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1 Aug
I am happy to announce the progress we are making in our fight against #COVID19 and the current decline in cases.

In view of this, we have taken the decision to reopen places of worship from August 7 for Muslims, and August 9, for Christians with 50% of their regular capacity.
In the same vein, social clubs and recreational centers will also open from August 14, in strict compliance with safety protocols and registration with LSSC.

Clearance certificates to open are at this time being issued only to social clubs with registered trustees.
Restaurants can open for in-dining services, from August 14, on the condition that they maintain 50% capacity and obtain a safety compliance certificate through the LSSC.

Public gatherings can now hold with a maximum of 50 persons for meetings, funerals and other social events.
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29 Jul
I saw a video of a charming young boy online asking his mom to ‘calm down’ as she was set to punish him for a misdemeanour. I was moved by his sobriety, which reflected in his promise of “last chance”, when confronted with the fact that he is a regular offender.
The exchange was indeed funny, but it depicted the efforts parents put in moulding children into responsible adults. I want to assume that his mom indeed calmed down because the appeal was moving enough to make anyone change their mind.
Interestingly, the video inspired this special message to the good people of Lagos State because of the deeper meaning it conveys. 

Fellow Lagosians, we need to ‘calm down’ as we enjoy the coming holiday and festivity.
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23 Jul
Dear Lagosians,

I want to allay concerns we might have regarding the closure of the Third Mainland Bridge which will begin tomorrow evening.

The closure is necessary to prevent any disaster that may result from the total collapse of the infrastructure. 1/5
I want to appeal to residents to exercise patience during this period as @followlastma officers will constantly be on the road to ensure easy vehicular movement.

The traffic disruption is about 25% of the regular traffic on the bridge so there should be no undue worries. 2/5
We have provided details of alternative routes so that residents can move to & from their places of work easily.

During the closure, a lane of the bridge will be open for vehicles driving inward Lagos Island in the morning and the reverse will be done in the evening. 3/5
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22 May
As the commercial centre of the country, we are offering incentives to businesses that employ large number of people to avoid job loss.

In our plan to re-open the economy, businesses will follow our Register-to-Open guidelines with protocols that workplaces must put in place.
This and more are some of the things I spoke about earlier today as a panelist in a webinar discussion organised by @FSDHAssetMgt where I gave a frontline account of how Lagos has worked to combat the #COVID19 pandemic and how we are now working to open up the economy.
We are caught between managing hunger & sustaining an economy that is not only dependent on commercial activities in Lagos alone but also in other states.

We are at the stage where we have to balance public health safety & the economy that affects the wellbeing of the people.
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17 May
Dear Lagosians,

As we prepare to open more businesses and other sectors of our economy, I will like to announce the soon to be launched Register-to-Open initiative.
The Register-to-Open initiative will be monitored by @safety_lasg and @LasepaInfo to assess the readiness of businesses in the identified sectors for supervised operations.
We are at a level where we are reviewing other arms of the economy. We want these businesses to begin to tune themselves to the realities of #COVID19 with respect to how their spaces need to look to reopen with a strict process for monitoring and space management.
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9 May

We are at a critical point in the management of the #COVID19 pandemic in our state and every resident needs to #TakeResponsibility for their health and wellbeing.
As citizens, we have a great burden upon us, to behave responsibly. These times demand a lot from us, in terms of actions and behaviours that may not be comfortable. It is difficult to adjust to the changes, but adjust, we must.
As a government elected to uphold the security of its citizens, which includes health security, we will not hesitate to review the terms of #EasingTheLockdown if we do not see an improvement in the adherence to our public health guidelines over the next couple of days.
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7 May
Dear Lagosians,

We will continue to celebrate and acknowledge our wins, as well as reflect on our losses. These will help us stay on course, prevent us from being distracted, help us stay focused as we face this pandemic head on.
Though we have been recording recovered patients, we need to also be careful, remain guarded, and show commitment and cooperation with authorities as we are all in this together.

Our wins are your wins, our losses, your losses.
Therefore, I’m pleased to announce to you the discharge of 48 more patients; 32 males and 16 females, all Nigerians who were discharged from our Yaba, Lekki, Onikan and Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) isolation facilities to reunite with the society.
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3 May
In a few hours, we will begin the first phase of #EasingTheLockdown. At a press briefing today I shared updated guidelines for all sectors.

The work guidelines for members of the public service have been amended. ALL civil servants must work from home on Monday...

...and only officers from Grade Level 15 and above have express permission to come to work from Tuesday. All other essential officers that may need to be at work will be informed by the Accounting Officer of each Ministry.

There will be a daily curfew from 8pm to 6am and all movement within these hours are prohibited, except for people on essential services, which are agro-products, petroleum products, relief materials and food supplies.

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29 Apr
Dear Lagosians, to begin my update on our phased plan for #EasingTheLockdown, I start with some good news. Today, we discharged 49 patients from our isolation facilities after they tested negative twice to #COVID19 bringing the total number of discharged patients in Lagos to 143.
For each sector, we have specific guidelines for #EasingTheLockdown while balancing public health and the economy.

Public Service workers from Grades 1-12 will continue to work from home while Grades 13 and above will be on a flexible roster managed by the Head of Service
Primary, secondary and tertiary institutions will remain closed. Students are expected to continue learning on alternative media and online channels.
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27 Apr
Tonight we listened to H.E President @MBuhari's address on the lockdown and efforts at stopping the spread of #COVID19 going forward.

While we will share a broader framework in the next few days, I want to reiterate some of the things shared by the President.
#COVID19 is in our communities but our approach backed by our experts, is to balance health, the economy and our collective responsibilities.

We have made face masks compulsory in public and beginning from May 4th, we will start a controlled phased easing of the lockdown.
There will be overnight curfews from 8pm to 6am and a ban on non-essential interstate travel. Work hours will be pegged between 8am and 6pm, with adequate time allocated for commuting. There will also be continued restrictions on social and religious gatherings.
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26 Apr
Dear Lagosians, even as we observe the lockdown, we are kicking off #MaskUpLagos; the COMPULSORY wearing of face masks in Lagos

Face masks help to protect us from droplets and secretions from coughing, sneezing etc as not everyone that is infected will show symptoms.

Face masks, combined with frequent hand washing, being conscious about NOT touching our face as well as #SocialDistancing are effective in slowing the spread.

The state government is currently producing about 3 million facemasks for distribution to the vulnerable.
N95 & surgical masks help our medical workers stay safe while cloth masks made to specifications that will be released by @LSMOH combined with other guidelines will help protect our residents from #COVID19

The virus is in our communities, let's take this seriously. #MaskUpLagos
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25 Apr
Today, I gave an order that families who have corpses of loved ones in our mortuaries have 2 weeks to pick the bodies for funeral so as to decongest our facilities.

For about two months, there have been no funerals in Lagos due to the Lent period and restrictions of #COVID19. ImageImageImageImage
You can hold funeral ceremonies in Lagos State as long as you comply with the requirements that we have outlined, which are as follows: the total number of persons at the funeral, including officiating religious leaders, must not exceed 20; ... ImageImage
... appropriate physical distancing must be maintained at the funeral ceremony, all attendees/mourners must use masks and ensure they wash their hands after the ceremony.

There also must be NO receptions or parties to accompany these funerals.
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20 Apr
Lagos is now seeing a slow spread of community transmission of COVID19 and as such we are considering mandatory use of face masks in our plan to contain #COVID19.

The rise in new cases is as a success of our house-to-house contact tracing and ramping up of tests across 20 LGAs.
We encourage residents not to panic but to ensure strict #SocialDistancing and good hygiene.

Let us avoid stigmatising those who have been discharged as this will encourage those experiencing symptoms to come forward instead of seeking private help and hiding travel history.
We have commissioned local production of face masks certified by our healthcare professionals for our residents.

Let us not give into panic buying and opportunistic price gouging which will deny our frontline healthcare workers of masks and other PPEs required to fight #COVID19.
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15 Apr
Good people of Lagos,

I have more great news from our isolation facilities. 16 persons; 14 males and 2 females including 3 foreigners - 1 British, 1 Chinese and 1 Polish citizen have been discharged to join the society.
The patients; 14 from IDH, Yaba and 2 from Onikan Isolation centre have fully recovered and tested negative twice consecutively to #COVID19.

This brings the number of patients successfully managed and discharged from our facilities to 85.
As our front line health workers record successes in the battle against #COVID19, we are duty bound as citizens to break the chain of transmission of the infection by staying safe at home, practicing social distancing and adopting the highest possible personal hygiene.
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14 Apr
A few weeks ago I announced that we will be footing the medical bills for cases at all our primary and secondary health care centres during this period. I am happy to announce that over 18,000 people have accesed the medical services with over 600 childbirths, all free of charge.
This medical intervention will continue as part of our multi-sector approach to cushioning the effect of the lockdown on our residents. The state government will continue to do more as we stop the spread of #COVID19 in Lagos. We thank our medical workers for all their efforts.
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14 Apr
Today, I announced more measures to cushion the effect of the extended lockdown in Lagos.

We have begun the distribution of relief items to 250,000 vulnerable residents and in addition to this, 100,000 youths will be provided one meal per day across LCDAs via our food kitchens.
We are also starting a conditional cash transfer to 250,000 people as part of our relief package while repayment on state facilitated loans to SMEs & MSMEs through LSETF will have a moratorium of 3 months to help ease the effect of the lockdown for businesses and their employees
To ensure we track and eliminate the risk of a spread of #COVID19, officials of @LSMOH will be visiting our homes to obtain information on travel and health history of Lagosians and I implore you all to cooperate with them.
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14 Apr
Dear Lagosians, yesterday H.E Pres. @MBuhari announced a 2 weeks extension of the lockdown. This was a tough decision but like we have seen in countries that couldn't stop the spread of #COVID19, the effects have been catastrophic. My
biggest focus now is security and welfare.
On security, there have been reports of pockets of insecurity across different areas and intelligence has shown a combination of exploitation by criminal elements. The Police have been responsive but in the last 24 hours we have worked to increase surveillance and response time.
On welfare, the second half of the first phase of our reformed #LagosFoodRelief distribution which is targeted at the vulnerable is on course. The federal government's conditional cash transfer has also begun to help reduce the burden and we are working on doing more.
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13 Apr
Good people of Lagos,

Today, 6 more persons; 1 female and 5 males have been discharged from IDH, Yaba, after their full recovery and testing negative twice to #COVID19

This good news brings the number of patients who have been managed and discharged from our facilities to 61.
For us, this is indicative of our will power to triumph in the war against #COVID19. We won't be deterred until victory is achieved.

I thank you all for your continued perseverance especially at this critical time. This sacrifice of ours, I am most certain will not be in vain.
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11 Apr
Lagos will take care of its health workers. Thank you for always being ready, hardworking & passionate as we fight #COVID19 and other medical conditions.

Thank you for your sacrifice even during #Easter that allows other residents to stay safely at home.

We appreciate you.
Our plan for healthcare in Lagos will touch every level from infrastructure to welfare to capacity development, and working with @ProfAkinAbayomi, we will continue to improve and reach new levels.
I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to every health worker in Lagos. You are all heroes and I can't thank you enough.

We will get through this, and we will learn the lessons from #COVID19 so we are more resilient in the future.
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10 Apr
Dear Lagosians,

I bring you more good news from our Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba. Today, 7 more patients; 3 females and 4 males were discharged to reconnect with the community after a full recovery and having tested negative twice consecutively for #COVID19
This brings to 46, the number of patients successfully managed and discharged from our Yaba facility.

So far, we have had 100 percent recovery from the #COVID19 cases we have admitted and managed at our isolation facilities.
While we celebrate our successes, let us note that #SocialDistancing is important & non negotiable in the war against #COVID19.

Stay at home, observe good personal hygiene and adhere strictly to advice from our health experts.

Together, a #COVID19 free Lagos is possible.
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10 Apr
The true meaning of #GoodFriday and #Easter is the power of sacrifice.

This weekend, the sacrifice of staying at home and social distancing is required to stop the spread of #COVID19.

Avoid fake news, the lockdown hasn't been lifted. Think longterm, #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe
The Federal Government has announced a public holiday, do spend time with your loved ones AT HOME.

We are thankful for technology, I will be worshipping virtually with my family on #Easter Sunday. Kindly say a prayer for all our health workers.
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