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Sunday fantasy novel writing progress #amwriting
I'm almost 100% the chapter I wrote today will need some major reworking in a near future draft, but right now the bargain I'm making with myself into just get the *whole* story down on paper instead of letting myself get stuck and not finishing.
I do have part of my brain that says "lol that's bullshittttt" but I'm like, "well at least it's bullshit you wrote down into a story."
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- "A Warning to the Hollow Men" -

In the cool shade of evening I saw them -
The Hollow Men.
They sloughed their skin and spineless
danced in the shadows that no one saw.

They were already dead though they live.
They were starving despite feasting.
Victims of their own design, they played
the very hand they had dealt themselves.

And who can awaken the Hollow Men?
Sound the alarm! Fire! Fire!
Can they hear us with a head full of straw
and a heart full of law?

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Yesterday was the first day I didn't do any fantasy novel writing since I started this latest project last Saturday, but I'm back on the wagon today (and honestly it was a good mental escape). #amwriting Image
This thing is probably the most verbose I've been since I coached myself to not self-edit as I write, for a change. And the fact I've only gotten to 5 chapters is a minor miracle. At this many words I'm usually at 10-11 short chapters by now.
My "writing partner" refuses to contribute much to the project besides moral support. Image
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Today's fantasy novel writing progress #amwriting
I'm really trying to Pace myself this time and not edit on the fly and skip whole sections as I often do, which results in a too-low word count.
And yeah, just utter disinterest in me writing a novel from this guy
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@RoamResearch has so many use cases. I am now using a graph shared with my #phd supervisors. The critical aspect of my creative writing thesis (in addition to the novel) focuses on the role of authorship in genre fiction in a post-press world. 1/3 Image
What better way to illustrate my theory that collaborative authorship (between creative entrepreneur & creator reader) is the future of self-publishing. We have decided to submit creative portion (novel) as a @roam research graph 2/3

Look out for a new addition to my Roam For Results courses. Roam for Creative Writers. 3/3

#amwriting #WritingCommunity
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Been thinking about how there’s an expectation that writers not tweet about their books until they have a deal to announce.

Is it considered unprofessional to just tweet about how much you love your WIP before it’s guaranteed that it’ll be published? Or am I being insecure?
Seems like this is more of a reflection of who I’m following on Twitter! Off to follow more #amwriting folks and fewer NYC media people 😅
I REALLY love to write, and I LOVE this novel, and I’m enormously proud of it and of myself no matter what happens next. Writing is grueling work, especially during a pandemic, and I goddamn did it.
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The first time we saw him, he seemed strange to us. We worried at his pallid lichen-green countenance, wrapped him in the softest blankets. Coaxed out that shy, strange tree-root twist of a smile. As he grew, we grew to love him. #satsplat #amwriting
Watched his eyes twinkle with starlight as he danced thru the ferns with butterflies, curled up next to the roly-pollies, whispered secrets to the roses. His delicately pointed ears looked like new leaves just unfurled, trembling as he picked out the notes of a melody on guitar.
His laugh grew from a tinkle of tiny, distant bells to a muted but resounding chuckle. And, always, that same little smile, like a sweet pea pod, curled just a little around the edges. We could see that he wasn’t the same as us. But he was our boy and we loved him.
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First of all, you may have noticed I did not have a "Reading Notes" blog post of @biblioracle 's excellent book, "The Writer's Practice", which I HAVE read, recommended numerous times AND tweeted about. I think I never got around writing that post, which I'll do now.
I have become a MUCH better writer by PRACTICING WRITING.

I write a metric ton of text.

I write a blog. I write journal articles, book chapters, and I'm writing three books (don't ask, I'm just... unable to say "no" to interesting opportunities).

I have explained before...
... that I firmly believe we can ALL develop A WRITING PRACTICE.

In order to learn how to develop a system to regularly produce text, you DO need guidance. The books I'm going to write about and the posts I'm going to link to will explain how to develop this writing practice.
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🚨Exciting NEWS!!🚨

Thrilled to say I am now represented by the amazingly badass @LitTraveler and @PTerlip of @AndreaBrownLit! I always dreamed of signing with a fantastic agent, but I never imagined I’d find TWO!!! I am so excited to bring this book one step closer to readers!
BIG thank yous are in order! 1st to my wonderful #pitchwars mentor @LyndsayEly. I’m not joking that she is the reason for my twisty plot and magic system! Thank you so much for helping me find the potential in this book and getting it to a place where others saw it too!
Thank you also to @pitchwars for the opportunity for such amazing mentorship and exposure. GUYS, APPLY TO PITCHWARS! If you have questions, feel free to DM me!
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2. Ted flexed his hands, balling them into fists as a crimson flush stormed up his neck. Nobody said that shit to him. Not since he'd made Billy Braiden regret his damn mouth in 8th Grade. This guy, he didn't know who the hell Ted was. But he was about to find out (19
Those were two different examples, both Deep POV, both with the same physical (visceral) show, but with two different triggers that completely changed the scene. To summarize, you need... (20
1. A character profile
2. Dig DEEP into your character's wound...the thing that contributes to their trauma/prevents them from dealing w/h trauma
3. Develop character Voice
4. Connect emotion to not only the character, bt what's happening in the scene.
5. Get in MC's head (21
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Writing Thread! As writers, I don't think we spend enough time on the philosophy of story and character. It's hard, but it can be the light in the darkness when you're trying to figure out how your characters react to the problems that confront them. #amwriting #screenwriting 1/
Here is Raymond Chandler talking about the quintessential detective. "Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. He is the hero; he is everything. He must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man." 2/
" He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor—by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it, and certainly without saying it. He must be the best man in his world and a good enough man for any world." 3/
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I just had my protagonist kill Spanish conquistador Cristóbal de Olea.

How's your day going? Heh.

Quite cathartic to describe the battle of June 29, 1521, when Cuauhtemoc's remaining forces ambushed Cortés in the ruins of Tenochtitlan, slaughtering hundreds of Tlaxcaltecah & 20 Spaniards, taking dozens more captive & executing them in Tlatelolco after making them dance naked.
In another month, Mēxihco will finally fall.

But for a moment, the Mexica reclaim their island, though Tenochtitlan is mostly rubble.

The following day, the citizens dance in the streets.

Cortés has been driven from the city a SECOND time.
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1/ Haven't posted in a while about my #WIP. Turns out I'm going to self-publish one, perhaps two, of my previous works before I complete it. The first is called Miles Peak, and is an "embellished memoir" I wrote of my travels through Europe and the U.S. in my early 20s.
2/ The second, which I haven't decided whether I will publish or not, is called Moon Phase Angels. This is a mostly observational piece written during my time in Boston in 2002, discussing things like technology and politics. Not sure if it's a coherent narrative, so on the fence
3/ The one I'm working on now is called "Anti-Hero." It covers my experiences in the anti-war/anti-globalization movement between the years 2000-2005, and the complicated feelings I had about it then and now.
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I decided to do a thread for aesthetics for my current WIP.

It's called RUNNING BET. Grimdark fantasy.

Dislike to love romance. Monster hunters. Deals w the devil. Space Yachts. Necromancy. Toxic family. Sinister rituals. Time bending.

You know... typical stuff.

For starters, meet Kestral Otsana. Hunter of all sinister supernatural beasts. Time bender. Snarky, badass, secretly very soft.

Lyrics from "punching bag" by Cage the Elephant.

Then there's Warwick Salvatore. Elite hunter, bored out of his mind. Loves a good bet &a real challenge. Arrogant, dangerous, surprisingly noble. Literally powered by dying stars. Probably braver than you.

Lyrics from "the devil always gets her way" by Lee Richardson.
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Today in pulp... the dying art of shorthand! #TuesdayThoughts #amwriting Image
Shorthand is a system for rapid writing  that uses symbols or abbreviations for letters, words, or phrases. It can be tricky to learn, but once you master it you can keep pace with the speed people talk at - a very useful skill. Image
Formal shorthand systems have a long history. Cicero's freedman, Marcus Tullius Tiro, developed one of the earlier popular forms: his Notae Tironianae system was in use up to the Renaissance. Image
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NEW PROJECT ALERT! Introducing the Gender and Covid-19 Reading List. I've pulled together readings to help us keep track of how old scripts about gender rewrite themselves in the age of pandemic.…
The Gender and Covid-19 Reading list itself is housed at the @WomenLawWCL #gender #womensrights 2/…
Because this is a crisis-in-progress, the Gender and Covid-19 Reading List is a work-in-progress. If you've written something you'd like to see on the list, ping 3/
@womenknowlaw @WomenAlso @womenalsoknow @IFESGender @OsgoodeIFLS @onGender @GenderSexLaw
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Let’s ramble about something a bit more #amwriting universal this time around: properly dealing with negative editorial feedback. /1
Caveat that I’ve worked on twelve novels with @DeviPillai and @bhvide , who are both nominated for Hugo editor awards for 2020, so to say I’m lucky and worked with the best is putting it mildly. /2
Additional caveat in that a lot of this involves emotions and temperament, which obviously not everyone will share and I can only offer my own perspective. /3
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My tweets today are devoted to rhymes.
Limericks with five short lines at a time.
To mark Edward Lear’s birth,
I’ll write tweets full of mirth.
It’s fun, so join in... if so inclined.

#NationalLimerickDay #amwriting #creativewriting
I’ll be sad to lose followers from this.
If you go then please know you’ll be missed.
Create free like a child,
But just keep your words mild.
And change rhyme so you don’t take the... mickey.

#NationalLimerickDay #amwriting #creativewriting

It’s International Nurse Day as well.
Giving time now to show and to tell.
How such compassion and care,
In our need when they’re there.
Should be thanked more when we’re out of this spell.

#NationalLimerickDay #amwriting #creativewriting

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.@StevePadilla2 just finished leading another fabulous writing workshop on Zoom, this one about story structure. I'm going to share some of his many valuable tips:
#journalism #amwriting #writingcommunity
.@StevePadilla2: Structure is inevitably the hardest thing we deal with. … The most important thing is the point, your meaning, your idea.
.@StevePadilla2 on destination narratives versus journey narratives:

The opposite of the destination narrative is the journey narrative. ... Decide for yourself, is the point of the story the ending or how I get there?
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We're doing a thread of ten recommendations for awesome sci-fi, fantasy, and WTF eBooks you can get from @angryrobotbooks for half off during the #Quarantine. Let's get started. In no particular order... #amreading #amwriting.
STEAL THE SKY. @MeganEOKeefe's steampunk airship heist.

SIXTEEN WATCH. @MykeCole's US Coast Guard in space military sci-fi.

THE BURIED LIFE. @Carrie_Patel's post-apocalyptic underground Victorian murder mystery.

OUTRIDERS. @HiJayPosey's A-Team in space spec-ops spectacular.
AN ACCIDENT OF STARS. @fozmeadows awesome queer portal fantasy.

UNITED STATES OF JAPAN. @TieryasXu's ode to The Man in the High Castle with mecha

NECROTECH. @kacealexander's cyberpunk opus.

HUNGER MAKES THE WOLF: @katsudonburi's corporate-smashing extrasolar witch biker gang.
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For my #WordRace today I started a Post-it plan of my novel so far. Because so many people are home and maybe working on a creative project or finding it hard to concentrate, I’ll share my famous* Post-it planning method! #AmWriting #WritingTips (Thread) 1/

I do this at all stages of my novel, both drafting & editing, for different purposes. Today I’m at ~70k words in my first draft and I need to plan my ending. I want it to be satisfying & relevant to the rest of my book. But I started writing back in August! I can’t remember. 2/
I don’t want to go back and read the whole thing; I’d start fiddling and editing and changing and that’s not what I need to do right now. What I need is an overview of what happens, the important events & characters & themes, so I can use that knowledge to plan the rest. 3/
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Hi, #NCPH2020! Join us tomorrow (Wed.) at 3:30pm est for the NCPH Publications Task Force Listening Session. #TPHJournal @ucpress #PublicHistory #TwitterStorians #AmEditing #AmWriting
What do you want from NCPH publications like The Public Historian & History@Work? What are we doing right? How might our platforms better reflect changes in the field, & better meet your needs? #NCPH2020! #TPHJournal @ucpress #PublicHistory #TwitterStorians #AmEditing #AmWriting
Bring your ideas to the NCPH Publications Task Force special listening session and join the ongoing conversation about the future of NCPH publications. #NCPH2020! #TPHJournal @ucpress #PublicHistory #TwitterStorians #AmEditing #AmWriting
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