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13 May
I am going to do a thread of reasons to end the lockdown or at least go to stage 3.
NEASA employers assoc. surveyed its members & 86% of 10 000 people don't support lockdown.
People will end it anyway with black market hairdressers opening & people trying to survive financially
2. The science shows lockdown works if used to trace every infected person's contacts and isolate them all and cut cases as NZ and Korea did. SA didn't. We didn't use lockdown well.
Hospitals can only prepare so much too- unless we wait for 7 yrs to train more docs.
3. Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has said himself cases are spreading in the community - which means among people. Since 2 weeks into lockdown, there have been more than 7000 known new infections, thus it's not stopping the spread of illness. & we are under testing & undercounting
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10 Dec 19
People, especially media, keep talking about NHI as it is imminent. This is misleading to video viewers/readers.
Treasury & health dept are at loggerheads. There is no cash. Health dept has returned NHI grant money to treasury every yr including this one as they can't spend it.
The health dept has 3 people working on NHI fulltime in war room-led a by temp contract worker. The treasury detailed costing document of what can happen has been buried by displeased health dept.
There are real legal challenges & many big firm lawyers have met with experts.
There is mot the staff, the consensus or money and treasury has said 2035 is when first chance of cash. Treasury is scrambling. with every dept told to cut budgets over one yr and 3
In the meantime doctors emmigrating en masse. Insiders say even govt knows it wont happen.
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19 Feb 19
#Thread There may have been sabotage last week, but a look at the power utilities report to Nersa paints Eskom on the brink of collapse. Eskom's own report describes a litany of severe faults with the new power stations' most important components...
So problem one is the technology Medupi was built with which is very modern technology... Way mismatched to the low grade coal quality in the ground at Lephalale. The Eskom report details poor coal is damaging every part of Kusile and Medupi.
Then Eskom admits that design and technical requirements are not met. The Mills to pulverise coals don't meet technical specs. The boilers' design means they overheat. Coal damages them. The filter plant to filter fumes is damaged by coal & excess ash builld up & trips often.
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24 Jan 19
The competition com inquiry into pvt healthcare and why we consumers pay so much has been going on since 2014 (after court battle in 2013). Now a lack of funds at Comp Comm. has stopped it.
It's a waste - given the detailed analysis, findings & the millions spent by all involved
Medical aid administrators, doctors' groups, hospital groups spent huge legal fees and time describing health issues, difficulties and proposing solutions.
Such top lawyers were involved -ultimately the private consumer will pay for this,
And what has come of it...a pause.
The preliminary findings suggested that the government had shown "inadequate" stewardship of the sector.

Yip, what seemed to be a way to scapegoat pvt health care- turned back at govt for its dodgy regulations that drive up prices/cause issues. Now ending of commission stopped
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18 Jan 19
Vaal University of Tech offers a 2 yr course at +- R37 000 a year. It's called Non Destructive Testing- (for engineering maintenance). No one gets jobs because it is not industry recognised- which I confirmed with industry.
Of 92 former students who responded to me, 1 got work
The list of former students names with their employment status is heartbreaking.
The only students who got work in NDT industry did industry certified courses (between R12 000 to R50 000) The rest owe student loans and are unemployable.
VUT admits its graduates need practical training courses ( called Levels) in order for industry to comply with legislation when hiring people. Industry can't hire its graduates to do maintenance testing with their VUt degree- legally. So why offer course?
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