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Oct 22, 2021 37 tweets 7 min read
Anti-Vaxxers recently served an NHS hostpital in Colchester with "Legal Documents" I've already covered the Nurember Code that they site, and broken down why these documents probably aren't as legal as they think they are but one of the things that they mentioned was Motu proprio - which a few of us have nicknamed the "pope code"

So what is it?
Oct 21, 2021 24 tweets 5 min read
Of the back of my Nuremberg Code thread, some have been asking whether there is a legal basis for papers to have be served to Colchester Hospital

FYI I am not a lawyer, I just like researching random facts on the internet

So, Is the Nuremberg Code legally binding?

Let's see... Well, in a nutshell, no it's not

(sorry to disappoint)

The code is an "ethical framework"

That means it's stuff you SHOULD be doing, not stuff you HAVE to do
Oct 20, 2021 18 tweets 4 min read
I am still avoiding work so let's look into "serving" "legal" documents, shall we?

An anti-Covid group served "legal documents" on Colchester Hospital

Apparently anyone can serve legal documents in England

It is recommended that you use a professional process server though as if the papers are not served correctly it can mean big issues in your court case later on.

Do we think these papers were served correctly?
Oct 20, 2021 20 tweets 4 min read
The people who tried to use the Magna Carta to circumvent Lockdown restrictions are now attempting to use the "Nuremberg Code" to stop NHS COVID operations

Do we think that these people have ever read the Nuremberg code?

Well I have because I am avoiding work. Let's take a look Contrary to popular belief, the code didn't come in the aftermath of the infamous Nuremberg Trials, the basics of it came into being in 1919 because even before World War II, the Germans were into some super-dodgy medical procedures
Oct 20, 2021 54 tweets 34 min read
We haven't done one for a while so shall we have a #BriefingDrinkingGame for the #DowningStreetBriefing in a bit?

Let's try and guess the buzzwords

- Next Slide Please
- Plan B
- Personal Responsibility
- Save Christmas
- Protect the NHS
- Sports Analogy
- Jabs In Arms

[cont] More #BriefingDrinkingGame #DowningStreetBriefing buzzwords

- Schools are safe
- World beating
- Something about Brexit and Vaccines
- Flu
- We're better than the EU
- Some really complicated looking graphs
- Probably blame Nightclubs for something

Oct 19, 2021 18 tweets 5 min read
We're flipping doomed

We'll never get rid of a Tory government with these boundary change proposals

I do agree that some redistricting is necessary due to population growth in certain places but this does seem to favour the conservatives massively Interesting to note that current constituency boundaries have been in use since 2010. Neither of the two previous boundary reviews (in 2013 & 2018) have been adopted or implemented

Both 2013 & 2015 recommended dropping the number of parliamentary seats by 50 to 600
Oct 18, 2021 6 tweets 4 min read
Austin Maestro Powers: International Man Of Mystery
#CarMakesOrModelsInSongOrFilm Image Jeep Rising

#CarMakesOrModelsInSongOrFilm ImageImage
Oct 8, 2021 26 tweets 15 min read
Irrespective of the fact that @bbclaurak allegedly went partying with the Tories and had a rap battle with Gove (nice level of impartiality there), she's just genuinely rubbish at her job.

#SackLauraK, she's not worth £229,000 a year

Exhibit A: She should have been sacked or demoted after being accused of breaking electoral law.

Somehow she wasn't even though it shows an extreme level of incompetence that could have changed electoral results


Exhibit B: evolvepolitics.com/bbcs-laura-kue…