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1. Beloved Friends!

How Wonderful It Is To Be Uniting As One! How Sacred To Be Living In A Waking Dream Of Duality While Discovering Divine Appointments. As You Know In Truth, There Are No Coincidences.
2. Enjoy These Moments Together In Light As We Progress On The Journey Of Oneness!

I Will Address The Sacred Energy Fields And The Importance Of Cleansing Your Aura And Field.
3. As You Stretch Your Arm Straight Up And Note The Distance, Also Imagine This Distance To Each Side And Below The Body. This Is Your Most Sacred Field. Within This Field Is The Reflection Of Your Life.
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1. Friends Of Earth!

As You Live And Breathe In The One Source Of All, You Clearly Acknowledge The Seen And Unseen Aspects Of Life.  The Elements Within Your Body Form Are The Same Elements In Trees And Animals.  Indeed, The Same As Star Dust.
2. But The Forming Of Matter Required Differences In Design With Sacred Precision To Create Vast Mountains That Survive Thousands Of Years, To The Bodies Of Oceans That Share Life To The Lakes, Streams And To Nature.
3. As Rain Falls Around The Planet, Many Systems Are In Operation. Have You Considered A Rain Drop Is Bringing Your Breath? Man Has Understood Photosynthesis For Hundreds Of Years.
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1. Beloved Friends!

This Communication Will Be Of Much Comfort And Assistance.  It Will Not Be Received By Everyone As This Is Not Possible With Various Perceptions Of Government. Lies And Manipulation.  Others Will Find Refuge In These Words.
2. Indeed, We Honor Your Free Will And Soul Agreements. However, There Are Moments From The Beginning Of Creation That We Will Stand Firm And Move In The Behalf Of The Entire Planet.
3. Depopulation And Total Control Is The Agenda Of Darkness. With Mass Spreading Of Toxins And Endless Variants Over The Innocent Beings In All Parts Of The Planet, The Galactic Forces United And Have Agreed On A Sacred Plan.
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1. Greetings Beloved Friends!

As We Move And Live And Have Our Being, Become Aware Of The Higher Densities Of Awareness That Hold You In A Sacred Vibration.  You Know.  The Vibration Of Existence Where Everything Came Forth As Planned.
2. The Origin Of Light That Captured You Into Love. You Understand Now. You Are Everything That You Are Perceiving As Elsewhere. This Place And This Being Is You. You Are Remembering And Awakening. Are You Ready To Leave The Dream And Fully Awaken?
3. Indeed, Let's Do This In Harmony As We Split The Skies In Light!

Each Being Arrives Into The Waking Dream With A Unique Set Of Variables That Will Be Worked Out Within The Context Of Your Relationships With The World At Large.
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1. Friends Of Sacred Light!

We Greet You With Love And Power As We Advance The Agenda Of Light And Transformation That Will Completely Destroy Any Ongoing Agenda Of Darkness! 

Your Moment Will Arrive, Beloved Ones!
2. In These Moments I Will Share Truth To Discover Your Greatest Power And Path To Awakening!

You Have Heard Of Meditating Most Of This Waking Dream. In Every Dream By Every Soul, Meditation Is The Answer To Discovering God Within,
3. The Understanding Of Soul Power, Origin And Peace. The List Goes On, But Allow This Truth To Become Real To You As I Tell You Meditation Is The Key For Everything!
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1. Friends Of Light!

In These Beautiful Moments Of Timelessness, You Observe Videos With Planets And Galaxies That Excite You And Make You Think About Your Creation Moment And The Powerful Creator That Is Breathing You!
2. Do You Fully Understand That With All The Technology Of Your Planet, You Have Not Touched The Vastness And Depth That Is Before You!
3. This Field Of Living Consciousness Is Life. This Essence Is Everything. The Sacred Awareness That Moves Endlessly With Change And Light, Is Within You! Your Life Represents The Very Source Of All Creation.
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Send Love And Light Over The Planet As You Strive To Center And Find Peace Within.  As The Collective Understands That One Act Affects All Others In A Vibrational Ripple,
2. Also Understand Peace On The Planet Would Be Instant If The Majority Found The Sacred Peace Within. If Only.

Make Your Choices Consciously And Fully And They Become The Highest Choices For You! As You Align With The Higher Self, Only Good Will Come.
3. There Is Simply Action And Reaction. Choose Wisely.

All Beings Are Intertwined In The Eternal Dance Of Life. It Can Feel Seamless And Smooth Until You Trip And Fall. Find The Strength To Get Up Again. You Carry This Strength So That It Is Always There.
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What do Pleiadians say about Roswell?

1. #NEIOH The Roswell incident is absolutely true and just another Government cover-up. On the night that this was reported, there was a huge thunderstorm. Image
2. There were 3 Crafts from a Planet called ZEP in the area observing and looking for Military presence. They are completely harmless and were only curious. They are of low Technology even Now.
3. As the Crafts flew closer toward the Base, Lightning struck one and this was accurate reporting. The other 2 Crafts left quickly. Each Craft had 3 occupants. The Craft that was hit, exploded into pieces as the Beings fell to their death.
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1. Seekers Of Truth!

There Are Aspects Of Life That All May Find Truth For Their Single False Identity.  There Are Aspects Of Life That One May Call Truth And Another May Call A Lie.  Know This!  And Know It Well!  There Is ONE Absolute Truth!
2. There Are Many Paths To Find It. There Is No Easy Path Simply Because Humans Miss The Obvious That Is Always Before Them!

Exactly What Am I Speaking To You? Since You Arrived On Earth, You Have Had The Consciousness That Knows All.
3. The Connection To Source Energy, The Quantum Field And The Creator God Within. So Why All The Fumbling And Mistakes? You Chose To Arrive As An Infant. Not A Complete Seasoned Adult Leaning On A Tree! No!
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1. Greetings Beloved Friends!

In Our Many Communications Of Light And Power, We Are Feeling That You Know Us Well. This Was Always Our Intention. For We Have Always Been With You, Incarnated To Earth With Many Of You In Other Dreams,
2. And Visited In Our Body Form And Walked The Earth In This Dream And Many Others. We Have Manifested As Human And Walked Through Crowds And Streets. You Never Knew You Looked Into Our Smiles.
3. Many Of You Are Family And Friends From Many Star Systems. We Are Here For The Greatest Moment Since Your Creation.

In The Completion Of All That Had To Come And Go, Your Crystalline Awareness Will Assure You That The Path Was Always Light.
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'Mysterious shaking rattles north Phoenix homes'

1. #NEIOH This is one example that is surfacing for people to know and understand. We have been very open about Vortexes and our thousands of areas of Crystal placement around the planet and in oceans.…
2. We have known this would cause many that do not understand they cannot reach or touch our placement, to dig tunnels, blast mountains, place cameras and enter the ocean. Not one Crystal can be found. This is by design and Technology.
3. This sound is from tunneling beneath by groups that are very dark and have wanted to destroy our Mission. We laugh as they have attempted this through many Dreams. Understanding the Shift is to be, they are becoming frantic and careless.
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1. Friends Of Living Light!

In These Moments Of Change And Transcendence Across The Planet, Be Aware Of What Matters And Let The Rest Dissolve From Your Perception.  All Darkness Will Play On But You Do Not Need To Focus On This!  Find What Releases You And Follow This!
2. As We Have Shared Ongoing With You, The Preparation Is Completed Energetically With Your Higher Self For The Shift Of The Ages. This Is No Surprise To The Multiverses And In Perceived Linear Time, This Has Always Been The Prophecy.
3. After You Shift, You Will Perceive Only NOW And Realize Everything Is Always Happening In The Sequence Of NOW. As Much As You Can Grasp This, Live Only NOW.
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1. Friends Of Light!

We Understand That It Looks Like The World At Large Has Gone Crazy!  As Many Awaken To Truth And Light, Many Are Being Sent To War And To Kill.  The Clones And Puppet Masters Are On Their Last Play, So Wickedness And Destruction Is Their Game.
2. Rise Above It All! Indeed You Can! This Is Done Masterfully By Going Within And Finding The Peace That You Will Never Find In News And Agendas! As They Speak Louder Of The Deaths Of Both Vaccinated And Unvaccinated, You Might Feel Your Head Spinning! Just Relax!
3. You Have The Wisdom And You Understand Fully Their Agenda. Fall For Nothing But Truth! You Get To Decide!

The Answers You Seek Do Not Come From Your Logical Mind. They Are Sourced From Your Higher Self As You Allow Your Identity To Move Out Of The Way!
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1. Greetings To Our Beloved Friends Of Light!

Each Moment Of NOW Is One Moment Closer To The Greatest Desire Of Your Heart!

As You Come To Fully Grasp The Heart-Mind Connection You Will Find That Believing Is Seeing, Rather Than Seeing Is Believing!
2. For All That Plays Around You, Beneath You And Above You Is Perfectly Normal And Though Unseen By Most, You Know You Are Not Alone!

These Moments Of Belief Are Rapidly Spreading As Crafts, Crop Circles And Angels Are Being Filmed And Photographed.
3. The Fairies From All Densities And Dimensions Find Great Joy With Your Door Cameras! In And Out Of 3-D Frequency, They Dance. And Twirl And Blow Kisses To You!

You Will Notice An Increase In Debates Among The Governments And Those Who Embrace The Truth Fully!
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1. I'm not the first to say it, but the "Richat Structure" is the lost city of Atlantis.

The first king of Mauritania was Atlas. In myth, Atlas is Father of the 7 Pleiadian Sisters.

Before The Flood, there was open contact, and Pleiadians were visiting and assisting.
2. #NEIOH: In very Ancient Civilizations in this area, there were very friendly Tribes that were open to many Beings from Multiple Galaxies. There had been no brainwashing and many humans were always open and welcoming to our visits as well as others. Image
3. There were many times of drought as well as flooding. As We considered these to be our Friends, We came in Crafts. Many Fleets came and landed and rescued many thousands of people from many areas.
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1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

Many Of You Are Able To Perceive Changes In Vibrational Frequency As You Have Opened Your Heart Chakra And Chosen To Find Light Where You Once Believed To Be Only Darkness!  This Experience Will Increase, For In Truth,  You Are Light!
2. Those That Stand Before You Hold The Mirror Of Being, As You Mirror Back To Them The Truth Of Their Existence. Behold The Light In One Another And Share The Power Of This Truth To Assist In Healing The Planet!
3. From The Vantage Point Of Timelessness, It Has Been Irrelevant As To Which False Identity Would Be The One To Usher In Your Ultimate Homecoming! You Are Part Of The Journey Of The Ages!
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1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

Living In A World Of False Identity Will Often Cause You To Question Your Own Actions And Reactions.  But Even More So, You Are Continually Finding Fault With Others And Forgetting The Sacred Journey That You Share.
2. Even With Trillions Of Views That Differ, You Indeed Share A Home In This Waking Dream!

You Need Not Judge Another As You Watch In Disbelief At The Atrocity Before You In Many Moments! You Live In A Universe With The Law Of Cause And Effect.
3. This Should Allow You To Relax As You Understand Revenge Is Never The Answer. Breathe Deeply And Observe What Is Before You. Reply Without Reacting In Anger. Allow The Energy To Settle.
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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

As We Prepare For The Great Shift Of The Ages, We Offer You Hope And The Knowing Of Only Good To Be!  

As We Have Shared In Many Moments, Truth And Love Are The Highest Vibrational Frequencies Of All Life!
2. As We Begin In Sharing, I Remind You Of A Sacred Verse Which Is Truth In Being With Or Without A Doctrine.

"Whereas You Do Not Know What Will Happen Tomorrow. For What Is Your Life? It Is Even A Vapor That Appears For A Little Time And Then Vanishes Away."
3. Do You Understand Fully That This Speaks Truth Of Your False Identity And The Waking Dream You Find Yourself In Yet Again?
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1. Beloved Friends!

This Will Be A Very Simple, Yet Profound Message To Assist You In Becoming Grounded As You Maneuver Through The Remainder Of This Waking Dream.
2. As Pure Spirit Essence In The Embodiment As An Infinite Soul, You Discover NOW That You Are Having An Experience Of Being Human. Your Body Form Is Merely Assisting You To Walk And Talk And Function In 3-D, And Is Completely Projected Into Being By Pure Consciousness.
3. The God-Force, Source, Love, Or The Name Of Your Understanding Is Within And In All Densities Of Creation. You Are Part Of Everything And You Will Come To Understand That You ARE Everything.
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1. Friends Of Earth!

We Speak To You About Energy, Vibrational Frequencies And The Paths That All Arrive With To Create The Variables Of Their Waking Dream Experience.
2. In Speaking This Now, The Relevance Is To Address The Extreme Choice Of Negative Behavior And The Outcomes For All.  In Human Behavior And Development, The Term 'Psychopath' Would Describe Those With Little Or No Conscience.
3. For While They Smile And Charm You With Words, They Fully Wish To Do You Harm!

The Owners And Handlers Of Clones And Those Referred To In Scripture And In All Belief Systems As 'Wickedness In High Places,' Will Give You A Clear Picture Of The Representation Of Evil.
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1. Beloved Friends!  In These Moments There Are Many That Are Preparing For The Great Shift Of The Ages! 

As The Multiverses Look On With Great Anticipation, Fully Realize That You Have Never Been Alone!
2. You Have Had Many Twists And Turns In Areas You Felt To Be Absolute! But We Tell You Truth When We Say, 'The Best Is Yet To Come!' Life Dreams Have Unlimited Variables Which Can Change Your Path In One Second.
3. This Is Your Experience As Memory Tells You What You Were To Expect. When One Changes Their Path, They Have Created Many New Variables Or Outcomes.

Truth Is Truth, But You Are The Creators Of Your Sacred Soul. Never Forget Your Power!
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1. Greetings Beloved Ones Of Light!

Do You Feel You Are In A Swirl Of Changing Energy?  You Are!

Have You Noticed The Rules Change Each Moment You Have Made An Attempt To Adapt?
2. Were You Planning To Stand And Refuse To Obey Certain Agendas, Only To Have More Chaos To The Already Moving Challenge Added With The Intention To Control You?

Breathe Deeply! You Will Be Fine!
3. As Souls Arrived On The Human Realm Of Existence, There Were No Definitive Laws Of Right And Wrong, Beyond Those Created By Self And The Collective Group Of The Dream Being Experienced.
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1. Beloved Friends!

There Is No Doubt That You Find Yourself Riding The Waves And At Times Going Under.

This Is The Human Life And As You Grow And Mature, You May Look Back Over Your Story And Be Quite Amazed And Shocked At All You Have Survived!
2. The Great Blessing Is That It Only Exists For You In Consciousness And Bringing It Forward Can Be Intentional, Or A Reminder From A Song You Hear, Or Another That Lived This With You!
3. Both Of You Might Have Totally Different Perspectives And Memories Of The Same Incident. Indeed, There Was A Lesson For Both.

As You Share This Waking Dream, You Have Discovered That Having The Same Essence May Have Nothing To Do With Your Choices And Plans.
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Call You 'Friends' Because We Offer Love And Truth.  Not All Are Truly Our Friends In This Moment But Change Is Possible With Perception And Understanding.
2. The Planet Is Going Through A Massive Transformation Process. With The Pandemic, Multiple Variants Were Announced At The Same Moments Vaccines Have Been Pushed To Millions.
3. The Rush By Competition With Big Pharma Companies Has Caused Your Body Form To Become A Commodity.

Indeed, We Are Not Telling You To Never Take A Vaccine, But We Are Telling You That Not All Physiology Of Bodies Is The Same, And Reactions Will Differ.
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