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On Saturday, two tiny drips of water appeared on the ceiling of my front room (I believe some of you will call this the lounge or the living room). We called a plumber and he said it won't be a serious problem and would get to us after the weekend. (1/7)
The very slow moving drip continued but by Sunday, it had stopped. By Monday morning, nothing was happening. Perhaps there had been an escape of water that had stopped. Perhaps someone had got out of the bath too quickly. It happens, come on. (2/7)
Our problem was seemingly gone, and I faced waiting in for and then dealing with the plumber. From previous experience, this would take many hours (the plumber is methodical and meticulous). Couldn't we gamble that the leak was over? And then that thought passed. (3/7)
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The internet is full of garbage, some of it dangerous, some of it odious, much of it illegal. It's hard to get garbage removed - I've basically given up on going after commercial pirate editions of my short stories on @Amazon:…

1/ The flag of India, with a ball-gag superimposed on it; cente
(Though I wish @Google would stop ranking these stupid rip-off pirate editions higher than the free online copies or my commercial short story collections):……

As bad as the internet's garbage problem is, the traditional solution - "Notice and Takedown" where you send an email to a webhost claiming some kind of badness and they automatically nuke whatever you're complaining about - is far worse.

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"Researchers developed a method to deliver a Facebook ad campaign to just one person out of 1.5 billion" "based only on the user’s interests", so on personal data (despite authors claiming otherwise!) . Ultra- targeting. #GDPR #ePrivacy #DigitalServicesAct…
Such precision is totally identifying and singling out individuals. This is highly privacy invasive. I'm SHOCKED that the researchers and the press describe it as 'without personal data'. Not true! #GDPR #ePrivacy
"4 rarest interests of a user make them unique within a user base in the same order of magnitude as the worldwide population". Such result means that such targeting is bound by regulations. This is shocking! Imressive result. Cost of targeting: 0.12€ #GDPR #ePrivacy
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Reminder! Download your data and delete your account, not just the app. It’s not as easy as the cover suggests, of course!
And after switching to iOS if necessary, download a device-level tracker blocker VPN like jumbo or torqued to the strictest settings to kill your shadow profile across all your apps and devices. It’s a lot of work to really delete Facebook from your life.
Residents of locales that grant #datarights to access your data under legal protections such as EU member states under #GDPR or other nations and US states such as California and Virginia granting their residents data rights in the wake of Cambridge Analytica, exercise ur rights!
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NEW: Press «ACCEPT» to make your location data available for sale. Two lawyers tell NRK that the consent @huq_industries shared with the Danish Data Protection Authority is illegal under the #GDPR.

Story in Norwegian:…
“I would never advice my client to use such a solution,” says one of the lawyers about the consent.

Huq has not responded to our repeated requests for comment.
Huq Industries is under investigation by the Danish DPA following a media report. Danish TV2 got access to the location data of from more than 60.000 phones.
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Το γραφείο μας εκπροσώπησε επιτυχώς στην Ολομέλεια του Συμβουλίου της Επικρατείας γονείς και μαθητές που ζήτησαν να ακυρωθεί η εγκύκλιος της 10.8.2020, λόγω παραβίασης του #GDPR και παράλειψης οργάνωσης του ισότιμου μαθήματος που θα παρακολουθούν οι απαλλαγέντες.
Η απόφαση 1362/2021 της Ολομέλειας δημοσιεύθηκε την 17.9.2021 και ακύρωσε τις σχετικές πράξεις του Υπουργείου Παιδείας, για τυπικούς λόγους, δηλαδή για έλλειψη νομοθετικής εξουσιοδότησης της Υπουργού (παράβαση άρ. 43 παρ. 2 εδ. β' του Σ.) και για μη δημοσίευση στο ΦΕΚ.
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Video of @CommonsDCMS's pre-appointment hearing this morning with John Edwards, the Government's preferred candidate for Information Commissioner… #FOI #dataprotection

I haven't watched the whole session yet, but 🤦
#GDPR be like 🤔 Rubin's vase
Edwards on #FOI: "For some requests, I think it is legitimate to ask a requester to meet the cost of some of that administration. Otherwise, you see, there is a potential for cross-subsidisation of people who are over-using or even abusing those rights …"

Not great.
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The thinly veiled costs of age verification.

Guilt until innocence proven

Universal dependence on supplier security, data protection, downstream supplier due diligence

Ability to resist state data demands

Ethics of master ID store, verification tools, monitoring provider
With the constant cloud of this at the far end of the threat assessment, with all of the stops between here and that extreme
We are at this point on the trust and totalitarian control continuum.

Not the ideal backdrop for a conversation about finger, eye, face, palm, DNA printing kids

And the rest of us, to make sure we are not too young to surf porn, research something too ‘woke’, or plan a protest
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UK Information Commissioner replacement candidate from New Zealand: “No more box ticking! Unlock the power of data!”

US Wild West: “Uncheck this tithing box and you are the enemy.”

#DarkPatterns #DataRights #GDPR
FYI: UK data protection enforcement was slightly above average while it lasted.…
Just wait until UK hires an American ICO commish someday, always tapping from the anglosphere. I’m open for recruitment but I’m obviously insufficiently neoliberal for the job.
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In "The New Antitrust/Data Privacy Law Interface," @TempleLaw's Erika M Douglas presents a fascinating look at the tensions between privacy and competition.…

1/ A control room where a group of people in business attire st
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…
It's only fitting that Douglas published her paper in the @YaleJREG, as that's the same journal that kickstarted the modern antitrust revolution when it published @linakhanFTC's "Amazon's Antitrust Paradox," while she was a law student.…

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Why do we need #GDPR #DSAR and data subject rights?
In @TechRegJournal I show that:

cf Westin they provide individuals #DueProcess rights;

cf #Rodotà they provide collective/societal control over systems of decision making.… /1
Contrary to wide held believe, I do not find support for understanding access rights either as “privacy as control” or “informational self-determination”.
Hope this can stimulate discussion on the broad ranging purpose of data protection law, the importance of having some form of a right to explanation, and the essential function of collective action in the area data protection.
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Crazy: chbmeyer says he asked #Renault what kind of personal data his car collects & shares with the company. #GDPR

Here you go, dystopian shit:

- Charging history
- Temperature
- Unique car & battery IDs
- Kilometres driven (battery)
- (1/3)
Operational state of engine
- Driving & parking history
- Data on speed, acceleration & deceleration
- Number of times ABS has been activated
- When airbags are deactivated
- Name, first name & email of owner
- Other electric vehicles in vicinity
- (2/3)
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It would be wise for any businesses considering @UpGuard as a vendor to cease doing so. I don’t know exactly what is happening over there, but something has gone very wrong recently. The whole environment does not pass the smell test.
Also worth noting- @UpGuard’s in house counsel is insulting me by offering a “separation agreement” of two months pay if I agree to not sue or talk about what is going on over there.

UpGuard recently took $500,000 from US govt PPP covid recovery funds. I feel very insulted.
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It really feels like we're in the grip of #NHSdataFEVER...
What's going on?

In last few weeks:

#GPDPR - a huge change in how data that your GP saves in your personal GP record gets shared with the Government. The #DPIA (Data Privacy Impact Assessment) still awaited
#TIGRR - a bonkers, breathless AI-centric libertarian wish-list of data deregulation including abolition of some Articles from our own #GDPR laws (NOT EU law, it's UK law)
Tomorrow there will be a new NHS Data Strategy - which conflates many different uses of data to try to send a ALL DATA GOOD MOAR PLEASE message without any real clarity of thought.
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Yesterday, the Taskforce on Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform published a report outlining their vision to “refresh the #UK’s approach to regulation now that we have left the EU”. A thread on the life of #privacy post-#Brexit. (Trigger warning: it doesn't look good). 👇 1/
The report emphasises "#consumer #data" as "highly profitable." Something to note: the report mentions "#consumers" 52 times while mentioning "#citizens" 11 times. 2/…
It then describes the #GDPR as inflexible and onerous: "In a survey by DataGrail 49% of business decision makers reported spending over 10 working days a year just to sustain GDPR compliance, with 12% spending over 30 working days a year" 3/
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I certainly don't disagree with @AdaLovelaceInst's five messages...…

...but a few points of clarification:

1) The #NationalDataOptOut, while it was (cack-handedly) introduced alongside #GDPR in May 2018, had in fact existed since #caredata - when it... Image
...was known as a #Type2 opt out - in case you were wondering about the derivation of #Type1s.

2) There was no announced date for the "expiration" of #Type1 opt-outs - certainly NOT "June 2021". There's no mention of this in the #GPDPR #DPN issued on...… Image
...12 May 2021, and one has to wonder who suggested this to the authors. And why. (A subtle attempt to 'rewrite history'?)

3) #caredata did NOT "lead to" #Caldicott2; indeed, Dame Fiona's Review predated the scheme by months - and was instrumental in...… Image
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The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (#GDPR) has been a mixed bag, but at its core is an exemplary and indisputable principle: you can't give informed consent for activities you don't understand.

1/ A giant eyeball whose pupil has been replaced by the EU circ
Since the dawn of online commercial surveillance, ad-tech sector maintained the obvious fiction that we agreed to allow it to nonconsensually suck in our private information, either by clicking "I Agree" on a garbage novella of unreadable legalese, or just by using a service.

GDPR exposes this "consent theater" for a sham. It says, "Look, if you think users are cool with all this surveillance and data-processing, you've got to ASK THEM. Lay out each use of data you want to make, one at a time, and get consent for it."…

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In a meeting today, Elizabeth Denham from @ICOnews assured me that she was “relaxed” about the UK keeping “high data protection standards”.

The Government have today appointed IDS @MPIainDS, Theresa Villiers MP and @GeorgeFreemanMP to front the axing.…
@ICOnews @MPIainDS @GeorgeFreemanMP This is what they say about #GDPR.
And they say they measure this in whether they can see an end it “pointless cookie banners”.

#GDPR could end this nonsense today, if @ICOnews had the courage to act on it.

What IDS et al seem to be saying is that transparency is fine, don’t worry about the ads.

Call me worried
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We are going to court. Our lawsuit takes aim at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Verizon, AT&T and the entire online advertising/tracking industry by challenging industry rules set by IAB TechLab. ⁦
The online advertising industry causes the world's biggest data breach. We are going to court to stop it.
Our evidence includes the “IAB Audience Taxonomy”, the data broker industry rulebook that specifies what can be in companies hidden dossiers about you: Your health problems, your debt...
Video: a peek inside the system building secret dossiers about you.
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Tech monopoly apologists insist that there's something exceptional about tech that makes it so concentrated: "network effects" (when a product gets better because more people use it, like a social media service).

They're wrong.

1/ EFF's interoperability banner graphic, a kind of Rube Goldbe
(If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:)…

Tech is concentrated because the Big Tech companies buy up or crush their nascent competitors - think of Facebook's predatory acquisition of Instagram, which Zuckerberg admitted (in writing!) was driven by a desire to recapture the users who were leaving FB in droves.

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So, #dataprotection and #GDPR people.
As regarding the forthcoming caredata2/GPDPR extraction of GP records to NHS Digital:
NHS Digital asserts that the onus to uphold the right to be informed rests with GP practices.
I agree.
The BMA however say....
“As this is a legal direction, responsibility for communicating these changes to the general public sits with NHS Digital and the Department of Health and Social Care.”

“We are concerned about the lack of public information being provided by NHS Digital and we have raised this with them directly, as this isn’t something practices should be left to do”.

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Small cap/high growth seems to THE obvious way to riches - right.

But how do we actually find them?

More often than not, they're already trading at high multiples and has a lot of HYPE.

In 2021 we've had 10 interesting Danish IPO's I will list below.

All small cap




Small cap tech company supplying #solutions optimizing #water usage in many industries. One industry is big data farms (a lot located here in Denmark). BactiQuant helps #Facebook and #Apple to clean their water #cooling systems.

Current P/S: 35,8



Small cap tech company #automating #investing for people with "#robot advisors". 100% digitalized and customized based on clients needs, risk profile and time frame. Became #2 robot investing company in #Denmark quickly.

Now managing >1 billion DKK.
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You have just 6️⃣ weeks to opt-out of allowing your ➡️entire⬅️ GP record to be permanently uploaded to @NHSDigital.

You can opt-out - now - and request a Type 1 objection be put on your GP record and your family's.
You can opt back in at any time in the future - if you want.
Guess who's back .
Back again.
Care.data2 is here.
Back from the dead 🧟‍♂️ after 5 years.
Launched during the fog 🌫 of COVID-19. Of course.
When your GP surgery is overwhelmed with other matters.

Time is running out 🏃 to opt-out. The clock 🕒 is ticking
Perhaps CareData was never really dead, just "resting" 🐦...
It's the biggest NHS data grab 🖐️ of all time.
Don't lose control.
More info, including how to opt-out:…
#privacy #GDPR
Your data autonomy.
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@SpelthorneBC how long does it usually take for your monitoring officer to reply to a residents formal complaint when it has already been upheld that a #conservative #Councillor - namely Cllr Michelle Gibson - DID breach #GDPR when she gave my address to her other half please?
@shamusdoherty @cazbie16 @Sammy_18_ @Lisa_SEND @TheRealGrumpDad @CharlieL28 @SENWorldcom @L4ASurrey STILL rumbling on🤔 @ICOnews as the holder of my own data can i freely share my communications? The DPO at #Spelthorne council upheld my GDPR complaint about Cllr Gibson! #GDPR
I have of course raised this as a formal complaint no #Councillor should feel free to misuse their power to use residents personal data to allow someone to try to intimidate them! It’s absolutely disgraceful!! #ConservativeGovernment #LocalElections2021 #LocalElections #politics
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