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小狐狸的母公司 @ConsenSys 推出的 @LineaBuild 链上可免费领取以太坊上海升级NFT:


1/ Linea是以太坊扩容的一种新ZK Rollup解决方案,有望成为Layer2生态中游戏规则的改变者。

2/ 什么是Zero-Knowledge Rollups?
ZK Rollups是利用零知识证明进行以太坊扩容的Layer2解决方案。ZK Rollups在数据打包到主网前将多个交易数据打包捆绑成单个,减少处理的数据量从而实现更快更便宜地交易。

3/ Linea是面向开发者开发者友好型的zk-rollups解决方案,结合了零知识证明的快速安全的优势和optimistic rollups的兼容性优势。

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1500万刀融资!聊聊@PolyhedraZK 为何如此受宠?

该项目要实现全栈的ZK互操作性和可扩展性,团队设计了deVirgo和paraPlonk两个 #ZKP 协议,分别基于Virgo算法和Plonk算法。
deVirgo的亮点是它基于分布式计算网络并行计算,能够将证明生成时间缩短⬇️ Image
paraPlonk则是为现有的 #zkRollup 提供加速,具有通用性较好的优点,可以兼容多种zk协议。

此外,该项目还推出了 #zkNFT ,这是一种可编程的 #NFT 协议,能够打包和保护隐私性的资产和数据。另外,项目还推出了 #zkDID ,可以保证隐私性的同时实现跨链互操作,不过目前已经有不少类似的zkID项目。
团队方面,Polyhedra Network的创始团队非常优秀,核心成员来自于加州大学伯克利分校、清华大学和斯坦福大学。

总体来说,Polyhedra Network是一个具有大胆愿景、实力雄厚、得到资金支持的项目,是zk赛道中不错的项目。值得关注!

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Scroll #Airdrop Strategy🎯

Scroll has raised a total of $80M in funding💸

Will There be a Token in future?👀
Maybe, but we have to do some actions to get their Airdrop in Future🎁

You should not miss this one 💎
A complete thread 🧵👇 Image
🔴Scroll is a zkEVM-based zkRollup on Ethereum that enables native compatibility for existing Ethereum applications and tools.

🟠their mission is to scale Ethereum through decentralization without sacrificing any of Ethereum’s inherent security features. Image
The project left the PreAlpha Testnet phase and entered the Alpha Testnet phase. The next step is Mainnet, and with this account, the airdrop task will probably be determined by Q3/Q4! Image
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🔒 The blockchain trilemma has always been a difficult problem in the industry. Rooch's solution? A Rollup Layer2 secured by Layer1 which allows for asset interoperability with Layer1 #Ethereum.
👨‍💻 Rooch's Rollup solution is modular, with multiple contracts on the chain playing different roles, representing different modules. Developers can meet different application scenario requirements through module assembly. #ModularBlockchains
🚀 Rooch's MoveOS includes MoveVM and StateDB, the system's execution and state storage engines, while RPC provides query and transaction submission services. #movelanguage
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🚀✨ Layer 2 Landscape #52 ✨🚀

(1/29) Its been a pretty *based* week for Layer 2, if you catch my drift! With the @coinbase announcement, debate around prover latency, & sequencer drama, & more, we've had our hands full! 🧵👇
(2/29) Can you settle a rollup on two chains? 🤔 Consensus is no, based on how we likely define "settlement". What do you think?
(3/29) @stonecoldpat0 released "Tiers of Transaction Finality for Rollups." Rollups separate the process of ordering txs from execution to provide tiers of finality, & there's confusion about what we mean when we say "finality." Let's clear things up! 👀
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The scalability of a #zkRollup IS NOT limited by the prove.

I'm detecting some missunderstandings of how a zkRollup works.

Let me explain in this thread why the prover is not the limiting factor and what are the actual limitetions of zk ( and optimistic ) rollups. Image
The first step is keeping the network synchronised. This is not specific to a zkRollup, this is the same for any chain (L1, L2, .., L43, zk, optimistic, side-chain, etc)
Once you have one (or many) nodes syncronized, you need to build the proofs for all those batches ( we call a batch to an L2 block to distinguish it from the L1 blocks).
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#ZKrollups are gathering steam as the next narrative in #Crypto to pop.

But what exactly are they?

And which projects are the best?

I break it down for you today in 2 minutes and share my favourites. 👇
One of the most successful ways to make big money in #Crypto is understanding what themes and narratives are taking place.

For example, In 21/22 we had...


So far in 23 it's been #AI

#ZKrollups seem to be next.
What are they?

A #ZKrollup is a "Zero Knowledge Proof".

Basically put, a #ZKrollup is a Layer 2 scaling solution that enables blockchains, such as $ETH, to improve transaction speed and minimise gas fees.
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#ZK is a supa exploded keyword and may become the next trend after #AI, #LSD

How far #ZK trend can go?


Found $Spillway at 1M MC, but while I was busy with thread prepared, it pumped a bit.


[1] – What is it?

@Spillways is a privacy-focused and decentralized token mixer protocol on #Ethereum, which enables anonymous transfers of tokens from one wallet to another

⚡With cryptographic methods, Spillways ensures your transactions remain anonymous on Ethereum 🔐 🔒
[2] – What’s in it for adopters?

⚡Want to benefit from Spillways? The protocol offers several advantages such as fast transactions, secure safety protocols and scaling of ledger-management

• Transactions remain anonymous and private with Spillways! 💰 💵 💳
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An Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup, also called ZK-EVM, is the holy grail of #L2 scaling solutions because they do not compromise on security or compatibility. Among the many ZK-EVM projects, @Scroll_ZKP is the one that cannot be ignored.
1)  Introduction to @Scroll_ZKP
In the current ZK-Rollups technology practices, this solution has an Achilles' heel, which is the lack of #EVM compatibility, causing that all ZK-Rollups have to build unique developer tools and infrastructure from scratch.
In this context, ZK-EVM is considered by many to be the "ultimate game" of #L2 scaling, because it allows ZK-Rollups to integrate the network effects of #EVM while exerting its own performance advantages.
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What’s the difference between the top two ZK Rollups?

@zksync Vs. StarkNet (@StarkWareLtd)

A complete thread 🧵👇

#ZKRollup #zkEVM $STRK $ZKS
@zksync @StarkWareLtd Two of the biggest Layer-2 (L2) solutions that use ZK rollup technology to make the Ethereum network bigger are zkSync and StarkNet.
@zksync @StarkWareLtd 1. Zero-Knowledge Rollups

A zero-knowledge proof or protocol is a way for one party (the prover) to show another party (the verifier) that a certain statement is true without giving away any information other than the fact that the statement is true.
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@Scroll_ZKP Pre-Alpha #Testnet (Potential #Airdrops)

#scroll is an EVM-equivalent #zkRollup to scale #Ethereum.

The current architecture consists of three infrastructure components namely Scroll Node, Roller Network and Rollup and Bridge Contracts.
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🧵👇 Image
Scroll Node: Constructs L2 blocks from user transactions and passes messages between L1 and L2.

Roller Network: Generates the #zkEVM validity proofs to prove that transactions are executed right.

Rollup and Bridge Contracts: Provides data availability for Scroll transactions. Image
There is no confirmation of an airdrop yet but scroll having #Decentralization being it's priority give indication for a possible #Airdrop, also that's a good way to build a community and have wide adoption.

Lets Dive into the testnet procedure Image
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Personal update:

I am returning to @loopringorg full-time to help fulfill our mission of helping everyone on this planet #BeYourOwnBank💙

Now, more than ever, people need a self-custodial, decentralized version of Binance/Coinbase that can't be evil

We can achieve this +more👇
CEX's have played a valuable, temporary role for users, introducing many to the world of crypto

I respect a lot what Binance + Coinbase have built and their ability to protect their users and provide them with a great user experience

But this is not the future of #crypto

They're essentially a replication of the same centralized, trust based systems we have now, with some #crypto baked in

They aren't truly built on crypto infrastructure + don't unlock the full potential of what crypto can/will be in the future

Anyways, first some background

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Latest news in the #StarkNet ecosystem

Here’s what you need to know🧵

#Crypto #Blockchain #Web3 #NFTCommunity
1/ #StarkNet token $STRK has been deployed on @ethereum.

Beware of scams - the tokens are not yet available for sale.

Check out the @DuneAnalytics dashboard by @SixdegreeLab 🔽
2/ @Starknet_id, the all-in-one naming service on #StarkNet, debuts "Stark Club", an association for .stark domain holders.

Early #StarkNet projects are working on their subdomain clubs to reward #OGs & early participants.
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1/ 人人都能看懂的零知识证明(ZK或ZKP)、ZK-Rollup、ZK-EVM解释,以及ZK的应用。


2/ 该例解释了ZK的特性:



3/ 再看更严谨的例子:



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🌘 Zero-knowledge proofs (sıfır bilgi ispatı) genellikle bilgiyi gizlemenin bir yolu olarak düşünülür. Bu doğru. Ancak, merkeziyetsiz ağları ölçeklendirmek için çok yararlı olduğu ortaya çıkan başka bir özelliğe de sahiptir: *succinctness-özlülük*. 🧵 @AleoHQ @aleocommunity
2/ İlk olarak, Zero-knowledge proofs'un farklı sınıflarından bazılarını gözden geçirelim:

- Sigma Protokolleri
- İnteraktif olmayan Zero-knowledge argümanları (NIZK'ler)
- Öz ve interaktif olmayan Argümanlar (SNARG'ler)
- Öz ve interaktif olmayan Bilgi Argümanları (SNARK'lar)
3/ SNARK, ispatın, ifadenin doğru olup olmadığı dışında hiçbir şeyi ortaya koymaması gerektiğini belirten "zero-knowledge" özelliğine sahipse zkSNARK olarak da adlandırılır. 🙈
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🌘 Zero-knowledge proofs are often thought of as a way to conceal information. That's true. But they also have another property that turns out to be very useful for scaling decentralized networks: *succinctness*. 🧵
2/ First, let's review some of the different classes of zero-knowledge proofs 📜:

- Sigma Protocols
- Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge arguments (NIZKs)
- Succinct Non-interactive ARGuments (SNARGs)
- Succinct Non-interactive ARguments of Knowledge (SNARKs)
3/ A SNARK is also called a zkSNARK if it has the property of "zero-knowledge," which states that the proof shouldn't reveal anything other than whether or not the statement is true. 🙈
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[A thread 1/10] March’s ecosystem update featuring the latest progress by the #MinaCommunity is here!

An exciting update is that the Mina ecosystem has raised $92M to further support ecosystem growth and help Mina build the privacy and security layer for #Web3.
[2/10] @ChainSafeth, working on reimplementing Mina in @rustlang, is now working on an MVP demo of a Mina node that can run in a browser.

This is an important step to making Mina accessible from ordinary devices, which will increase decentralization and security.
@ChainSafeth @rustlang [3/10] @nil_foundation is getting close to project implementation on the Mina-@ethereum bridge. More progress was made on the auxiliary proof generation and verification, to prepare for the audit.

They started to test a first @0xPolygon-based deployment of Mina’s state in-EVM.
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Here’s a first look at a gaming project that will into the @LootRealms ecosystem.

@0xobservatorium is a team of devs with experience building and operating worlds inside voxel game engines. 1/
2/ For their second community call - ‘bonfire’ - they held the call inside a voxel lava world.

Their intention is to create Realms in this game engine, as another way Lords and Ladies can interact with their Realm. The demo was rough and ready but next time…
3/ … they are deploying a proof of concept for the community to interact with.

Here are some naked characters with crowns flying about larva landed - in god mode:
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Announcing Oasis: An NFT Marketplace powered by #StarkNet. Deploy your own ERC721 @CairoLang contract and trade your NFTs.


StarkNet is a #ZKRollup #L2 on #Ethereum. Low gas fees with ETH L1 security are here.

Thread 🧵 1/5:
🧵 2/5:
Oasis is a fully-featured NFT marketplace that supports making and accepting offers, listing NFTs for sale, and buying listed NFTs.
🧵 3/5:
Like @opensea (and @looksrare), Oasis indexes all NFTs and ERC721 Cairo contracts on Starknet that follows this standard (WIP):…

DM if you'd like to deploy your own contract!
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Ethereum 3.0

What can we test on the new #zkrollups $eth generation?

@StarkWareLtd @starkwhale @zksync #starknet

Time for a growing🧵
@zksync L2 wallet coins & nft

Create a @gitcoin grant and checkout with
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