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We give You all the glory
We give You honour...

- Pastor Adeboye

August 2020 Thanksgiving Service
Bible text: Psalm 147:1

- Pastor Adeboye

August 2020 Thanksgiving Service
There are three major things said about Praise; Praise is good. Praise is pleasant. Praise is beautiful.

- Pastor Adeboye

August 2020 Thanksgiving Service
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Hello, friends! Today's sermon was mind-boggling powerful. If you missed or need a recap, here it is.


1. First, understand Logic. Logic refers to rational, understandable, natural method of reasoning.

2. Results that defy logic are outcomes that are outside the natural order or reasoning.

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Good morning and welcome to service. We're glad you joined us and certain you will hear a word that would give you a turnaround.

#ChurchGRA #Sundayservice #Zoe #MyTurnToShine
Breakthrough prayers ongoing... we declare this service blessed and filled with testimonies.

#ChurchGRA #Sundayservice #Zoe #MyTurnToShine

🎶Alleluia Alleluia
For our Lord God Almighty reigns
Alleluia Alleluia
For our Lord God Almighty reigns

#ChurchGRA #GRAservice #Zoe #MyTurnToShine
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Hello and welcome to church. We're excited you could join us. God is set to meet with you.

#MyTurnToShine #CHURCHGRA #SundayService
#Worship #RA

🎶Whenever I call You are there
Whenever I pray Lord You hear me
I'm not alone, this I know
What can I bring to You Lord
But this song of praise🎶

#MyTurnToShine #CHURCHGRA #SundayService
#Worship #RA

🎶Oghene doh
Doh doh doh
Oghene doh

#MyTurnToShine #CHURCHGRA #SundayService
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Good morning and welcome to the #FirstSunday Sunday service for 2020 and by extension of the new decade. It's our belief that God would give you a word that would enable this year to be #YourTurnToShine

#ChurchGRA #MyTurnToShine
#Worship #RA

🎶Daily as I breath
Often as I live
Let my whole life be expressions of your grace🎶

#ChurchGRA #MyTurnToShine #sundayservice
#Worship #RA

🎶We cry Abba Father
Hallowed be your name
Hallowed be your name
Hallowed be your name🎶

#ChurchGRA #MyTurnToShine #sundayservice
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Bravo to Kanye West who performed this morning at the largest homeless shelter in Los Angeles, Union Rescue Mission

Kanye's support for Union Rescue comes at a critical time: while the # of homeless in America declined 10% last 10 years, it *rose* 22% in Calif.

First, the man who runs Union Rescue Mission, Rev. Andy Bales, is as close to a living saint as exists

In 2016, @abales lost the lower half of his leg to a flesh-eating bacteria from contamination on Skid Row in L.A., home to ~5,000 of LA county's astonishing 60,000 homeless.
@abales Given the failure of politicians including @GavinNewsom to act, Bales urged @realDonaldTrump to intervene

“We’ve been crying out for a National Guard-like response."

Bales' Union Rescue provides food, showers & shelter to 1,350 people camped nearby.…
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With Jesus joy in our heart we make welcome Pst @JoelAwogu as he shares God's word with us this beautiful morning.

#ChurchGRA #SupernaturalLife #Sundayservice
God wants us to live a supernatural life. Its important to take your life serious.

#ChurchGRA #SupernaturalLife #Sundayservice
Title: Call to the supernatural life
Jeremiah 33:3 Rev. 4:1; 11:12

God wants to show Himself to you and reveal great things for you. Its a call to step up.

#ChurchGRA #SupernaturalLife #Sundayservice
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Say what you want about the man. But @kanyewest and his choir brought some light to people who needed it today at the Harris County Jail.

Inmates in jail and prison often look to God to repent and for forgiveness for their sins. ⁦@kanyewest⁩ visiting this Harris County Jail and gave these people hope through his own journey in finding Jesus with his music.
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Last night @kanyewest & his 120 member choir took to the stage in Kingston Jamaica
Kanye & his #sundayservice has become quite popular. His free concert at emancipation park last night marks his first Sunday service outside of the US

@kanyewest #SundayService was in Kingston, Jamaica past night
“Sunday Service” @kanyewest

Kingston, Jamaica

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Kanye West doing a pop up performance at the yard of Howard University Campus this morning. Hundredsds down here righteous now- students got word this morning by emails at 6 am.
@kanyeWest #SundayService

Kanye West's Sunday Service at Howard Homecoming

@kanyeWest #SundayService
“Hallelujah!” @kanyewest #HowardHomecoming #HUHC19
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‘The R Party freed the slaves

Somebody tryn tell me bc of my color who I’m supposed to pick as pres

You black, so you can’t like Trump

I ain’t ever made a decision based off my color. That’s a form of slavery, mental slavery
Kanye at #SundayService in Salt Lake City, Utah today! (10.5.19)

I doubt Salt Lake City Utah had Any Idea of the Mass Turnout for a Kanye Service would bring!!
#WakeUpAmerica #FactsMatter #WalkAway #SaveAmerica #MAGA

[D] Con Party is Doomed!! 🇺🇸
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What does the statement 'the Holy spirit is our comforter' imply?
It means that He is the guiding presence of God in the face of the trials in our lives.
Jhn 15:18-26, 14:18
Like parents guide their child, so does the Holy Spirit guide us.
The comforter is an ability that empowers us to soar through the trails of life; because of Him, the possibilities of Jesus is continued in our lives, He is Jesus within us.
The Holy Spirit is the name & the integrity of Jesus. Jhn 16:24
There's something about anticipating trials that gives you peace ahead of time. Jhn 16:33
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Alright, #medtwitter. Time for your #SundayService.

My residency program accepted two new trainees a year. In 2011, one was a blond, blue-eyed, corn-fed son of the Midwest.

The other was me.
We were always treated differently, and it was never more clear than in how we were perceived when we struggled.

He was always given the benefit of the doubt, encouraged that training was hard sometimes but he'd get through it.

Support was always there for him.
What I received was silence.
And whispers, so soft that I would mistake them for voices in my own head:
'Lazy' 'Unprepared' 'Unfocused'
'Do you think he's hungover?'
'He was probably up all night getting lucky'
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Seven sailors found a very good day to travel, no thick cloud nor any weather problems at all, the cause of them travelling is as a result of their inability to see a person who find them attractive and charming.. #Thread #Threads #threadstorytime #eni_story
So one of them had suggested "let's go to Italy, I learnt their women are lovely and don't discriminate as they look for the inner beauty",
They all set out on this auspicious day with all hopes of finding their wives...
except one who doesn't care about finding a wife or how his look had made him unlucky in matters of the heart, they were halfway to Italy when the weather flipped in a heartbeat..
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#QAlert 9/17/18 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Monday September Q, 2018. —Sept 17— Do you believe in coincidences? and more! Oh and Happy Constitution Day!

Let’s go!

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #AmericaFirst #TheMoreYouKnow #SundayService
#QAlert 9/17/18 Q2187…
SEPT —–17—–
Do you believe in coincidences?

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #AmericaFirst #TheMoreYouKnow
#QAlert 9/17/18 Q2188

Attention on deck.
Memes at the ready.
Lock on target.
Fire at will.

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #AmericaFirst #TheMoreYouKnow
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#QAlert 9/16/18 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Sunday September 16, 2018. REMEMBER YOUR OATH and more!

Let’s go!

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #MAGA #PatriotsUnited #AmericaFirst #TheMoreYouKnow #SundayService

And Links us to NSA YouTube channel video called “Oath of Office 2015”

@POTUS #QAnon #NSA #PatriotsUnited #MAGA #WWG1WGA
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