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An outreach to Singles and Married.
24 Mar
It's another Wednesday when we get to praise our God and back in His presence studying His word.

You can join us by following this thread and commenting your thoughts below.

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Ministering: Rev Dunamis Okunowo

Text: James 3:1

Don't be in a hurry to a leader or a teacher because you will be held to stricter standards, not just by your superior, but by God.
James 3:2

The reason we are not perfect is because of our words.
The words that come out of your mouth show the kind of thoughts you think within.
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21 Feb
Next up we're having Pastor John
Title: Honour

Rom 13:7
Reasons to honour your Pastors

1) God's word commands it

1 Timothy 5:17 - Your works hard and the least you can do is to respect and honour him.

Heb 13:17 - Your honouring them helps them to do their work with joy.
Many times we underestimate the responsibility and work that your pastor does, but if you understand the importance of your soul, then you will understand the importance of those who watch over that soul.
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21 Feb
What is the pathway to rest?
How did the men of old find rest?
These are the insights we will be looking at in God's word in the message titled "The Pathway to Rest"
Ministering: Pst Ogbonna Akpoke

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Jer 6:16 - we are instructed to stand, thats one way to rest, by obeying God's Instruction and trusting that while He asks us to stand still, he'll be working on our behalf.

- Pst Ogbonna Akpoke
...and in Psalms 46:10 this word is reiterated, so from this we know that to find rest, we need to step out of the normal flow of activities and trust God's way of stillness.
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