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CEO of @SindleCorp, consultant and advisor, freelance writer. Available for media appearances, just contact info@dylancurran.net.
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9 Apr
I'm building a security solution that's gonna be a miracle for developers who want to have Enterprise-level security without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's called Sindle, and you can get on the early access list by subscribing on our site:
It's a fantastic alternative to the likes of Sqreen, AlertLogic and Splunk. We're making the user experience incredibly simple, so easy in fact that we're confident anyone can use it, not just security analysts
As an addendum to the ease of use, users will be able to write their own rules. As an example, you can block non-organizational users from an admin panel, or flag users who made more than one purchase in an hour: with a single line of code.
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11 Oct 19
I wasn't able to get this section in to my article in the Guardian, theguardian.com/commentisfree/…, but here's a list of hopefully China-free alternatives to any Blizzard games if you're looking to play something else. #BoycottBlizzard
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11 Oct 19
It's nice to be able to stand up and say 'Fuck @Blizzard_Ent' for their stance on free speech, I try to stand up in my own little way in a Guardian feature about boycotting Blizzard, and their games that I dearly love. #BoycottBlizzard theguardian.com/commentisfree/…
@Blizzard_Ent I've donated a monthly WoW subscription to @HongKongFP, and will continue to do so while they safeguard press freedom there. I recommend you take any money you would give to Blizzard, and give it to them instead. #BoycottBlizzard
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19 Sep 19
Black or brownface is definitely in the top 3 for ways to cancel yourself
It's kind of strange, there was definitely a lot of brown/blackface in the 90s and early 2000s. Was it more acceptable then or was there just no social media so cancelling people was more difficult? Maybe as there was no social media many people just didn't know it was bad.
So I don't know, I would be torn on this. It seems like your intention doesn't matter at all, or the environment at the time. The list of things I learned from Twitter that I shouldn't say or do is much longer than it was even 10 years ago.
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16 Aug 19
The only difference between most illegal drugs and legal drugs like drinking alcohol/smoking tobacco is that white middle-class families in the US rebelled when one was banned, but due to propaganda celebrated when the other was banned.
Most narcotics were banned in the 20th Century because the US government found it a useful propaganda technique to maintain power. It has historically been a club which the Government would use to stigmatize factions/minorities (Mexicans/weed, hippies/psychedelics, blacks/crack)
This article is a great read on the topic and exposes the lies that have been told over the century. If you don't think it's a method of maintaining power then you have to ask yourself why Governments repeatedly ban legal, safe, alternative highs.
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13 Aug 19
Worst thing about leaving cert results is the 1% of people who screw up school/college and still end up successful just use the day as an opportunity to do some serious humblebragging
Now I did screw up school/college and end up doing very well for myself, however I attribute 80-90% of that to pure luck and had several horrible, draining years where I tried to figure out what the hell I was going to do without proper qualifications.
With a good degree and good results I could have achieved the same thing (maybe better) without having a major early-life crisis which I wouldn't recommend to anyone...
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7 Aug 19
It's good to know that over-doses and sudden deaths from taking drugs mostly comes from what they are cut with, not the drugs themselves.

The average street purity of a bag of cocaine in Ireland is 15%, the other 85% can include: hairspray, petrol, speed, fentanyl, GHB
Phenactin (banned analgesic medication), Levamisole (deworming agent for dogs), Methamphetamines, Lidocaine (anesthetic), Acetaminophen (increased risk of liver failure through nose), Sugar, Lead, Caffeine and pretty much whatever the fuck the dealer wants to put in the bag
Ever wonder why there aren't mass overdose or sudden death issues in the countries that produces the drugs? It's primarily because they are more likely to get actual pure forms of the drugs. The drugs are dangerous because they are illegal, not illegal because they are dangerous.
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24 May 19
It's a disgrace the government has zero plans on the legalization of even the most safe, risk-free recreational drug. That lobby organizations exist to campaign against this based off of rare side effects normally induced by a combination with alcohol.

Where's the lobbying to outlaw alcohol? Alcohol can be linked to ~2.8 million deaths each year, 40% of all violent crimes are linked to alcohol, offenders are far more likely to be under the influence of alcohol than any other drug.
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22 May 19
My dog used to be wonderful and chill, and would just sit and snooze beside you all day. Then we put her on healthy dog food from @forthglade instead of Pedigree. Now all she wants to do is play and run around and get attention.
Is it bad that I preferred the malnutritioned form of my dog to the new healthy one
These tweets seem sponsored but I shit you not I am irritated that the new dog food just proves I was vitamin-starving my dog to death instead of her just being chill
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21 May 19
Just a few points from my interview on facial recognition because of constant mis-characterization of my arguments and also a total denigration of my views as if I'm some tinfoil-wearing hermit.
1. The idea that just because the UK has good intentions regarding their facial recognition does not mean it won't be abused. History has proven that emerging technologies are consistently abused by law enforcement agencies.
2. That China's use of facial recognition has no baring on how it will be used in Western countries is again beyond foolish, considering the UK's GCHQ has abused their surveillance power just like China has.
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15 Apr 19
It would be nice if every opening episode of Game of Thrones wasn't just sequential unlikely reunions and plot setups, I know it's necessary but after two years it feels super underwhelming.
Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington have zero chemistry, I desperately hope they oppose each other so I don't have to watch their cringy relationship anymore
You can seriously feel the condensation of plot already happening with minor twists basically every scene, rather than unfolding layers of plots and schemes they're just rushing to the punch. I remain pessimistic for the future episodes and so concludes my TED talk.
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10 Apr 19
This study says you are far more likely to get an STI based off of the number of sexual partners you've had, which is obvious. Asking people to stop having unprotected sex with lots of people to avoid getting an STI isn't wrong.

This isn't the HSE saying there's something WRONG with having multiple sexual partners, but it's simple fact it increases your chance of getting an STI. Now the sexual health system is appalling, but people are making the HSE out to be slut-shaming which isn't the case.
Also the idea that 'individuals' aren't responsible for getting more STI's, the Government is, is insane. It's like blaming 'infrastructure' for obesity. Yes, the infrastructure could be better, but removing all blame from individuals is foolish.
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24 Nov 18
Today is a day you almost never hear about - Holodomor Remembrance Day, where we remember the 8 million Ukrainians who starved to death as a result of the communist regime.
Any mildly successful farmer was known as a 'kulak' and were killed or expelled to Siberia. If you were even mildly successful in the USSR, well you must have stolen it from someone else.
The new farmers, who were poor and inexperienced, were then given impossible grain quotas which were to then be collectivized and sent to the cities. The farmers weren't paid for it, and weren't allowed keep any grain for themselves.
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20 Nov 18
This is incredible, I highly recommend donating to @MAPS,
they are doing fantastic work.
68% of participants going through assisted MDMA therapy had their PTSD completely cured within 12 months. It's unheard of to even cure PTSD.
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13 Nov 18
It's patently obvious Facebook is using the 'hate speech' issue as a diversion tactic from all the shit they've done over the past few years, never mind the detestable idea of countries and private corporations working together to enact censorship.
Silicon Valley and governments have no idea the dangerous precedents they're setting by participating in this farce of online policing, citizens and users should probably have some say in what they are and are not allowed to say.
I'm sure governments are extraordinarily happy that they get to define the words people can and cannot use, the news sources they can and cannot read, and the things they are and are not allowed to see.
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4 Oct 18
One thing that staggers me in today's day and age is the total and utter loss of truth, the destruction of reasonable debate, and the forfeiture of integrity for political gain.
I follow equally left/right Twitter accounts and the juxtaposition of both narratives and stories consistently amazes me. Both sides are meant to balance each other as there is rarely one 'correct' point of view, not drown each other out among the frenzied cries of tribalism.
Are you a strong believer in total freedom of speech and expression no matter the costs? You're a homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic Nazi. Do you think minorities should be protected from bigotry and hate? You're just a safe-space liberal snowflake.
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1 Oct 18
I've seen a lot of people discussing drugs, their usage, and how and why people die from them yet people continue to take them - I know a good bit about drugs (don't ask), and my best friend died from an overdose this year, so here's my perspective.
Drugs in general serve only two purposes:
A) A method of escape, when reality has too much suffering and people want to temporarily free themselves from that existence.
B) A method of new experience, when reality is a bit too boring and people want to go somewhere exciting.
Method A is what generally leads to addiction (certain drugs are just too good at providing an escape e.g. heroin, fentanyl, weed).

Method B is what generally leads to sudden deaths due to the nature of the drugs e.g. cocaine, MDMA/ecstasy, speed
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28 Sep 18
Reddit soft censoring some sub-reddits who don't violate content policy but are considered sources of 'misinformation'.

I firmly believe doing this kind of stuff just reinforces conspiracy theorists that we're out to get them, not that they're wrong.
Several other communities have been soft censored as well, including sub-reddits mocking socialism and a notorious pro-male anti-feminist subreddit called TheRedPill.
Reddit are well within their rights to censor or ban these communities, however I disagree with using the excuse of an 'open and diverse' community to insinuate people are so soft and malleable they cannot even see offensive content.
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25 Sep 18
The UK's version of the NSA, the GCHQ, was found by the EU Court of Human Rights to be in violation of freedom of expression and the right to privacy on a national surveillance scale.
Through a loophole, UK citizens could have metadata about their communications accessed without any court or administrative approval. UK law enforcement could request the metadata of your communications WITH NO OVERSIGHT.
Metadata is essentially who you're calling and e-mailing, where you are, what websites you're accessing. They could not see the content of your emails, for example, but knowing where you are and who you're in contact with is as important if not more important than the content.
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24 Sep 18
If you have handwriting enabled on Windows 10 - Microsoft records every single keystroke you make into an unsecured file. It's basically a keylogger you have no idea is running in the background. Many phone keyboards work the same if you enable the 'swipe' feature on them.
This is a file that can be quickly downloaded and accessed by anyone with a modicum of access to your computer - malicious or otherwise. techspot.com/news/76575-win…
If you want to disable this feature, follow the instructions in this link.
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