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US historian. @Harvard PhD. @JournAmHist edit. board. '21-22: fellow @IACatUCLA @PRRIpoll. Now: How post-1965 Asian imm changed US #evangelicalism @OUPAcademic
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My new article in the Journal of Asian American Studies foregrounds Protestant orgs & ppl in the Asian American Movement (AAM) of 1968-1970s. The AAM birthed the field of @AAAStudies thru ethnic studies strikes at SFSU, Cal, & sites across the US & Hawai'i muse.jhu.edu/journal/86 At a time when Asian Am were being pitted against Black Amer, AAM activists rejected model minority tropes & embraced multiracial & transnational solidarity w/other BIPOC. They opposed US wars in Asia & marched w/3rd World Lib Front for ethnic studies. Religious folks included. Image
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As someone who grew up in NJ public schools & taught there after college, I cannot stress enough how big a deal this is. Organizers worked a miracle.

I'm late to the party, but before moving on, here are a few moments from NJ's Asian Amer history I wish ppl knew more about. 1/ For context, NJ has v large AA pop, thanks to post-1965 imm & spillover from NYC/Philly. My parents were typical. They came to Brooklyn from Seoul in 1975, opened a store, and settled in Bergen County, NJ. Today NJ has the US' 3rd largest Korean Am pop 2/ tinyurl.com/2p93vnvh
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Billy Graham was a steady presence in my Korean immigrant household growing up. He was a clear example of white evangelicalism impinging on my family beyond our Korean imm. church (others: Hosanna & Vineyard music, Focus on the Family). 1/n #BillyGrahamPBS tinyurl.com/mwpev8xe I vividly recall sitting on ice-cold bleachers & hard concrete at BGEA crusades at Shea (RIP) & Giant Stadiums with my mom. Graham’s 1952 book “Peace with God” sat on our family bookshelf my entire childhood. By age 18, I'd read it a half dozen times or more. 2/n #BillyGrahamPBS
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Topics covered so far re the Jan 6th insurrection: white Christian nationalism, ppl carrying Israeli flags & wearing "Camp Auschwitz" sweatshirts, Christian Zionism - @sarahposner, toxic masculinity, Ashley Babbitt & role of white women - @AntheaButler #capitolsiegereligion .@AntheaButler: don't overlook the "small events" & threat of everyday violence; @sarahposner: the fight over history textbooks in public schools & narratives of white Christian innocence; @ndrewwhitehead: parallels w/1898 Wilmington massacre when a white mob attacks biracial gov
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1/ How it started // How it's going

I got a book contract w/@OUPAcademic! 2/ Perhaps fitting since #AARSBL2020 is happening now, I have many #amrel & #APARRI folks to thank for making this book seem possible.

Because hot tip: It’s not easy to do a 2nd book so different from your 1st. In at least one different subfield. About a different time period.