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1. Beloved Friends!

We Speak To You Often Of Many Aspects Of Life, Always Teaching You The Way To Discover Your Higher Self!

For We Are Invested In Humanity In Such A Deep Way, And We Understand Your Longing For Peace Within!
2. As The Planet Is Often In Chaos, You Long For Planetary Peace;

Yet You Have Learned That Only Peace Within Begins The Process Of Healing For The Planet.

All Of Life Is Connected And The Earth Is A Living Entity That Feels What You Feel!
3. To Continue In The Moment Of NOW To Heal And Prepare For The Great Awakening, It Is Time To Stop The Conflicts Of Thinking And Projecting Fear!

It Is The Moment Now To Find Your Sacred Essence That Perhaps You Have Forgotten.
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1. Our Beloved Ones!

We Greet You In Peace And Light!

For Light Attracts Light And Only Light Can Hear Our Communication!
2. Many May Read The Words That Have Been Transmitted From Tones And Vibrations,

To The Language You Read Now, But Not All Will Resonate Or Comprehend!

This Is Natural As Many Have Never Heard Of Our Messages!
3. To Old Friends We Bow!

To New Friends, We Say Welcome!  And We Bow To You Also!

Earth Is In A Massive Energy Transformation And The Fundamental Composition Of All You Have Ever Considered To Be Real Is Being Restructured,
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1. To New Friends And Those Who Have Become Accustomed To Our Communication,

We Bow In Honor To Have Your Attention!

We Are Not Offended At Those Who Do Not Understand How This Can Happen!
2. Beloved Ones!  We Have Incarnated As Human Many Times And Understand You Perfectly!

Our Intention Is Never To Step On The Beliefs Or Religion Of Any Being;

But Rather Know With A Little Information, You Are Able To Seek The Facts For Yourself!
3. Scripture Removed, Edited, Placed In Multiple Translations And Presented As Though God Spoke This Is Just One Example.  We Honor The One Source!  The Creator Of All!  

The Divinity That You Know As God!
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1. Beloved Friends!

These Are Moments To Bring Your Energy To Your Heart!

The Chakras Are Always Guiding You,

But The Heart Chakra Will Guide You As Intuition In These Challenging Moments For All!
2. The Children Come First With Pleiadians, So Rest Assured That Those Rescued Are Thriving!

Accept And Know That You Receive A Sliver Of News And Some Of This Is Not True Or Not The Full Story.
3. There Are Good Intentions By Many And There Will Always Be Those Who Play Roles To Deceive.

Not All Who Claim To Have The Virus Are Speaking Truth!
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1. via #NEIOH There are several more medical ships in addition to what is seen on MSM. The ones not on camera are the places where the children have been.

Some children have been separated and are being treated in NY and places where cameras are not allowed.
2. These were sex slaves and they were freed by soldiers. There have been in underground tunnels around many areas in the US as well as Italy, Spain, China and other countries.
3. These countries knew that POTUS was aware of these operations but the Darkest kept him covered since he took office so he would not make this a priority. NOW he is.
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1. Beloved Friends!

You Must Find The Strength NOW

That Is Most Certainly There For These Perilous Times!

You Are Not Being Allowed By Any News Organizations To Know The Truth!
2. There Will Never Be Enough Supplies Of Equipment And The Virus Can't Be Controlled.

There Is A Great Assistance By White Hats With Methods Used Off Planet.

In These Moments Of Living Soul Agreements,
3. You Must Understand That We Can't Interfere And Stop Each Moment Of Suffering.

We Are With You And Have Lived As You!

Even After Recovery Of The Virus, One Remains Infected And Contagious For Eight Days,

As Reported Currently; But With Some This Will Extend Far Longer.
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via #Neioh The reason for this is about both the virus, as well as operations currently in progress, to take out many who are involved in things like organized crime & drugs. Not all really big names but very bad people. Many are trying to run but will be captured. #ItsHappening
The National Guard is rounding up fleeing New Yorkers.…
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This is what Puppet Removal looks like. 👇 ImageImage
Would it be that hard to believe there are Priests who are -literally- soulless Puppets, strategically placed as part of a larger satanic agenda?

I believe there will be many times the "Removals" will be mixed in with reports of real deaths.…
"Deputy British Ambassador to Hungary Dies After Contracting Coronavirus"

Per #Neioh, This is a cl0ne removal. He was placed in his position and was involved in very dark things. Details withheld. ImageImageImage
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1. Friends Of Light!

These Are Moments That You Must Go Within To Transcend The Energy Of Continual News!

By Remaining As Open As Possible To The Reality Of A Heightened State Of Being;

You Will Discover This Is Always Present And Is Your True Self!
2. Self-Awareness Is The Gift Of Being That Will Bring You Through!

For There Is Nothing Outside Of You That Can Give You The Very Wisdom You Seek!
3. Each Being Embodies All Gifts And Knowledge, Yet Most Never Seek This!

It Is The Way Of Humans To Depend On Another For Truth;

And Yet You See The So Called Truth Changes Moment To Moment!
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Hang on tight.

1/3 #NEIOH This is a Living Entity that travels in body form. This Being is very advanced in Technology and travels the Multiverses continually.…
2/3 There are many others that are of similar size and shape as well as smaller or larger.

When leaving their Galactic Playground, they simply explore and roam. They are able to navigate through Densities with ease and return home.
3/3 They have never landed on Earth but enjoy being seen.

This one is from a Race called OKA.

They communicate by Tones and express emotions and language this way. ~NEIOH
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International Space Station - 2/21/20

1. #NEIOH The is a small camera from a Mothership that is far out of sight and distance but well aware of this camera being seen. The Mothership is fully occupied.

2. This Star has life and Earth calls it Kepler. It is near Earth size and often comes in close enough to explore Earth but does not land. This is a friendly Race but We are not socially involved in any way.
3. We are aware of most activity in the Multiverses and most are fully aware of Pleiadian Presence as We were the first of Creation to explore and learn to change Densities by changing Vibrational Frequencies.
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1. Phoenix Lights

The biggest craft sighting in modern times. At least 600 witnesses came forward, but tens of thousands many have actually witnessed it.

In March 97, people were still looking up at Hale Bopp comet, still one of the brightest objects in the night sky.
2. This was a perfect opportunity for a mass sighting.

It wasn't just one craft that was seen that night, but many different sightings happening across Arizona at once.
3. An airman from Luke AFB claimed jets were scrambled but USAF denied it and later claimed the lights were flares.

A FOIA request from 2019 revealed that the Air Force didn't drop any flares nor had they any exercises at that point in time.
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1. #NEIOH These are from Sirius! They are not often seen and these particular Crafts are exploring and not doing any high Technology as others we have seen.
2. They are in this remote area for actually leaving the Crafts and walking about. They are harmless and do not want to interact at this time. They are aware of Disclosure and are friendly with other Races.~NEIOH
Video analysis by @MrMBB333
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1. #NEIOH This is a Transmission from many Galaxies as they are in Communication continually. This has been detected multiple times and is only rarely mentioned or reported.…
2. Beings with High Technology have always been aware of one another as Travel is very common in the Multiverses. This will soon become the way of life after the Shift.
3. There was once open Galactic Travel to Earth and many artifacts show this presently. These were left to assist in Awakening in this Lifetime. ~NEIOH
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Yuma, AZ - 1/22/20

1. #NEIOH There are many Pleiadian Fleets over Arizona at this time. Most remain cloaked but these are The Light Federation as they have met with other Races and are often stationed in the mountains for long periods.
2. In these times, Crystal placement is checked and all Races that have met are looking at the Planet and assisting on ground with White Hats and Government Officials that know of these private Operations.
3. Sedona is the Heart of SHEEN so the entire state has an extremely High Vibrational Frequency and chosen for many such meetings ~NEIOH
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1. On Nov. 11, 2018 (10:30 Paris time) an ultra-low frequency signal was detected all around the world.

-17 second waves that repeated for 20 minutes.

If your intuition told you this was Q-related, your intuition is correct.…
2. First, what's significant about 11/11?

-Nov. 11, 1918 (11AM Paris time), the armistice that ended WWI came into effect. (11th hour, of 11th day, of 11th month)

-100 yrs later, World leaders attend the Armistice Day Centennial Commemoration in Paris.

-11/11 (gateway numbers)
3. 17 sec waves began just before the 11AM Centennial. They didn't match any known sources.

“They're too nice; they're too perfect to be nature.” ~Helen Robinson, University of Glasgow

“I don't think I've seen anything like it.” -Göran Ekström, seismologist, Columbia University
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1. Beloved Ones!

Not One Bit Of Your Self Worth Has Anything To Do With Another's Opinion Of You!

When The Brain Hears Anything For The First Time, It Is Rejected As Humans Are Hardwired In Belief Systems As They Leave Childhood!
2. Awakening Is The Actual Knowing There Is Truth Being Heard And Allowing The Brain To Process It.

As Truth Is Accepted, Light Floods The Being And It Is Much Like A New Birth!
3. Expansion Of Consciousness Is Continually Happening And Each Is At A New Place In Their Journey!

For This Reason, It Is Pointless To Become Upset When Another Sees Things In A Different Way!

One Can Only Perceive From Their Current Level Of Awareness!
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1. Nellis Air Force Base + Galactic Federation of Light ✨

Pleiadians have been saying for a while there are ongoing interactions between ET's (mostly Pleiadian & Arcturian) & White Hats at US Military Bases, as well as overseas bases like Greenland's Thule & Antarctica.
2. There seems to especially be a lot of activity near NELLIS & CREECH AF Bases, just outside Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Youtuber 'UFOs Over Vegas' has a few really good videos. He recorded the Mothership video previously shared, which also went viral in MSM.…
3. We should keep in mind, 'secret space programs' don’t put on light shows, and the US Military doesn’t play games w/ off-books, black-budget-yet-finite-budget secret spacecraft.

This is about disclosing something much bigger than just some secret toys.

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@KENS5 #MysteryBooms
Southport, NC - 1/15/20
Spartanburg, SC - 1/14/20

California & the Carolinas at the same time. BOOM.…
@KENS5 #MysteryBooms
Anchorage, AK

"One of the most popular theories has an unusual name: “trumpets in the sky.” A noise similar to what’s being heard around Anchorage has been recorded around the world."…
@KENS5 #MysteryBooms
Prescott, Arizona

Officials said that a BOOM heard on Sunday night was a meteor... but the BOOMS keep coming.…
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1. These Are Galactic Forces Assisting US Military. 

Most Military Have Been Briefed At This Point As To The Ongoing Presence Of Crafts And Meetings With White Hats.
2. It Has Become Undeniable To Most Thinking People That We Have Always Had The Presence Of Many Galactic Races Here On The Planet And Above. 

As We Move Forward The Talk Of Crafts Will Be Mainstream As People Realize There Has Never Been An Attack And There Is Nothing To Fear!
3. All Crafts Seen Are With Intention And This Is A Part Of Disclosure.

In Other Lifetimes, Many Races, Including Pleiadians Came And Left Daily While Onlookers Waved And Were Excited To Have Such Guests!
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#Pleiadian Mothership
Las Vegas - 12/19/19

1. #NEIOH Fantastic! This is a Pleiadian Mothership! These are seldom seen as more of the smaller Crafts that leave them for exploring or checking Crystal placement are seen as the Mothership hovers nearby ...
2. ...or scans the area for miles as the smaller ones will signal when they are ready to re-enter.

This one is over 2 miles wide and is emitting such Light it would be difficult for a human to watch it if closer.

It has hundreds of Pleiadians within and out on smaller Crafts.
3. All know they are filmed and appreciate this as it adds to the Collective and knowing that viewing brings Disclosure and there is nothing to ever fear and the chance for a great Unity above and below!

As Above, So Below!

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Albuquerque, NM - 10/5/19
#Pleiadian Fleet
(Multiple POV's around Albuquerque)

1. #NEIOH This is a Fleet of our finest from the Galactic Forces. They are being seen with intention. This Mission is checking Frequency and Codes of Crystals beneath the Earth's surface.
2. These are being seen all over the planet. A few fortunate people will film them!

Pleiadians enjoy this as the work for Crystal placement has increased and expanded as Awareness and Awakening is rapidly upon the Planet.
3. There are no areas where there is not Crystal placement, including oceans.

Some of these Crystals are being used now to communicate Earth to the Pleiades.

The heaviest placement of underground placement is Sedona, Arizona.
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1. #PLEIADIAN Collective

Friends Of Planet Earth!

These Are The Moments To Thrive!

The Great Awakening Is Before You And All You Perceive Will Change,

In The Twinkling Of An Eye!

We Are With You! ~~Pleiadian Collective
2. #IKAI

Brave Ones That Have Come To Be Light For Others!

I Am IKAI, Elder Of Taygeta And Leader With Many Of Galactic Light Forces!

You Are Part Of The Greatest Moment To Be Alive On Earth!

No Other Dream Story Will Compare!
3. I Do Not Speak To You Often But You Must Know I Am With You!

The Crafts Seen Are Increasing As Also The Great Love And Unity!

There Has Always Been Darkness On The Planet;

But The Light That You Are Covers This When You Unite In Love! ~~IKAI
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1. via #NEIOH There are moments when Light Beings will change Densities to manifest to be seen in 3-D.

Light Beings can appear to be 10 feet tall to hundreds of feet. Angels can also manifest as humans or in deep space as hundreds of feet.
2. Both assist our planet and other planets.

This Light Being manifested for this man for a reason of his own Awakening.

He had reached a place of not believing in any life past the death of the body and this was his purpose for the Spiritual Retreat.
3. This Light Being changed his life and he was very excited about this but thought he would sound strange if he expressed it.

One person can be a catalyst for thousands more.
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