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We're doing a thread of ten recommendations for awesome sci-fi, fantasy, and WTF eBooks you can get from @angryrobotbooks for half off during the #Quarantine. Let's get started. In no particular order... #amreading #amwriting.
STEAL THE SKY. @MeganEOKeefe's steampunk airship heist.

SIXTEEN WATCH. @MykeCole's US Coast Guard in space military sci-fi.

THE BURIED LIFE. @Carrie_Patel's post-apocalyptic underground Victorian murder mystery.

OUTRIDERS. @HiJayPosey's A-Team in space spec-ops spectacular.
AN ACCIDENT OF STARS. @fozmeadows awesome queer portal fantasy.

UNITED STATES OF JAPAN. @TieryasXu's ode to The Man in the High Castle with mecha

NECROTECH. @kacealexander's cyberpunk opus.

HUNGER MAKES THE WOLF: @katsudonburi's corporate-smashing extrasolar witch biker gang.
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For my #WordRace today I started a Post-it plan of my novel so far. Because so many people are home and maybe working on a creative project or finding it hard to concentrate, I’ll share my famous* Post-it planning method! #AmWriting #WritingTips (Thread) 1/

I do this at all stages of my novel, both drafting & editing, for different purposes. Today I’m at ~70k words in my first draft and I need to plan my ending. I want it to be satisfying & relevant to the rest of my book. But I started writing back in August! I can’t remember. 2/
I don’t want to go back and read the whole thing; I’d start fiddling and editing and changing and that’s not what I need to do right now. What I need is an overview of what happens, the important events & characters & themes, so I can use that knowledge to plan the rest. 3/
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Hi, #NCPH2020! Join us tomorrow (Wed.) at 3:30pm est for the NCPH Publications Task Force Listening Session. #TPHJournal @ucpress #PublicHistory #TwitterStorians #AmEditing #AmWriting
What do you want from NCPH publications like The Public Historian & History@Work? What are we doing right? How might our platforms better reflect changes in the field, & better meet your needs? #NCPH2020! #TPHJournal @ucpress #PublicHistory #TwitterStorians #AmEditing #AmWriting
Bring your ideas to the NCPH Publications Task Force special listening session and join the ongoing conversation about the future of NCPH publications. #NCPH2020! #TPHJournal @ucpress #PublicHistory #TwitterStorians #AmEditing #AmWriting
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Today in pulp: a few literary rejection letters!

Everyone's a critic... #FridayFeeling
“This author is beyond psychiatric help. Do not publish.” 

Rejection letter quote for Crash, a novel by J.G. Ballard.
“An endless nightmare. I think the verdict would be ‘Oh don’t read that horrid book.'”

Rejection letter quote for War Of The Worlds, a novel by H.G. Wells.
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1/15 Thread about EDITS.✏️As someone on both sides of the publishing fence I wanted to talk a bit about the editing process + how to deal with it. Having your book edited can be terrifying - after all, it’s something you’ve worked on for ages + now it’s in someone else’s control!
2/15 Of course that feels weird. AIM: the aim of edits is to make your book better + to ensure it appeals to as many readers as possible. Often, as the author you’ve spent so long working on your ms that you naturally become a bit blind to it + so another pair of eyes is crucial.
3/15 One thing to keep in mind throughout is that you + your publisher have the SAME goal - to sell books + reach readers. We’re all on the same side! ATTITUDE: when you receive big edits on your ms, the temptation is to read them all at once, panic + respond with a knee-jerk
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Read sad story last night about Dr. Bucci, 50 year old Phychology & Brain Sciences Dept. Chairman, at Dartmouth that committed #Suicide 11 months after a lawsuit was filed by graduate #students in his department. He
2/ was NOT accused of sexual misconduct, but named in the suit for knowing about the professors’ inappropriate behavior as the Chair.I share many of the same feelings he expressed to friends and colleagues in his emails before he took his own life like: the case was deeply
3/ personal; reputation had been damaged; physical health diminished; false portrayal of his actions; being blamed unfairly; allegations & process “unfair”; how can they ever undo what they did to me & #wronglyaccused. Similarly, how I had reported the #disability
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Writing tip: To write the intro & conclusion to a chapter or article, reread the body, close that doc, take a 10-minute break, then open a new, blank doc & start typing without looking at the body. Helps you think at a higher level. #amwriting #AcademicTwitter
After that, go back to the body doc and edit it to fit your new framework. At least, this is what works for me.
Special thanks to my 3-week-old son for the occasion to write late night tweets.
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#Thread So, I got on a fucking roll with writing today during my work date & I wrote 3,492 words. I finished the large body section & fleshed out the outline for the next one. It felt amazing. But in my writing high I didn’t take enough standing & stretching breaks! 😩
So I just got home from post-work date dinner & my body is wrecked. My lower back is flared up & my neck hurts. I for sure overdid it. Tonight I’m going to heavily medicate, but I have a feeling that tomorrow might have to be a read in bed day.
Honestly, I feel so good when I write right now. It really is an adrenaline rush, but I know that pacing myself is the way to sustainably finish this book while taking care of my bodymind. Just because I *can* work fast doesn’t mean I should.
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Woke up so ready to get back to writing! I’m definitively finishing this sub-section today, but I would be thrilled to make major progress into the next sub-section too. Knowing how long this main body section (with 3 sub-sections) will be helps figure out the shape of the rest.
Current shape of the chapter is a beefy intro, a big body section with 3 sub-sections & then either a smaller section then a conclusion, or I move the ideas for that smaller section into the book conclusion & go straight into the chapter conclusion when I finish this section.
A lot of folks who have read my first book, #BodymindsReimagined, have commented on how clearly organized/presented the writing & argument is in it. That’s meaningful to me bc I spend A LOT of time working on chapter structure. The order & style of presenting an argument matters!
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The outrage media entertainment spectacle makes people really rich AND really dumb. See, for example, Infowars.
I really need to decide if I'm going to call that the outrage media entertainment spectacle or the outrage media entertainment complex (I've used both, which is better?). This will be in my new book. #AmWriting
Some reasons why Trump attacked @donlemon here:

1. Trump cannot be laughed at. U🏗️!
2. Lemon bested him many times during live interviews in 2015-2016.
3. Lemon is an "other."
4. Dems trust CNN more than other news sources:
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What font should be on your book cover? Well if you've had it with Helvetica and you're tired of Times New Roman why not revive a classic pulp typeface or two?

Here's a list of some pulpy fonts that are fruitier than Frutiger and louder than DIN 1931...
Any pulp sci-fi writer must give serious consideration to using Amelia as their book cover typeface. Designed by Stan Davis in 1964 it's the font used on the Moon Boot and reminds people we haven't actually been to the Moon since 1972, so we really should try again!
If your story is about computers then use Computer Monotone! David Moore created this in 1968 as an alphabetical extension of the E-13B font used on the bottom of cheques. It smells of Fortran an tastes of 4 bit processing, just like a real computer should...
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Ok friends here we go. Back at work on the book today. #WorkGoals
-Read 2 interview transcripts & take notes
-Add archive citations to EndNote
-Write for 1 hr

Trying to keep it pretty simple as I move back into this work.
I just want to thank the many folks who talked about experiences of being emotionally blocked from doing the work you want to do. I think I figured out what had been blocking me & am writing my way through it.
I keep coming back to this protest chant by Mary Hooks “The mandate for Black people in this time is to avenge the suffering of our ancestors, earn the respect of future generations & to be willing to be transformed by the work” I had to let myself by transformed by the work.
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How about a query advice thread this fine morning?? (actually the morning is gray and gross and appallingly wet, but hopefully it's fine wherever you are)

#amwriting #amquerying #amediting #querytip
Query tip 1: stay succinct! Here's the thing about query length--too long means an agent might skim (or even skip) rather than reading closely. Agents have limited time, plus a rambling query can often indicate a rambling story. #querytip
I advise keeping your query to 300ish words total; over 350 is edging toward the danger zone. 400 is almost always too long. There are (always!!) exceptions, but this is a good rule of thumb. Shoot for 220ish words for the story part, 50-80 for the bio and about-the-book part.
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Is Spectra going to let me say "juice engagement" or are they going to make me be more, um, academic?

Follow up: how do you even say that--"elicit engagement?"
"prompt engagement?"
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I #amwriting about how Trump's "modern day presidential" campaign and presidency makes sense within the evolution of the rhetorical presidency > post-rhetorical presidency > outrage presidency cycle. Trump is an expert at working the metrics of engagement & attention via outrage.
But, his outrage presidency model isn't the only way to turn engagement & attention into votes. My (better) example is @ewarren's campaign--specifically the way she uses selfies & phone calls to connect to voters. Authentic connection trumps (ha!) inauthentic outrage (hopefully).
‘Call Me Elizabeth’: Inside the Hours Elizabeth Warren Spends on the Phone
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I have a Jan 2 #amwriting deadline for a thing about the presidency & campaigning. I just outlined it and I'm psyched because I realized that I can write about @ewarren's selfies campaign as an antidote to Trumpism.
I plan to explain how both work within the logics of the metrics of attention & engagement, but while Trump's is based on outrage (and thus profoundly negative), Warren's is based on connection (and thus profoundly positive).
Reminds me of Forster, "There's enough sorrow in the world, isn't there, without trying to invent it."
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I built a totally impractical elevator today. (For story purposes, not using screws & bolts & sheet metal)

Impractical in the sense of, if you have a motor or a steam engine or water power, just use basic counterweight, but if you don’t have that power, this is lower power.
In other words, #AmWriting

... and now I’m wondering if I built the geology well enough to have sufficient zinc for battery piles. (I don’t think I did, and I won’t retcon that, because there are DAMN good reasons Galantier has the geology it has.)
... actually, maybe I can place zinc deposits somewhere in the Argentas. The stuff tends to be coincident with silver and lead, or with pyrite. And there are silver mines in the ... Argentas.

Still really expensive, though.

I made this decision, I have to live with it.
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1/ Hey #amwriting #writercommunity #5amwritersclub I was doing a little budgeting this morning and thinking about the coming year, and I am struggling here on what is appropriate / necessary to spend on writing. I'm not talking time, I'm talking cold hard cash.
2/ Over the past seven years I've spent money or a wide variety of writing related things; conferences, classes, podcasts (pateron), contest submissions, books (of course), travel for writers groups, editing, art for book covers, etc etc.
3/ In 2019 I've spent a few grand (not going to be specific, but more than $1k and less than $5k) and over the last seven years I've likely spent close to $20k+ (I didn't always keep detailed records on this). That is a lot of money spent on learning and networking.
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For some writers a rejection letter from a publisher is crushing; for others it just spurs them on.

So if your first novel's been rejected don't worry, you're in good company - as I'll demonstrate with some famous literary rejection letter quotes! #amwriting
“This author is beyond psychiatric help. Do not publish.” 

Crash, by J.G. Ballard.
“An endless nightmare. I think the verdict would be ‘Oh don’t read that horrid book.'”

War Of The Worlds, by H.G. Wells.
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Sent in the final final version of my book. 119,794 words, 886 endnotes. It's ginormous. (I was supposed to write a short book of about 75k words. I also cut out 30k words). I wrote about 30k words of notes for each of the 18 chapters. #AmWriting #TeamRhetoric
I imagine all of this is pretty typical for an academic book. Just wanted to give the behind the scenes deets for non-academic folks.
I've written the book in a public scholarship voice (like my other public writing) because I want everyone to be able to read it, not just academics.

I don't know what it will cost yet, but my publisher has promised to keep the cost low so that it will be affordable.
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Look for Demagogue for President: The Rhetorical Genius of Donald Trump in February or March 2020.

Here is a video of me talking about Trump’s rhetoric:
Who wants to write a blurb?
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RESOURCES FOR WRITERS: a list of organisations, opportunities & support, which you really ought to have on your writerly radar, and which I wish had been on my own radar earlier in my career. Hope you find them useful. #thread #amwriting #writer
If you're a writer, join @Soc_of_Authors. They're great advocates for writers' rights, & offer PDF guides on working as a writer, specific advice on contracts etc for members & discounts on books! They also offer grants for work in progress & run annual awards.
@Soc_of_Authors Anyone in the arts should be aware of @ace_national (or @CreativeScots / @Arts_Wales_ / @ArtsCouncilNI, depending where you're based). They support writers through fundings opportunities - for individuals & organisations.
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"Never, Forever:" A #GreyDawn #microfiction thread. #lesfic #amwriting #civilwar

In which the last survivor of Buford's division, timeslipped to the 21st century, returns to that hallowed ground.
12 September 2021
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Where can I even begin, to do justice to the feelings that well in my heart on being on this hallowed ground? How can I even express what it means-- will I ever be heard, if I even essay to do so?
In a sense, I suppose it is moot to ponder such things. After all, I've come here to speak to a gathering at one of the liveliest bookstores in town, to discuss my memoir, and to share reminiscences of this and the rest of my war for abolition and union.
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Good morning, bbs. After thoughtfully reading your suggestions, I’ve officially decided to name this unicorn bottle hugger toy Mx. Taffeta Champagne Sparkles—Taffy if ya nasty. Mx. Sparkles uses she/her or they/them pronouns & enjoys clinging to things to bring joy to the world.
Keep an eye out for my “adventures” with Taffy this academic year as I go up for tenure & write my second book while on fellowship leave. I anticipate having many days where Mx. Sparkles is the only being I interact with all day. 🙃 #unicorn #AmWriting #ThingsIDoToAmuseMyself
You can follow Taffy on @instagram now: taffetachampagnesparkles. You’re welcome.
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