RMS Titanic, on its maiden voyage, hit an iceberg & sank into the North Atlantic. Two decades before this tragedy, there was another 'Titanic' from Gujarat that encountered a similar fate, giving birth to a touching folk song. A thread (1/n)
SS Vaitarna was a massive 170 feet long three-level steamship built in Glasgow that carried passengers and cargo along the Arabian Sea between the Mandvi port in Kutch and Bombay in the 1880s (2/n)
It was named after the famed Vaitarna river of Maharashtra - the largest river in the Northern Konkan region that would provide the bulk of drinking water to Bombay. However, the locals preferred a more relatable name (3/n)
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