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#TRUTHBOMB: Let's be clear.

Ken Vogel and the NYTimes ABSOLUTELY bought everything Giuliani and then-compromised Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko were peddling.

Two weeks ago, Ken Vogel claimed there was "more to the story," only to admit there wasn't any evidence, two days later.
#FTR: I have *NOT* favored a single democratic primary candidate in any of my tweets.

But the facts are clear...Ken Vogel and the NYTimes first reported the Biden-Ukraine "conspiracy," as if it were true.

I called out Vogel respectfully a few weeks ago.

#PS: I do NOT agree with the Biden Campaign's every move.

I called out their tone-deaf decision to tell networks not to book Giuliani.

But, despite most reporters' auto-defense of other reporters when criticized, the Biden Campaign is RIGHT in this case.
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#BREAKING: MUELLER WILL TESTIFY to BOTH the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee in OPEN session on Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

Chairman @RepJerryNadler and Chairman @RepAdamSchiff SUBPOENAED Mueller for his testimony, following weeks of negotiations.
@RepJerryNadler @RepAdamSchiff #FLAG: Before you pile on Mueller for requiring a subpoena...

By appearing via subpoena and not "voluntarily," Mueller will appear unbiased and will be able to maintain his nonpartisan credibility.

It's preferable to him seeming to be eager to testify against Trump.

Well done!
@RepJerryNadler @RepAdamSchiff #PS: Not to be a Debbie Downer...but I REALLY hope Trump doesn't start a war with Iran to distract us from Mueller's testimony.

It's crazy that I even have to consider that as a possibility, but let's be real. It's plausible. As Trump goes down, he'll grow more & more desperate.
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#FTR: Sheryl Gay Stolberg is HELL-BENT on taking Biden down.

I don't really understand why. But even if any of her "reporting" presents some valid points, we must keep her clear bias in mind.

Unfortunately, the @NYTimes bills her as a correspondent...not an opinion columnist...
@nytimes #FLAG: Oh, and for the record, I don't criticize journalists easily. Feel free to search my Twitter history.

In the meantime, remember some of Sheryl's recent reporting on Biden...and it's timing...
@nytimes #FTR: I've said it before, I'll say it again...I do NOT have a favored primary candidate yet.

I just won't stand for the primaries to be influenced by biased reporting...or for the nominee to emerge damaged, based on "scandals" that were blown out of proportion.

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#FACTCHECK: The Disaster Relief bill was held up for months because Trump REFUSED to sign it if it included aid for PUERTO RICO.

It finally passed both houses, despite several attempts by loyal Republicans in Congress to block it.

Now Trump is trying to take credit for it...
#PREVIOUSLY: On June 3rd, the House passed the disaster relief bill.

58 loyal House Republicans voted against it.

#PREVIOUSLY: There were THREE other attempts to pass the Disaster Relief Bill in the House prior to the Memorial Day recess.

Each time, ONE HOUSE REPUBLICAN blocked the $19.1B package, out of loyalty for Trump.

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#FACTCHECK: I love @Lawrence, and I watch @TheLastWord nearly every weeknight each week...

But I find myself having to factcheck him, b/c of the way he highlights information that, whether wittingly or unwittingly, is MISLEADING...even if he's simply quoting someone else. [1/2]
#FACTCHECK: The poll highlighted in GQ that @Lawrence CHOSE to lead w/ AREN'T tied to the start of the "Impeachment Process."

The 65% approve vs 19% impeach/remove poll was taken at the start of the SENATE WATERGATE HEARINGS...NOT the HJC Impeachment Inquiry (in Feb 1974). [2/2]
@Lawrence #PS: Even the figures that the GQ article claims represents public opinion "when [Nixon's] impeachment process began" isn't accurate. He did NOT have a 65% approval rating in May 1973.

So these figures are ENTIRELY misleading. And @Lawrence knows better. It's disappointing, TBH.
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I'm probably going to get attacked for this...but I hope we can have a healthy debate and not a typical all-or-nothing battle.

All that matters in this race is beating Trump.

Yes, we must make progress in terms of society, economy, and equality.

BUT...they must be able to WIN.
It's easy to see this buffet of 20 candidates and get carried away with what we could be...without considering electability...AND what's at stake.

The winner of the primary should be the best of both worlds. Progress and electability.

Otherwise, we're handing Trump another win.
Keep an open mind. Fall in love. But don't be blinded by that love. We must be forward looking...but ALWAYS strategic.

If we choose the purest or most dreamy candidate...great, you can feel good having done that.

But it means nothing if they lose. Our democracy is on the line.
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#FLAG: I've heard some people I respect — including @MatthewMiller and @FrankFigliuzzi1 — suggest that Nadler should cancel Barr's scheduled hearing before his committee on May 2nd,

The argument is that he's not worth hearing from anymore.

I disagree. Here a few reasons why...
1. The impending hearing puts pressure on Barr, as Dems subpoena the evidence + unredacted report.

Every statement/appearance has been a disaster for him, even causing Mueller's team to speak out. IMO, it all ultimately forced him to release a less redacted report than expected.
2. There are important questions left to ask:

- Will the 12 referred investigations go on unimpeded?

- Why did he overrule/lie about Mueller's intention to leave obstruction to Congress?

- Outstanding Wikileaks questions.

- Has he assembled a team to investigate the #Oranges?
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Yes, in this image she does look like #LisaPage.…
2) Revisiting a 7 month old piece from #BigLeaguePolitics...
Goes like this ==> #PeterStrzok Grew Up In Iran, Worked As #Hussein & #Brennan’s Envoy To #IranianRegime…
3) Today's developments re: spying 4 Iran & the growing intel on #Strzok's history appear to be potentially linked. Back on the 4th Feb 2019 @GregRubini tweeted this...
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#FLAG: I'm convinced, Rick Gates is a critical witness to #Collusion/Conspiracy.

He was involved in handing over Trump campaign polling data to Konstantin Kilimnik, along w/ Manafort.

But late in the campaign when data would be most critical, Manafort wasn't around.

Gates was.
#FLAG: Not to mention, Gates worked on the Inauguration.

We know foreign money — specifically from a pro-Russia Ukrainian oligarch — made its way into the huge inaugural fund...that was admitted to in a guilty plea by Sam Patten.

I bet Gates knows more.
#MORE: Here's more on Gates also working with Manafort to share Trump Campaign polling data with Konstantin Kilimnik, who has ties to Russian Intelligence.

This received remarkably less press than it should usual when it comes to Gates coverage.
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#KEYTHOUGHTS: Some things to note on Michael Cohen's guilty plea today for lying to Congress about his efforts to negotiate a Trump Tower Moscow deal w/ Russia during 2016.

1/ It's no coincidence that this comes TWO DAYS before Trump's next scheduled meeting w/ Putin at the G20.
2/ This new move by Mueller is perfectly-orchestrated. This isn't only about lying to Congress and cooperation...

It directly IMPLICATES Trump himself...and his children.

According to Cohen, he gave each of them regular briefings throughout the process.
3/ Cohen admits (with CORROBORATION thru documentary evidence seized by the FBI and Mueller) that Moscow Project negotiations lasted thru JUNE 2016.

That's months after the timeline Trump, Cohen, and those around them, have claimed.

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1/ Trump stands by the Saudi Crown Prince MBS who MURDERED Jamal Khashoggi, his perceived POLITICAL ENEMY, and a U.S. Resident.

And now, Trump smeared Khashoggi as an "enemy of state," without evidence.…
2/ Trump has been looking into handing over U.S. Resident Fetullah Gulen — Turkish Autocrat Erdogan's perceived POLITICAL ENEMY, who he calls a "terrorist" — to Turkey to prosecute (and likely kill) w/o evidence... appease Turkey and cover for MBS.…
3/ In July, Trump thought it was an 'incredible offer" to hand over U.S. Resident and former U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul — Autocrat Vladamir Putin's perceived POLITICAL ENEMY — to Russia for interrogation and potential prosecution, without evidence.…
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#QAnon #MOAB


#ShellGame report, video, & documentation lay it ALL out...the whole enchilada...the key crimes, how it was reported, and how it ties into counter-coup run by #POTUS.
#QAnon #MOAB
- References 12/21/17 #EO for seizure of property at 27:43
- #UraniumOne pay-to-play
- #SAP selloff
- #USB & #HSBC launder $$$ to fund terrorists
- #DavidGuyatt (#DeepBlack plot)
- Punishment of whistleblowers
- #TrumpRussiaCollusion plot
- High #Treason
#QAnon #MOAB
#ScottBennett (#SC) = former military intelligence officer whistleblower behind these revelations, which go back years.

He uncovered this w/ #UBS whistleblower #BradleyBirkenfeld (#BB)when investigating terrorist financing.

They were targeted/framed for crimes.
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accepte avec le #MR ce qu'il refusait avec le #PS : la suppression de la télé-redevance en Wallonie "C'est parce qu'avec les… 1/3
…socialistes ont ne savait pas comment on allait financer cette réforme" dit sans rire @CarloDiAntonio. - Bien. Et comment allez-vous… 2/3
…faire ?
- On va faire des économies.
- Lesquelles ? - Ben euuuuh c'est-à-dire… on verra, c'est pas encore défini…
#walgov 3/3
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