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Doctor Endocrinologist - explains the handle सत्यं ज्ञानम् अनन्तं explains everything else
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Like every parent here - we ve had conversations.. for us these conversations have happened overtime - and hence a reinforcement. The caveat for all of us is that we are trying to instill caution to people whose age and hormones promote risk taking.. we can advise and hope it is remembered that's all.. this is what we shared 1. Don't wear your heart on your sleeve... attraction is not sufficient to squander your life away 2. You can't wish someones religion away - the dogma of religion is part of upbringing - if it teaches that a non believer
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The samadhi of AryAmba is the holiest spot in kAladi.. it marks the place where Sankara performed the rites of his mother helped only by two families - one which lifted her head and another the feet on to the pyre.. centuries later sri sri sacchidaananda ShivAbhinava nrusimha bharathi set out in the quest of kaladi with the support of the maharaja of travancore (mUlam TiruNAL rAma varma) - officials with various clues were able to identify a place
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Some Ganeshas that my phone found
#vinayakachaturthi #belur #halebid 2012
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Once an avadoota vairAgi from the north came to sringeri. The tungA was in spate. To have a darshan of sri sri chandrasekara bharathi mahAswamigal (SA) one had to cross the river on a boat. The others who were on the boat were not keen on taking the vairAgi with them. They rebuffed his attempts at getting on the boat forcibly. That they two high officials from the Mysore Sircar had come to the southern shore and were waiting at the adishtAna of the purvAcArya in order to meet srimad AcharyaL. Srimad AcharyaL stepped out of the mutt to meet them and
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In sringeri during navarAtri suvaasini pUja is a special feature everyday. Once on mahAnavami a lady came with the desire that if she could participate as a suvAsini she would also get a sAri. However on that day the list of suvAsinis to be worshipped had been finalised and she did not get an opportunity. She was very sad. Having come though she decided to get chandramouLiswara theertham eat and leave. As sri sri chandrashekhara bharathi mahAswamigal was giving theertha she extended her hand. Seeing the sorrow in her face sri AcharyaL enquired the cause
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Even if a community of crows scatter let our community stay together

A simple ritual with a simple prayer - for family and community done the day after pongal

Adding to this an incident from the #raghuvamsam where dilipa was prepared to exchange his life for the life of nandini the cow of vaSiSta

For millennia cattle have sustained us worked for us enriched us

A day to thank them and find ways to ensure that when they have outlived our need they don't have to visit the abattoir

From the go suktam
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Around 1940 in Kolkata some persons started building a Hanuman temple. Some kALi upAsakas objected to this stating that this being kAli's katta there cannot be a temple for any other devata. This became a big dispute and ended in court. The judge who examined this addressed both parties said - this being an issue of religion it will be better for an elder in your religion to make a decision. If both of you agree on one i intend to send the records to him and ask him to make a determination. Both parties decided that if the sringeri AcArya makes a
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A person who wanted to improve the world came once to jagadguru sri sri chandrasekara bharathi mahaswamigaL and explained his plans for the world. Sri AcharyaL listened patiently. Then..
SA: You are saying many things. Won't it be difficult to implement? Forget funds don't you 1/ need people? They have to be dharmic. They have to be educated. They have to practitioners of AcAra. They should be able to communicate in a way that people understand
Devotee: i am happy to start this first
SA: oh! Very good. Do you have time to be involved in this?
D: i have
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Short thread of some Deccan rock cuts at darasuram. This is a depiction of kannappa nayanar at - kirata rupam - bow leather drape leather strapped footwear rudraksha in hands
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A thread on the dArAsuram depictions of the stories of the 63 nAyanmars
அன்று வன் தொண்டர் தம்மை அருளிய ஆரூர் அண்ணல்
முன் திரு வாக்கால் கோத்த முதல் பொருள் ஆனார் என்றால்
1. Thillai vaazh anthaNar போற்றி நீள் தில்லை வாழ் அந்தணர் திறம் புகலல் உற்றேன்
நீற்றினால் நிறைந்த கோல நிருத்தனுக்கு உரிய தொண்டாம்
போற்றினார் பெருமைக்கு எல்லை ஆயினார் பேணி வாழும்
ஆற்றினார் பெருகும் அன்பால் அடித்தவம் புரிந்து வாழ்வார்
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This thread will have some potpourri stuff from GKC large deep well (right in pic current level in pic 2 so what is with the lion.. the simha kupa is actually a step well ImageImage When the water is abundant you just grab it from the entrance as it recedes you walk done (see the dome of the passage in pic 2 all the way down till the water reaches about 35 feet ( wondering if there are any secret passages around 😀) ImageImage
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The balustrades of darasuram are indeed iconic - the idea seemed to be to provide the effect of a ratha while retaining all the components of an agamic temple Image This is the elephant in the southern entrance ImageImage
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While Brh and GKC have massive sculptures darasuram - ( rajarajeswaram - a name change happened after pandyan invasion) takes miniaturising to new heights. Panel work on the prAkArAs and miniatures on pillars (some Deccan rock mostly granite - harder to work) Image 1. On the eastern wall this keecaka vadham motiff..note keeckas body accordioned by bhima - draupadi as sairandhri on the right Image
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On the left is a Sivalinga - the square base represents Brahma the octagon Vishnu (both are unseen when installed ). The cholas tried to do that by creating an inner and outer corridor and aligning the stones to create a progression in the vimana. In the brahadeeswara at ImageImage the octagon was not acheived tapering squares leading to a circle (better viewed from inside at different levels). They achieved it in GKC... So the look of the tapering structure from outside. Inside each level is a transition from the square to an octagon to a circle. The
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Many look at the progression of art in from brahadeeswara to tribhuvanam as a progression. If the former is sheer power darasuram is the expression of delicacy in stone Image The famous musical steps now encaged - because of our callousness.. exit drainages blocked by us so the temple is not able to keep rain out - pumped now ImageImage
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Thread on the murthys on the prAhAra of the gangai konda chozeeswaram 1. Narthanam ganapati Image 2. This very beautiful Lakshmi as u exit the sanctum from the southern entrance Image
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When we were children diwali would be a conversation for a month atleast - never hyphenated. It was the only time in a year that many got new clothes the sweets and savories were made at home and melted in the mouth of everyone in the block; some crackers were saved for kaarthikai but we burst not even knowing whose stash it was that came down to the ground. No one patronised us or told us that what we're doing was bad for the planet. Even the uncle who said why are you making coal out of money? Will zip his mouth come diwali eve.. as an
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Continuing the experiences of the SiSya who was initiated into maanasa pUja. The next day was pradoSam. He wasn't aware of it. Taking an afternoon bath in the Tunga he wandered aimlessly and found his way to the hillock on which the kAlabhairava temple was located. The temple was locked. He tugged at the lock. It gave way. Entering he prostrated to kAlabhairava and sat in a corner. Paying obseiance to the guru and Siva he started constructing a maanasa pUja in which he was assisting sri AcAryaL in doing the pUja. He was giving many rare dravyAs to
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This is the experience of a SiSya of Sri Sri Chandraskera Bharathi mahAswAmigaL. The siSya whose name is not known to us had been identified by the acArya in 1924 in mysore as worthy. Some years later he approached sri AcAryaL with an interest in sanyAsa to which He responded Image Good. Let's see. With the gurus blessings he continued to visit Sringeri. In 1942 he went to Sringeri thrice. SA asked - do you know how do do mAnasa pUjA? S: I do not know it clearly. I have some understanding based on incomplete knowledge.
SA: we can offer to ISwara clothes
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Sri sri chandrashekhara bharathi mahAswamigal was in a vijaya yaatra in Tirunelveli. He was to go to one of the villages. The villagers had sent a request that if sri AcAryaL come before sunset so that he can experience a darshan of the SivakSetram in the village. The mena palanquin of Sri AcAryaL was set in front of the temple. He walked toward the entrance. There he stopped. He looked back and told an attender to bring the packet of mantrAkSata. He walked in scattering the mantrAkSata as he went and instead of walking toward the sanctum he
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Once Sri Sri Chandrasekara Bharathi talked about the avatArAs.
The devas and the asurAs were born to different mothers from the same father. Knowing that their nature and mental make up were different. It was decided that they will stay far away from each other as possible 2/ the devAs in the devalokAs and the asurAs in asuraloka. Except when an odd asura coveted and occupied devaloka - in the beginning of the kalpa this separation was the norm. In the treta yuga when the avatArA of sri rAmacandra mUrthy happened the devAs lived in Ayodhya and