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#NEIOH ~ Life In The Pleiades

1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

There Are No Words To Express The Depth Of Our Love For You!

Throughout This Final Waking Dream, We Are With You In Great Numbers!

Be Strong In All Moments As The Earth Is Chaotic With Darkness Rising!
2. You Will Make It To Sheen And Beyond!

In These Moments I Will Share Details Of The Pleiades Which You Have Heard In Multiple Communications!

For New Friends, This Allows Our Life And Beginning To Be Known To Greater Numbers Of People!
3. The Pleiadians Are Called LASHAE. We Are Human Size With White, Brown Or Black Hair Which May Be Worn Long And Straight Or Braided. We Often Choose Streaks Of Gold, Blue Or Silver. We Choose The Exact Look We Desire By Our Innate Gifts.
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#NEIOH ~ About Sirians of Sirius A and B (NAPOLI of NOPPLIA)

1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

As We Move Closer To The Grand Shift, We Honor And Acknowledge Many Races!

Some Races We Have Revealed Have Their Created Soul In Elohim-12D.

Sirians Are One Of These Beloved Races!
2. Through Millions Of Years They Lived On Their Stars In A Small Constellation Known As Canis Major On Earth. It Is In The Milky Way Galaxy.

Those Created In Elohim Had No Name In Their Beginning. They Expressed In Tones And Color And Understood Their Sacred Essence.
3. They Had The Awareness Of Those Around Them Expressing In Love. Power Was Given By God To Project Bodies With Their Own Consciousness. Each Had Free Will And The Ability To Venture Out In The Vast Cosmos.
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#NEIOH ~ Material Gain

1. Beloved Ones Of Earth!

You Stand At The Brink Of A Breakthrough That Will Show Your Power And Light!

Many Who Doubt And Waver At The Notion Of Changing Realities Will Soon Feel Peace!
2. This Is A Transformation And Transcendence From The Culmination Of Many Waking Dreams!

Creating Roles Of Complexity With Features To Trigger You As You Faltered In Duality, Were There To Act As Catalyst To Awaken You! Well Done!
3. You Are Already Experiencing A Connectedness With The Multidimensional Aspects Of Your True Self!

You Are Bridging Worlds And Crossing Thresholds Of Timelessness!

You Will Begin To Disengage From Entanglements That Have Held You In An Invisible Prison!
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#NEIOH ~ Sacred Creation

1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

You Are Part Of All That Is!

Many Of You Have Religious Beliefs, Doctrine Or No Belief Or Assurance At All.

Many Have Left Doctrine As It Is Simple To Research The Ever Changing Words Of Mankind!
2. As Rulers Collected Scriptures And Decided What People Would Be Taught, Please Understand That Fear Was At The Forefront Of All. Fear Drew People In Dread And Not Love For A Creator Described As Angry, Jealous, Vindictive And A Murderer Who Took Sides.
3. Religions Were Formed And Humans Were Born Into Various Regions Of Earth. Children Embraced What They Were Told By Parents.

So You Find Yourself Now In This Final Waking Dream.
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#NEIOH ~ Lemuria

1. Beloved Friends!

Perhaps You Have Heard Of Lemuria And Wondered If This Is A Mythological Land Or A True Place That Existed In A Beautiful Waking Dream Unknown To Humans Now.
2. As We Explore The Answers In A Manner You Never Knew About, Let Us First Ask The Questions That Some Have Probed Throughout Many Dreams.

Who Were These Beings? Did Lemuria Really Exist? What Was Life All About? What Did They Do?
3. Did Lemuria Sink And Become A Lost Continent? Where Did The Beings Go?

We Will Begin With Now And Work Our Way To The Thriving Continent!

In These Moments, Beneath Any Depth Surveyed Or Explored On The Hidden Floor Of The Indian Ocean,
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#NEIOH ~ Life On Mars

1. Friends Of Earth!

You Live With Diversity On Your Beloved Planet With Many Races, Cultures And Sizes Of Humans.

Many Of You Have Wondered About The Planet Mars And What Kinds Of Life Forms Live Here!
2. There Are Photos Now That Have Clearly Shown You Structures With Entrances That Have Been Designed With Intent.

There Are Many Beings Living Beneath The Surface As Well As Races Of Beings That Live Separately And Above The Surface.
3. Just As Some On Earth, These Beings Do Not Socialize With Others And Stay To Themselves. They Are Very Different In Nature And Activities. We Will Begin With One Race That Is Very Different In Body Form From Others.
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#NEIOH ~ Karma

1. Beloved Friends!

Many Have Questions Regarding What You Know As Karma!

We Have Spoken Many Times About The Balancing Of Energy Within Each Set Of Variables In Action.

Let Us Go More Deeply As You Wonder About Your Current Waking Dream As Well As The AKASHIC.
2. There Are Many Religions, Doctrines And Cultures That Each Soul Chooses For Experience And Understanding As Each Soul Incarnates Many Times.

In These Moments, Let Go Of Fear Based Teachings And You Will Understand The Simplicity And Purpose Of Karma.
3. The Universe Is Governed By Laws That Apply To Every Being.

You Have Heard, 'You Reap What You Sow,' 'Newton's Law,' Which States That 'For Every Action There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction'. And, 'Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You,'
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#NEIOH ~ Pleiadians On Earth

1. Friends Of Earth!

We Have Been With You From The Beginning Of Your Presence On Earth,

As We Are The Watchers And Keepers Of Mankind!

In Power And Love We Have Visited You, Dined With You, And Walked Dusty Roads Without Structures.
2. We Have Arrived In Crafts As We Were Called Sky Gods And Angels!

We Were Often Invited Into Homes As We Turned And Blinded Men With Light To Protect And Serve Without War.
3. The Blindness Was Temporary And Our Intention Was Peaceful In Preventing Those Of Darkness To Move Forward.

Through The Ages Of Dreams, We Incarnated To Assist And Experience.

Through Battlefields And Honoring Archangels Who Descended To Serve, We Have Always Been With You!
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#NEIOH ~ Creating Now In 5-D

1. Beloved Friends!

These Are Moments Of Sharing Information That Will Both Excite You And Inspire You!
2. Continually We Share Of Your Infinite Power Of Creation, But We Have Reached The Precipice Of Allowing The Veil To Fall Further In Efforts To Assure You Of The Beauty That Awaits You!
3. As You Become More Aware Of SHEEN In 5-D, Become Even More Aware Of Your Participation In This Grand Place Of Infinite Possibilities.

For In The Light Of Being, SHEEN Is Prepared. In The Moment Of Now, You Will Create Continually!
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1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

Knowing That You Are Everything That You Search For In All Places,

Discover The Truth Of This In Your Next Breath!
2. The Reality You Are Creating By Thought And Word Now, Will Be Infinitely Continued In Co-Creating With The Beloved Souls Around You As You Shift To SHEEN.

For All Will Know That It Cannot Be Otherwise.
3. Leaving Duality Will Be Bliss As You Learn Of Your Power Of Spontaneous Manifestation Once Again!

Longing For Inspiration Or Feeling Lonely Will Be Far From You!

The Experience Of Lack Or Feeling Not Enough Will Be Absent From Your Being!
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1. Friends Of The Light!

I Speak To You In The Vibration Of Honor And Truth!

We Understand The Endless Dilemmas You Find Yourself In As You Strive For Trust In A World Where Darkness Mixes With Light!
2. You Have The Power And Intuition To Maneuver Through The Darkest Trails Of Deceit, As You Know That Light Will Always Prevail And Expand The Truth Before You In All Circumstances.
3. In These Moments Of Sacred Communication, I Speak Of Judgment And The Importance To Set Many Aspects Of Life Aside When It Comes To Disagreement Regarding Petty Matters That Only Exist In A Momentary Thought.
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1. Beloved Friends!

As You Journey On To The Perfection Of Your Being And The Return To The Familiarity Of Higher Realms, We Support You And Will Continue To Operate Behind The Scenes To Uphold All Truth!
2. As White Hats Will Be Vigilant And Protective In All Areas Of Military And Every Agency, We Continue To Assist And Meet With All Powerful Volunteers In This Expansive Mission Of Light!
3. Knowing The Scope Of These Operations Would Be Beyond Your Current Experience Of Understanding. Knowing That Many Meetings Are Conducted On Our Finest Crafts Will Allow You To Understand The Privacy Of These Endeavors.
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1. Friends of Earth!

We Greet You With Great Love As We Cover You With Light!

Discover The Peace You Carry Within To Sustain Your Bliss!

The Circumstances That Are Created Around You, Have No Power As You Change Your Perspective With Intention!
2. The Importance In These Moments To Practice Nonattachment To The Outcome As Another Word For Surrendering To The Presence Of God.
3. Realizing There Is A Force That Holds You Gently And Meets You When You Strive To Live In Light, Will Give You Confidence, Grace And Strength To Move Forward.
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1. Friends Of Earth!

As The Earth Groans And Turns With Imposed Wars And Destruction,

Have You Ever Considered This Sacred Planet Is Alive With Consciousness?

Do You Understand That All Life Is Aware And Has Consciousness?
2. Each Tree, Flower, Ocean, Mountain And All Birds And Animals Are Aware.

Each Life Form Reacts And Responds To The Energy That It Is Forced To Receive.
3. Every Morsel Of Food, Drop Of Water And The Ground That Holds You Safely,

Is A Living Essence That Serves You With Love And Power.

As You Meditate And Go Within, Feel Your Connection With All Life!
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1. Friends Of The Great Light!

I Cover You With Frequencies Of Healing And Love! 

Knowing This Is Embracing Truth! Perceiving This Is Healing Power!

There Will Be A Moment In An Illusion Of Projected Fear, When You Will Stop Instantly In Your Tracks.
2. You Will Have Reached The Saturation Point With The Unending Illustrations That You Have Provided For Yourself To Complete Themes Upon Which You Are Focused.

You Will Reach The Point Where You Are Ready To Walk Out On All Of It!
3. For Clearly, The Way It Is, Seems Upside Down! Indeed It Is!

But, This Is The Moment You Have Been Waiting For!

This Moment Is Perfect!
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1. Beloved Friends!

I Greet You In The Light Of Infinity and Power!

Find Peace In Knowing Your Journey Will Be Worth Every Experience Of Your Soul!
2. The Volatile Moments Of Your Transformation Process Will Progressively Appear Less Dramatic As You Begin To Distance Yourself From The Categories Of Interaction That Have Held You In An Imaginary Cage.

You Were Always Free. Now You Are Feeling This Truth!
3. It Will Begin To Seem Incomprehensible To You That You Felt Compelled To React In Certain Ways And Seemed To Manifest The Very Scenarios You Wanted To Avoid!
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Greet You With Light And Honor!

It Is Quite Obvious That Massive Changes Are At Hand! The Planet Could Never Survive Without Light Coming Forth To Dispel Darkness!
2. There Has Been Wisdom And Speculation Through Thousands Of Waking Dreams Of What Humans Have Called 'The End Times’.

Indeed, This Sounds Quite Dreadful In This Connotation. We Would Rather Speak About The Gathering Of Light And Peace For All Souls!
3. The End Of Anything In Your World, Has Often Triggered Fear And Mass Hysteria!

What If The End Of A Cycle Of Chaos Brought Only Peace For Humanity! What Then?

To Resist Change And Cling To A Reality That Has Controlled The Masses For Far Too Long Is No Longer Possible.
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1. Friends Of Light!

Greetings Of The Highest Order!

You Are The Beloved Dreamers Of Beginnings And Endings, Of Traumas And Victories, Of Pain And Joy!
2. Nothing Is Wasted And The Moment Of Now Is Perfect As You Have Grown And Expanded And Fully Understand The Challenges Were Always Stepping Stones To Your Higher Self!
3. You Are On An Endless Journey Of Light Where Individually You Choose Your Perception And Collectively, You Change Your Perception According To The Abundance Of Energy And Focus On A Matter.
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1. Friends of Light!

Allow Sacred Light To Enfold You In Healing Love!
For Here Is Your Rest And Comfort!

As You Become Pure Awareness, You Will Hold All Answers That You Seek!
2. This Awareness Is Your True State Of Being And Allowing This Light To Serve You, Will Heal All Perceptions By Taking Them From Your Remembrance Entirely.

When You Are In Light, There Can Be No Discord. Darkness Does Not Exist In The Sacred Essence Of Your Being!
3. You Will No Longer Be The Seeker In These Moments, For There Will Be Nothing To Seek!

Returning To This Knowing, Will Keep You Safe And Free!

The Fullness Of This State Is Being Experienced By Many In These Moments.
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1. Beloved Ones!

I Greet You In Sacred Light!

In The Moments To Come, Relax And Allow All To Unfold! For All Of Life As You Know It, Is Happening For You, Not To You!
2. Your Objective Now Is To Recognize All Encounters As The Opportunities For Achieving Harmony That They Truly Are!

By Presenting Your Own Perspective Without Attachment To Outcome, You Allow For The Manifestation Of The Optimum Outcome For All Concerned.
3. By Setting Your Intention To Love, You Are Energetically Drawing The Circumstances That Best Address The Interest Of The Collective Will, Which Strive For The Manifestation Of One Light!
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1. Beloved Friends!

In The Grand Perspective, You Are Already In The Place You Dream About!

Where Is This Place? Become Still And Quiet And I Will Meet You There! For Until The Grand Shift, You Must Visit Within To Access The Door With No Key!
2. The Light Will Guide You In The Silence Of Your Soul!

In These Moments We Share, Let's Speak About Orbs. What Are They? Where Do They Come From? What Is Their Purpose? A Small Hint As We Begin. Everything Is Truly Connected And Nothing Is Random.
3. An Orb Is Connected To A Soul. It Is Spirit. It Holds The Essence Of One Or Many That Are Resonating To Communicate With You Or To Send You High Frequencies Of Love.
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1. Beloved Ones!

As You Continue This Journey Of The Soul, I Will Ask You If The Familiar Draws You In As You Feel Change Is Uncomfortable?

Whether You Choose Change Is Not An Option. All Is Changing Moment By Moment.
2. But You Might Receive Clarity If You Understood How Many Moments You Remain In Chaos Because It Has Become An Energy Of Familiarity.

Breathe Deeply. Know That It Is Entirely Possible To Create A Path Of Light That Will Bring Peace And Joy.
3. Notice That I Am Not Speaking Of Changing The Narrative Or Denying What You See Before You. Of Course The Planet Is Upside Down With Lies And Misinformation. You Cannot Control Another Or Their Free Will Thinking.
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1. Beloved Friends!

As We Journey Forward In Light, Relax And Find A Little Humor. There Is Always A Choice To See Things Differently.

Did You Open Your Eyes This Morning? Are You Still Breathing? Do You Feel Your Heart Beating?
2. Never Forget The Power Within To Choose, Once You Have Set Your Intention.

Breathe Deeply. Have Patience As You Slowly Enter The Space Of Another Moment. Everything Will Be Fine.
3. As We Speak About The Powerful Component Of Intention, Realize It Is The Factor That Controls Everything.

Why Is This? Because Intention Creates What You Want To Manifest. For Some, This Might Have A Negative Result, But With A Loving Intention, Your Dreams Will Come True.
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1. Beloved Friends!

How Wonderful It Is To Be Uniting As One! How Sacred To Be Living In A Waking Dream Of Duality While Discovering Divine Appointments. As You Know In Truth, There Are No Coincidences.
2. Enjoy These Moments Together In Light As We Progress On The Journey Of Oneness!

I Will Address The Sacred Energy Fields And The Importance Of Cleansing Your Aura And Field.
3. As You Stretch Your Arm Straight Up And Note The Distance, Also Imagine This Distance To Each Side And Below The Body. This Is Your Most Sacred Field. Within This Field Is The Reflection Of Your Life.
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