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Projects into considerations:
1. A proposal for a #golf course and resort in the #ecosensitive zone of Keibul Lamjao National Park in #Manipur
2. Denotification of 292.39 ha revenue land from National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary in #MadhyaPradesh
3. In the Western Ghats region, there is a proposal to divert 7.8991 ha of land from default #ecosensitive zone (ESZ) or 10km radius around #Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary for a stone crushing unit in #Kerala s Kozhikode district at a distance of only 2.56 kms from the sanctuary. 2/5
4. The NBWL is also considering a proposal to divert 4.606 ha from default #ecosensitive zone of Periyar #Tiger Reserve for a stone quarry in Kerala’s Idukki district, about 8.61 km from the boundary of the tiger reserve. 3/5
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In the follow up to the #ParisAgreement – UNCC Conference Glasgow (2021), #India did not sign the #Glasgow Declaration on Forests and Land Use. It has been endorsed by 141 countries covering over 90% of forests in the world. 1/5

A thread @TheLeaflet_in…
The declaration aims to halt & reverse forest loss by 2030. Beyond its role in #mitigating climate change, forests also conservatively support the livelihood of 275 million (27.5 crore) people, and have one of the world’s most important #biodiversity hotspots. 2n
India’s forests are continuously disappearing. Between 2017 and 2020, 72,673.03 hectares (726 square km) of forest land has been recommended for diversion. Another recent study showed that India has lost 122,748 hectares of prime forest in four years. 3n…
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Reducing aviation is a matter of #ClimateJustice! 🌍⚖️

What are the injustices fuelled by our fossil-based mobility and economic system – and what does climate justice mean in this context?

A thread 🔽
1/🧵 Image
The enormous global injustice of the climate crisis:
The countries of the Global North are responsible for 92% of climate-damaging emissions beyond the safe planetary limit of 350 ppm CO2. The Global South is responsible for just 8%, as a 2020 study by @jasonhickel has shown.
2/ Image
#ClimateInjustice means (amongst other things) that communities that have contributed least to the climate crisis are already suffering most from its consequences. But #ClimateJustice must be much more than sharing efforts to reduce emissions and financing adaptation.
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Isaac SSentumbwe, a climate justice activist from #Uganda is at @stopg7elmau Germany to issue some very important demands.

🔊 He wants climate finance by having the #DebtForClimate cancelled!

👏 He rightly says Justice is #ClimateJustice

💥“We cannot achieve climate justice without putting into consideration the debt that is being put on developing countries, and yet they are suffering some of the worst impacts of the #climatecrisis...." 💥


"...We want the countries Global North to take responsibility for their actions, to take responsibility for what is happening in our countries. It's because of them that the #emissions in the atmosphere what are multiplying each and every year..."


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Denna bild kommer inte åldras väl. Men det kommer @alexandra_u_o text göra! Om du ska läsa en text för att förstå gapet mellan vad forskare, drabbade & ungdomsrörelsen kräver och den rådande grönmålade hålla-handen-med-utsläppare-politiken så är det denna:… Image
”Vi säger bara vad forskningen & de mest drabbade säger. Det innebär såklart något helt annat än dagens samhälle & radikalt i jämförelse. Men jag skulle säga att det är mer radikalt att känna sig bekväm i den situation vi befinner oss i och inte vilja förändra något” Image
Av den sammanlagda mängd VHG som vi kan släppa ut inom ramen för 1,5C målet har 90% redan släppts ut. Till mycket stor del av oss i den rika delen av världen. Parisavtalet bygger på att vi ska lämna det mesta av den lilla återstående koldioxidbudgeten till fattiga/drabbade länder Image
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🔥💀Dawn Of The ECT 💀🔥
The Comic Book about the Energy Charter Treaty!

FREE download here:
Time to #EndFossilFuelProtection

“Either we kill this treaty, or the treaty will kill us!”

@ysaheb #StopISDS #NoECT #ExitECT🧵 Image
"Put it simple, this treaty is a major threat to the EU energy sovereignty, #GreenDeal, and #ClimateJustice goals. This timely comic is of high importance to ensure the French Presidency will end the participation of EU countries to this ecocide treaty.” @ysaheb #ExitECT #NoECT Image
"The Energy Charter Treaty is the arguably the largest and most arcane obstacle to climate action. This comic will help you figure out what is going on through thoroughly researched cases. Read, share and convince your politicians to stop the ECT!" @JKSteinberger #ExitECT Image
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Here is our #LossAndDamage focused update from the 8th day of the #BonnClimateConference. With negotiations likely to continue into the early
hours of tomorrow morning, we are reaching a decisive moment on #LossAndDamage at #SB56. UNclimatechange, Attributio...
Yesterday the second technical expert dialogue on the New Collective Quantified Goal on climate finance (NCQG) took place where #LossAndDamage finance was raised by several developing countries.
Going forward it will be important for developing countries to continue to raise the importance of integrating #LossAndDamage finance into the NCQG so that it is captured in the final text at #COP27.
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"Despite deteriorating health and widening inequalities across the country...there is scope for local areas to make a real difference. Changes in approach, allocation of resources and strengthened partnerships are essential." Michael Marmot @MichaelMarmot…
These are the top 10 cities for work-life balance, according to an analysis — and there isn't a single US city among them…
#WorkLifeBalance, #CitySurvey, #AnalysisResults
Study explores the concept of artificial consciousness in the context of the film 'Being John Malkovich'…
#ArtificialIntelligence, #ArtificialConsciousness, #CinematicSymbols
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The debate on how to support the most vulnerable in addressing #lossanddamage has recently gained momentum. Now needed: financial commitments by the #G7 and a @UNFCCC #GlasgowDialogue with concrete outcomes. Overview of recent developments and necessary next steps in a THREAD:
2/ @IPCC_CH AR6 WGII stated that “Human-induced climate change.. has caused widespread adverse impacts and related losses and damages to nature and people, beyond natural climate variability..the most vulnerable people and systems are observed to be disproportionately affected”.
3/#G7 Devel. ministers for the first time recognised the urgent need for financial support to developing countries in averting, minimizing and addressing economic and non-economic #lossanddamage + want to work towards a Global Shield against climate risks…
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[Live Tweet] Join our us at the #PeoplesForum!

@MaryMoeonoKolio @mitzijonelle @Tzeporah @lnacpil @alexraf Ayisha Siddiqa, Kalo Afeaki, Andrés Gomez, @chilledasad10 discuss strategies for a fair transition away from coal, oil and gas💪🏽

1/ @alexraf, global director of the #FossilFuelTreaty: this panel will offer reflections of activists around the world calling for a fair and equitable phase-out of oil, gas and coal, the main threat to our environment, climate and health🌎
2/ Andrés Gomez from @CensatAguaViva: in Colombia we have a history of #FossilFuels exploitation associated to violence & also to resistance, especially from indigenous peoples who consider oil as the blood of the earth and have had victories #NoAlFracking
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🚨 EMERGENCY PLS RT: My dear friend and sister Aasiya @Ecohesian is w/o power needed to live. Without a generator every disabled person who requires power for life sustaining equipment in #ONStorm is at risk. It’s not hyperbole—legislated disability poverty in canada kills. #LNOB
Though to be clear poverty and disability poverty is deadly in a myriad of ways. It’s not always such an acute situation. Poverty is traumatic. #Poverty is violence. #Ableism is deadly. Ableism is traumatic. Ableism is violence. The same can be said of the #ClimateCrisis. #NAUWU
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Thread 1/10 We’re excited to share with you the first part of a two-part Psychology in Society (PINS) Special Issue on #Psychology, Environment, and #ClimateChange: Foregrounding #Justice Guest Edited by Brendon Barnes, Lynn Hendricks and myself.
2/10 PINS is a peer-reviewed journal that was formed in September 1983 as vehicle for a critical and anti-apartheid stance in psychology. PINS continues to foster a socio-historical and critical theory perspective by focusing on the praxis of #psychology
3/10 Our editorial Psychology, Environment, and #ClimateChange: Foregrounding Justice for the Special Issue discusses the various submissions and shares views on how justice is foregrounded in #psychology…
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"The metaverse... besides being immersive and interoperable, it's meta-physical, that is, a realized illusion, an impossibility in the round, able to absorb an infinite number of contradictions and convert them into fuel for growth."--Martin Gurri @mgurri…
A fundamental limit to the search for the oldest fossils | Nature Ecology & Evolution…
#PaleontologicalResearch, #FossilAge, #LifeOrigins
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What does gender equity have to do with climate change? A lot - according to science. It sits within the larger issue of #climatejustice.

A brief thread on Gender in the #IPCC #WGII and #WGIII reports. TL;DR: Discourse has shifted from women as victims to agents of change. 🧵🧵
Let's start with the #WGII key message. Emphasis on 'for all' mine - but this is key. Climate action must be for everyone/ especially the most marginalised, like women often are. 'For all' comes from #SDGs in case you missed it.
AR6 is different from previous reports - it centres around equity and justice. It identifies LOTS of adaptation strategies around the world, but notes that many of these are not effective. BUT: Adaptation solutions that are effective and feasible conform to principles of justice.
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We need new narratives to reduce aviation and lay the tracks for a fair planet!

Today we release our new reframing guide: #CommonDestination

It's a powerful toolbox for activists and campaigners working on #ClimateJustice and sustainable mobility. #ReframeAviation

#Thread 1/8
The first chapter of #CommonDestination guide offers an introduction to transformative communication: how can we reframe issues like air traffic to reveal their polluting reality?
Read the chapter:
Air traffic is the most unjust mode of transport - to #ReframeAviation is a matter of #ClimateJustice.

Check out the second chapter of #CommonDestination for the latest facts on air traffic and its impacts:
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"We a hyper-dynamic, interdependent and incomprehensible web of agents. [R]elevance is not just provided by the immediate surrounding. It is shaped by all the potential environments you can imagine and everyone else can imagine." -- Idea Monkey…
Vertical thinking broke the bottleneck in powering high-performance computers…
#VerticalThinking, #ComputingPower, #ProcessingEfficiency
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"[T]he whole world’s inexcusable mistake. We could have avoided so many deaths if a Basic Income had been introduced to the world. UBI will reduce humanity’s aggression and destroy the economic, political, and psychological causes of war."--Irina Soloveva…
Can Alondra Nelson Remake the Government's Approach to Science and Tech? - POLITICO…
#OfficeOfScienceAndTechnologyPolicy, #InstitutionalLeadership, #OrganizationDesign, #DepoliticizationOfScience
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🌍 Our 2022 #Science Board Symposium on "The #Emergent #PoliticalEconomy or #ClimateChange" kicks off with opening remarks from President David Krakauer.

Follow this 🧵 as we provide live coverage of this event all day...
"For those of you who think behavior change can prevent #ClimateChange...behavior WILL change when climate changes. Shutdowns from the pandemic resulted in a reduction of #C02 emissions of about 7.5%."
- SFI/@Harvard Prof Dan Schrag opens our speaker series today
"We *used* to talk about #ClimateChange used to be something that would happen to people in Bangladesh fifty years from now."

Re: #ClimateJustice,
"Children born today are going to deal with climate change they had no role in causing."

- SFI/@Harvard Prof Dan Schrag
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We are LIVE tweeting the Raisina AMA with @DrSJaishankar and @samirsaran

Stay tuned for updates!

Watch it LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue @MEAIndia
.@DrSJaishankar: Three things keep me up at night — the shocks that the international order is experiencing, particularly in the past two years—the #COVID19 pandemic, #Afghanistan & #Ukraine, & the friction between the #West & #Russia, the #USA and #China

#Raisina2022 @MEAIndia
.@DrSJaishankar: You need to develop an operational matrix to respond to a changing world. In our case, especially since 2014-15, we have had greater clarity on how we engage the world—concentric circles, neighbourhood first, but also a conscious policy engaging the major powers.
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1/. #THREAD (read until the end)

As people around the world mark #EarthDay a QUESTION...

Would you buy grapes that were individually wrapped in plastic?
#ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #plasticpollution #ClimateJustice #EarthDay2022 #ClimateActionNow
2/. “Every single grape wrapped in plastic! What the actual *#@*!”

You’d probably be outraged like my friend Diane was! #FridaysForFuture #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #plasticfree #EarthDay #EarthDay2022
#ClimateMarch #ClimateJustice

The individually wrapped grapes iaren’t real

The plastic wrapped passion fruit are

Britain is the world’s 2nd biggest producer of plastic per person

Plastic waste kills millions of birds, sea mammals & fish each year
(Clip @GreenpeaceUK)
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We're in a Climate & Ecological Crisis, Sixth Mass Extinction, a threat to us all. Fossil fuels, though they account for over 80% of carbon emissions produced by humans, continue to be widely used. That's massively destabilising our biosphere, yet our Parliament says/does nothing Image
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According to the @UN, around one million species are at the risk of disappearing from the planet due to human activities.
As reported by @UNESCO, 29 coral reef World Heritage sites will disappear by the end of the 21st Century if the emissions are kept unchecked.
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Here is the long-awaited & years-in-the-making paper on #ClimateColoniality! It was my plenary lecture for @Pol_Geog_Jl at the 2022 @theAAG conference.

Access the text here:…

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateJustice #Coloniality #Decolonization
I intertwine theories, empirics & storytelling to ground theorizations of climate coloniality in lived experiences. I demonstrated how such theorization are legitimate sites of geopolitical knowledge & counterbalances to hegemonic framings, epistemic violences & structural forces
I demonstrate the pathways through which colonialism haunts the past, present & future through climate. Climate coloniality is perpetuated through neoliberalism, racial capitalism, development interventions, education, training & the media.
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