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#ClimateStrike today @GretaThunberg. An old lady told us that we were breaking the law, told us to "to fucking move" and was incredibly aggressive. This was unpleasant, BUT it highlighted how lucky I am. There are strikers who face arrest or attack simply for speaking out (1/...)
@MakichyanA @NlocyJ @howey_ou and SO MANY MORE incredibly brave people from indigenous communities and countries with repressive regimes deal with fear of real consequences every day. It may be unpleasant to be shouted at, but it highlights my privilege and how lucky we are(2/..)
We as climate activists in the west have a duty to amplify the voices of those who aren't being heard and who aren't given the opportunity to even speak. If I'm shaking after a crazy old lady hurls obscenities at me, how must it feel to be to live in fear? #ClimateJustice
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1.5 billion children in poverty are set to face climate catastrophe by 2029.

#FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike #schoolstrike4climate #ClimateChange #ClimateJustice
Unicef report: how children, and particularly the most vulnerable, are affected.

The distribution of the world’s 2.3 billion children has important implications for assessing the impacts of climate change.

Population under 18 yrs of age per sq km (2015)…
'Under a ‘business-as-usual’
scenario (RCP 8.5) approximately
1.45 billion children will be living in
zones where average temperature at surface has changed from 0-2ºC to 2-4ºC'.

Unicef's 2015 report suggested 2050, but climate breakdown is faster than expected.
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🇫🇯 Fiji
🇲🇭 The Marshall Islands
🇰🇮 Kiribati
🇳🇷 Nauru
🇹🇴 Tonga
🇫🇲 Micronesia
🇸🇧 The Solomon Islands
🇻🇺 Vanuatu
🇹🇱 Timor Leste

are set to be virtually uninhabitable by 2029 due to climate shocks.
Pacific island nations - including Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Timor Leste and Tonga - demand major emitters take action.

'As early as 2030...their lands could become uninhabitable'.

This study focused on Roi-Namur Island (Marshall Islands):

Under a severe scenario (high emissions with the collapse of the Antarctic ice sheet, causing sea levels to rise drastically and rapidly) Roi-Namur could be without potable water *before* 2030. ⚠️…
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Things that will be gone by 2029:

1. Arctic Ice.
2. The Great Barrier Reef.
3. The Amazon Rainforest.
4. 85% of Earth's wildlife.
5. Adequate water supply.
6. Reliable food production.
7. A safe climate.
8. Human existence as we know it.

This is the real news.

Isn't it?
When the Arctic Ocean becomes ice free in the summer, global temperatures will shoot up (perhaps by 0.6°C), leading to unthinkable, global climate chaos. This looks set to happen between 2021 and 2031.

Irreversible feedbacks have already been triggered.

Climate breakdown is already severe enough to kill the Great Barrier Reef. Since 2016, coral bleaching events have killed off half of the Reef, and in the next 10 years global warming will spiral out of control.

Survival would appear to be impossible now.
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'If XR had listened to the many movements rising in the global south for decades, it would have adopted the politics of anti-racism, feminism, and global justice not only as a matter of morality, but as a matter of strategy.'

@TatGaravito @n_thanki…

If #ExtinctionRebellion is to succeed, it will need to more clearly echo #ClimateJustice voices like those from @wretchedotearth, @WarOnWant, @gcdcj and so many others. Many individuals and local groups would agree with me on that, but it needs to become central/widespread.

I was delighted to support #ExtinctionRebellion as soon as it appeared on the scene as I was sure it was a way of transforming public awareness, just as I was sure that #FridaysForFuture had the potential to have an enormous global impact. This has been the case.
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Capitalism cannot sort out this 'problem', it is a *predicament* which demands total political/economic system transformation.

Is Prime Minister Johnson's father supporting #FridaysForFuture and #ClimateJustice when he says this, or is he in fact simply defending capitalism?
“Can traditional politics rise to the challenge of the climate and ecological emergency?”

Most of those speaking suggested the political system required major modifications to answer environmental problems. But Johnson suggested meaningful change could...'…
Economic Revolution:

'a future Labour government would oversee an economic revolution to tackle the climate crisis, using the full power of the state to decarbonise the economy...'…
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I had to remind myself but it’s always on my mind so it was easy... here we go, I’ve a short story for you all
back in 1997 the world agreed binding quantified emissions cuts for the industrialised countries (“annex I”) in the Kyoto Protocol which was eventually ratified by enough countries to enter into force in 2005.
The Kyoto Protocol (KP) had a first commitment period of 2008-2012. The emissions reductions targets were laughable and compliance was a bit of a joke but this was in fact a legally binding international agreement
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Climate breakdown 'is now having a disproportionate impact on the food systems of the countries that have done least to produce the carbon emissions that are driving up temperatures.'

'the top 10 most food insecure countries all generate less than half a tonne of CO2 per person, and in total just 0.08% of global emissions.'

'Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Yemen and Sierra Leone make up the top five countries.

The rest of the top 10 includes Chad, Malawi, Haiti, Niger and Zambia.'


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Unfortunately, @KolkataPolice stopped our march midway despite prior permission. We decided to stand our ground by sitting in front of the barricade.
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Nature is angry - and we foool ourselves if we think we can fool nature. Our Earth is issuing a cry: "STOP". The climate crisis is caused by us, and the solutions must come from us -@UN Chief @antonioguterres at #ClimateActionSummit on the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions
@UN @antonioguterres "We are at the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can do is talk about eternal economic growth" - @GretaThunberg makes a passionate plea for #ClimateAction at today's #ClimateActionSummit in New York. Watch live 🎥 #UNGA
@UN @antonioguterres @GretaThunberg @GlobalGoalsUN Indian PM @narendramodi - "We are going to increase the share of non-fossil fuels to 174 gigawatts in 2020, and to futher increase #renewableenergy to 450 gigawatts"

India has installed #solar panels on the roof of the @UNHQ building in NYC

#ClimateActionSummit #ClimateAction
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Workshop begins on "Backing #Women and #Girls to Lead in #SustainableAgriculture" #ClimateWeekNYC
There were people, particularly women and girls, on this land for 1000s of years. Some are still here, and we thank them for the caring of the land that they have done.
We are glad to have participants from @CAREGlobal, @nature_org, @girlscouts, US State Dept office of Global Food Security, and so many from around the world working on #UNSDGs
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My 20.09-27.09. 🌍diary:

20.09. #allefürsklima Magnifica gab ihren Geist auf, kein Caffè als Starter in den langen Tag. Ein Zeichen?
Es war auch so ein guter Tag im Leben als Aktivist.

#069forclimate #Klimastreik #AlleFuersKlima #FridaysForFuture #ClimateJustice
21.09. Caffettiera a stantuffo - french press kommt wieder aus dem Schrank. Guten Morgen #Frankfurt. Es geht auch mit Handarbeit beim Mahlen. Da muß ich jetzt durch, ohne caffè. Hauptsache genug la caféine around my brain ist dabei.
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It is time to *up your sign game*.

I saw loads of brilliant signs today, many of which could have been dramatically enhanced with a little bit of know-how.

‘Who are you to tell me about know-how?’ you ask. ‘Some kind of usability designer?’

Yes. Yes I am.
First up: ergonomics!

The higher you hold any weight - including cardboard - the more fatiguing it is. Hold your arms above your head for a minute, you’ll feel the strain. No good! Same with holding arms at 90 degrees.

What you need is a STICK.
Dowling rod can be bought cheap at various lengths. Car aerials, long poster tubes, and short fishing rods all work.

But sticks held in the hand are still fatiguing. What you really need is...
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1. Rivers are toxic
2. Birds can't survive
3. Crops are failing
4. Ecosystems are collapsing
5. Water is scarce
6. Ocean circulation is disrupted
7. The Jet Stream is wavy
8. Lethal heat will soon hit billions
9. Factory farms are killing humanity

Put this on TV news.
Industry and farming corporations are spilling their toxic waste into waterways around the world, from the greatest rivers of India…
to the tiniest streams of Europe….

Big Business systems are sacrificing survival for huge profits.
⚠️ Birds are being wiped out:…

"We are losing everything"…

'World's most widely used insecticide has been linked to the dramatic decline in songbirds'…

'The situation is catastrophic'…
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Happy Friday to all. No time to waste. We all need to do better RIGHT NOW to save this planet and humanity.

♻️Recycle and Reduce drastically your plastic use - why because most plastics are made from fossil fuels (crude oil).…
💲Buy less. You don't need as much as you think. When you live with less stuff you produce less waste.…
🔥Privileged people with Air Conditioning in Europe and N. America - TURN IT OFF. If it is not sweltering outside you don't need it.…
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By 2026, most of humanity will:

1. live with severe water stress
2. fear unprecedented heatwaves
3. be at risk from deadly diseases
4. be affected by extreme weather
5. suffer hunger/famine/starvation
6. consider relocating due to climate

No, this couldn't be true.

Could it?
Average global temperature will have risen considerably in 7 years time - we're set to hit catastrophic 1.5C by 2026:

'The analysis assumes that little or no action is taken to reduce emissions'.

⚠️ There is no sign of even moderate action happening…
By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas:…

Already today 50% of people suffer severe water *scarcity*. How will this improve?

Billions will live with *high* water stress:
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1. The Air is poisonous
2. The Land is toxic
3. The Water is contaminated
4. The Seas are polluted
5. The Trees are dying
6. The Plants are sick
7. The Birds are starving
8. The Animals are endangered

The Ecological Emergency should be front page news every single day
'What should we do?' is the question many want answered:

1. Learn more about #ClimateJustice:

2. Take action:

Nobody has the perfect idea of how to respond to the mad predicament of Abrupt Climate Breakdown & Ecological Collapse.
⚠️ 2 Billion Kids Exposed To Poisonous Air Every Day:

Over half a million 0 - 4 year olds are killed each year by oil, coal & gas corporations, vehicle manufacturers' CEOs, and governments which enable the burning of fossil fuels & vehicle emissions.💔…
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1. The Amazon is burning
2. The Arctic's on fire
3. The Oceans are boiling
4. The Coral reefs are dying
5. Greenland is melting
6. Permafrost is collapsing
7. Antarctica is heating
8. Ecosystems are crashing
9. Earth is turning to desert
10. Emissions are accelerating
The planet we think we're living on no longer exists.👇

Go through this insane thread to learn about the 6th mass extinction, climate breakdown & ecological collapse, all caused by the destructive madness of corporate capitalism.

System change required👇
The only way to react positively to this terrifying cataclysm is by joining in solidarity to achieve #ClimateJustice.

Fourteen threads which explain everything you need to know:
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The Amazon Rainforest will be gone by 2029, with catastrophic consequences for all life on Earth.

The Amazon Rainforest could be converted into barren desert *overnight*.

🔺response to rising global temperatures & increased risk of severe drought “non-linear”

🔺Huge risk of hitting irreversible tipping point

🔺Scientific models underestimate risk…
State-corporate media have known about climate catastrophe and the death of the Amazon for decades.

Papers like @guardian won't make it sustained front page news.

And it's never on TV.

Only those on social media can inform themselves about this crisis.…
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1 billion people hungry today.
2 billion without water today.
3 billion hungry by 2025.
4 billion without water by 2025.
5 billion hungry by 2035.
6 billion without water by 2035.
7 billion dead by 2045.

This isn't possible, is it?

Decide for yourselves.

Scientists: only 1 billion people could survive on a 4C Earth:…

Peer-reviewed science: warming could 'exceed 3.5–4C by 2050':…

UK Met Office in 2009: 4C possible by 2050s. ⚠️ Emissions have accelerated since:
People in the Global South are dying right now. We need a new economy for climate justice & survival.

By 2035, temperatures look set for 2°C (or even 2.5C - 3°C) and an increasingly dire global food & water crisis.

Feedbacks (Arctic ice etc) have begun.
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CO₂ emissions are accelerating uncontrollably with catastrophic consequences for all life on Earth.

Record high emissions in 2018.

A new record predicted for 2019.

Extremely fast annual reductions in emissions must become mandatory immediately, but:

'turning the corner on emissions remains nowhere in sight' ⚠️

We need immediate #ClimateJustice.

How do we limit the damage from this cataclysm?


2. existing power plants, cars, industry etc MUST BE CLOSED EARLY

3°C - 4°C is baked in - we've no budget left.
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Thread 1. For many the main takeway from this report seems to people should 'eat less meat and become a vegetarian' otherwise we face a food crisis. Its clearly a good thing for many reasons to cut meat consumption - health, climate etc. But whats missing from this story....
2. Well first of all - 1 in 3 people already face hunger issues, close to billion face malnutrition not in the future but right now. So the hunger crisis is happening -but of course its happening to people in the global South so it only matters when it might impact 'rich' people
3. Yet a 1/3 of all the food produced is wasted and a 1/3 of all soil eroded. You would be forgiven for thinking this was a result of something magical that could only be fixed by 'individual consumers' changing their habits rather than this has been deliberately engineered.
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As the #climatecrisis accelerates more people are starting to sense the need for transformative change. So I'm putting together a THREAD of THREADs about all things #climatejustice, from history to core tenets and demands, from movement strategy & dynamics to hot takes
We have lift off. Firstly here are some seminal #climatejustice statements and declarations going back to a time before most of the school strikers were born!
Here's a history of how #climatejustice as a concept has been defined, including plenty resources and links
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The Arctic will soon be ice free, with catastrophic consequences for all life on Earth.

The planet you think you're living on no longer exists:

'Few people understand that the Arctic sea ice “death spiral"...has profound global climatic effects, or feedbacks, that are already intensifying global warming...'

Our destabilised climate system:…
We're already in a climate catastrophe. Soon everybody will feel the impact.

A billion people around the world are facing climate change related hazards such as cyclones, floods, bushfires, and rising sea levels.

This is a planetary emergency.…
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