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15 Sep
Have you ever noticed that on the wings and body of all airplanes in India, the name starting with VT is prominently written. The name of every airplane in India starts with VT but what is VT after all? Tarun Vijay told the meaning of VT in Parliament.👇
Like most people, our MPs either did not know what this means or they have not even considered it yet.
But on Tuesday, when BJP MP Tarun Vijay took up this matter in Rajya Sabha and told the MPs what the VT means, most of the MPs bowed down in shame.👇
Actually, this two-letter word tells how we have been carrying a symbol of slavery for 68 years and also telling the world.
VT means:
'Viceroy Territory' means
Viceroy's Area.
What is the meaning of this 2 letter code ..?
According to international rules,👇
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26 Aug
Never learnt much about Shivaji in history in School. Amazed at what many think of him:
"From Kabul to Kandahar my Taimur family created d Mogul Sultanate. Iraq, Iran, Turkistan & in many countries my army defeated ferocious warriors. But in India Shivaji put brakes on us. 👇
I spent my maximum energy on Shivaji but couldn't bring him to his knees.
Ya Allah U gave me an enemy, fearless & upright, pls keep ur doors to heaven open for him bcs d world's best & large hearted warrior is coming to u."
Aurangzeb (After Shivaji's death while reading Namaz)👇
"That day Shivaji just didn't chop of my fingers but also chopped off my pride. I fear to meet him even in my dreams."
--Shahista Khan.
"Is there no man left to defeat Shivaji in my kingdom??"
-Frustrated Begum Ali Adilshah.👇
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10 Aug
Btn 2014 and 2019,
No: of govt medical colleges increased from 190 to 280.

No: of seats for MBBS has increased from 54,000 to 80,000 annually

No: of seats for MD/MS has increased from 11,000 to 18,000

13 new AIIMS hv bn sanctioned & work hv started👇1
20 AIIMS like super-speciality hospitals hv bn approved across India
Dept of Atomic Energy (directly under d PMO) constructed a super-speciality dedicated cancer hospital in Varanasi btn
@narendramodi inaugurated d super-speciality wing ' trauma centre of BHU👇 2
A large, super-speciality govt hospital wd 1500 beds was constructed in Ahmedabad
Under Ayushman Bharat, every poor has an access to free treatment up to Rs.5,00,000 /annum
In d next phase it hs already announced 75 more medical colleges dt will increase d number of MBBS 👇3
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7 Feb
His murder had shocked & angered all Indians. Today he z forgotten. A busy bridge in Pune called #Mhatre Bridge joining Sarasbaug to Deccan area. Everyday, it is traversed by 1000s of ppl but few know or care dt d bridge is named after an unsung Indian hero.👇
Mhatre was brutally killed by Kashmiri terrorists at the age of 48 while he was serving as a diplomat in the Indian Embassy in Birmingham UK. He was abducted and killed in an attempt to negotiate release of terrorist Maqbool Bhat of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front.👇
d same #MaqboolBhat, in whose name separatist slogans were raised in JNU. His daughter was only 14 when he disappeared forever from her life. Her father's body was found 3 days later on a sidestreet in Birmingham. Erstwhile Indira Gandhi refused to negotiate wd d terrorists👇
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4 Feb
RTI replies show dt #ArvindKejriwal hasn't delivered on major poll promises & might hv lied on some
Here’s what d RTI replies have revealed. The copies of the replies have been embedded for our readers:
【1】500 Govt Schools
【2】2,00,000 Public Toilets
【3】20 Degree College👇
【4】47 Fast Track Courts
【5】Water To 50 Lac Ppl
【6】WiFi Across Delhi
【7】1,000 Mohalla Clinic
【8】8 Lakh Jobs
【9】900 Health Centers
【10】5,000 New Buses
【11】15 lakh CCTV
【12】Free Lifeline Water 20,000 Ltr
【13】10,000 Women Security
What happened to these ?👇
No new hospital has been commissioned between April 2015 and March 31, 2019.
4,705 buses plied on the roads of Delhi on April 1, 2015, compared to 3,796 buses that were revealed to be operating on the roads of Delhi on August 31, 2019. 👇
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2 Feb
What US thinks of @narendramodi & why there is so much of restlessness.
Who is #Modi?
commented by #NewYorkTimes Editor-in-Chief #JosephHope.
"The rise of this man is a threat to d world, as he has not only made enemies of each other's interests in India but also used them.
It only shows the desire to make India a great country. His sole aim is to make India supreme. If this person is not blocked, then 1 day in the future India will bcm a powerful nation around d world & it'll surprise d United States.He goes through a specific strategy &
no one knows wt he wants. A dangerous patriot z hidden behind his smiling face. He uses all d countries of for benefit of India. By destroying d US relationship wd Pakistan & Afghanistan & forming alliances wd enemies like Vietnam he'll see d use of 3 countries against China
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24 Jan
Why CAA and NRC are the last chance for India's existence, pls read carefully
*Lebanon – a glaring example of what can go wrong*
In d 1970’s, Lebanon was called 'Paradise' & its capital Beirut was the 'Paris of the East'.
The Lebanese Christians r some of the oldest Christians
in the world, preceded only by d oriental Orthodox of Armenia & Copts of Egypt.Lebanon was a progressive, tolerant , multi-cultural society, just like India Today. It had some of d best Universities in d Middle East, where children from all over Arabia used to come to study
& then they used to stay there & work.Lebanese banking was 1 of d best banking systems in d world. Despite not having oil, Lebanon had a great economy. Lebanese society’s progressiveness can be gauged from d 60s Hindi film "An Evening in Paris" which was also shot in Lebanon
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19 Jan
Incredible India ! @narendramodi
@AmitShah ! I want answer !
A Muslim lady holding a placard saying "I Support CAA" stood bang in d middle of 1 of the busiest arterial roads linking East Delhi to d rest of Delhi. She just stood there holding d placard high for all to read. 👇1
Soon a group of enthusiasts gathered around her and the crowd started to grow. Car & 2 wheeler drivers waved at her in appreciation, some stopped by in support.
Within minutes senior police officers & lathi wielding policemen invaded the area & sought to remove her & d group.👇 2
They requested her to move to d footpath so as not to obstruct traffic. When this didn't work they all but lifted her physically & deposited her on d footpath. She & her group continued to shout: our children can't go to school, shops can't open, ppl can't reach their offices👇3
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17 Jan
What if Muslims'll not give d required details 4 NRC.? Mr.Mathew Jeff clearly said this. "Don't play with NaMo & Amit Shah. They r from different GENUS."
So pls don't miss to read this.
Almost all Muslims r now saying we 'll not provide d required details 4 NRC👇
Let us see what happens? Let d BJP govt send us OUT. No 1 is going to send OUT the Muslims. But d following things will follow. .Almost every1 has Aadhar & PAN cards. If anyone denies to provide required details/ documents for NRC, Govt will release a letter without d names of 👇
those ppl who don't provide required details for NRC after Sept. 2020. No 2 will come to their homes. They'll hv to go to d specified offices & submit their details. If u don't give details, u will get a msg on ur mobile, mentioning this & after few days ur mobile will be out👇
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27 Dec 19
Another Silent Punch by India. HM & MEA have again sent a Note to all countries dt Indian Passport is only a valid document for d purpose of travel & passage through airports, ship ports etc.But NOT to be considered or used as proof of Indian citizenship👇1
Govt has also announced dt within a yr Citizenship Cards will be given to Indian nationals as d only valid proof of Indian citizenship.
Now Action Starts -
Most of Gulf Countries have made a law that all workers must get citizenship Cards. 👇2
It means dt many Bangladesh ,Pak & Other Muslims who r d largest labour force in Gulf, always hv 2+passportsBcz Indian labour is paid higher & given better treatment in all Gulf Countries. To avail better life style etc Indians r preferred over any other countries' .👇3
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24 Dec 19
बेटियों के बलात्कारियों से जब माँ ने कहा "अब्दुल अली एक-एक करके करो, नहीं तो वो मर जाएंगी "।
ये सच्ची घटना घटित हुई थी 8 अक्टूबर 2001 को बांग्लादेश में।
अनिल चंद्र और उनका परिवार 2 बेटीयों पूर्णिमा व 6 वर्षीय छोटी बेटी के साथ बांग्लादेश के सिराजगंज में रहता था।
उनके पास जीने रहने के लिए पर्याप्त जमीन थी. बस एक गलती उनसे हो गयी, ये गलती थी एक हिंदु होकर 14 व 6 साल की बेटी के साथ बांग्लादेश में रहना। एक क़ाफिर के पास इतनी जमीन कैसे रह सकती है.? यही सवाल था बांग्लादेश की पूर्व प्रधानमंत्री खालिद ज़िया के पार्टी से सम्बंधित कुछ लोगों का
8 अक्टूबर के दिन
अब्दुल अली, अल्ताफ हुसैन, हुसैन अली, अब्दुर रउफ, यासीन अली, लिटन शेख और 5 अन्य लोगों ने अनिल चंद्र के घर पर धावा बोल दिया, अनिल चंद्र को मारकर डंडो से बाँध दिया, और उनको काफ़िर कहकर गालियां देने लगे।इसके बाद ये शैतान माँ के सामने ही उस १४ साल की निर्दोष बच्ची
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15 Dec 19
Very important & Alarming news about Vijay Malya by London's Court.
That court was neither of BJP nor of RSS.That court was about six and a half thousand kilometers from London, India.Hearing in the Mallya case on Friday, Justice Emma Arbaughnott stated in clear terms that,
*Indian banks had grossly violated their own rules & regulations in lending to Mallya's airline company Kingfisher,& d lending of d rules in lending was taken away.*This can be seen 'with closed eyes'.*The above remarks of the Manmohan Singh & Chidambaram ordering d loan to 👇
be loaned by Mallya, despite d bank's objection by the then MMS & Chidambaram to London's Westminster Magistrate Court, in which thousands of banks were blacklisted by Vijay Mallya Advocacy & recommendation for loan of crores & more loan flowed in clear words it was open.*👇
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10 Dec 19
CPM leaders are waxing eloquent on human right violations and anti-Muslim policies of the Modi government in the context of the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), when they themselves have indulged in mass murders and genocides on a pervasive scale.
1 such incident was Marichjhapi, a small uninhabited island in the Sunderbans dt Hindus from d Dandakaranya refugee camp tried to develop into a inhabitable area. The Hindu refugees came in boats, cleaned the shrubs and set up hutments where they could spend the nights.
Food & water came from generous people living in d neighbouring islands.On 26th Jan 1979, CPM govt under Jyoti Basu sent in WB police in 30 boats which surrounded d island & cut off its vital food & water supply lines. D inhabitants tried to break the siege, but got mowed down
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21 Nov 19
The practices widely used by Indian Brahmins all over using a Holy Grass named Dharbham or Dharbai, in all functions, auspicious or inauspicious, a performing person needs to wear a ring made of this Dharbham. But many have lost d reason of why it's to be used in d 1st place
A Doctor named took out a bunch of d Dharbham went straight to d clinic to take an x-ray of his palm,by covering his handwith d Dharbham. To his utter surprise,he found dt it absorbed about 60% of d radiation! When d so powerful X-ray radiation can be absorbed by d Holy Grass,
why can't not absorb d ill radiations spread over d atmosphere? During d Eclipse time,these r used to cover all food items to protect them from d harmful ultra radiation.Whenever any function is held, firstly they perform a site-cleansing act known as “Sudhhi Punyaahavachanam”
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4 Oct 19
The 1st countries to ban Islam: See how d world is acting fast on d threat posed by Islam & its barbaric Sharia Law!
#Japan has always refused Muslims to live permanently in their country & they can't own any real estate or business & have banned any worship of Islam.👇 1
#Cuba rejects plans for 1st mosque! The #AfricanNationofAngolo & several other nations hv officially banned Islam! A record no: of Muslims
deported from Norway as a way of fighting crime. Since these Muslim criminals hv bn deported, crime has dropped by a staggering 72%. 👇2
In #Germany alone, in d last yr there were 81 violent attacks targeting mosques! #Austrian police
arrested 13 men targeting suspected jihad recruiters! A #Chinese court sends 22 muslim
Imams to jail for 16 to 20 yrs for spreading Islamic hatred & hv executed 18 Jihadis 👇3.
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24 Sep 19
Bengal...fading away.
I am not Bengali but from Bengal .I love My state not less than a Bengali . It pains me to see the desperate lows that Bengal is touching. Almost every Bengali who
gets an opportunity to leave Bengal, does so. Gleefully. 👇1
And, in nearly 95% of cases, never to return. It used to be d seat of knowledge ,a hub of industrial activity, the capital of culture & a prolific producer of sportsmen.
In short, it was the most vibrant place there ever was in d entire country.
Then, it all changed.🙏🏼2
"Bengal has been on a decline ever since 1963, since Bidhan Roy passed away. He reinforced d foundation of d state .Got d
Durgapur & Alloy Steel Plant, Chittaranjan Locomotives, India’s 1st satellite town in Kalyani, Digha Beach Resort, expanded d engineering industry👇3
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12 Sep 19
The 21 sikh bravehearts of #Sarahgarhi
Battle of Saragarhi in which 21 Sikh soldiers of d British India Army fought valiantly against a force of 10000 Afghan tribal warriors. However a lot of we may not know about d more details that's considered 1of d greatest in world 👇1
While d Afghan tribes hd claimed dt they lost a total of180 men in d Battle it was reported a total of 600 bodies of Afghan tribal warriors were found on d battlefield. Afgan tribal army wd 10000 armies couldn’t breach d Saragarhi Fort in NE frontier of India for over 7 hrs👇2
D Sikh soldiers did hv a tiny advantage. Due to d fact dt they were in the British Indian Army, they did hv d latest rifle, which was technologically superior d Martini Henry rifle. It was a breech-loading rifle which weighed approximately 10 pounds 👇3
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11 Sep 19
Unbelievable!!! 👆
The 13th century poet saint Gyandev created a children's game called Moksha Patam. The British later named it Snakes and Ladders & diluted the entire knowledge - instead of the original "Moksha Patam." 👇1
In d original 100 square game board d 12th square was faith, d 51st square was reliability, d 57th square was generosity, d 76th square was knowledge & d 78th square was asceticism.These were d squares where d ladders were found & one could move ahead faster. 👇2
The 41st square was for disobedience d 44th square for arrogance, d 49th square for vulgarity, d 52nd square for theft, d 58th square for lying, d 62nd square for drunkenness, d 69th square for debt, d 84th square for anger, d 92nd square for greed, d 95th square for pride,👇3
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24 Aug 19
Those who think Sonia Congress is INDIAN, read this.
#subramanianswamy unearths Nuclear scandal of UPA
How Sonia destroyed India's Thorium Technology: A ₹60,00,000 Crore worth of Thorium Scam was done by #SoniaGandhi &her traitorous gang!👇1
Recently Illegal sand mining is going on throughout d coastal belts of India.Many of us hv the false impression dt sand z used for construction ! India holds d biggest reservoir of #Thorium along our beaches wd TN alone holding more than 30% of d world’s Thorium deposits! 👇2
India was Number 1 in d #Thorium based Fast Breeder Nuclear Technology until MMS & Union Defence Minister #kAnthony
captured it for 10 yrs under d orders #SoniaGandhi. Once she led #UPA #MMS followed an unwritten policy of severely downsizing d indigenous Thorium Based 👇3
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4 Apr 19
I'd like to mention a notable feature in Narendra Modi. Please, it is not a political post at all. Its entirely on a human angle. So may I humbly request abstinence from political comments, kindly, under threat of deletion pronto.👇1
I first marvelled over d said aspect in elections 2014. One must hand it to d man. At his age of almost 70, he shows an amazing physical n mental stamina. In fact d elderly gent astounds me. D other day I saw on TV that in 2 single day he addressed crowds in Varanasi then in👇2
Jammu, then in Maharashtra. Normally his age group people like me find one local trip in the city exertion enough for the day.
True, he travels by car, plane, car, plane, car, plane all through. But that too takes its toll. There is a human limit there also
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26 Mar 19
There is no difference among a leftist who wants India to become secular, a Muslim who wants her become part of dar-ul-Islam, and a Christian who wants to totally evangelize her. All of them seek to destroy India. The lifeline of a nation is in her cultural heritage. 👇1
The moment you destroy it all that is left is territory. India and Hinduism are not only inter-changeable but also inseparable.
Secularism, Christianity, and Islam are all harmful, invasive ideologies. Those are memetic viruses and are expressions of neo-colonialism. 👇2
Every society which has been infected by any of these three memetic viruses has been ruined culturally. Anyone who wants to preserve and nurture the future of India should eradicate these three memetic viruses from India and uphold her Hindu culture and religious tradition.👇3
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