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Jun 15 30 tweets 45 min read
🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
The Comic Book about the Energy Charter Treaty!

FREE download here: celinekeller.com/dawn-of-the-ect
Time to #EndFossilFuelProtection

“Either we kill this treaty, or the treaty will kill us!”

@ysaheb #StopISDS #NoECT #ExitECT🧵 Image "Put it simple, this treaty is a major threat to the EU energy sovereignty, #GreenDeal, and #ClimateJustice goals. This timely comic is of high importance to ensure the French Presidency will end the participation of EU countries to this ecocide treaty.” @ysaheb #ExitECT #NoECT Image
Apr 9, 2021 17 tweets 15 min read
This is my comic adaption of the ‘Discourses of Climate Delay’ study @MCC_Berlin

You can download it for free: celinekeller.com/discourses-of-…

A huge thank you to @JKSteinberger and @giulio_mattioli for helping me with questions. Cover of the Discourses of ... And another huge thank you to lead author @lamb_wf and everyone else working on the study @TimmonsRoberts, @StuartBCapstick, @efesce, Jan C. Minx, Finn Müller-Hansen, @trevordculhane and @DeSmogBlog / @DeSmogUK for their fantastic Climate Disinformation Database. Introduction page of the Di...