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Let’s talk about how damn scary it is that a virulent Christian Nationalist, intimately tied to the January 6th insurrection and the Big Lie, might be Pennsylvania’s governor and in charge of its elections. A #thread on Doug Mastriano @SenMastriano
🧵 Buckle up🧵
I know about Mastriano because of my work exposing the links between Christian Nationalism and the January 6th insurrection, which can be found in the huge report on that subject released with brilliant contributions from leading experts.
I also covered Mastriano in my testimony to the @January6thCmte. (Not publicly available yet)
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This story, via @washingtonpost, about far-right GOP donor Steven Hotze being prosecuted for a scheme in which he allegedly dispatched a former cop to surveil an HVAC contractor, claiming he was delivering fraudulent ballots in the 2020 election, is something else. Thread: 1/x
I've written about Hotze, and his lawyer, Jared Woodfill before. Read the story. I have a few thoughts. 2/x…
There are a lot of twists and turns here, but the gist is that Hotze, who has been criminally charged, allegedly bankrolled the ex-cop, through his nonprofit Liberty Center for God and Country, to find "voter fraud," and he settled on some random HVAC repairman. 3/x
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This network visualization map is extremely useful but also deeply flawed, b/c it wholly neglects the dimension of religious ideology.

Hours before militants stormed the Capitol Building on 1/6/2021, the "Prayer warriors" of the New Apostolic Reformation had already encircled...
..the building. Indeed, NAR leaders had taken out the permit which allowed protestors to gather around the Capitol that day. This conforms to a frequent pattern, in RW extremist political protest events coast to coast, in which ostensibly "nonviolent" Christian leaders...
3)..obtain permits for political protests & then, during the protest... Here's the model: Image
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@ThePlumLineGS writes that "we haven’t paid enough attention to the role of right-wing Christian nationalism..."…

Sargent's usage of "we" is curious, as there are many journalists, researchers, and academics that have been paying attention.👇🏼
How Christian nationalism drove the insurrection: A religious history of Jan. 6… by @kathrynajoyce
Taking the white Christian nationalist symbols at the Capitol riot seriously… by @robertpjones
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Are you a journalist whose J6 anniversary piece feels… stale? Needs a little punching-up?

Have I got a hashtag for you! It’s @plmanseau’s brainchild, #capitolsiegereligion and GUESS WHAT

We *really do need some mainstream pieces* that highlight the Christian nationalism of J6.
“But Origins,” you say, “aren’t you a QAnon-focused account?”

Well, “focused” is strong language, but more to the point, QAnon was WAY less of an inspiration for J6 than, uh,

the belief that America is a white Christian nation under assault by godless libs.
And yet very little press coverage talks about that!
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New @washingtonpost investigation:

"Trump was the driving force at every turn as he orchestrated what would become an attempted political coup in the months leading up to Jan. 6, calling his supporters to Washington, encouraging the mob ..."…
"At the Pentagon, leaders had acute fears about widespread violence, and some feared Trump could misuse the National Guard to remain in power, new accounts reveal."…
Reading this new reporting, and it's a miracle there wasn't a mass casualty event.
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Remarkable the way religion can be omitted from the official narrative of January 6. The tactical vest patch DOJ refers to here is a specific biblical reference, Psalm 144: "Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle." #CapitolSiegeReligion
Psalm 144 was one of the most popular verses on 1/6. #CapitolSiegeReligion
Here's another one: Psalm+Punisher #CapitolSiegeReligion
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🚨FORTHCOMING IN JESP🚨w/ @Marah_Alkire, Jo-Ann Tsang, & @wade_rowatt. Religious demographic change increases Christian Americans' perceptions that their religious identity and beliefs as under attack, which predicts greater #ChristianNationalism. (1/13)
Social psychologists (e.g., @mocraig4, @jaricheson) have documented how changing racial demographics evoke threat and trigger conservatism among White Americans. We wanted to know whether simultaneous shifts in America’s religious demographics have a similar impact. (2/13)
Our work piggybacks on recent awesome work from @ClaraLWilkins et al. showing that secularization and LGBT acceptance can trigger threat among American Christians. (3/13)
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Since Jan. 6, I haven't stopped thinking about these chilling claims that I wrote about in Unholy, by early forerunners of MAGA, that violence would be necessary to avenge their racist grievances.
The false stolen election claims also energized, and were perpetuated by Christian nationalists, as I documented here:…
I wrote the afterword for the paperback of Unholy after the insurrection. You should buy it from your local independent bookstore if you want to understand how Christian and white nationalism came together in Trumpism.…
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Liz Cheney says that notwithstanding her partisan differences with Dems on the Select Committee, "we are one nation under God."

This is a shot at her Republican colleagues -- who use "one nation under God" as a partisan, nationalist bludgeon.
Cheney: Jan. 6 "threatens our most sacred legacy" (the rule of law).

More: will we "throw away the miracle of America?"


Cheney is very subtly pushing back on her colleagues' Christian nationalism.
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Here we go. Tag 4 des Impeachments. Trumps Verteidigung.
Es wird argumentiert, dass Trump nur habe sicherstellen wollen, dass die Wahl fair abgelaufen sei. Die Verteidigung zeigt Clips einzelner Demokraten, die der Zertifizierung von Trumps Stimmen 2016 widersprechen. (Dass es 2016 keinen von Obama gesandten Mob aufs Kapitol gab?Egal!)
Die intellektuelle Unehrlichkeit ist so unfassbar, ich weiß kaum, wo ich hier überhaupt anfangen soll; so viele fucking Strohmänner auf einmal.
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NEW from me:

Two Christian right organizers of rallies and marches promoting "stolen election" and "election fraud" lies worked for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.…
The main rally, the Jericho March, held on the National Mall on Dec. 12, helped lay the groundwork for Jan. 6.

The Jericho March organizers partnered with Ali Alexander and Stop the Steal, which was later at the center of the Jan. 6 insurrection.

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Topics covered so far re the Jan 6th insurrection: white Christian nationalism, ppl carrying Israeli flags & wearing "Camp Auschwitz" sweatshirts, Christian Zionism - @sarahposner, toxic masculinity, Ashley Babbitt & role of white women - @AntheaButler #capitolsiegereligion
.@AntheaButler: don't overlook the "small events" & threat of everyday violence; @sarahposner: the fight over history textbooks in public schools & narratives of white Christian innocence; @ndrewwhitehead: parallels w/1898 Wilmington massacre when a white mob attacks biracial gov
How to teach these topics to undergrad classes: @AntheaButler: know your class - meet students where they are; "it's not about feelings, it's about facts"; understand disinformation; "if you don't know what the history is, you can't understand Jan 6th" #capitolsiegereligion
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#CapitolSiegeReligion @plmanseau

via Luke Mogelson's video report at @NewYorker, person holding up a Bible while storming the Capitol…
"Jesus Christ, we invoke your name, amen."

"Let's say a prayer... Thank you heavenly father, for gracing us with this opportunity"

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From the criminal complaint against Jenna Ryan, the Texas real estate agent who flew a private jet to the insurrection.

"Here we are, in the name of Jesus!"

#capitolsiegereligion @plmanseau
Here are some of her other social media posts:

#capitolsiegereligion @plmanseau
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Ché Ahn is a pastor & apostle of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena. I left a church in Torrance, CA that submitted to him in his apostolic network because I disagreed so strongly w New Apostolic Reformation teaching./1 @profagagne

2/Ahn was another of those prophesying that Trump would win a second term. Now, that has been shown to be false, he must explain it away. He is repeating the lie that the election was fraudulent. This lie by trusted Evangelical leaders entraps their followers.
3/Without addressing the evangelical (NAR belongs to this grp) piece of White Nationalism, we will not be able to deal w this problem. It is a matter of faith for them & the lie is reinforced by these powerful, influential, trusted pastors.
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"Robert P. Jones, head of the Public Religion Research Institute, writes:" /1…
"'There were crosses, 'Jesus Saves' signs and 'Jesus 2020' flags that mimicked the design of the Trump flags. . . .

Comfortably intermingled with Christian rhetoric and these Christian icons were explicit symbols of white supremacy.'" /2
"This is Trump’s Republican Party. It is also the party for and of evangelical Christians, whose worldview, Jones writes, is intertwined with racism. 'This seditious mob was motivated not just by loyalty to Trump, but by an unholy amalgamation of white supremacy'" /3
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To understand not only what took place last week in DC, but the response of many Americans and the Republican party to it, it's absolutely essential to understand the role a certain kind of religion plays in US culture and politics. /1 #capitolsiegereligion
This kind of religion is most accentuated in its evangelical iteration, but is to be found in a lot of other sectors of religion in the US since, as Kristin Kobes du Mez shows in her book Jesus and John Wayne, evangelicalism has extended its influence all through US religion. /2
Some key reasons — rooted in a kind of religion that is deeply embedded in US culture and politics — many Americans and Republicans will keep lying boldly about what we can all see on the videos from last Wednesday: /3
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