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3 Aug
Respond with facts, honesty and dignity. Stand your ground even if you are outnumbered regardless of who the opponents are and what their affiliation may be. Conviction is the key and it doesn't come from knowledge alone. Practice your Dharma & be true to it. Never abandon it.
This appears to be a period of churn,which must be embraced.The battle of ideas & ideologies is not going to be strictly limited to d Left v the Non Left,or one political party v another.What comes out of this churn may decide the future of Dharma and its Civilization. So be it.
I don't believe in water-tight camps. My position has usually been issue-based. No amount of churn within d non-Left will dilute my focus as to who is truly anti-Dharmic.That said,there r a few non-negotiable deal breakers & I sincerely hope V don't collectively cross d Rubicon.
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29 Jul
I have to respond to this tweet @AankhiGM ji. The Govt is d Usurper.Frankly, your tweet flies in d face of facts since Govt control of Temples isn't limited to one particular denomination or group within d Hindu community.The assumptions underlying ur tweet have no factual basis.
The @SwarajyaMag article does raise valid questions but unfortunately it does so with a few incorrect assumptions. For instance, it assumes or at least insinuates that only members of one group are "traditional custodians of the Temple".This is ahistoric and factually untenable.
What is actually surprising is that nobody has even bothered to read the Petitions filed by the Late Swami Dayananda Saraswathi ji or by the Priests of the Tiruchendur Petition. The Petitions will bust these misconceptions.
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17 Jul
"A lesser known fact is that the Union Government was represented in the proceedings before the Supreme Court in the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple case at least from March 20th,2017,until the conclusion of arguments on April 10th, 2019,which is reflected in over 20 orders passed.."
"by the court during that period.Yet,as reflected by the judgment of the Court,the Union Government for reasons best known to it,chose not to actively participate in the proceedings to clarify its position on Articles 25, 26.."
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13 Jul
1. A few preliminary points on the #SriPadmanabhaswamyTemple judgement - Details of parties and counsels are spelt out in Para 38. The summaries of submissions of pro-Temple counsels are captured in Paragraphs 39-42, and of counsels on the Opposite Side in Paragraphs 43-45.
2. While several portions of the Judgement are based on submissions by counsels with respect to the history of the case and the applicable statutes, the gist of their submissions has been captured in Paragraphs 39 - 49.
3(a). Paragraph 42 of d Judgement captures d summary of d 3-fold argument made on behalf of the Chief Tantri of the Temple, @People4Dharma and Sri @csranga - that Articles 25(1) & 26 apply to and protect the traditions of the Temple and the rights of the Travancore Royal Family..
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21 May
Read this beautiful and insightful piece by @indumathi37 - The Woke-Bullying of Our Hindu American Children: Media Narratives & The School Years
Here is the second part of the incisive series by @indumathi37 on Hindu American Youth, Social Media, and The Woke Thought Police. Please read and share -…
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20 Apr
1. Every time I speak about Govt control of Hindu Temples, I am told "but our Dharmagurus must speak up more, must take on the Government more, must go to Courts more, must reach out to ppl more". Really? Agar woh sab kuch karenge, to tum kya karoge? Twiddle ur thumbs? #Palghar
2. U think u are alone as a Hindu? Put yourself in d shoes of our Dharmagurus.They r utterly alone in practicing Dharma day in & day out,dealing wid Govt encroachment day in & day out,dealing with Hindu factionalism day in day and day out which, by the way,facilitates Govt entry.
3. Every third rated pedophile or rapist from other groups is shielded by his followers & is actively provided cover both against the law and criticism. In stark contrast, our Dharmagurus,who represent 2500 yr old institutions,are arrested on Hindu holi days in full public glare.
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27 Dec 19
1. Started the winter trip yesterday with Darshan of Devi Muthumariyamman, Lord Ayyanar, Nondi Veeran Swamy at Sitthanallur, followed by Thyagaraja Swamy at Thiruvarur. Today had Darshan of Lord Rajagopala Swamy at Mannargudi.
2. This is perhaps the best time of the year to visit Tamil Nadu. Strongly recommend it. It's green, pleasant and salubrious. #TamizhNaad
3. I see so many Ayyappa Bhaktas in the heart of Tamil Nadu. The right kind of Black to counter the Black of Dravida Kazhagam.
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15 Dec 19
Far from it.This is d moment Bharat finally recognises d snakes living amidst it & that demographics is truly destiny.Wat started off as an initiative 2 weed out illegal immigrants & help persecuted minorities in d neighbourhood has awakened d hitherto apathetic Indic population.
2.Those who wish to unfollow me because they don't agree with my views on NRC/CAB,pls do me a favour,do it ASAP.I have never believed in holding any view just to be popular.I stand by my views no matter how politically incorrect they are.I couldn't care less if my views hurt u.
3. I have never cared for the reasons ppl "follow" me on Twitter or any other platform. I am not here to tailor my views to suit anyone's politically correct expectations. If you can't stomach my views,it's your problem,not mine.
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10 Dec 19
1. Sharing the link to my talks on illegal migration, NRC and the #CitizenshipAmendmentBill -…
2. Here is the discussion on NewsX on the #CitizenshipAmendmentBill -
3. Discussion held on @rajyasabhatv on the #CitizenshipAmendmentBill in January this year -
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5 Dec 19
1.Those who oppose d #CitizenshipAmendmentBill r latching on to d rights of Indian citizens of d North East to preserve d indigenous identity of their States,while a few months ago d NRC was painted as a xenophobic exercise wen it was meant to protect d identity of d North East.
2. Apparently,according to these geniuses, the North East has the right to protect its identity against demographic inversion (which I agree with), but the rest of the India enjoys no such right because *that* would be xenophobic. Very convenient.
3. The NRC and #CitizenshipAmendmentBill have thoroughly exposed the utter hypocrisy of this Janusian fork-tongued creature called "Indian secularism" like never before. The agenda of depriving Indic communities of their sole natural homeland is on stark public display.
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15 Sep 19
1. Sir,was the Emara Math,which has been demolished in d ongoing "beautification drive", an ugly & undesirable commercial structure?At least half a dozen Mathas which are as sacred as d Mangu Math have been destroyed,including d ones established by Shri Ramanujacharya.
2. The Raghunandan library, among the oldest libraries, has been demolished. The Languli Math and major portion of the Bada Akhada Math have been destroyed. In fact, devotees have a right to know if the "free consent" of the Mahants of d Maths was obtained before the demolitions.
3.The representatives of the Odisha Government are quick to respond to a single tweet of the CM of Punjab to assure him of d protection of Mangu Math because it was built by Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji.What about Mathas built by Shri Ramanujacharya & other Mathas? R de less important?
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4 Sep 19
Bharat is the natural homeland for people of Indian origin belonging to Indic faiths. Existing citizens of India cannot be discriminated against on the basis of faith. But India has the right and duty to grant citizenship to fulfill and protect its civilizational duty.
India has every right to deport illegal migrants who do not belong to Indic faiths. Bestowing them with citizenship will only further the ongoing demographic inversion in several parts of the country. India is Bharat and Bharat is India. This is Constitutionally valid.
India is a Civilization State which informs every aspect of its Constitutional and democratic character. This means it is a Constitutional democracy with a distinct civilizational mooring. Protecting the civilisational identity of Bharat is the cornerstone of the Constitution.
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24 May 19
If newspapers themselves r admitting that there r 2 crore illegal Bangladeshis in India,doesn't it mean that d actual number is bound to be significantly higher? Add d growing number of Rohingyas to tht & u know what we have on our hands -the seeds of the next wave of secession.
2. Here's the link to my talk on illegal immigration and its consequences, past, present and future, for Bharat-
3. Here's the link to the QnA session on illegal immigration -
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13 Apr 19
India has every right to assert and protect its civilizational identity which is Indic.Denial of this identity is a strategic move on the part of anti-Indic forces & is meant to pave the way for legalised demographic inversion. It is time to stop pussy-footing around this issue.
2. India is Bharat. Bharat is India. Bharat's identity is Indic. Those who have assimilated into this identity have become part of this land and its culture. Those who hate it and consider it inferior have resorted to conversions through the sword and acculturation.
3. Bharat has a right to make an acceptance of Indic civilizational ethos a condition precedent for grant of refuge/asylum/citizenship, regardless of the faith of the individual or the group seeking refuge/asylum/citizenship.
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18 Mar 19
Spent the whole of yesterday interacting with students from NLIU Bhopal, MANIT Bhopal, and from other colleges in Bhopal and nearby cities. Came out refreshingly hopeful of the future. Given facts and the rationale of the Indic perspective, students are indeed receptive to it.
2. There is a lot of interest among students in understanding Indian history and the question of Constitutional morality, especially considering the constant controversy surrounding it. Give them facts,context and sane arguments, not propaganda. It works. I have seen it work.
3. Snippets of the offline interaction with students after my session on Constitution and Faith at NLIU Bhopal at a symposium on Constitutional law organised jointly by NLIU Bhopal and @indfoundation.
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18 Feb 19
1. This is why I strongly recommend reading @arvindneela's seminal work Breaking India. Aravindan's knowledge of the Dravidian movement and the fault lines it exploits to foment secessionism is absolutely astounding.
2. Having met the down-to-earth @arvindneela and his vast knowledge of the dynamics of Southern Bharat, it is evident that his originality, clinical analysis and scholarly command shine through in the book Breaking India.
3. Wen u read @arvindneela's groundbreaking and pioneering analysis in Breaking India & then read his pieces in Swarajya,d motivation & commitment of d forces, which r at work in d South & r silently eating into d integrity of Bharat without attracting attention, becomes clear.
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16 Feb 19
1. 44 lives taken in one go.Let that sink in.44 precious lives who were defending Bharat regardless of which community or caste they belonged to.They died protecting d idea of Bharat,not d Lutyens idea of India. Why is this important? How is this relevant? #PulwamaAttack
2. No matter how much d so-called liberals and d aman ki asha idiots try & tell you that this is all political and has nothing to do with religion,each bomb blast proves otherwise.The test is not whether Muslims too are killed in the blasts.The test is what drives the terrorist.
3. Pakistan is not a country,it is a mindset & its existence is not limited to d territory of Pakistan. Whosoever,regardless of his/her faith,believes tht d very idea of Muslims living in a non-Muslim majority country is oppressive for Muslims,subscribes to d Pakistani mindset.
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23 Dec 18
In Ayyappa's Own Country
#AYUDH, Amritapuri, Kollam
#AYUDH proved to be a blessing from Amma. I couldn't have asked for anything more than the affectionate hugs I got from Her, and an hour of Her time to listen to Her, talk to Her and crack jokes too!
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21 Dec 18
1. So my tourist guide in Udaipur, Farid, is immensely proud of Mewar's anti-Mughal heritage, especially Maharana Pratap's defiance of Mughal imperialism.
2. While showing us around Udaipur, Farid tells us that Udaipur is among d cleanest cities in India & credits Shri @narendramodi's Swachh Bharat campaign for it. He says d assembly election results in Rajasthan reflect d ppl's disappointment with local leaders,not @narendramodi
3. I ask Farid if he is comfortable visiting Temples. He says he has been having lunch in Temples for 25 years and visits Ek Lingji's Mandir everyday. He adds, his immediate family also believes in Jainism. He says many members of his community do not approve of them
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8 Dec 18
The late Shri Sitaram Goel in his book Tipu Sultan: Villain or Hero
3. Here's the link to the book written by Shri Sitaram Goel on Tipu Sultan-
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3 Dec 18
Thriyambakeshwar Temple. Hara Hara Mahadev!
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