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Senior NetEng for Games accessibility♿🦻🏳️‍🌈&privacy Indie GameDev@punchelvis Neurodivergent:asd&deafhoh #WIGA xp RBW/Google/CounterSpy/Irrational/Jagex/4mm
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Ok so obviously King Díaz is the magic user/fireball eldrich knight, Guillorme is the tall for a dwarf utility rogue, Nido is the stout friendly cleric. Timmy Trumpet is their friendly tavern bard/skald. McNiel as ranger or city squirrel aligned barbarian?
#lgm #lfgm #dnd #nerd For licensing reasons you won’t hear it on @SNY_Mets but that makes SNY the Ministry of Adventurers in all of Greater Queensland BrooklynSheddenshire. Ron is Elminster, Gary is the legendary Bard of the Voice, famous for his dramatic tales heroic and ironic. Kieth is a lost Druid
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My officially licensed coffee cup comment on yet another instance of “it’s open source but only if you use the vendor’s version of GNU tar with an opaque set of options that we should have released publicly but claim that PAM is magic so we can break network drivers” #eurobsd That would be #eurobsdcon / #NetBSDSummit (cc @netbsd / @netbsd_bugs so I actually look at this PAM issue next month. There is no such thing as stable Linux ABIs and I hate fixing this on “small switches” a month before something ships #cloudNetworking #cloudNotNetworking #arm)
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1. I am resetting passwords with keying information to sign DNSSEC certificates and Apple/Android/Microsoft/Sony app stores.
2. Not a joke.
3. Will post a new keybase proof this week.
5. OWASP checklist here:… OK, can confirm that I still control GitHub jculpon and I remain
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Perennial reminder:
私の名前は自映実です。カタカナで「ジェーミ」を書くけれど、新しい人々と仲間に「クルポン」と使うも良いと思います。フランス語や英語の名前ですから、「クルポンさん」とか「自映実さん」も大丈夫🙆です。でも「ちゃん」や「くん」を書くことはちょっと🆖と思うんです。 ENG USA: both of my names are Franco-Norman/Iberian. I’m happy to be addressed politely as Mx/Ms Jamie or Mx/Ms CULPON by new acquaintances or colleagues but try not to use “chan/kun” in Japanese instead of “san” unless we are friends. It’s a tu-vous/t-v issue for me.
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Somehow fitting to be out of bagels on this Sunday, of all Sundays.

Nobody home, no idea when they’ll get back, no car… at least I had the Volvo in a state of relative repair 21 years ago. Miss my dad, but miss what the family had before more.

#ptsd #memories #gwot #family As someone who had been on the outskirts of BosNyPhillaWilmingtoDC and homeless in the early 2000s… I miss a lot of how welcoming the city and CT/RI/NJ/LI felt those first few years. In The Shadow of No Towers, family still at ICI, too broke to afford food for most of 2007…
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Happy Day of Updating Discord Via Justin.TV! #discordian #eris #23 uucp!
And now to prep the suitcases and garb for the engagement party, sigh du fucking this month du weekend de la FEMINISM 101 RANTS @ireneista @cajundiscordian This is the only day you can tweet @SJGames about Illuminati on Discord. Says so right on my clique clock tick toc fox watch!
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Can join with the ANZAC Council of Elrond Adaptation Guilde de X-Files on the currency so you get a nice VANCA/YYZ crossover…

Maybe this gentleman and the Kids in the Hall in drag lost in “American Forrest College, Yale” looking for the ghost of E2R under a d20 moon on obverse? (PHOTOGRAPHIC RECONNAISANCE FROM AVRO LAVENGEANCE:

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#hugo #counterprogramming

(Mr. Nimoy sure knows how to host a party!)

#FRODOLIVES (Sheinhart Whig Company M77+25m) #vague
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Since we’re in EduTech time at the conference: here’s my maroon breakfast for #Uvalde #Texas #Texan
I don’t have kids. Haven’t been biologically capable of that since I was under 13. Mais je parle français Cajun-Cadien, 日本語, y español Tejan@x. My legacy? Students,mentees,games Whatever else you think about Texan politics: I am a teacher at times, an instructor at others, and a speaker or guest lecturer depending on the cause. My mom grew up near Mr. Abbot’s home town of Wichita Falls. I didn’t. But as a techie, technologist, and indie games dev? >
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Yeah, uh, as someone involved very intimately in a couple of the ERGs on the Alphabet/Google side of this in 2018 that reacted: it took an extraordinary amount of effort from people like Liz Fong-Jones just to get anyone to treat this as a real issue internally. At the time…> A great many of the SRE/network operations people I knew via the teams debugging and testing TCP BBR/Stadia/systems that became essential parts of TensorFlow were doing everything we could to try to raise this to the SVP+ level.

Until near the end of 2018, this resulted in…>
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crypto symposium day 2 thread here On to the keynote!
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@chicagoworldcon Hey! As a fan: this was the best WorldCon in North America I could imagine. As @jlc2108_cusfs & furry/comix editor: y’all did a great job across the board.

As a deaf/hoh serial convention volunteer: I hope that WSFS gets the feedback that we all need to do more to make LOCAL > @chicagoworldcon @jlc2108_cusfs REPRESENTATION in terms of native/indigenous presenters, women, queer writers of all description, and most especially people who advocate for accessibility and disability a priority.

My dayjob is being a deafhoh gamedev. I’m glad my most important Hugo amendment passed but: >
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This AM: oh gosh I’m on BST again for the Cryptography Policy Summit UK: it is live streamed on @youtube and @web3isgreat can read my tweets just fine. I’m also all a journalist and speak French, Cymragh, and a few other national languages unrecognized by Liz Truss! @YouTube @web3isgreat My first accessibility and privacy concern? Nobody is answering emails or tweets in English this morning. Or French. Or Cymragh. Or anything. Yep, web3 is indeed going great #accessibility #DisabilityTwitter
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Woo! Took me forever to notice because of the DFW mess I’m in, but @chicagoworldcon did run a photo of some cosplay I prepped for the event that I unfortunately could not show off in person this weekend!… (thanks social/newsletter/virtual folks!) @chicagoworldcon Now if only I could remember which browser was the one I had logged in to the virtual side from I could actually read subtitles and maybe mumble through « My Hovercrafts Are Full of Kraken Sized Eels ». What a couple of weekmonththings (((flails wildly in not actually ASL/SEE)))
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Can we just go ahead and name all the RWW orgs what they are: public journalists working their asses off to ID the rise of fascists that the Beltway and Beltline set have been avoiding talking about since Regan because it might seem uncooth at Cracker Barrel? It aggravates me completely to see Arizonans and Texans and Americans generally argue that calling fascism fascism is somehow more dangerous than admitting that the guys goose stepping down campuses denying the Shoah and other genocides are, in fact, fascists on the rise.
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FYI: I have set up an _unofficial_ _unsanctioned_ space for #CUSFS alumnae to communicate about WorldCon/Future WorldFantasyCon/BOSKONE/WorldCon 2023/2024. Please contact @jlc2108_cusfs if you would like an invite. This service is provided on a BEST EFFORT basis without guarantee Due to DR issues in Dallas/Fort Worth/Tarrant County/Denton County: this space will be primarily moderated by jlc2108 for the duration of ChiCon8 but is not operated nor sanctioned by the Activities Board of Columbia due to privacy concerns over Blair Witch Project Spoofs.
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Hey everyone! It’s almost time for WorldCon 2022 aka ChiCon #8. I had previously been a “well, I will be in town anyway, so of course I will volunteer!” member since I needed to vote for the Hugo Awards.

Life hasn’t worked out that way for me because of the DFW floods this week. If you were expecting to see me at WorldCon this year (hi @tordotcom & @Hugo_Book_Club & @blogwhatever commenters + @avram & @makinglight friends from 200X): sorry. Getting there in person will not happen. I am hoping that after this weekend I will still be able to volunteer.
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This is my favorite kind of Bell Labs/Ivy League inside baseball but: I still love that k does this.…
I knew my snark would fly at @ColumbiaCompSci when I found out my annoyance with an awk misparse was ancient Dr. Aho code and thus a real awk-words bug 8) (iirc it was technically a sunos/Solaris port issue but I like port not whatever not yp they shipped that year CC @netbsd )
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Unrelated: I find tech conference CFP processes to be an accessibility and disability Kafka’s Judge/Prison. If you disclose your disabilities, the ExecCom and Program Committees say “we can’t support deaf speakers but require proof you can speak without assistance”. If you *do* disclose to the conference, you get rejected because all the reviewers can’t “read this funny made up hand text that is obviously not real communication”.

Because their style guides are in ASCII/UTF-8 only. And anything beyond unihan is “unintelligible gibberish”
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I mean, I’m just an ethics in games, privacy/anonymous overlay DHTs, and netops queer, but uh: Irenes sounds absolutely correct on both original and the differential privacy analysis to my deaf/hoh accessibility perspective. What I don’t get/am too obtuse and autistic to understand in MBAglish: isn’t this just another proof of the fundamentally misaligned incentives in the “game design” of Dutch Auction systems for targeting? From the Information Theory side, isn’t this game always rigged?
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Also as I technically can’t afford SFWA dues due to multiple disasters in the USA and my favorite nonbinary boss getting harassed because they live in Canada now:
I love MX, I’m still a BMX Bandit, and to hell with anyone who thinks caring about family Boston or Dublin is fiction CC @Hugo_Book_Club @scalzi / @2muchexposition / @makinglight / @avram / @jlc2108_cusfs / @writerfox / @FurWritersGuild / @ecmyers /@benstweetssuck etc. Guess I’ll just be an Anglish Language American blogger again this year.