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10 Nov 19
“Ethics experts have questioned why Mr. Bernhardt was given approval to take part in the Endangered Species Act decisions on the delta smelt, since Westlands would be among the largest beneficiaries of the policy change”… via @NYTimes
“Four other former @Interior officials described the exchanges between Mr. Bernhardt and the ethics lawyer who reports to him as “extraordinary,” “atypical” & “intimidation.”

Via @CoralMDavenport
After McDonnell cleared Bernhardt to attend the ... White House meeting on the delta smelt, Daniel Jorjani, @Interior’s top lawyer, thanked the ethics lawyer.

“Ed—Superb value creation. Much appreciated,” wrote Mr. Jorjani

Value creation is not usually an ethics lawyer’s job.”
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18 Oct 19
Thing I’ve been hearing a lot recently: “Real Time Fish monitoring should dictate when the CVP & SWP export pumps are turned off to protect #endangeredspecies. See fish-pump fish-pump on”.

There is *so* much wrong with this, it will require a #thread to unpack.
2a) Real time monitoring is not individual surveillance. Ecological monitoring will always miss individuals, esp. for rare species. (ie, we call it “sampling” & use statistics).

Monitoring will likely miss rare species & the early/late migrants that populations depend on.
2b) This point — the need to maintain life history diversity to prevent declines — can’t be overstated. Just protecting a narrow slice of these species’ diversity is a recipe for further decline & loss of resilience.…
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31 Aug 19
(Thread) A scientist’s view of the urgent need for @GavinNewsom to sign SB#1, written by @sentoniatkins.

Like every scientist concerned with preventing #extinction of #SFBay’s fish species, I want #endangeredspecies management to use only the best available science. 1/
@GavinNewsom @SenToniAtkins I supported then-Secretary @sallyjewell's call to review #endangeredspeciesact safeguards for the Bay’s imperiled fish species. Those reviews were necessary bc endangered fish continued to decline; Jewell wrote that she expected the review to lead to increased protections. 2/
@GavinNewsom @SenToniAtkins @sallyjewell Then science-denialists in the Trump Administration manipulated the scientific process used to develop @NOAAFisheries scientific review and tried to bury the best available science.…
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