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Feb 25, 2023 • 15 tweets • 5 min read
The scalability of a #zkRollup IS NOT limited by the prove.

I'm detecting some missunderstandings of how a zkRollup works.

Let me explain in this thread why the prover is not the limiting factor and what are the actual limitetions of zk ( and optimistic ) rollups. Image 2/15
The first step is keeping the network synchronised. This is not specific to a zkRollup, this is the same for any chain (L1, L2, .., L43, zk, optimistic, side-chain, etc)
Aug 3, 2018 • 5 tweets • 12 min read
@peter_szilagyi @thegrifft @AugurProject @joeykrug @tensorjack @augur_jp @DAppNode @eduadiez @dapplion @YalorMewn When your device is connected to a #DAppNode, you can use ".eth" domains that resolve to ipfs/swarm hashes.(You don't use `localhost` anymore) The DApps can also use any decentralised service that it's running in DAppNode from the browser.
I open a thread for technical details 👇 @peter_szilagyi @thegrifft @AugurProject @joeykrug @tensorjack @augur_jp @DAppNode @eduadiez @dapplion @YalorMewn 1.- You connect your devices to your DAppNode via a private VPN between your device and your DAppNode.
2.- The VPN is configured in such a way that the DNS is forwarded to your DAppNode and the remaining traffic goes directly to the internet.