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Executive Director, @OpenRightsGroup Currently working on the #DigitalCharter, #GDPR, #IPAct (#IPBIll) and #DEAct (#DPBill)
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8 May
A tonne of information is now out there for @NHSX App, released without fanfare.

Key documents include a FAQ (with some errors) and the Data Protection Impact Assessment.


In the FAQ, a link to the DPIA


I’ll quickly point out an error or two:

France probably centralised but undecided; Italy maybe undecided but announcements say they are decentralised; Singapore, Australia have said they are moving to decentralised. Only Norway is centralised and apparently staying so (albeit their app doesn't work very well).
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6 May
So how's the centralised #tracingapp thing going elsewhere?

1 Australia: DITCHED


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8 Apr 19
A few thoughts on the #OnlineHarms White Paper. It has a "vision" of a "A free, open and secure internet [and] Freedom of expression online" "where companies take effective steps to keep their users safe".

In 102 pages how free expression will be protected is not explained.
There is a list of harms: "Harms with a clear definition" and "Harms with a less clear definition". These are roughly "illegal" versus "legal but unwanted". (p31)

Content may be legal and harmful yet will remain legal to publish unless you are a platform. Why?
Probably because it's very difficult to establish the harm from the content, or it would be contentious to ban that content.

This should signal the complexity and difficulty in balancing free expression and content takedown. This is not discussed.
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