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14 Aug

1. Friends Of Earth!

Indeed I Am Excited When Communicating With You!

Many Receive Our Messages With Anticipation And An Open Mind! Others Remain Hard-Wired In The Brain Conduit And Actually Choose To Remain Not Only Below The Veil,
2. But They Gather The Remnants Of Stories That Allow An Ethereal Veil To Wrap Their Minds In A Heavy Cloaking, Fearing Any Open Mindedness Will Destroy Their Religious Dogma!

Indeed!  BE FREE!  Truth Costs Nothing! Love Costs Nothing!
3. What Has Your Religion Cost You?

Wars With Death, Division, Hatred And Fear! We Have Spoken Many Moments Of Verses We Love And See As Truth! This Applies To All Religions!
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13 Aug

1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

In These Moments, Many Search For Peace!

There Is Nothing Outside Of You That Can Bring You Peace. In These Racing Energies And Endless Thoughts And Opinions, Close Your Eyes, Breathe Deeply, And Remember Who You Are!
2. During These Times Of Transition, You Will Have Many Moments Where You Seem To Flow With Life And Nothing Bothers You. You Have Surrendered To The Moment.

Then A Word, Action, Or News Event Will Change Your Peaceful Mind To Chaos!
3. Sweet Beloved Ones! You Have Done Nothing Wrong! You Can Simply Get Back On Course And Know Your Peace Has Never Left You! The Energies Covered Your Mind And Now You Recover!
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12 Aug

1. Friends Of Earth!

In Moments That You Perceive Division Of Your Planet, It Is Important To Unite In All Ways Possible!

There Will Always Be Differences In Opinions But When This Causes Destruction Of Property And Loss Of Life,
2. You Clearly See That Any Unity Will Assist In Healing!

We Come To You In Great Love And Only Unity! Have Fun In Your Life, Regardless Of What Plays On Around You!

Find Many Small Things In The Daily Life That You Enjoy, And Do This Without Fail!
3. You Might Like To Draw, Or Walk In The Sunshine, You Might Like To Cook, Or Arrange Cabinets, Or Create Anything From What Another Would Discard.

If Something Brings You Pleasure, It Raises Your Frequency!
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11 Aug

1. Friends Of Light!

We Welcome All To Learn Of Origin And Consider That You Have Flown In Intricate Crafts And Known Technology So Advanced You Would Find It Hard To Imagine.
2. Most Of The Architecture You Know In Greece And Ancient Egypt Are Gifts In Design By Pleiadians!

We See Nothing As 'Ancient'. We Perceive Only NOW. Using Tones And Thought Construct We Communicate Into Words That Resonate With Your Language.
3. We Speak To Others In Their Language On The Planet If There Is A Willing Advanced Pleiadian Soul To Interpret.

Other Moments, We Simply Show Up And Discuss Among Military, White Hats And POTUS. There Are Ongoing Meetings Around The Planet On Your Behalf!
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10 Aug

1. Friends Of Light!

Breathe Deeply And Become Aware Of This Moment Only!

Well Done!  Breathe Deeply Once More!

Indeed, As Your Energies Continue To Accelerate, The Planet Will Continue To Reveal Layers Of Reality From Which Your Awareness Has Been Shielded By Design!
2. By Your Higher Self!

Now The Veil Is Being Lifted And The Planet Seems To Be In Much Chaos Indeed!

You Are To Contend With Clones And Trials And Leakers And Liars! This May Sound Like, 'Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My!'
3. Indeed, I Love To Laugh! Join Me, As This Raises Your Frequency!

Back To Business!

The Institutions That Provide The Authoritative Structure For Every Aspect Of Your Reality Will Be Challenged To Keep Pace With The Evidence That Will Continue To Pour In Moment By Moment,
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9 Aug

1. Precious Beloved Ones!

As I See The Crop Circles Manifest In Perfect Order; As I Watch My Family Of Light Visit You In Every Moment You Live In This Waking Dream, I Simply Am Filled With Love To The Point My Heart Chakra Is Fully Open!
2. I Am Vibrating At A Frequency That Only Allows Love!

In This Love, I Hold You! Like A Mother Holds Her Child, I Comfort You And Remind You That Soon You Will Remember All The Wonderful Things We Did Together!
3. I Tell You That You Are Safe And That The Storms Of This Life Are Blowing Away!

I Tell You Of A Place Where The Grass Beneath Your Feet, Feels Like Silk And The Colorful Flowers Bend Toward You As You Pass Them.
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8 Aug

1. Greetings, Friends Of Earth!

'Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, Neither Let It Be Afraid'. 

Sacred Words For Beings Of Light That Are Striving For Unity And Becoming ONE In Force As We Move Toward The Grand Shift!
2. In These Moments, As Your Own Transformational Process Is Reaching A Crescendo,

You Can Anticipate Being Drawn Into Circumstances Where Aspects Of Your Multidimensional Consciousness Will Be Stimulated Through The Path Of Emotion, Into Bursting Forth In The Moment Of NOW.
3. The Actual Cause Of The Energy Release Is Not Important. It Is Irrelevant As To Who Is Right Or Wrong In The Catalyst Of Bringing Forth The Energy.

Sacred Souls Work Together To Assure Each Being Playing A Role Will Be Exactly Where Planned, To Bring About The Change Desired.
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7 Aug

1. Beloved Friends!

Find Something That Makes You Feel Good Within. NOW.

In This Moment, Before You Stop Reading, Find Something That Brings A Moment Of Peace!
2. There Are Constant Distractions Of Work, Sickness, Buying Food, Finding Food Banks, Making Budgets, Losing A Job, Losing A Pet, Losing A Family Member, And Of Course The Endless Bad News!
3. If You Focused On The Fear-Based False MSM, In One Day, You Have Affected Your Mind And Body In Such A Way That The Cells Are Changing Shapes And Turning Darker And Not Functioning As They Should.
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6 Aug

1. Friends Of Earth!

There Are More Motherships Near And On Your Sacred Planet Than Ever Before!

There Has Never Been So Much Attention To Planet Earth From The Multiverses Since The Creation And First Visitations You Have Shared!

We Bow In Honor!
2. This Is The Moment You Have Awaited In The Essence Of Your Being For Millions Of Waking Dreams!

Your Consciousness Stands On The Threshold Of A Radical Shift For Which You Are Prepared!
3. You Sense That You Are At A Place Of Completion With Your Major Life Issues.

You Are Able To Identify The Patterns And The Themes That Have Surfaced Again And Again In The Dramas Of Your Daily Story!
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5 Aug

1. Beloved Ones That I Love So!

In This Moment, We Will Address Something Very Deep.

Many Will Believe This To Be Strange And There Are Many That Were Considering Taking Their Own Lives That Will Understand And Become Brand New. Literally.
2. The Questions Are Asked By Many In This Story And In Millions Of Other Stories That Are Filtered Away In Consciousness Of Light;

Layers Of Waking Dreams That Were Chosen To Balance Energy Or Karma, To Expand In Light And To Realize You Are One Way God Is Expressing In Form.
3. What Are These Questions That Are Repeated Through The Multiverses From The First Breath, To The One You Breathe Now?

Why Am I Here? Why Do We Feel Pain? What Is The Point When I Seem To Repeat Cycles Of Pain?
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4 Aug

1. Friends Of Light!

We Are Growing In Numbers As Vibrational Frequencies Match, And You Join The Aspect Of Multidimensional Awareness That Has Always Been The Largest Part Of Your Sacred Being!
2. It Is As If You Were In A Darkened Room And Simply Turned On The Light!

The Light Was Always There! You Just Needed To Remember And Move Into Action!

Awakening To Your True Self Is Understanding But Also Believing!
3. For You Cannot See What You Do Not Believe!

It Is Entirely Possible To Encounter An Angel Or Pleiadian And Convince Yourself It Is Not True! For You, In That Moment, It Would Not Be True!

If You Could See The Sacred Beings Around You Now, You Would Relax In Great Joy!
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3 Aug

1. Beloved Friends!

Your Journey Is Constant And Changing Each Moment!

Have You Noticed That You Are Becoming Increasingly Drawn To Nature To Find Moments Of Peace?  Do You Understand That All Of Creation Is Communicating Non-Stop?
2. Many Beings Of Light That Have Incarnated For The Great Shift Of Humanity, Have A Natural Affinity For The World Of Nature And The Vibrational Frequency That Is Gifted To All That Choose To Receive!
3. There Is An Increase In Those That Own Crystals And Program Them For Energy Protection As Well As To Harness Higher Vibrations Around The Spaces Of Indoor Living.
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2 Aug

1. Greetings Of Light Over The Planet!

Indeed These Are Moments Of Truth Being Twisted!

But Never Worry! You Have The Ability To Discern Truth And If You Focus On The Speaker, Your Higher Self Will Let You Know To Discard Or Embrace!

Fantastically Amazing And Joyful!
2. Your Own Energy Field Is The Catalyst That Determines, To A Large Extent, The Response You Are Able To Elicit On The Part Of Others!

In Any Circumstance, All Variations Are Possible Realities And You Are Never Stuck In One Outcome With Energy!
3. To Call Forth The Manifestation Of Sacred Truth, You Need Only To Desire This Intention For Self And For All Other Beings! 

Once You Call For Goodness And Light Over Only The Self, You Have Just Become The False Self With An Ego!  The True Self Desires Healing For All!
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1 Aug

1. Beloved Friends Of My Heart!

May You Be Blessed In This Moment And All Others As You Journey!

You Have Arrived To Experience Humanness As The Most Direct Vehicle As Your Sacred Journey Of Being, Knowing That This Would Be The Most Challenging Of All Densities Chosen!
2. The Human Being Aspects Of Your Adventure Are Unlike Any Other Experience!  With Such Duality, You Are Torn Between Wanting Unity And Running Away From Deception And Pain!

We Bow At Your Great Efforts!
3. The Opportunity Provided Into Humanness Is To Explore Deeply The Understanding Of Yourself As A Limitless Being Of Light,

With Self-Definition That Has Created Your Emergence Into Energy In Form!
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31 Jul

1. Beloved Friends Of The Unity Of Sacred Light!

In This Moment, We Ask, 'Who Are You?'
2. This One Eternal Question Is The Pivotal Point That Marks The Beginning Of Your Quest To Transcend The Realm Of The Illusion, And To Experience The Fullness Of The Realm Of Possibility.

It Is Here That You Truly Dwell.
3. Here In The Limitless Of Your Being, You Remember Who You Are!

The Vision Of The Identity You Act Out Allows You To Transcend The Limitation That You Have Created The False Role To Play!

You Have Always Known On Many Levels You Are Much More Than This!
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30 Jul

1. Beloved Friends!

As You Continue Your Waking Dream, Ultimately You Come To Recognize Yourself As The Traveler You Have Come To Embody!

For You No Longer Dwell In The Depths Of The Illusion That Has Dominated Your Emotional Scenery For The Duration Of The Story Of You!
2. As You Continue To Pay The Occasional Visit To These Levels Of Experience, It Is As One Would Go To A Neighborhood Of Long Ago;

Perhaps Even Another Waking Dream! You No Longer Feel Rooted There.
3. And The Emotional Investment In Continuing To Hash Out The Mundane Details No Longer Hold Any Attraction!

For Soon You Go Home!  Soon The Dream Ends!

Soon The Pain Stops As Only Peace Covers You In Light!
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29 Jul
1. Most would agree the term 'Invisible Enemy' refers to Satan (Adversary) or related dark forces (demons etc)

But what's not discussed is that this entity, worshiped by elites through blood sacrifice for thousands of years, is very real and resides on Earth now in non-physical.
2. He was known as a chief Storm God in ancient cultures, associated with lightning cults, and is the basis of Zeus, Thor-Odin and [P]erun. His group are the angry, jealous "Fallen".

Over time some were captured (Enki/Lucifer) while others remain in non-physical until we Shift.
3. There are many demonic entities in astral, influencing and controlling, but there aren't neg ET flying in crafts or in bases.

Light Forces are here in great numbers as we near the Shift.

We are all battling darkness daily, but Earth is also being protected at a high level.
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29 Jul

1. Friends Of Light!

Indeed We Are Grateful For Our Moments With You!

These Are Exciting Moments For All Multiverses!

Feel The Power Coming Over You In Etheric Strands Of Light And Power! The Truth Of Who You Are Is There Within You!
2. NOW, In This Moment, Embrace Your Divinity And Know You Are Safe!

This Truth Of Knowing Who You Are Is Not Something You Can Hope To Attain By Hearing A Designated Number Of Wise People Giving Opinions!
3. It Is Not Something You Must Perform Before Another As Some Proof Of How Awakened You Are!

Indeed, You Understand This Well!

You May Have Spent A Good Portion Of The Waking Dream Seeking The Knowingness That Has Been Within You The Entire Dream!
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28 Jul

1. Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

If You Are Reading This, Know You Are Light!

Know Without A Doubt That You Are Love And So Loved!

If You Have Been Wounded, Remember As Rumi Tells Us, "The Wound Is The Place The Light Enters."
2. You Arrived As Pure Sacred Love, With An Intention To Expand In Consciousness And Grow Through A Story That Would Begin And End With You. The Story Is Your Story. It Is A Waking Dream.
3. As You Lived In Theta Waves For Your Early Childhood, You Were Hypnotized Into The Matrix. As You Grew To Be An Adult, You Carried The Wounds, Love, Brainwashing And Opinions That You Believed To Be Real.

Many Never Make It To Adulthood, Due To Illness, War, Suicide And More.
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27 Jul

1. Friends Of Light!

Unify In Love And Power! 

The Frequency Of Love Is Higher Than Any Thought Of War And Anarchy!

Bring Forth All Light From Within And The Flames Of Hatred Will Dissipate And Be Gone!
2. You Are Limitless In Your Creative Ability.

In Setting Your Intention To Rebuild And Thrive On Your Beautiful Planet, You Realize The Contrast As So Many Others Cause Pain And Destruction!
3. The Highs And Lows Of Your Moment To Moment Living Reflects Vividly The Duality That Is The Nature Of Your Incarnate Experience.

The Cycles Which Are Controlling This Contrast Are Being Dismantled,
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26 Jul

1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

We Love You Beyond What You Can Comprehend In These Moments!

Many Players Walk Before You And It May Seem That You Have No Control Over Your Life!
2. But In Truth, You Are Creating Your Own Perception, And This Can Vary From Celebration And Joy To Feeling Attacked And Carrying A Victim Consciousness!

A New Action Or Word May Occur And You Change All Perception Again!
3. Approaching Any Effort With The Assumption That Outside Factors Are Causing Your Changes In Feelings, Is Absolutely Giving Your Power Away!

You, Beloved Ones, Carry The Power To Change Your Perception And Outcome!
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